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Hi everyone,

especially those who made it to the class, thank you so much ^0^


The second beauty class is held in Seibu, Grand Indonesia and before the clock strike 1 PM the guests already coming.


 Once again, it will be about that famous BB Cream which give the skin instant result with lasting correction effect.

Soon, we started the event with skin consultation so all the ‘students’ may learn about their skin before the class began.


This is Mr. Ari, you may see the details of the presentation HERE. Everyone’s here got to try this wonderful BB Cream


I got to share my experience in using the BB and CC Cream (noooo, not that CC Cream, it’s the moisturizer from Kiehl’s, Clearly Corrective Cream) and let all the audience try to smell, feel and enjoy the texture as well. It was really light and hydrating at the same time. I share my tips, do’s and dont’s on using skincare and hopefully all of it are useful for everyone.

I love when their asking question, get free consultation from Kiehl’s team and me too ^__^


Then, it’s Carryna’s turn, heehee she looks so cute! She shares her experience using the emulsion, a lighter version of CC Cream suitable for oily skin type. Mr. Ari helps us with technical details while me and Carryn shares on our experiences in using the products. We both give good reviews based on our skin type and usage. Plus we both share how to fully optimized the products.


A mini makeover is done by team Kiehl’s right after sharing session. Everyone rush in to get their face cleansed and personal experience using all Kiehl’s products suitable for their skin. Which means everyone get a unique products carefully selected for their unique skin as well.

Here are some input that I shared during the event:
1. Always consult with the staff before deciding to buy any beauty products. They are supposed to help you in finding the right item and brave enough to say when maybe the one you’re looking for is not in their brand.
2. Good companies do give samples and a bunch of them.
3. Always pay attention in the direction of usage, ‘t&c’ of every product and be sure to do the skincare with a pre-cleanse / washed hands.


We all have fun and found items that suitable with their skin. Me? I found this cute bag with mascot for Kiehl’s box. You can have one for FREE at a special limited deal offer. Somehow it reminds me of a Japanese Sushi \^0^/


Again, thank you everyone who came to the Beauty Class and thank you Kiehl’s for the full support.

See you all soon!!!

Hello everyone ^__^

Thank you for reading the first post about Kiehl’s BB Cream called Actively Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream (HERE)

That post alone gain a lot of hits and seems to be famous post of the week recently for over 4 periods (of weeks) which made them popular post of the month, hooray!

If you happen to walk in the malls or see Kiehl’s store, you’ll notice that Actively Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream has just launched here. And I’m inviting you to be amongst the first people to try the product on and get insight on this wonderful BB Cream from Kiehl’s that not just gives covering, sun protection but actually beautifies you.


4 weeks of usage and skin discoloration will reduced. So you’ll get an even-er skin tone. Impressive isn’t it?!

The BB Cream comes in 3 shade, Fair, Light and Natural.


You may purchase the invitation for just Rp.100.000 where you’ll get a guaranteed seat to the event you choose. Inclusive of:

A beauty class with Mr. Ari Martono (Kiehl’s skincare expert) and Ms. Asia Hamid (Kiehl’s representative for makeup).
Mini Makeover.
Live testimonial by me, I’m open for skincare and makeup consultation as well.
Product trial and guidance in finding the right BB Cream shade for each participant.
Goodie Bag worth Rp.200.000
Voucher Rp. 100.000 (for BB Cream purchase. Regular Price is Rp.350.000 become Rp.250.000)
Tons of special promotions and gifts only available during the event.

Here are the two event for you to choose from:
A. Kiehl’s at SOGO Plaza Senayan
16 March 2013

B. Kiehl’s Seibu Grand Indonesia
30 March 2013

Invitation can be purchase through transferring Rp.100.000 directly to Kiehl’s
a/n Dyah Fitrisally
BCA Mall Pondok Indah
Account No. 731 067 0353

Then confirming by sending me an email to with the proof of your transferred fund. Don’t forget to CC the email to
Subject: Kiehl’s BB Cream Beauty Class A or B * (choose accordingly)
Write your name, phone number, and email.

I will reply your email and hope to see you all real soon.


The Beauty Class is open for bloggers and non bloggers, let’s just say everyone ^__^
Only limited seats are available. First come first serve basis.
So, what are you waiting for?

Be among the first to explore Actively Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream and get all those benefits, products, samples, and lessons in the class with just Rp.100.000.