Waiting in Narita for 5 hours is really too much, next time I’ll just take the train and see the nearby cities. Or, you can just sit around and enjoy your time and relax there. They provide a shower and room for a nap (with a fee of course) and many shops to indulge your last minute urge. I say around 3 hours you’ll see them all and be satisfied.

The selection of food also not bad, from food court to restaurants and those lovely mini marts will do you good, whether you have 250 yen or 25.000 yen you’ll find a way to spend it and be happy.

I bought this mini nail polish and it suit the standard carry on baggage policy, I can have a pretty nail color in no time. I found 65 better with one stroke each. Double stroke seems messy and unnatural. Love the soft pearliesh color and how it dries quite fast, not as fast as a quick dry but still okay.

The color gives my nails a more healthier look plus sophistication too ^^

For hard duty hand that wash dishes, laundry, etc the polish lash 3-4 days top. But of you’re a princess, it’ll last more than a week.