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Hello everyone!

Last weekend I’m visiting MUFE (Make Up For Ever) Academy in the 4th floor in Plaza Indonesia building. They welcome me with open arms as I’m going to make a video, a tutorial video on making bigger eyes with Aqua Shadows and liners. Both of the products are awesome and I’ve shared my reviews regarding the products here: Aqua Shadow & Aqua Liners.

At the door I see these lashes, oohhh I want them all!

Below: Here are some of the selections Aqua Shadows that I think is a must haves. White is definitely a must, followed by nude and pinkish hue, blue and green as complements 🙂

The Aqua Shadow are waterproof and it is important to blend them well before they set. Below, MUFE will show you how.

And they got Sens’s Eyes that will clean all the waterproof away.

Aqua Lips, they are adorable and suitable as a lip liner (perfect to be used with Aqua Rouge). I love them so much ^^ I’ll come back soon ans show you more review, tutorials and ideas with the Aqua Lips and Rouges.

Below: The products that will be used for the tutorial, my sister Christina as the model and Ms. Irma from MUFE will help me with the look as I’ll be cameraman girl.

Several colors in-cooperate for that bigger eyes. Please see the video and witness the step by step transformation.

Isn’t it great?! I was like, seriously?! My sis’s have small eyes and when she laugh all her eyes disappears haha! That’s why she is the perfect candidate for the look.

The look is easy, soft and without being over the top. And the best part of all is she loves it. She wasn’t a big fan of makeup, now she does!

The eye liner also very simple and just a line, all black liners will create smaller eyes instead of bigger.

This is my sister with Ms. Irma, thank you so much Ms. Irma.

Tips from Ms. Irma: Always use brush for better application and blending, never use too much Aqua Shadow, so don’t pressed it, use gentle/light pressure only. Build the colors layer by layer and a brush also help correct the errors. Don’t wait to long as the silicone will dries up and it has become waterproof and set.

Smokey eyes are beyond black, other colors are great and create different dimension and depth to the eyes. Mixed between light and dark colors will create a 3D effect if used correctly.

Now, Ms. Augustine, the trainer will gives us more tips in creating bigger eyes than ever before ^__^ Bigger than the previous look in a very quick and self-reliant method (a method that any amateur can do)

She is super cool, pretty and love her flawless skin. She is awesome!!!

Above is the video and below you can see my sis after look. She love love love her new look. Ms. Augustine tips are so simple yet only a true make up trainer will know. She always emphasize in doing the makeup by yourself. I wish I have more time with her, until then, let’s just be thankful of the time I have heehee.

Then I added some pinkish hue on her cheeks with HD Blush,

Wonderful! We have a wonderful time in MUFE and love to come back here again and again ^0^

Thank you so much Make Up For Ever Indonesia, Ms. Irma and Ms, Augustine for having me and my sister.

Please enjoy the transformation of my sister below:

See you soon and hope this tutorials works for you too!

All the products used are from Make Up For Ever Aqua Series which is proven to be waterproof even to the most cry babies out there (incl, you sis XD)

MAKE UP FOR EVER and its genuine waterproof proven products, welcomes a new addition into the family of AQUA range. Say hello to AQUA BROW, the water and smudge-proof eyebrow corrector that fills, defines, and lengthens brows which vows to achieve one’s best, most natural bold brows to date. AQUA BROW is a highly pigmented gel that enhances and reshapes natural-looking brows. Formulated with volatile oils and carnauba wax, its superior waterproof formula creates an even, natural result with a long-lasting hold while its high concentrated hydrophobic pigments allows for intense color payoff that will not fade all day.

AQUA BROW comes in a kit with an applicator brush and a lash brush. Each brush is specially designed for high precision corrections. The slanted brush is used to spread the corrector and change the shape of the brow for a natural looking finish. And the eyelash brush is used to brush the eyebrow, blend the product or can be used with the AQUA BROW to tint naturally the eyebrows.

This fall, MAKE UP FOR EVER is launching the latest addition to the AQUA range. A liquid lipstick that is applied in two steps, concentrated in color with a vinyl effect: AQUA ROUGEAQUA ROUGE is waterproof and provides perfect coverage, for extreme sophistication and unstoppable shine. Its brush and its fluid formula allow precise make-up application leaving incredibly beautiful and plump lips that last all day long.

Two products come together for one bewitching, sensual result: AQUA ROUGE has a foam applicator to leave a concentrate of color on the lips and a brush tip for applying an ultra-shiny gloss.
step 1 : The liquid lipstick melts onto the lips and leaves intense, extremely high-coverage and matte color.

step 2 : The top coat delivers a vinyl finish and acts like a shield that protects the color. It also provides the lips with a feeling of comfort.
Available in 12 divine and intense shades. Price: IDR 300,000

Hi all!

After quite a while now I make another LOTD and show off some of the collections that I already reviewed some time ago 🙂

Here are the products used:

Illuminating Perfecting Primer by Estee Lauder, review and details HERE.

Shu Uemura UV Under Base BB Mousse, review and details HERE.

Revlon Touch & Glow Extra Moisturizing Face Powder, review and details HERE.

with the help of The Body Shop Mineral Foundation Brush, slightly details HERE.

Dolly Wink Eyebrow Pencil in Honey Brow, review and details HERE.

Anna Sui Liquid Eyeliner, review and details HERE.

Aqua Liner by Make Up For Ever, review and details HERE.

Laneige Volume Finish Blusher in 204 err . . . I never made a review about this product, well let’s do that now. The mono rose is a bit coral (just a tad) and gives me a plain brick look, which is suitable for daily use but for special occasion, I need something more which gives gradation, sparks like glitters perhaps and glow.

Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited, review and details HERE.

I started by using the primer from Estee Lauder and always on a clean moisturized skin.

After primer the skin is ready for makeup and light one will do since the glow, radiant and better looking complexion are achieved by the primer. Different primer gives different effect, mines give those illuminating finish with pearly touch.

Then I moved on to Shu Uemura BB Mousse, an all in one solution for coverage, sun protection and smoother looking skin. After the BB Mousse I always apply on loose powder, which is Revlon now and use brush for both BB Mousse and loose powder as the powder helps the application more even and finer result.

Moved on to the brow, I trim mine a bit before using the pencil brow from Dolly Wink, brush it with the ones attached to the pencil and help the color to cover the brow better. I love how soft the brush is and I gotta say, Dolly have the softest brush and as effective as other brands which is harder and not gentle on the skin.

After the brows, I moved on to the eyes, creating eye liners using Anna Sui’s on the lid and make some cat-eye look. Careful that some people have different eye (left from the right) and I’m one of them so I need to be extra gentle and take more time if I want an exact same result, but nowadays as I pay attention on makeup world in the runway, it is okay to slightly different. Still same stroke of application but the result can be a bit different one eye to the other. Same rule goes to the brows as well. So you just relax and portray your own definition of beauty.

The lower part of my eyes I uses Aqua Liner from MUFE in purple, adding a twist of colors there. Continues with blush on from Laneige and the smooth operator lippy from Shu.

Final touch for me? Lashes, it create a different me all at once. Love it!

Do you like makeup? Which one you love the most and a must have for you?

Hai everyone!
Another review made in Japan during my Summer Trip heehee, I get a change to test these goodies to the limit, thank you so much Make Up For Ever Indonesia for sponsoring ^0^
I’ve tried Aqua Liners a few months back at the academy, click HERE for the details. In the picture above is me using several different shades of Aqua Liners and fell in love so hard that I want to take them to the next level of reviewing, testing the products in a severe condition that actually over the limit for an eyeliner.

These are the products sponsored \^0^/

Aqua Liner

High Precision Waterproof Eyeliner

Aqua Liner is a high precision waterproof liquid eyeliner. Rich in pigments and polymers, its formula guarantees intense color and an outstanding waterproof result. Its ergonomic applicator lets you easily apply an ultra precise line to create an eyeliner makeup look. Aqua liner is available in a wide range of vibrant shades with matte, iridescent and diamond finishes. Easily remove with waterproof makeup remover.
comes in 15 shades.
Shades chosen for me by MUFE Indonesia: Turquoise blue, Iridescent fuchsia, and Iridescent electric purple.  Heehee, I’m so happy, these stuffs are amazing, dry so fast and as a eyeliner they are perfect as waterproof as possible.
Here are my numbers 5,8,and 9. And when you have some of the Aqua Liner collection, trust me, you want them all. And during my trip I found out more ways of using them.
On the second day of my trip, I went to a very famous place in Osaka called Spa World. I get a chance to try many different type of onsen experience and soaking myself in a goodness of varieties of water. I thought it would be the perfect place to try on the Aqua Liners to the limit, little that I know, photographs aren’t allowed there. Boo hoo 😦 I brought my liners there for nothing. I did use them, but no photos can be taken inside there. Sorry. But fret not, I will give it another shot at the local waterbom (let me plan for one first, okay).
So the next day, I’m thinking how on earth would I make the most of these Aqua Liners . . . try it the unconventional way. While queing at Universal Studios Osaka, here is my picture of me at the famous spot, ‘cleverly’ using a sun glasses so you wont be able to see I’m using the Aqua Liners (duh!) plus a very far distance to see the eyeliners as well.
I play around and use it as tattoos and nail marker. Take note that the areas on hands and nails are expose far more easier and let’s just say in a no way as an eyeliner would have to endure. So if they stand the test, they are a superb eyeliners.
Using the Fuchsia and Purple only, the brush as usual feels so soft and easy to apply. I get many attention from girls around me by doing so. The colors are so attractive and use it as a tattoo is more visible than as an eyeliner. The tattoos are made at around 10 AM.
These are the after shots around 5 PM. Take notes that the condition there is so hot, humid, I even got soaked wet thanks to some rides at Universal Studios and since it was fully crowded, we need to stay together and hold hands, so there’s a lot of frictions and rubbings on the tattooed skin. I also washes my hands a lot, soaps and sanitizer included. I give Aqua Liners 2 thumbs up for being super duper resistant, waterproof and stays on during those ‘hard’ conditions.
I don’t think I would ever rub my eyes as much as that, nor washes them with soaps or let them got splashes and soaking wet like my hands do.
Two days later, I try it again as a tattoo on my hands, this time it was a sightseeing trip outside Osaka, and it stays on the whole day without any difficulties since I’m not in a playground (Universal Studio) the aggressors reduces.
Overall, a superb eyeliners that gives bold colors, define and lines you really wants so the eyes pop and the choices of shades is a delight for anyone, you’ll fine your most favorite colors for sure.
This reviews are made for the extreme tests, I didn’t recommend to use it daily as a tattoo, nail marker, or anything beside eyeliner.
MUFE made it for eyeliners and let’s just stick to the fact it was eyeliner product. And no way anyone would rub their eyes as much as their hands or washing it with harsh soap, anyway, as eyeliner it is superb.
Tips of usage:
Use eye prime before the eyeliner, and after application of the eyeliner wait for a while (really a while) for the eyeliner to dry, and if you have sensitive eyes, like me, and the tears easily comes out, dries them first as the water from the tears doesn’t help the eyeliners to dries out. After that, it’s all good and here’s some picture of me using the Aqua Liner as eyeliners
An example how a tear eliminate ruin the liner if they are not dried yet.
And here it after they set. Love how they stick and do their job wonderfully, decorating the eyes in colorful ways possible. Staying put is easy peasy, cleaning them?
Hmm, somehow the Turquoise blue stained the skin a bit after the cleansing process, unlike other shades which is easily removed by MUFE’s own makeup remover for the eyes,

so, use Sens’Eyes and let them be gone in a jiffy . . . except for turquoise blue heehee, but no worries, just give it another swipe or two and adding cleansing facial foam as well, and there you go, a perfectly cleaned skin.

I’ll be back with more pictures, thank you XOXO ^__^

Hi all!

After reviewing a very good product that is so waterproof –> HERE, we need a cleanser that can clean it up in a jiffy and gentle to the eyes, here’s come Sens’Eyes from Make Up For Ever.

As seen the product works like magic. It make the Aqua Shadow disappears in thin air ^0^

Details from

SENS’EYES is a mineral oil-free gel that removes make-up from eyes and lips and is extremely effective and incredibly gentle. It doesn’t leave the eyelids feeling greasy.
It instantly removes impurities, even waterproof make-up on the most sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

The blue cream is thick and that’s why the original product is in pump since it make it far more easier. Pump it on a cotton pad and using fingers try to make the blue cream goes into the cotton so when you press it on to your eyes, there’s no leftovers cream that can go into your eyes through the close lids.

Now gently let the moisten cotton pad touches your eyelids, mascara, and so on and let it sit for a while before wiping it off. And all of those makeup will stick to the cotton, leaving the skin clean and without any leftovers. No grease, oils or anything like other cleanser do, well at least most of them do.

I use contact lens on daily basis and usually some cleansing oils made the lens blur and some sting the eyes. Sens’Eyes works really well without the sting nor oiliness. Perfect!

Hi all!
I’m here with Make Up For Ever newest products which is the lines that loves Aqua, meaning …  so waterproof you can even use it for swimming ^__^
Images can be found in and you’ve seen the Aqua Liner and their other range, here comes the Aqua Shadow!!

Waterproof Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil

Aqua Shadow dresses the eyes in pearly natural or matte smoky shades, all intense and irresistible. With its large tip and creamy texture, it can be applied in a single stroke, leaving behind exactly the right amount of product. Its unprecedented texture quickly covers the eyelid; it stays perfectly in place and does not highlight skin creases. Its buildable coverage enables natural as well as sophisticated makeup results, and it is easily blended with the fingertips.
Aqua Shadow come in 12 shades and during the workshop (click HERE) each of the bloggers can’t choose their shades, so it’s pretty much a cat in the box haha! So excited and I got mine in 4E
Matte Taupe Grey
This is the image of the product and below is a video of my first time using it ^0^

Haha! I can’t believe I say dark brown . . . it’s grey ya, not dark brown XD

And yep, I definitely need to learn how to make it more precise and let that perfect angle achieved.
The pencil can be sharpened using a large round pencil sharpener.

I really like how bold the shade is, I was told by other bloggers that their shades also vivid, the pale pink, look vividly like a pale pink should be, the black one so universal and for most of us it was an instant love. My sister also really like it, we can use as thin or as thick as we want it to. And the waterproof part was almost surreal haha! Really love it, perfect for a hot and humid summer and pool party will never be the same.
This is my before after tool. My right eye lid has used it and it stays there. Aqua Shadow gives my lid a depth and definition it needs. I didn’t look naked anymore.

For the waterproof-ness, I used it all day long in a hot and sweaty day, watching tear-full drama and yes, it stands through it all. Including some wiping and a whole lot of touching.

A bit tips for me, the Aqua Shadow is waterproof and smudge-proof after it set, so if you want to use different color or created some smokey-ness, smudge it right after the application and don’t wait too long.

Overall? Love it!

Hi all!

I’m with Make Up For Ever and sharing this super duper gorgeous lipstick which color is so vivid and hi pigmented. Intense in every way.

Details from

Rouge Artist Intense

ROUGE ARTIST INTENSE is a lipstick saturated with pigments for an intense result. Available in 50 different shades and 3 different finishes, it will suit your everyday mood. Natural or sexy, ROUGE ARTIST INTENSE will last all day and leave your lips soft and moisturized.

This is my before look, plain, pale and need more colors, I’m thinking of one item that can change the whole ambiance on my look.

I’m using it directly without any lip liner or pencil. But if you want a more precise guidance, you can use your lip liner/pencil and brush as well. And perhaps some balm before of you have dry chapped lips. After that, get ready for an instant transformation…

Voila! The lips is my accessory as it lifted up the whole look and it become the ‘it’ factor. Wear it with confident as the colors stay true as long as you don’t wipe it and suitable for long wear. The feeling is comfortable and easily likeable. Perfect for those who wants color without too much shine, but can easily add some shine with gloss used afterwards.

The Satin Vermilion Red stays with me almost the whole day and I love love love how it get so many attention ^__^ Use it at night or day or whenever your in dare!

Hi \^0^/

I’m back with Make Up For Ever and their famous Chrome shine Lip Gloss that provides so  much gloss and shine, you’ll blink out of it. First, let’s see the products.

Details from

Lab Shine

Sparkling – Pearly – Chrome Shine Lip Gloss

LAB SHINE Lip Gloss offers a spectacular and intense shiny effect.
Especially designed to achieve an ultra-bright effect, its silky brush ensures an optimal and dazzling coverage.

LAB SHINE is available in 3 collections, in a wide range of 35 creative colors and effects:
– The Diamond Collection offers a sheer coverage, natural effect and a sparkling shine.
– The Star Collection offers a medium coverage with a pearly shine.
– The Metal Collection offers a high coverage with a chrome shine.

And mine is S8- Ruby Red

The ultra smooth feeling is just addictive and love the scent of fruiticilicous muach muach ^0^

The shine last for hours and you can easily put it on again whenever you need to pump it up since they are small and slip to your bra for anytime you need a boost of confident. My tips: Try to mix and match with any colors for that different tone. Must try: their onyx, grey pearl and diamond!!