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La Petite Robe Noire

Salut tout le monde,

a few days ago I was invited by Guerlain, a very famous brand in France for their new launch perfume called, La Petite Robe Noire, the little black dress.

Dress code? Definitely that little black dress.

The event is held in Krakatau Room of Hotel Grand Hyatt, luxurious and grand.

I’m so eager to go in. The door was closely shut until the time to starts.

The MC greet us when we are seated, finally, it’s starting.

Followed by Mr. Raja Bhojwani, the Director of P.T Aura Essence with his speech of how it all began in Indonesia.

Then Ms. Caroline Leuseur, Guerlain Asia Pacific Marketing Manager formally introduce us to . . . La Petite Robe Noire.

From the perfumer (Thierry Wasser), the concept (of the little black dress, universal and must have item of every women),

I am absolutely essential and utterly irresistible.
I am the chic and very seductive, perfumed creation by Guerlain.
I am La Petite Robe Noire.

which create a loud ‘bang’ in Europe.

And worldwide.

She has the attitude, the freedom, being so free, sweetness and a whole lotta girl power.

Like the cut of a dress, my fragrance is shaped with all of Guerlains’ finesse. Its simple signature enhances and romances several exceptional materials in a bold overdose. Black cherry blinks the first wink. It is illustrated by a clever blend that extends exquisite almond and delicious berries. The second wink takes place as rose enters the stage. Finally, the shadowy temptations of licorice and smoky black tea reveal more of me and lead to irresistible seduction. For the ultimate temptation, the entire creation is wrapped in Guerlinade. Fresh, enigmatic and exhilarating …  Mischievous and captivating … I am the warm spark beneath the sweetness.

She has it all.

I love the design of the bottle. The crafted curves and the black dress, the captivating scent. It’s not easy for me at first, but I have to admit, the scent is addicting. Strong at first, oh wait, really strong at first with the hint of sweetness, then stays for hours and hours without being disturbed, settles down in sweetness and calms in the most wonderful white musk. Funny, I found it to be very funny, usually it starts with sweetness and being so easy, then comes floral and ended with something overpowering. La Petite Robe Noire is in the world of her own.

Expect the unexpected. Guerlain is here to make it’s mark, again and again.

Here she is, wide open, ready for you to explore.

You’ll see her everywhere, she will make a loud noise and you will give her your attention, different, unique, eye catching and even the samples comes in clothe, not paper, clothe material.

Soft, embroidery, and smells provocative, she is the little black dress.

Grab her and be the center of attention.

She runs in the room, she takes the lead and she scores! Sleek, sugary, nicely done and snazzy, oh yes, she is snazzy alright.

Ooh! Posh and dandy too! I want the shirt please, super liking the shirt ◕ ‿ ◕

How much you say?

30 ml EDT for Rp.610.000, 50 ml EDT for Rp. 830.000, 100 ml EDT for Rp. 1.230.000, Body Lotion 200 ml for Rp. 590.000 (on my wish list of course), 200 ml Shower Gel for Rp. 475.000.

I can’t hardly wait to see them in the mall, nifty, beautiful and finely done.

Thank you so much Guerlain Indonesia for having me there.

See you all again, real soon!

Details from

The complete age-defying power* of the Imperial OrchidMolecular Extract has been taken to “unparalleled heights” of performancein the new-generation serum – the Longevity Concentrate – a formula that boastsboth a record concentration and exceptional absorption by the skin: all thevisible signs of skin ageing diminish more quickly and intensely. Itsinnovative retexturising formula restores the appearance of the skin’s denseand even firmness, for a spectacularly smoother, resurfaced look. A texturethat feels rich and sheer and melts deliciously into the skin upon application,providing a supple and velvety finish. It can be used daily with the Cream toreinforce its benefits or as an occasional intensive treatment. * In vitro tests

My review:

The creamy texture of the serum is indulging. The sophisticated scent of Orchid and what it does to the skin is just luxurious. This is indeed not an ordinary serum, from the price itself, the product is known for their high quality, prestigious ingredients and high technology for better absorption and function that meets one qualification for being high class.

I can’t do a 2 or even a 4 weeks review just by this tiny sample, yet in one use I can feel the softness it gives on my skin and they are being rejuvenated at the same time. My prognosis? It’s hard to resist the temptation of being indulge, my advice when it’s possible, try the whole range and be happy with your skin with the younger version of you.

Description from

The symbol of prestige and the influence of a city in perpetual motion, Paris’s famed avenue is where the world meets – the Champs-Elysées is the center of this perfume, and the center of everything. A thrilling breath of life and the promise of infinite love. 

The scent is lovely, I almost finished the whole bottle now. Thanks to Dian, she gave me Champs- Elysees and I just love the fresh feminine scent that feels so soft and reminds me of a tissue scents  somehow. My Eau De Toilette last for around 4 hours. Perfect for any day and any night. Somehow it does reminds me of walking at Champs Elysees where there are many fresh aroma in the air, the fun of shopping and being gorgeous with a blush from excitement seeing the next ‘it’ thing by window shopping. Just lovely!