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Hi everyone,

in this post I would like to share about beauty from within.

Everyday as we uses skincare and maintaining well balanced diet, supplement is often needed as sometime we don’t get wide varieties of choices available. Such as Vita Green Lingzhi

Haven’t heard about Lingzhi?

Read some of the info here:

And there are many different functions and benefits like shown below:

And Vita Green Lingzhi has all 6 colors of Lingzhi, which is beneficial for:

This is the product, a bottle contained 72 capsules, which is taken daily 1-2 capsules.

In Guardian right now, they are having a promotion where normal price is SGD 129, now become SGD 109.

For me the capsules are smaller than regular capsule and easy to drink everyday. I take it right after a meal, once daily. And since the product are made for all ages, I give one for my daughter per day.

I feel it is important to take Lingzhi daily as antioxidant and increase immune system as we live in a big city where the air is polluted. I wish for greener Jakarta but meanwhile I have to keep myself healthy since my wish takes time to become a reality (which means I still hope it become a reality where Jakarta become a green city with clean air).

Lingzhi has been well known for generations in my family and we used to take it in a much more inconvenient way, this capsules definitely make it easier to be consumed daily and in a practically measured single dose.

As the Chinese believes in yin and yang please do consume Vita Green Lingzhi accordingly and drinks plenty of water, have more than 1 portions of fruits and veggies too.

Hello everyone!

I’m here with one of my utmost favorite beauty brands in the world, which is Skin Inc. I know them since 2 years ago and I’ve tried their Okinawa DeepSea Hydra Mask (HERE) which I found to be the best hydrating mask and so wonderful as a sleeping mask as well. Their superb CC Cream, yes not BB cream but CC, Ceramide Collagen which gives the skin a moisture and flexibility that was lack from most BB Cream (HERE), their Cleansing Oil (HERE) which have 3 in 1 layers of function and benefits, enjoyed in their spa (HERE), and get an instant transparent clear skin, 7 days with the Optimiser+ AIO (HERE) and now I actually own the tool ^0^ so happy!! And of course, the one that started it all their customized serum (HERE) where else in the world you can get a personalized serum? Wonderful isn’t it and they still have so many products as well, I’ve tried the Collagen Mask and Pure Revival Peel as well. All of them are made it to my Best of The Best product list in each of their category, impressive isn’t it?!

And now, the first edible skincare made possible by Skin Inc

Details from the press release:
Awaken unresponsive skin with a nutritious concoction of anti-ageing,
brightening and hydrating ingredients. Experience My Daily Dose “Skin Loves It” Jelly – the
first edible skincare to hit local shores.

Small in size, big on benefits
Pop it, love it – think of “Skin Loves It” Jelly as a do-it-all fix for skin! This is a delectable jelly
that feeds skin with a menu of nourishing ingredients, from hyaluronic acid and vitamin C to
fish collagen and horse placenta. A holistic antidote to your beauty woes, it works not just on
anti-ageing but also whitening, firming, toning and hydration, so your skin gets exactly what it
needs to become healthy, rejuvenated and younger-looking. In addition, it’s great for your
body’s overall health too, as Vitamin C fends off infections, and hyaluronic acid protects joints,
eyes, and skin from degeneration.

“Skin Loves It” Jelly contains one of the highest infusions of different nourishing ingredients
amounting to 30,000mg.
What you’ll also love is the jelly’s delicious mango flavor, which makes this edible skincare
such a tasty indulgence at any time of the day!

Perfect for time-starved women, this is a convenient eat-as-you-go supplement that can be
easily packed into a handbag or briefcase, even a purse! Unlike powders and capsules, you
won’t even need to store it in a pill box or add water, and being in lightweight jelly form, it’s far
easier to carry around than liquid supplements. Just tear the sample and enjoy the jelly. A dose
of “Skin Loves It” Jelly for an intensive 14-day supplement is a fuss-free formulation to achieve
revitalised and glowing skin.

Low-fat, high-fibre
This yummy snack contains only low-calorie and natural sweeteners such as Acesulfame K (a
zero-calorie sweetener), Sucralose (a low-calorie sweeter) and Erthyritol (a natural sweetener
that doubles up as an anti-oxidant) – so you don’t have to worry about your waistline every time
you indulge.
In fact, because it’s packed with dietary fibre that lowers blood cholesterol levels and treats
constipation, it will even help the body eliminate toxic waste faster.
Apple vinegar, another ingredient in this wonder jelly, also helps in breaking down fat to
facilitate natural weight reduction. Finally, a guilt-free pleasure!

The ingredients encapsulated in one nifty jelly sachet includes:

For anti-ageing
Fish collagen: Collagen makes up 30 per cent of the proteins in the human body, and 70 per
cent of the proteins in the skin, keeping skin firm, taut and supple. From the age of 25, the
body steadily loses its ability to create new collagen. Fish collagen replenishes the body’s
collagen levels to reduce signs of ageing. A non-toxic alternative derived from fish skin and
scales, it is also more readily absorbed than animal collagen. At the same time, fish collagen
contains larger amounts of two amino acids – glycine and proline – which are crucial for
healthy tissue growth of hair, skin and nails.

Vitamin C: The key to the production of collagen, Vitamin C aids in the growth of cells and
blood vessels, and gives the skin its firmness and strength. This powerful antioxidant not only
neutralises free radicals but also reverses DNA damage that causes dryness, fine lines and
wrinkles. A healthy dose of Vitamin C also protects our bodies from infection and maintains
healthy bones and teeth, while speeding up wound healing. The gamut of health benefits also
includes the lowering of blood pressure and blood lead levels, the proper dilation of blood
vessels and protection against oxidative stress which may lead to severe medical conditions
such as heart disease.

For brightening
Horse placenta: Containing more than 300 amino acids, horse placenta is a licensed,
certified and clinically proven safe and effective ingredient for whitening. As the body cannot
produce certain amino acids, these must be ingested via supplements and vitamins. A rich
source of nutrition, horse placenta improves skin tone, texture, elasticity and moisture levels. It
not only actively hampers melanin production, but also stimulates skin cell renewal for
beautiful, translucent skin, and visibly fights signs of ageing such as wrinkles and fine lines.
Citric acid: Both an anti-oxidant and a whitening ingredient, it brightens skin, corrects dark
spots and fine lines, and also treats mild acne. Citric acid also helps slough off dead cells and
speed cell turnover, promoting the growth of new skin cells to improve the appearance of age
spots, acne scars and uneven tone and texture.

For hydration
Hyaluronic acid: Your skin’s moisture magnet, hyaluronic acid holds up to 1000 times its
weight in water. It also aids in tissue repair, holds together the skin’s structural components
collagen and elastin and creates a protective barrier against micro-organisms. Hyaluronic acid
also keeps joints in good health by coating each cartilage cell for better mobility and flexibility.

For general health
Apple vinegar: Ensuring a rich supply of vitamins, beta-carotene, and minerals such as
calcium, potassium, sodium, and magnesium, apple vinegar treats a variety of ailments,
including hair loss, weak nails, brittle teeth, sinusitis and a permanent running nose. Betacarotene
in apple vinegar also counters free radical damage to promote a youthful
appearance. In addition, apple vinegar fights fungal and bacterial infections, helps to dissolve
uric acid deposits that form around joints, and breaks down fat for natural weight reduction.
Black vinegar: Used in natural cardiovascular treatments, black vinegar reduces glucose
levels, thus slaying off an array of heart problems. It boosts the body’s energy production, and
digestive, immune, and cognitive systems. At the same time, it contains many essential amino
acids which help to balance the body’s pH levels and heal everyday ailments ranging from
congestion to constipation.

My Daily Dose “Skin Loves It” Jelly retails at $58 for a pack of 14 sachets from
1st May 2012 at all Skin Inc Concept and Specialty Stores.

Yes, there’s so much benefits isn’t it?! And just one sachet per day for all of those. The cute pink packaging is appealing, but I wish it comes in colors like shown on the box ^__^

I’ve been consuming the Jelly for 7 days now and I just love it!

Here it is my daily dose ^__^ props are courtesy from Ascott Raffles Place Singapore. I’m imagining how this small dose, could make a difference, do I need to treat it like a supplement which the effect start after continuous daily intake or it’s like a miracle drug that show instant improvements.

Anyhow, I have to start with Day 1

The sachet is easily open with a gentle tear. A light dark orange color jelly is sliding out from the packaging.

The entire sachet is just a spoonful, smells fruity and refreshing. It was sweet, light and taste like mango, a marriage between mango and something from the citrus family. Definitely pleasing. The jelly need a bit biting action, I’m talking 9 months baby chewing ability ^0^ so it’s nothing hard. Like a snack, snack time that I’m looking forward too.

When I’m in Japan, I’ve tried many drinks and snacks where collagen is one of the ingredients, but none taste this good. In terms of texture, simplicity and taste.

I’m trying it with a spoon and directly as well, no fuss no frills. I’ve tried them before meal, after meal and even in the middle of a meal, so far they doesn’t bother my sensitive tummy. Nice!

After 7 days of consuming the first thing I’ve noticed is my skin’s moisture level is increasing. Not just on the face, but overall. I do the dishes daily and usually there are some white lines of cracks on the palm due to dryness. I couldn’t find them anymore. The whole skin on hands feel moist and looks healthier. Beside the hands, the whole skin as well. They don’t easily dried as before. My cheeks are sensitive and usually quite dry (and it causes the sensitiveness as well), now it gets better, like it has been normalized or at least getting there.

Hmm, for the overall well being I can’t say I’m completely aware of it, my usually chapped lips also looks softer and plumper.

Does it means that I do not need anymore moisturizer, body lotion, lip balm, etc? Of course I’m still using them all. I think by taking the daily dose jelly and use a proper skincare regularly will work hand in hand creating a wholesomeness.

I’ll keep you posted with after 2 weeks result (which is next week) and meanwhile I’m enjoying my ride here =^__^= yums, lovely jelly!

Wanna try some? Currently Skin Inc is available in Singapore (ION Orchard, Orchard Central, Marina Bay Link Mall, nex @ Serangoon Central, Robinsons at Marina Bay Sands Changi Airport Terminal 2, and Resorts World vie Beaute) and Spain (HERE)

The Shining 30

Brand’s Bird’s Nest is back, and this time, it’s shining time!
The theme is “Shining 30”. Why 30?
From Press Release:

Bersinar di Usia Keemasan Perempuan
Pentingnya perawatan dari dalam bagi wanita usia 30an tahun untuk pancaran kecantikan yang sempurna
Jakarta, 23 Oktober 2012 – BRAND’S® Bird’s Nest mengerti bahwa fase usia 30an merupakan masa keemasan bagi seorang perempuan karena umumnya pada usia ini perempuan akan tampak bersinar karena kepribadiannya yang sudah matang dan sudah mantap dalam karier dan kehidupan pribadi. Selain itu BRAND’S® Bird’s Nest meyakini bahwa secara fisik perempuan di usia 30an juga mengalami masa keemasan dimana kecantikan termasuk kecantikan kulit mereka akan lebih terpancar karena kepercayaan diri mereka terlebih bagi mereka yang selalu merawat kecantikannya dari dalam.

BRAND’S® Bird’s Nest with Rock Sugar, produk sarang burung walet premium dalam kemasan botol dari PT Cerebos Indonesia mengajak perempuan Indonesia untuk selalu menjaga dan merawat kesehatan serta kecantikan kulitnya dari dalam karena BRAND’S® Bird’s Nest mengerti pentingnya menjaga keremajaan kulit bagi perempuan, terutama bagi perempuan yang menyambut usia 30 tahun maupun yang sudah berada dalam kisaran usia 30an. Kandungan bahan alami dalam BRAND’S® Bird’s Nest yaitu sarang burut walet telah teruji memberikan efek mendinginkan tubuh dari dalam dan menjaga kadar kandungan air dalam kulit agar tidak mudah hilang sehingga membantu mempertahankan kelembapan dan keremajaan kulit, sekaligus menjaganya tetap mulus.
Acara ini dihadiri oleh Roslina Verauli, Psikolog dari Universitas Indonesia, Agnesyah Budiyanti, Marketing Manager PT. Cerebos Indonesia dan Nuniek Tirta Ardianto, figur dari the shining 30 yang berhasil memantapkan karier dan kehidupan pribadinya di usia 30an.

BRAND’S® Bird’s Nest percaya bahwa merawat kecantikan dari dalam merupakan salah satu faktor penting yang harus diperhatikan dan dijaga oleh perempuan di usia 30an karena walaupun kecantikan kulit mereka sedang mengalami masa puncak, mereka harus mempersiapkan diri untuk menghadapi dekade usia berikutnya dimana vitalitas dan regenerasi kulit akan berkurang terutama dengan semakin banyaknya faktor eksternal perusak kulit dan kesehatan.

Roslina Verauli, Psikolog dari Universitas Indonesia, membenarkan bahwa usia 30an merupakan fase keemasan bagi seorang perempuan, “Setiap fase usia memiliki karakteristik masing-masing. Karakteristik usia 30an bagi perempuan adalah passion, ketika kita berbicara dengan perempuan di fase ini, kita dapat melihat bahwa matanya memancarkan passion dan kepercayaan diri yang kemudian akan memancarkan kecantikannya. Namun tidak dapat dipungkiri bahwa kecantikan dari dalamlah yang akan membantu perempuan di usia 30 tampak bersinar dibandingkan perempuan pada dekade usia lainnya.”

Merawat kecantikan dari dalam merupakan salah satu faktor penting yang harus diperhatikan dan dijaga oleh perempuan di usia 30an karena walaupun kecantikan kulit mereka sedang mengalami masa puncak, namun mereka harus mempersiapkan diri untuk menghadapi dekade usia berikutnya dimana vitalitas dan regenerasi kulit akan berkurang terutama dengan semakin banyaknya faktor eksternal perusak kulit dan kesehatan seperti polusi, perubahan iklim, AC dan gaya hidup kurang sehat yang sulit untuk dihindari.

Agnesyah Budiyanti, Marketing Manager PT Cerebos Indonesia mengungkapkan “Kami mengerti bahwa menjaga kecantikan kulit sesuatu yang sangat berarti bagi seorang perempuan terutama seiring dengan bertambahnya usia. Oleh karena itu, bagi setiap perempuan yang selalu menjalani kesehariannya dengan penuh passion, BRAND’S® Bird’s Nest dengan segala khasiat baik burung walet senantiasa setia menjaga keremajaan dan kecantikan kulit mereka.”

Sarang burung walet yang dipercaya mengandung banyak khasiat bagi kesehatan tubuh serta keindahan kulit telah diolah secara tradisional selama ratusan tahun lalu. Oleh karena itu, BRAND’S® berkomitmen untuk menggunakan teknologi dan ilmu pengetahuan terbaru dan selalu berusaha membuka potensi bahan makanan alami serta memberikan produk-produk berkualitas yang dapat meningkatkan kesehatan dan kualitas hidup konsumennya tanpa mengurangi khasiat dari sarang burung Walet itu sendiri. Dengan konsumsi setiap hari, BRAND’S® Bird’s Nest akan membantu menjaga kesehatan dan kecantikan kulit.

Menutup diskusi media, Agnes mengatakan “Saat ini, sejalan dengan kampanye “Beauty Starts from Within” yang telah diluncurkan tahun lalu, BRAND’S® Bird’s Nest sedang mencari figur perempuan yang bersinar di usia 30an, yaitu mereka yang sangat menjaga kesehatan dan kecantikan tubuh terutama kulitnya dari dalam serta mampu memancarkan kecantikan karakternya melalui prestasi yang dicapai pada usia 30an. Jika rekan-rekan berminat, silakan follow Twitter kami @BrandsBirdsNest dan Like Facebook fan page kami di Brand’s Bird’s Nest, disana akan ada instruksi selengkapnya.”

 “BRAND’S® Bird’s Nest setia menemani dalam gaya hidup sehari-hari perempuan yang memasuki usia 30 maupun berada dalam dekade usia 30an karena sudah waktunya bagi perempuan usia 30an untuk menjaga kesehatan dengan memperhatikan pola makan dan asupan gizinya untuk mendapatkan kecantikan dari dalam.”

BRAND’S® Bird’s Nest dengan gula batu mengandung 100% sarang burung walet asli dan pilihan yang diproduksi dengan metode ilmiah. Hadir di Indonesia dalam kemasan 42 gram dan 70 gram. BRAND’S® Bird’s Nest membantu mempercantik dan meremajakan kulit perempuan menjelang 30 maupun usia 30an jika dikonsumsi secara rutin, yaitu 2 botol setiap hari selama 8 minggu.

Tentang BRAND’S® Bird’s Nest
BRAND’S® Bird’s Nest merupakan produk sarang burung walet premium dalam botol, yang dapat membantu menjaga kesehatan dan keindahan kulit perempuan dari dalam tubuhnya. BRAND’S® Bird’s Nest dengan gula batu mengandung 100% sarang burung walet asli dan pilihan yang diproduksi dengan metode ilmiah, untuk membuktikan sarang burung walet yang diterima dari suplier bersertifikat 100% asli dengan kualitas terbaik. BRAND’S® Bird’s Nest diluncurkan pertama kali pada tahun 1982.

Tentang Cerebos
Cerebos Pacific Limited adalah perusahaan makanan dan suplemen kesehatan terdepan yang berpusat di Singapura.
Cerebos Pacific Limited menandai jejak perdananya pada 1892 ketika seorang insinyur kimia asal Perancis mencampur kalsium fosfat dengan garam dan menemukan garam kering yang dapat dituang. Merek ‘Cerebos’ sudah terdaftar – berasal dari kata ‘Ceres’ untuk menyebut Dewi Kesuburan dan Panen gandum dalam mitos Romawi, dan ‘os’ dari kata Perancis untuk ‘tulang’ dimana tulang dikuatkan oleh garam fosfat. Cerebos kemudian tumbuh dan memiliki berbagai macam produk makanan serta
BRAND’S® Bird’s Nest.
So you see, 30 is like the beginning of life for women, it’s a time where everything should be settled, physically in her prime and ready to take on the world.
That’s why Brand’s Bird’s Nest drink is having a competition to find those Shining 30’s. I hope to be one of them.

Deasy Noviyanti, sebagai MC; Agnesyah Budiyanti, Marketing Manager PT. Cerebos Indonesia, Roslina Verauli, Psikolog dan Nuniek Tirta Ardianto, figur “The Shining 30”.
With Brand’s Bird’s Nest drink in my hand, beautiful skin and natural health will stay on my side.

Just ‘pop it open and let the sweet taste of youth and hydration be with me. How does it taste? Like agar meet jello, no after taste, so it’s quite a clean feeling, with sweet syrup made from rock sugar. And it is a great dessert, I love it better when it’s cold.

Here’s a close up look.

Try it and enjoy the effect of a bouncy skin, moist and softer.
Help me to become the Shining 30.
you have to connect via facebook to vote:
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 and click vote ya

Thank you so much.

Hi all!

Last night I was invited by BRAND’S for their love for the shining 30’s “Beauty Starts From Within” Campaign. One particular product is Brand’s Bird’s Nest.

We’ve know Brand’s for decades and it’s all because of their Chicken Essence’s drink which was proven for quality and efficacy. So, Brand’s keep on researching and developing supplements for customer not just for the brain, for our look too, where now we can say, “We got the beauty and the brain, too!”

A friendly and intimate dinner is presented where Ms. Imelda and Ms. Agnes shares with us the wonderful news regarding Bird’s Nest drink from Brand’s. Here’s some information from

Burung walet dengan air liurnya membuat sarang untuk kemudian berkembang biak di dalamnya. Burung walet awalnya menjadi konsumsi kerajaan China dan selanjutnya dikenal sebagai produk premium yang dipercaya memiliki banyak manfaat. Secara turun-temurun, sarang burung walet dipercaya untuk meningkatkan kesehatan terutama pada saluran pernafasan. 
BRAND’S® Bird’s Nest with Rock Sugar mengandung sarang burung walet asli pilihan. Jumlah kandungan sarang dalam BRAND’S® Bird’s Nest banyak dan berkualitas, sehingga bisa dilihat di dalam botolnya dan dirasakan pada saat mengonsumsi. Cerebos memproduksi BRAND’S® Bird’s Nest with Rock Sugar di pabrik sendiri dengan standar internasional dan teknologi modern.
BRAND’S® Bird’s Nest with Rock Sugar dipercaya dapat membantu membersihkan paru-paru, menguatkan sistem pernafasan, membuat kulit lebih berseri dan mengurangi panas dalam.
Dengan mengonsumsi BRAND’S® Bird’s Nest secara rutin dapat menjaga kelembapan kulit, sehingga kulit tetap sehat dan tampak lebih berseri.
A doctor also in the house, dr.Nadia (if you join my live tweet last night, you can read her presentation) shares how skin is our natural barrier. It need to be taken care from many harm from environment, stress and lack of water. Bird’s nest contain ingredients that helps the skin to be moist longer and better. Yes, healthy is our focus here, by being healthy, beauty will come along.

And Ms. Imelda shares how she and her family has been consuming bird’s nest since she were young. The difficulties of selecting the right quality to troublesome in preparing the bird’s nest until it is ready to consume have been tremendously helped by Brand’s Bird’s Nest. So the question now is just, why not?

Why not consuming a bird’s nest which was proven from centuries to be a great health drink in the most convenient way possible?

You’ve got the facility by Brand’s, assurance of quality and guarantee from the process. It’s all in one small bottle. And you’ve must been wondering about the taste now. Hmm, shall we?

Grab a bottle and open it, a ‘pop’ sound is heard and it’s the assured of safety unopened sealed cap.

From the clear bottle you can see the clear ingredients, it’s bird’s nest as it’s best with a slight hint of rock sugar. Not overwhelmed, just fresh and nicely done. Better served cold, but it’s good in normal room temperature, ready to eat and please do not put heat, it’s like a dessert and they are good as a dessert as well.

 How does it taste?

If you’ve drink a bird’s nest before, you wont be surprise of the texture which is like a mix between soft jelly and jello. Pleasing mild sweetness. I like it. I’ve been consuming bird’s nest too and I know how it can be created as many dishes, especially cold dish. Brand’s Bird’s Nest is perfect, they have the taste, ingredients, and portion for one day.

Age wise? Suitable for any age, preferably above 2 years old, safe to be drink by anyone, male/female, sick or healthy and pregnant women as well. What are you waiting for? Try one yourself right now, available in any reputable supermarket, drug store and markets.

Slurp up!

It’s that time of the month and lately due to the stress level, exhaustion and imbalance in my daily diet, lifestyle, etc (yes, still etc) I feel that my monthly period become more uncomfortable. Mild cramps to medium pain, to discomfort in other different parts of my body and even migraine.
And somehow I remember I have a pack of Choco Marvel at home which I haven’t try due to the skepticism of mine. Yet, what is ChocoMarvel?
Details from ChocoMarvel Facebook page.
Details from the back side of the packaging.
Yes, ChocoMarvel is a drink to be drank during women’s period where with natural ingredients it meant to help blood circulation, relieves fatigue, etc. Hmm, seems too good to be true, I give it a go and tested the product.
Inside is a chocolate colored powder.
The smell is not like a hot choco, they are more fragrant.
Using 80 degree Celsius water, I stir everything up
 And drink it when all stirred well. For the taste-wise, it is sooooo good. Warm and comforting, the taste of the cocoa and ginger is just relaxed me and soothed me in a way that I can really get that! I understand the lady in the packaging, where she sit with her eyes closed with a cup of ChocoMarvel in front of her. The taste is not too sweet, my daughter even said it was a bit bitter, but not for me, it’s like dark chocolate. And the best part, it is dairy free. For a lactose intolerant like me, it was superb!

After drinking them, call it a coincidence, the cramps I’ve been having is gone. Would I recommend this delicious drinks? Definitely!

Hmm, the soothing feeling start giving me some sleepiness, for an insomniac (I’m raising hand) it’s another bonus point.

We’ve been hearing the word Osteoporosis for a long time, we know that it’s a condition that ‘attack’ human when they are old, or is it? How old are we talking about? 60? 70? We’ll get back to that later on.

Meanwhile nowadays from the government almost all over the world including Indonesia has started a campaign in drinking more milk, remember ‘Got Milk?’, ‘Why Milk?’, or just the ‘Milk’, where milk are known to contain a lot of nutritional values that benefit ones body, but the main focus of milk intake is for the bones as milk provide calcium and vitamin D. 

Human need their bones as it is the main structure of our body, like a building without the pillar or column which holds the whole frame, it will collapse. When we were a baby, we need milk as the main source of our survival, it provide all the important diet in a go including colostrum (from human’s milk). As we kept on growing our organs and oral function keep on developing as we need solid food.

Then shall we forget about the milk? We shan’t, here’s why.

(Graph taken from Google Search)

Human need calcium everyday, baby need around 200-260mg/day depends on the age, children needs a whooping 700-1300 mg/day, while adult needs around 1000-1200 mg/day. Milk is known to be a high concentration of calcium and the calcium in milk can be absorbed plus other values of vitamins and minerals that help the calcium to work better. A bit of info, Calcium works better with Vitamin D and Magnesium.

Can’t we get Calcium by other source? Sure! Fish, kelp, soy milk, and many more but none get the credit for being an excellent source of Calcium other than milk by most expert.

Now we know more about Calcium but we need to know more about stuff/things/habit that contribute to Calcium deficiency, or as known as Osteoporosis. Smoking, excess drinking of alcohol, consuming soft drinks, malnutrition, underweight, etc. So even though you drink or take enough Calcium and Vitamin D plus other nutrition such as protein per day for your frame, yet the daily habit doesn’t support, it will not be optimum.

(Both Image of No Smoking Sign and Exercise are from Google Search)

Osteoporosis ought to be opposed with totality from daily intake, habit and workout. By daily intake means drinking milk, eat food that contained a lot of nutrition that help Calcium absorbance, protein and vitamin D. Habit such as healthy habit, sleep well, no smoking, less alcohol, reduce drinking soft drinks, and many more. Working out means exercise daily according to your body needs. Seems easy right?

Again, there are some twist to it. As we can’t just push our self over the limit during the exercise, or taking poor quality food, the same thing happen with milk. Everything need to be done/measured in the exact amount and standard that match our body requirement.

This is where Anlene with Fonterra, the Dairy for life takes part in our life. By producing high Calcium milk with other nutrition that match our daily need.

Beside providing consumer with proper intake with their milk, they are also having various workshops to the media and guests, Anlene and Fonterra keep educating the society about the importance of keeping our bone healthy, this is the pictures taken during the workshops and quotes from the speaker, expert and spokesperson.

“Lebih dari 40% orang bisa beresiko terkena Osteoporosis pada usia 35 tahun. Analisa dari pemeriksaan kepadatan tulang yang dilakukan Fonterra di Asia menunjukkan bahwa perempuan di Indonesia memiliki tingkat resiko tertinggi di Asia, yaitu berkisar antara usia 25 sampai 65 tahun,” ujar Vienno Monintja, Category Marketing Director Fonterra Brands Indonesia.

“Yang harus dipahami masyarakat saat ini adalah pentingnya menjaga kondisi tulang, apalagi pada umumnya puncak kepadatan massa tulang tercapai pada usia 25 sampai 35 tahun,” kata dr Siti Annisa Nuhonni, SpRM. “Menjaga kesehatan tulang, lanjut nya, hanya membutuhkan cara-cara yang sederhana tetapi seringkali yang menjadi masalah adalah kurangnya niat dan kesungguhan.”

Oleh sebab itu, menurut dr Fiastuti Witjaksono, SpGK, sangat penting untuk berkomitmen pada diri sendiri menjaga kepadatan tulang sejak usia muda, apalagi ras Asia adalah yang paling rentan terkena Osteoporosis.  “Mereka yang mempunyai resiko secara genetik berpotensi lebih besar, juga mereka dengan tubuh atau proporsi tulangnya kecil,” tegasnya.

(Please do use Google Translation if needed)

Reading from the quotes above, I started to think about myself and women on my age. I am in the 25-65 years old. So when the popular thought where Osteoporosis only happen for those in the 60’s or 70’s, the number actually begin from 25. Being Indonesian, Asian and lack of effort is like the most probable person to get an Osteoporosis, and I think I need to do something about it, well, all of us need to do something about it. That’s why Anlene and Fonterra are taking a big leap to hand in hand helping the society fighting Osteoporosis.

Right now with “Scan the Nation” on their Facebook page, Anlene and Fonterra created an awareness and a fun interactive way for the public to understand better, we do know that there’s a power in knowledge. Don’t forget to check their website for further info regarding Anlene and Fonterra.

Now, we understand the need of Calcium and the fight against Osteoporosis, but where’s the urgency, why Osteoporosis is such a big issue?

These are the information I got from

Osteoporosis is a condition characterized by a decrease in the density of bone, decreasing its strength and resulting in fragile bones. Osteoporosis literally leads to abnormally porous bone that is compressible, like a sponge. This disorder of the skeleton weakens the bone and results in frequent fractures (breaks) in the bones. Osteopenia is a condition of bone that is slightly less dense than normal bone but not to the degree of bone in osteoporosis.

So imagine yourself just doing your normal activity and suddenly your bones are easily breaking. Remember the movie “Unbreakable” by Bruce Willis? Where he plays the superhero whose never been sick or injured, yes, now remember his opponent, ‘Mr. Glass’, where his bone is easily breaking, like glass. Osteoporosis is like that in severe condition.

(X-ray taken from Google Search)

Person who suffer from Osteoporosis will need a special care, like a nursing home or someone to keep an eye on them almost all the time. This will definitely cost money, more effort and a lot of pain since the patient will not be able to work per normal, restricted traveling moreover adventurous travel and decreasing life’s quality. Not yet medication, therapy and hospital/clinic bills. It is very stressful too, imagine you have to take care someone like that, you’ll be worry most of the time.

Now prevention do sound a lot better correct?

Are there any early signs for Osteoporosis? Unfortunately, there are none. That’s why some says this is a silent disease. Usually people who suffer Osteoporosis know their condition once they have a painful fracture. But, before a fracture happens, a quick check can be done to test the bone’s density. Yes, Anlene provides free checks in many big supermarkets, do follow their twitter (@Anlene_ID) too for further information in your local supermarket.  

So from now on, keep investing proper nutrition that is important for your bone’s health. Drink enough Calcium daily and nourish your self with Magnesium, Vitamin D plus other vitamins and minerals that benefits to your health and especially the bone. Think deposit or saving in a bank, the money is your Calcium, Vitamin D and don’t forget Protein and the bank is your bones. I will also start taking care myself better with proper exercise, good quality life and habit plus daily intake take support my bone’s health.

Are you ready to fight Osteoporosis now?

Hi all, 
This is an official press release from GE:

GE mengintegrasikan ‘imaging’/pencitraan, diagnostik, patologi, IT kesehatan, data,
dan kemitraan untuk mendukung perang terhadap kanker
GE mendukung layanan kesehatan yang lebih baik dengan target
lebih dari 10 juta pasien pada tahun 2020.
•           $100 juta kompetisi inovasi untuk umum yang diselenggarakan GE dan para mitranya untuk menemukan dan membiayai gagasan bagi percepatan deteksi dini serta rawatan yang lebih dikhususkan bagi tiap pasien
•           Merintis kemitraan jenis baru di Wyoming, di Arab Saudi serta di Cina untuk memperluas akses pada pemeriksaan mamografi dan teknologi kanker payudara
•           Konsep teknologi mamografi portabel SenoCase™ dari GE mengubah total situasi dimana masyarakat di daerah terpencil pun dapat melakukan pemeriksaan
•           SenoBright™, sebuah teknik pencitraan eksklusif, meningkatkan akurasi pemeriksaan payudara dan membantu dokter memutuskan apakah pasien perlu dibiopsi
•           GE akan membiayai litbang di bidang kanker selama 5 tahun sebesar $1 milyar
Fairfield, Conn., 16 September, 2011 – GE (General Electric) dan beberapa mitra terkemuka di bidang kesehatan dan keuangan telah meluncurkan babak baru perang melawan kanker dengan prakarsa healthymagination yang dapat dinikmati paling tidak 10 juta pasien di seluruh dunia pada tahun 2020.  Kampanye ini berdasarkan portfolio GE yang terintegrasi yang dapat melakukan loncatan dalam onkologi dan pengobatan kanker yang lebih dikhususkan bagi tiap pasien.
GE CEO dan Chairman Jeff Immelt serta berbagai mitra dana ventura telah mengumumkan sebuah kompetisi terbuka di bidang healthymagination untuk membiayai gagasan-gagasan terbaik dalam memperbaiki diagnostik kanker payudara. Untuk mempelajari prakarsa ini lebih lanjut, kunjungi (atau .  Immelt mengatakan bahwa GE akan membiayai program-program penelitian dan pengembangan (R&D) untuk teknologi dan solusi dalam deteksi serta perawatan penyakit kanker (dimulai dengan kanker payudara) sebesar $1 milyar selama 5 tahun ke depan. 
“Visi kami adalah kanker tidak lagi menjadi penyakit yang mematikan,” kata Jeff Immelt, CEO dan Chairman GE. “Ketika kita menggunakan teknologi mutakhir untuk mendeteksi kanker untuk mendukung gagasan dari para mitra baru kami, hasilnya adalah formula andalan untuk mengatasi kanker dan membantu para dokter serta periset untuk menyempurnakan pengobatan.”
Nancy Brinker, pendiri dan CEO Susan G. Komen for the Cure mengatakan, “Ketika kita menggunakan imajinasi untuk mengatasi masalah berat, kita bisa mendapatkan hasil yang luar biasa. Prakarsa ini menggabungkan inovasi, komitmen, dan sumberdaya yang cukup besar, dan kami sangat senang akan kemungkinannya dapat membantu kami mengakhiri penderitaan dan kematian karena kanker yang paling sering menyerang perempuan, di seluruh dunia.”
Open Innovation to Save Lives  (Kompetisi Terbuka untuk Selamatkan Jiwa)
GE telah mengumumkan sebuah kompetisi global terbuka di bidang inovasi bernilai $100 juta untuk menemukan dan memasarkan gagasan-gagasan yang memajukan diagnostik kanker payudara. Tujuannya adalah untuk membantu profesional kesehatan memahami tumor yang berkenaan dengan kanker ‘triple negative’ yaitu sejenis kanker yang tidak responsive terhadap pengobatan standar, lebih agresif, dan mempunyai kesamaan di tingkat molekuler dibandingkan dengan tumor kanker payudara dan tumor solid lainnya. Hal ini akan meningkatkan kualitas deteksi dini, memungkinkan dapat membantu para dokter mengambil keputusan terbaik untuk perawatan sesuai dengan kanker unik tiap pasien.
The Challenge (Kompetisi) ini menerima karya di, dan diluncurkan bersama dengan beberapa perusahaan dana ventura Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Beyers, Venrock Capital, Mohr Davidow serta MPM Capital.  Usaha ini juga berfokus pada data, bekerjasama dengan O’Reilly Media yang dipimpin oleh CEO dan pendirinya Tm O’Reilly. Yang terkenal sebagai penganjur data sains untuk memajukan inovasi.
Risa Stack, partner di Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield & Byers yang juga seorang juri dalam panil kompetisi GE healthymagination Challenge, “Berdasarkan pengalaman kami di bidang kesehatan, ada kesempatan besar untuk mengubah pengobatan kanker dengan teknologi baru untuk 10 tahun ke depan. Setelah kami melihat keberhasilan dari “ecomagination Challenge” inovasi bisa mengubah total, dan gagasan yang baik yang dapat membawa perubahan tersebut bisa datang dari mana saja.  Kami senang bisa bermitra lagi dengan GE untuk healthymagination Challenge ini untuk mendatangkan era baru perawatan pasien.”
Andre von Eschenbach, salah satu juri GE healthymagination Challenge dan anggota dewan penasihat mengatakan, “Temuan iptek mengubah pemahaman kita akan kanker. Untuk merancang dan menghasilkan solusi bagi tiap pasien, kami tak bisa lagi bekerja sendiri-sendiri. Kita harus menggabungkan asset kami untuk diagnosis dan terapi, bekerjasama dengan berbagai mitra dari sektor swasta, pemerintah, LSM, dan akademisi untuk menciptakan pengobatan yang tepat bagi tiap pasien sehingga hasilnya pun tepat, menghilangkan penderitaan dan kematian dari kanker.”
GE juga berinvestasi di bidang pengembangan “super database,” yang mencakup data klinis, patologi, terapi dan hasilnya di satu tempat sehingga memungkinkan analisa serta mempercepat inovasi. “Super database” ini akan tersedia melalui kolaborasi dengan organisasi riset kanker, baik LSM maupun dari pemerintah, dimulai dengan data kanker yang relevan dari institusi GE bernama Medical Quality Improvement Consortium; Clarient, sebuah anak perusahaan GE Healthcare; aliansi kesehatan The Premier; dan Departemen “Health & Human Services” pemerintah Amerika Serikat.
Teknologi Baru untuk Memperbaiki Pemeriksaan dan Diagnosis
GE akan meluncurkan inovasi baru yang akan memperbaiki pemeriksaan dan diagnosa kanker payudara, dan membantu para dokter memastikan bahwa para pasien akan mendapatkan terapi yang tepat bagi tipe tumor mereka. 
John Dineen, presiden dan CEO GE Healthcare mengatakan, “Kanker adalah penyakit yang kompleks (rumit) tapi dapat dicegah, dan karena kanker dari tiap pasien bisa berbeda-beda, para ahli onkologi membutuhkan peralatan canggih untuk memahami masing-masing tumor kanker.  GE Healthcare terus menerus membuka babak baru di bidang diagnostik canggih serta alat pencitraan molekuler, bermitra dengan rumahsakit dan dokter untuk dapat menyempurnakan rawatan bagi pasien kanker.  Di masa yang akan datang, kami akan terus membantu para dokter melihat kanker di level seluler.  Hal ini akan mendukung usaha mereka dengan informasi yang tepat sehingga untuk pertama kalinya para dokter dapat menganjurkan pada pasien terapi paling akurat dan efektif.”
GE meluncurkan SenoCase™, sebuah alat mamografi baru yang mobile (dapat dibawa-bawa) yang merupakan miniaturisasi dari sistem mamografi digital dengan seluruh kapabilitasinya, menjadi sebuah unit yang lebih murah dan mudah dibawa-bawa karena dapat dimasukkan ke dalam sebuah koper kecil. Teknologi ini akan mentransformasikan skrining/pemindaian kesehatan payudara bagi jutaan perempuan di seluruh dunia, membawa teknologi penyelamat jiwa pada perempuan dimana pun mereka berada.
GE juga memamerkan sebuah teknik pemeriksaan payudara SenoBright™, Contrast Enhanced Spectral Mammography (CESM), yang mengidentifikasi secara tepat adanya kanker payudara bagi lebih dari satu juta perempuan di tahun 2020. Teknik pencitraan SenoBright yang eksklusif memadukan mamografi digital, x-rays level rendah dan tinggi, serta cairan kontras yang umum, untuk melihat adanya kanker, serta menseleksi pasien yang harus dibiopsi, secara lebih tepat.  SenoBright menekan biaya dengan mengurangi prosedur yang tidak diperlukan, serta meningkatkan kemampuan dokter untuk memberi rawatan yang tepat bagi para pasien. Pada saat ini GE sedang menanti izin 510k serta persetujuan dari FDA untuk penggunaan SenoBright di Amerika Serikat.  Di luar Amerika Serikat, SenoBright telah diinstalasi di 17 pusat perawatan di seluruh Eropa dan Asia.
Komitmen GE pada solusi baru di bidang onkologi mencakup keseluruhan rawatan bagi penderita kanker. Di antara teknologi yang sedang dikembangkan para ilmuwan GE adalah sebuah alat baru berupa “positron emission tomography” (PET) tracer.  Tracer (penjejak) ini akan menginformasikan pada dokter apakah sebuah perawatan (treatment) kanker bekerja, dari sejak awal terapi, dengan mengukur formasi pembuluh darah baru dalam tumor.
Kolaborasi untuk Mengembangkan Akses Global pada Perawatan
GE mengumumkan kemitraan-tiga-tahun dengan Susan. G Komen for the Cure untuk menciptakan program-program pertama-di-dunia yang akan menyediakan teknologi paling mutakhir di bidang kanker payudara bagi lebih banyak perempuan di seluruh dunia. Pada tahap awal, program-program ini baru dijalankan di Wyoming, Arab Saudi dan Cina.
Wyoming: Dengan pendekatan inovatif pada mamografi bergerak/mobile dan menerapkan fitur digital untuk membuat janji, program ini bertujuan untuk memperbaiki catatan pemeriksaan mamografi Wyoming –yang sekarang terendah di Amerika Serikat- menjadi peringkat teratas.
Saudi Arabia: GE dan Departemen Kesehatan dari Kerajaan Arab Saudi memulai kemitraan yang bertujuan untuk program untuk meningkatkan akses ke pemeriksaan kanker payudara.  GE akan mengembangkan dan mengirimkan 2 unit bergerak (mobile) di kota Riyadh dengan target memindai 10.000 perempuan pada 12 bulan pertama dimulai pada Oktober 2011.  GE juga bermitra dengan berbagai perguruan tinggi untuk meluncurkan kompetisi inovasi untuk perempuan Saudi untuk mengidentifikasi metode-metode yang mudah dilakukan terus menerus dalam memperbaiki pemeriksaan kanker payudara di negara tersebut.
Cina: GE dan para mitra akan meluncurkan sebuah program bagi warga di Provinsi Guangdong tahun ini yang bertujuan untuk meningkatkan kesadaran serta kepatuhan akan prosedur pemeriksaan kanker payudara. Program ini, yang menargetkan akan mengembangkan model untuk menyempurnakan edukasi serta pemeriksaan payudara di daerah-daerah pedesaan.
GE akan terus memonitor secara terbuka setiap hasil dan kemajuan atas komitmen kanker di situs
Untuk mempelajari lebih lanjut, kunjungi  Ikuti kami di Twitter @GEHealthy atau kunjungi kami di Facebook Anda juga bisa mengikuti percakapan seputar kanker payudara di
Tentang GE
GE (General Electric) adalah sebuah perusahaan jasa, keuangan, dan teknologi maju yang menjawab sebagian tantangan terbesar dunia.  Dengan dedikasi pada inovasi di bidang energi, kesehatan, transportasi, dan infrastruktur, GE beroperasi di lebih dari 100 negara dan memiliki lebih dari 300.000 orang karyawan di seluruh dunia.  Untuk informasi lebih lanjut, kunjungi situs perusahaan di
Tentang GE Healthcare
GE Healthcare memberi teknologi dan jasa medis yang transformasional, yang membentuk era baru perawatan pasien. Bidang keahlian kami mencakup pencitraan medis dan teknologi informasi, diagnostik medis, sistem monitoring pasien, penciptaan obat-obatan, teknologi pembuatan biofarma, solusi peningkatan kinerja yang membantu customer kami memberi layanan kesehatan lebih baik kepada lebih banyak orang di seluruh dunia dengan biaya lebih rendah. Lebih dari itu, kami bermitra dengan berbagai institusi terkemuka di bidang kesehatan, demi perubahan kebijakan yang diperlukan untuk tercapainya sistem kesehatan berkelanjutan.  GE Healthcare yang berpusat di Inggris merupakan unit usaha dari General Electric Company (NYSE: GE).  Para karyawan GE Healthcare di seluruh dunia berkomitmen melayani para profesional di bidang kesehatan beserta para pasien mereka di lebih dari 100 negara. Untuk keterangan lebih lanjut tentang GE Healthcare, kunjungi
Tentang healthymagination, prakarsa GE
Healthymagination, prakarsa GE yang diluncurkan Mei 2009 berfokus pada 4 kebutuhan penting yaitu teknologi biaya rendah, IT kesehatan, inovasi yang bisa dinikmati oleh semua, serta layanan kesehatan yang dibentuk oleh consumer.  Komitmen GE adalah, pada tahun 2015 GE akan:
•           berinvestasi $3 milyar untuk riset dan pengembangan dengan target meluncurkan paling sedikit 100 inovasi yang akan memberi layanan lebih baik pada lebih banyak orang dengan biaya lebih rendah.
•           Menyediakan $2 milyar berupa pembiayaan, dan $1 milyar berupa teknologi untuk IT kesehatan bagi daerah pedesaan dan yang belum terjangkau layanan.
•           Menekan biaya prosedur yang menggunakan teknologi dan jasa GE sebesar 15 persen, dan mengembangkan produk yang khusus diciptakan bagi daerah-daerah yang belum terjangkau di seluruh dunia.
•           Menjangkau lebih banyak orang, sekitar 100 juta orang tiap tahun dengan jasa dan teknologi yang dibutuhkan bagi kesehatan.
Kunjungi situs kami di untuk informasi lebih lanjut.
Hi health lovers,
Yesterday I went to Healthy Choice Indonesia in Kebon Jeruk, after getting an invitation to try one of the famous detox program they have, but first ,let’s get to know Healthy Choice.

Our Mission and Vision …
To pioneer organic business within Indonesia and in doing so to become the leading, most
profitable innovator of organic products within Southeast Asia.

To raise awareness and to educate society about the benefits of healthy living and enjoying
life to its fullest, while at the same time preserving our living environment. In doing so, we will
meet increasing demand by constantly researching markets and supplying the most up-todate
and reliable natural organic products.

Healthy Choice is the Pioneer in Organic Services in Indonesia
We opened our doors in Indonesia in 2004. During this time it was difficult to find the
necessary organic produce and meats that we wanted to combine with our own special
organic ingredients, in order to create the healthy, delicious cuisine that we are known for

When we first opened our doors, we were astonished by the high rates of heart disease and
cancer in Indonesia. This led us to begin researching the link between our health and the
foods we eat and drink. From this research we learned about the terrible depletion of
nutrients in our soil due to pesticides, and were shocked by the overabundant use of
antibiotics and growth hormones in livestock. Convinced that we should avoid food that was
raised in this “conventional” manner, we made a conscious choice to live organically and to
create a venue that offers delicious, well-balanced organic food to the public.

Healthy Choice tries to subtly educate our guest about the philosophy behind our organic
products. Our fresh, delicious dishes, created and served at our Healthy Choice café, prove
that eating organic food doesn’t mean sacrificing taste. Expansion and acceptance of the
organic lifestyle is visible at Healthy Choice.

Helpful Healthy Choice staff can provide practical, instructive information that will empower
you and your family to being making decisions to lead healthier lives. We can show you how
small changes in your own household will lead to an improved quality of life. Begin with small
changes, ones that can be built on over time — start by choosing to buy only organic

Healthy Choice wants to inspire you and your family to choose organic in your home. You’ll
find that living organic isn’t difficult. Instead, it is a choice that will improve both your wellbeing
and the future of the planet that we all share.

Me inside the wellness center which is on the second floor of the building. The menu consist of so many treatment provided from detox to beauty such as facial, slimming and relaxation (deep tissue and hot stone massage). I found their prices are reasonable, you can still get a massage for Rp.200k with the assurance an experienced therapist that will soothe your aches.

And the treatment for me is Colon Hydrotherapy, which was quite famous. I’m also knew about it form my friends which was ‘addicted’ by this detox method using water that cleanse the colon (just click on the image for larger view)

First all new customer patient that went in have to fill up a form for their medical background. They do take things seriously here.

After filling up I gave back the form and looking around, there are some treatment too for the tired feet.

And this is Colon Hydrotherapy treatment room for me, it comes with an individual toilet too.

I was told by Nurse Tari to empty my bladder and change into special uniform that have velcro on the back for practical use. I must say, I feel a bit intimidated about the treatment. I’m easily chicken out from pain and any discomfort.

So after lying down, Nurse Tari prep me up a bit regarding the method. Using a sterilized warm water a tube will start inserting water while another tube (bigger size) will be for removing. Inserting the tube is a bit pain for me, really a bit and the feeling of something there was a bit discomfort too. But It’s mild and for my friends whose been doing this treatments repeatedly, it was nothing.

Then the water start pouring in, with a controllable situation, patients can take a bout 4-6 minute before asking the nurse to open the removing tube (yes, while the water tube is filling in your colon, the removing tube will be closed). I feel the contraction (colic) is really strong, they even gave me goosebumps. But a huge relieve when the nurse open the tube for removing and since we are not allowed to strain, she helps by massaging our tummy and it’s comfortable. Then repeat the process until around 5 times.

This below image need discretion since they are the result of the removing tube, just click page down if you down want to see them . . . I know I don’t . . .

The result of the above image if my removing tube from the beginning, a lot of things need to get out. But found no leftovers which is usually dark and hard.
Middle part is found during the 2nd or 3rd pumps.
And last is when they are clear.

Even thou on the 5th pumps the nurse found a lot of feces, she said that the treatment still need to be stop since it was not recommended to overdo it.

After the treatment I gain like 0,01 KG (yes, they do measure our weight before and after the treatment). Some people can loose weight while some can gain . . . “It’s okay”, says the nurse.

Then after finishing the treatment, I can change my clothes and clean up, which was not messy at all. My result is: I was gassy, didn’t chew my food well, but overall still good in terms for color and consistency since I eat my veggie and fruits . . .  ^___^ big relieve now.

And now, I’m heading to the first floor, anyone are in for a treat after the treatment. You can choose tea, juices or orange salad.

I choose salad, I just love salad and they are really fresh plus tasty too. The oranges are sweet and so does the apples, they are a delight. The nurse also told me to avoid gluten (flour products). Apparently from doing Colon Hydrotherapy with the pro you can learn more about yourself and enhance your health condition too.

For the drink we choose some tea from Numi which can be selected from white, green and oolong mixed with flowers or other plants.

For the food our choice is Nasi Campur Nyonya which was a mix between many ingredients and I really like those pink pickles, refreshing. And all of their food and drinks are health conscious, using ingredients that are organics, fresh, and low in trans fat. No coconut milk was involve, not even in laksa, they use soy milk instead. And you betcha, the juice didn’t add with sugar. 

My beautiful tea is here, I choose the Jasmine with the white tea, since the staff said the white tea contain most antioxidant. Perfect for a day in Jakarta.

The tea is best served and drink warm where the taste is a bit sour but I like it. I also like anything that is healthy and good for me. I think the food and beverage from Healthy Choice should be served in hospitals or clinic, or perhaps spas.

And my ultimate favorite is their Yogu Berry. I love it to the max and highly recommended for anyone to try it. The homemade yogurt was fragrant, the jam is sweet and I really like the jelly texture of it, last but definitely not least the konyaku that smell like honey. It smell so strong but only mildly sweet. Yogu Berry? Love it love it love it . . . oh and have I mentioned? LOVE IT.

After finishing my meal I look around and see other things that is offered by Healthy Choice:

School Catering Menu.

Personal Catering Menu, yes, they do deliver but so far only on certain areas, please do call them, you can find all the info —> HERE.

And who can ignore their store that feels with healthy goodies. It was everywhere and I noticed that, they were never empty, customers keep come and go, they seem to know this place well and regular customers.

From cleaning agents using environment friendly ingredients (and human friendly too), babies toiletries. A bit suggestion, please add kids product too ^___^

Food ingredients including sea salts.

Fresh organic products like veggies and prawns  . . . yes they have seafood too.

Juices, jam, cereals, and many more.

Look at these mini gallons, they are soooo cutee, useful and environment friendly. They also sell some other nick nack that can be seasonally available. So do check them out when you’re around. And don’t forget they have Sunday Market too, call them to know the schedule.

Well, that’s all for now, thank you Healthy Choice, especially Ms. Nurhasanah for having me there and gives me tons of inside information of Healthy Choice.

More info go to or call them at +6221 5305665 (office), +6221 5323336 (store & resto), +6221 – 5322328 (detox center)
Facebook : HERE.

Some time agoHi-Beaut sent me some of Avalon’s Japanese Fish Collagen to try on. Here are some details from

In modern times, beauty is no longer the exclusive domain of women. Healthy and radiant skin is coveted by both sexes of this new age generation. AVALON™ Japanese Fish Collagen uses the most premium ingredients, such as Japanese Fish Collagen of molecular weight of less than 3,000 Daltons and believed to be the best for absorption by the human body. In addition, it is the only collagen product in the market to be fortified with Probiotic complex – a combination of strains of beneficial bacteria. These work together to balance intestinal microflora and facilitate the rebuilding of a healthy intestinal system which is able to boost collagen peptides and L-Vitamin C absorption, doubling the effectiveness of anti-aging and anti-oxidant properties, leaving us with radiant skin to reveal beauty from inside out.

Available in 3 refreshing flavours, AVALON™ makes consumption of collagen a pleasurable daily affair. Besides, every serving is individually packed for great convenience, catering to busy individuals who want to keep healthy glowing skin while they are on the go. With no added sugar, AVALON™ Japanese Fish Collagen is one great choice for diabetics as well as weight watchers.

It is never too early to start on collagen as the natural production of collagen in our body declines after 20 years of age. Thus get your daily dose of AVALON™ Japanese Fish Collagen today to start enjoying the awesome benefits of it!

Details from the pamphlet. Please do open and read more about them.

I know, it’s really long and seems difficult to find the reason why we didn’t need the stuff.

But they seems to understand why is it difficult for consumer to consume fish collagen, yes, the fishy smell. So they have 3 different flavor, mango, lemon, and blueberry.

Here there are, the blueberry is the purple one on top left, lemon on top right and mango on below part of the bowl. Here I go, I’m trying them and here is my top favorite in order:

1. Blueberry for it’s fruity refreshing scent that far from fishy taste

2. Mango for being very mango-ey and suits the texture really well, like eating a real dried mango
3. Lemon is the last since it’s kinda very mildly flavored

My husband: Likes the lemon and mango only
My sis: Mango is her first choice

But take note all of them have NO fishy smell at all. Regarding their effect? Not yet, we have to consume them regularly for at least 2-4 weeks to see the result.

Yesterday in Four Seasons Hotel, Kuningan, Fonterra Brands Indonesia are inviting medias for open fasting together and in the same time giving some press release on some important health issues related to milk.

Each guess present can take a picture on the set provided, and every picture taken will be donated

Rp.100.000 from Fonterra to children’s education. And you can keep a copy of your pic home.
Fonterra Brands products milk ranged from Anlene, Anmum, and Boneeto. But there are still some other products derived from milk that Fonterra carries, like Anchor and Chesdale.

Yes, the main issue is about excessive sugar added in milk, especially children’s milk.

The moderator is Ms.Lula Kamal, she put so much passion in the issue and I do feel the urgency and how important it is to bring the information to the society.
First we welcomed Mr.Maspiyono Handoyo as a President Director of Fonterra Brands Indonesia, where he share the vision of Fonterra Brands Indonesia where Fonterra Brands Indonesia is a company that provide milk nutrition from a natural source for society, wherever, every day. They want want the society to understand the importance of the natural nutrition in milk in every stage in our life.
Fonterra has done clinical trials and their newest invasion is Anmum Essential and Anlene Total.

Then it’s Dr.dr.Saptawati Bardosono MSc. A nutritionist from Nutrition Department from Universitas Indonesia. She shares the key elements in milk that are so important in every stage of our life, from Calcium to Protein that inside to milk to vitamins. There are also a thing called lactose which is a sugar from milk, a natural sugar. So the natural milk need no more sugar, yet many milk companies added so much sugar in their milk.

Another important issue is to drink milk according to the stage/age you are in. It can be lethal to drink milk that’s not your level. Like new born babies drinking kids milk from cow. It is dangerous to be nonchalant. Read the labels, ingredients, nutrition fact, and serving suggestion.

Next in line is Denny Sumargo a basket ball national athlete. That shares his daily routine taking milk.
It’s Q&A time and many are eager to ask numerous questions and here are some of the answers:
Fonterra’s milk is 100% imported from New Zealand’s cow.
During pregnancy it is important to drink milk specially made for pregnant ladies where it contained higher nutrition needed for the mom and fetus.
Check out for sugar intake.
And the talk show is done.
But, wait a minute . . . it seems like every one is really hungry right now, they have some announcements
They announce the winners of writing competition that have been going from 14th April – 30th June 2011 about Anlene Total that not just lowered osteoporosis but osteoarthritis too. Congratulation ladies!
Me and Ms. Lula Kamal, she is so beautiful and friendly.
Me and Denny Sumargo, he is so busy last night, interview after interview after interview.
Well, that’s a wrap all, please do not forget to stay healthy and READ those labels. Mom, dad, you play a very important role in keeping your children healthy, keep sugar minimum like 10% of total calories intake per day (WHO), a lot of milk out there or any other drinks with tons of sugar inside and it is bad for you. Many have learn that salt are bad since it can increase blood level, but sugar also no good if taken too much. And do you know how much is too much?
For maximum around 60 gr, 40-60 gr per day is the safest range. And all of that cover your meal, dessert, tea, coffee, soda, milk, and anything that you eat/drink the whole day. Watch out 1 spoonful is more than 14 gr.
You do the math!

NB: Thank you Ms.Nuniek ( for the invitation.