Hi all!

Another product I’ve got from swapping with Stephanie ^__^

Immediately I’ve tried them on, here is my first thoughts

at first whitish and a bit glowy and shiny then. The stickiness will fade gradually but not completely. No fragrance is added.

Details from the official website:

Soymilk UV makeup base. It slides on smoothly and keeps your skin moist throughout the day.

And after using it again and again and keep observing, comparing with the details given:
The Sana Nameraka Honpo Soy Milk UV Foundation Base (40g) is a makeup base, I surely thought it was just a simple sun screen since the white lotion just glide on the skin an create this shining film like most sun protection do. It does helps protect from harmful UV rays and also moisturizers skin with the ingredients in it: Isoflavone from soybeans, but hmm as a makeup base I think it’s not what I expected to be. I like a makeup base that gives the skin a gentle natural glow, refrain from sebums so the makeup on top may glide easily and doesn’t look greasy like sunblock. This one looks greasy like sunblock . The SPF19 PA++ is actually light enough and suitable for daily use (again as a sun screen) but the function as a makeup base for me? Is not quite right.