Hi all!

When I first know about the fragrance I felt kinda intimidated, look at the name and how the word ALIEN are made. Kinda scary! So I left this bottle unopened and unused for months and months. I even forgot who sponsored me this product. I think it was a magazine, ups sorry.

So now I decided to try it on and I’m completely surprised the scent turns out to be feminine and lovely.

Oooh! A remark on the opening. Yes, anyone who owns a bottle will join the circle of Thierry Mugler. Cool!

The details I found on their official website. Please do read more regarding ALIEN collection and inspiration.

The bottle does reminds me of an ALIEN, an alien emperor \^0^/

Sparkle in Alien with the Eau De Toilette. The ephemeral pleasure of a bottle that is precious stone with radiant, dazzling and enigmatic powers that only lives once.

The color is ultra cool just like the design of the bottle.

No cap to be opened just spray it on the top and the burst of feminine scent will comes out. The jasmine is so beautiful, sensual and exotic at the same time. It somehow like Valentina, but stronger thanks to the base.

On me the fragrance last around 2-3 hours max. A bit disappointment since the starter is quite strong, but hey, it is EDT after all.

Overall, love the bottle, lovely design and colored, like a true gem, suitable to be collected. The perfume is lightly sweet, very feminine, but definitely not girlie, it show an independent girl ruling her own world. Suitable for daily use and on special occasion. A trademark.