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As I’m writing it now I’m using the mask and the smell of yummy milk was so delicious. Like those children’s candy in milk flavors, yums!

The texture of the mask is like always, gooey and so moist, feels a bit thick as well. I hope all the milk will be absorbed into my skin and I’ll have a bouncy baby’s butt skin.

Oh yes, btw did you noticed I give you 2 pictures of the exact same item? One taken with a bit of fancy fancy camera while one with normality and the actual color and product so when you buy them, you wont be confused.

Back to the review:
The mask does gives me more moisture than the one that actually exfoliate, (oh yes, I’m not a fan of exfoliate) so this type could be my favorite from all their series with the fruits and everything.

Never forget to clean your face before using the mask and relaxed while using it ^__^, result? A moist skin and a bit more brighter look. Enjoy!

Just used the Pure Smile in Rose Essence Mask which is a delight for the scent, but I can only feel and use it as a cooling mask to be used in a hot day like these. Yes, this is my thing, I like staying at home all day long and reviewing products.
In term of function, I think it need to go along the way, completely not a one time effective mask that will give you a completely different look, again budget wise? It’s a win-win situation ^___^ the good news, even thou’ the product is not pricey (at all) the quality is still skin friendly (I’ve tried those which is budget-friendly but cause sensitivity, allergy, etc).

Score in terms of function equal money = happy number 8

I’m trying Pure Smile, a brand and product from Japan (but made in Korea), my husband brings a pile of skincare and cosmetic for me, thank you so much hubby ^___^

Okay back to the product, I bet most of you have tried paper mask, in fact nowadays there’s been so many face mask in the market that we are starting to get confuse of which to try on. My advise is always on quality and assurance. Get those reputable brand or at least with good standard.

But if cooling is all what you’re looking for, there’s plenty of that on the market. The one that you need to be careful is the one that actually exfoliating your skin. Especially whitening mask. Be careful for that one, you don’t want ended up looking like red angry crab a day after from irritation.

My suggestion in trying an unknown brand is: always looking for those selling hydration, moisture, cooling, relaxing, kinda stuff. Like this one. Since they cause less problem (less doesn’t meant not at all, so still be careful)

The scent is delicate and I like it. But for me it provide no more that moisture and cooling effect, using this product in a hot days is a relaxation alright. But don’t expect something more than relaxation and a calm looking face. Budget wise? This product actually does what it said. Moisturizing/Relaxing/Soothing ^___^