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Last Saturday, I was invited by REVLON on a movie date to watch Spiderman.

The event was held in Gandaria City and a lot of beauty bloggers come along. It was quite a crowded event.

Why are we here? Beside of the movie XD we are here for the new collection from  Revlon which is PhotoReady makeup collection who claims to make you look so darn gorgeous on every picture taken 🙂

When I arrived at the event, I took a picture there and since I’m not joining the movie, I come later then the rest of the Beauty Bloggers, so if you’re looking for a movie review you can check out other bloggers for it ^__^

After greetings and introduction the event of course comes with a makeup demo. I wish we can have a private moments with seats and everyone can try the makeup at the same time ^^ The mousse looks so fun to played with.

These are the highlight, and since Ms.Emma is in the movie (get the connection now) that’s why REVLON kindly gives all of us a chance to watch the movie together.

And the model is almost done.

There she is, giving us a runway seen.

And her runway means it’s a wrap all! Stay tune for products review as I still waiting for it haha! I really want to try it, they look so flawless.

And after that I took pictures with some other beauty blogger ^^ Ms. Pricila

Ms. Yuri (she is one of The Body Shop bff) and the guy right there is Franky, he is also a beauty blogger. I found his blog to be unique, fun and one of must read posts ^^

Thank you REVLON Indonesia, CLEO and everyone, see you all again real soon!

Yesterday night I went to CLEO Beauty Fair in Mal Taman Anggrek. The venue only for 3 days and I decided to come on the first day so I can give you all the juices inside. As enthusiastic as I am, hello, it’s a beauty fair, something that’s very dear to me, I’m expecting a massive one.

Oh look! I thought to my self looking at the atrium in MTA, that’s must be the venue, wouldn’t missed it! So many brands are participating from POND’s to Lancome, there’s even so many people already joining the fun.
I was wrong! CLEO beauty fair is not on the Atrium, it was on the upper floor above those crowd, right above the main lobby entrance. It was pretty small, but wait . . . they are still packed with participant brands.

The minute you’re in, guess are asked whether they are bringing their invitation or if not, no worries, you can simply sign in on the spot, everything is free of charge to get in. On the picture above there’s like a rack of gifts for anyone who wants to subscribe on the spot for a very affordable price of Rp.250k and choices of 17 magazines (each have different quantity of mag they can have in a year). For me this is the best deal, very low price of the mag for a year plus a gifts you can choose on the spot. Must? Checked!

After signing in guess are given a goody bag, not goodies bag, literally just a bag . . . for goodies, to be filled on your own.
Brands that participating are from NYX, MAC, L’Occitane, The Body Shop, perfumes, and bit more. Hmm, I hardly feel any excitement here since perhaps it’s still Friday and maybe more consumer will come during Sat and Sunday. And maybe because the event is in the same time with the one in the Atrium that seems . . . more. But (still trying to be positive) take note that some brands you’re probably looking for is here, not down there.
The other one of my highlight for this fair is L’Occitane which have an online corner to promote their facebook and twitter and if you ‘like’ and ‘follow’ them on the spot, instantly a free gift is yours.
A 10 ml Rose Cream, while stock last.

Not just that they have other promotions which entitle you to get a bag from L’Occitane, products and discounted price. I must say, the staffs on L’Occitane is very good and excited. Feels good here since they boost up the whole atmosphere.

They don’t have all the products that usually available on their store, only the new items and best sellers, smells wonderful here.

Next to L’Occitane is The Body Shop which bring their newest products to that also smell gorgeous, the New Earth Lovers Shower Gels and Eco-Concious Rainforest Hair Care. And as always, their warm and helpful staff on the spot. I must say, TBS staff have really step up in terms of service, they are genuine, believe in their products and open to customers consultation on the spot. Kudos!

CLEO and Revlon Day

On 6th of August, I was invited by CLEO through a reservation made days before. The event was at Plaza Senayan around 3 PM for a day with Revlon. They have prepared many things for us from discounts, goody bags, prizes and fashion shows too.
Here’s me and my sis on that day, we look casual and minimum makeup since there will be a makeover . . . or so we thought, but it’s either over-packed or they wasn’t expected many people will come, a lot of us can not get any makeover due to the long queue. The flow there also quite jammed where many buyers also eager with the discount and prize but some left dissatisfied since the promotion easily changed, when you are promised a gift with purchased and the gift was cancelled on last minute by Revlon.

The have the event on 2 small area inside SOGO Plaza Senayan, one near the normal counter and next is the promotion area near the escalator.
At 3.15 PM. She is the lovely MC being makeup by Revlon team.

I think so far Revlon strongest point is on makeup where the prize suits most of the budget here.
For me personally I’ve been using their pencil brows for years.
Me and the MC, she is very tall and pretty ^_^
Then the event started with a show dance, everyone is eager to see the dance including all the staff at SOGO Plaza Senayan, most of them even stop doing their jobs to enjoy the show.
An interactive event where customer feels involved, two thumbs up for the mc, where she is able to keep the momentum going strong and no dull moments.
After a brief interlude, Revlon’s top makeup artist are showing his skill live in front of us all, and while doing the Q&A sessions is flowing and he manage to answer all of it, he is a multitask man ^_^
3 of the models carrying items from Revlon cosmetics.
Lucky draw time!
Best Dressed ladies and both of them is from (different) magazine. Sweet!

In the end the event itself is packed with many things without any dull moments but there are still rooms for improvement such as more staffs are presented during the event so at least more than 70% of the guess can be served well and more space for the event, again overall still an event worth coming for. Well done, Revlon and Cleo!