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See anyone in common? Yes, Bobbi Brown in every frame with many different celebrities. Another book of Bobbi Brown:

Beauty Rules, Fabulous Looks, Beauty Essentials, and Life Lessons For Loving Your Teens and Twenties.

Basically it’s a book for a girl growing up and many more.

As always, Bobbi emphasize on differences. She acknowledges, cherries and liberated the word ‘Beauty’. It’s never a form, instead beauty comes in many forms.

She have a lot of tricks on her sleeve ^__^ but one thing thou’ I really can’t not washing my hair every day, I’ll go bananas for sure. It’s too hot and humid here in our southeast Asia climate.

Nevertheless, who am I to confront an international renowned makeup artist -__-‘

More about hair is deliberated in this book, ehm, there’s also some reasons I let the picture dark and a bit blurry, I don’t thing is appropriate to show all, it’s the copywrite thingy okay. I just want you to have a glimpse on inside the book without crossing any lines 🙂

But this one is like on the back of the cover, so I think I can be quite straightforward. As you can read above is all you will get in this book.

I have many favorite parts in it, but one that caught me is always those in different shapes and sizes wink wink. Bobbi’s Basic Life Rules. It’s beyond beauty itself, it’s more like how you can make the best out of your life and surprisingly a lot of it is not about how you pampered yourself in front of a mirror, but what you presented yourself in front of others in terms of attitude and behavior.

Words of encouragements and building self esteem is easily found here. It seems like she gets that! She know how when girls gone through puberty and every psychologically changes that she have to go through, which actually not just about her biological changes, but her mind and her perspective.

We are bombarded with commercials and the idea of beautiful in the society, this book actually helps young girls to understand and see themselves in a more realistic and forgiving ways, but in the same time teaches them to: Yup! Dream BIG.

On another page I find this entertaining too, her bag! I know many beauty bloggers would love to see it \^0^/ She is a true professional make up artist! Wowza!

Back to kinda serious stuff, she discuss about hair removal, hair coloring and braces too. Best parts: Why Delay.

And about buying your beauty stuff, funny thing thou’ she bought some in an art supply store. I guess Monalisa is made by the same brush haha!

And yes, Beauty From The Inside Out. This is one classic section that you usually read in human development books, you know the one that says no matter what is your outside look like. But Bobbi speaks above that, yes be grateful from what you have and still you can work something up to enhance your natural beauty.

Like shaping your eyebrow when clearly the brow have ‘ruin’ (take note on the ‘ ‘ okay) the entire look by being too messy. A simple tweezers can help out. It’s not changing your face, it’s just ‘tidying’ up ^__^ I hope you get it.

Like this super gorgeous lips, imagine it dry, chapped, and a bit bleeding due to being too dry, would it look this good? It’s the same lips but which do you prefer. It’s like that.

Her beauty is in her smile and her soft eyes, Bobbi’s added by tidying her brows, evened the skin tone, lip balm, a bit of reds on the cheeks and lips, some mascara and pencil action and there she is. It’s still her, only more polished.

 And step by step guide for teens too. Always op for natural look. Never go over the top.
 Last but not least, here’s my most favorite part, HAVE FUN with it. Have fun growing up and all the changes and experimenting.

A must have book for any mom whose daughter is just about to bloom. Legacy.

Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual

I’m a big fan of Bobbi’s art work, her signature ‘look’ is a natural enhance beauty. Soft healthy glow on a luminous skin. Lightly trimmed brow and perky cheeks. Lips with pink or red which show happiness and represent her view on how every woman is beautiful.
Here’s a glimpse of what inside the book.
Bobbi’s classic natural look with a whole lots of healthy glowing skin. Pretty! Bobbi believes in being comfortable in our own skin, no matter what color and shape we’re in.

She teaches how to shape brow without the need of over plucking. Please do click on any image for better view.
The instruction is detailed and that’s also the reason I found this book perfect for beginner. But don’t get me wrong this book also suitable for any level you’re in.
Her materials are based on decades of her experience being a makeup artist

Wow! Four bestselling books on beauty, I only found 2, hmm, better keep on searching, her books are collectibles item and I can pass on to my girlfriends and daughters.

It’s like her book is crucial for anyone who want to do anything related to beauty.

Best of all, I love how she see the importance of acknowledging one’s skin. How to take care your skin properly and in a correct manner.

So when you do the basic it wont be just slathering plenty of concealer and foundation to cover everything up. When you got a healthy glowing skin, you won’t need all those heavy piles. 

Then after the reader understood all the basic we can now play with color.

See the words in bold? Practice is the key, if an expert says so, it most probably right ^___^

Stuffs you might see, know, and learn to master


And all those brushes, yes, she deliberate those woody things that you normally seen carried or used by a pro makeup artist, now you can learn and be one.

One more thing that I found very interesting and not many mua (makeup artist) or beauty books ever discuss and make it seem unrelated, Bobbi Brown took care of it and say it here. Makeup during pregnancy!

Bobbi Brown in action, love her already, I hope someday I can meet her in person.

Gals, anywhere and everywhere in this world, this is one of the beauty book that I highly recommend. Go and get one yourself ^__^

Benny & Mice and just Benny

As many of you probably know, I like reading books and less often doing the review unless . . . it’s impressive or leave a remarks on me.

Yes, this time it’s Benny & Mice, years ago my husband and bro are all reading them, I’m not a big fan when they are together (sorry fans), I like Benny solo.

On top are 2 of Benny & Mice, perhaps it’s the topic, but I found Benny’s “Para Manula Jalan-jalan Ke Singapura” to be funnier and the accuracy is just spot on.

Here (above and below pics) are some of the samples about Singapore that really represent what’s going on there, maybe I miss Singapore or know more about them but it’s just hilarious. I also like the page where the maid carry all the stuff for the NF, how some are just exorbitant with the shopping habit, including the branded items (take note, I’m not a fan of the branded items aka bags, they are common, too expensive and heavy!) Yes, you heard me. I like bags for the function, not the tag. You will never caught me queuing to go inside LX or CHXXEL, etc.

Benny also emphasize on the social gap, it’s like ALL Indonesian in Singapore are so rich. Well again, maybe I see things the way Benny did, that’s why I really like his work, again, it’s personal, but for me? Highly recommended and an eye opener @___@

Enid Blyton, have been with me since I was in Primary. I remember vividly reading her books (oh yes, I thought she was a he back then) through all my days feeling and day dreaming I was in Malory Towers, and many many many of her little books that are available in my school library. Now, I want this legacy to go on and have my children grow with her too.

These are her first Enid Blyton, The Magic Faraway Tree, the edition comes in 3 books, so it’s kinda a trilogy. My child finished the books in 3 months since we only let her read a few pages per night, if not she will kept on reading and forget school. I think the difficulty level is almost intermediate for Indonesian, my child is 6 years old when finishing the book and only a very few words she needs translation. English is her first language.
The book is about a magic tree that filled with living creatures that are unique and fascinating. I found myself drowning in the book since the beginning. Well, we both are. We love Silky and in our imagination she was the most beautiful fairy in the whole wide world. The best thing about Enid is, when she describe something they are clear enough and filled with details but there’s still abundant things left for our imaginations. The adventure of the siblings in the Faraway Tree seems endless and Enid kept bring something back and refreshed our curiosity.

I’m not going to blabber much about the story, all I can say is, my daughter really like the book too, numerous time I found her giggling by herself just reading the books. Yes, they are THAT entertaining. Who says TV is the most engaging thing in the house?!

Recommended age is 7+

Hi all,
This is my first time doing a book review and have it done in my blog. I’m actually an avid reader whenever I have time, books like Little Women, Secret Garden, to Dracula by Bram Stoker have been in my days and I love classics and will pass it on to my generations to come. Books is a wonderful tool to begin one’s imagination to a place for sharing. They are timeless and beautiful.

During Sayangi Jantungmu event, I met this lady whose happen to love herbs and she made a book about tea and herbal tea. All of us who attend was given a copy (so lucky).

Finally today I read the book (yes, I am busy), and I like how simple and light this book is but at the same time it provide information and useful tips for daily use. This small book is practical and handy too. The design is simple, with a sweet white and green color, decorated with leafy and a pretty bookmark. I can imagine anyone reading this book with a cup of tea in the afternoon at a breezy garden. 

A bit about Ms. Serad. She has a degree of Master of Science in Food Science and Technology from Australia. If you speak with her you can definitely feel the burning passion in her in herbs. She is also a CEO in Ilthabi Sentra Herbal where the site plant lies in Bumi Herbal Dago, Bandung, Indonesia. And she gave me a pack of Rosella and Rosella Jam. A very well known plant that help reducing cholesterol, boosting health in terms of fighting cough, loosing weight, antioxidant and on and on, you can search on Google and found many things these red flower plant can do. The quality of products that she gave me is said to be very good (Chef Winnie), since the flower is still whole and from the taste and color, I do feel quality in it.

Okay, back to the book, in this book you can find natural remedies, usage tips, composition, benefits, of tea and herbs such as: black tea, green tea, white tea, chamomile, lavender (my ultimate favorite flower), thyme, ginger, sage, mint, jasmine, and many more. You can also read some of the history regarding them that I found refreshing. Like how lavender is known to be use by the royalty in France not just for how wonderful the scent is but as a disinfectant too for its antibacterial properties, wow, amazing!

Either you love drinking tea or want to have their utmost benefit reading this book will definitely gives you a good start in introducing tea and herbal tea.

Open to find out more or if you are interested about the book.