Yesterday, I attend a media gathering in Road to FIMELAFEST: 1st Anniversary with a talk show “Perempuan: Lifestyle & Peran Utama Kemajuan” held in FIMELA house in Grand Indonesia.

Hmm, some guy just really want to be in the picture isn’t it, haha!

Many gorgeous women are here to inspire us, they are: Dian M.Muljadi (Publishing Director, Dra. Sally Astuty Wardhani,Msi (Asisten Deputi Gender Dalam Pendidikan – Kementrian Pemberdayaan Perempuan dan Perlindungan Anak RI), Dra. Okky Asokawaty, Msi (Anggota Komisi IX DPR RI 2009-2014), Shahnaz Haque (She Can, Tupperware Brand Ambassador), Dessy Sekar Chamdi (Ketua Yayasan Literasi Indonesia –  Indonesia Membaca), Becky Tumewu (Communicator, Founder TALK-Inc).

And as I’m waiting here, hmm, when will everyone appreciate the word ‘on time’, I guess it will start when the company that held any event start on time too and yes, from you too.

With fellow bloggers, see anyone familiar ^__^

The comfy seats and setting.

Around 3.30pm the event started with Paman Gerry (as so I heard every morning from Female Radio) as the M.C.

Ms. Dian gives us an opening speech of how FIMELA has developed in a year and awarded too. Next to her sitting is Ms. Dessy.

Ms. Fitriandini Wiana, Content Director of explain to us the FIMELA fest that will be running from 25-27 of November 2011 in Atrium and Level One of Grand Indonesia. Read all about it here:

Then shall we continue ^__^?

Start with Dra. Sally (Far left) who shares her part on Gender issue regarding women’s role which is now starting to be equal in the society. I did say starting, correct?

Dra.Okky, adding based on her observation on how women nowadays are taking more parts even though in some rural areas can’t be denied there are still some restrictions for women.

Ms. Becky agrees and added her own personal research into the matters how women in the big cities have more access to education and personal growth. Her advice is to ‘grab’ those opportunities when it lies in front of you. And, all of them agrees how women when given the ability and access, they will not stop on helping themselves be better but others surrounds her, unlike men. Sorry, dude! But consider this as a challenge to be better.

Then Ms. Shahnaz continues, based on her observations and research sponsored by Tupperware in She Can, she has interviewed more than 90 women that proved to be doing her part for herself, family and community. Some of them are uneducated women, yet their helping others through her passion and based on what she CAN do, not on her limitation.

Then Ms. Dessy added how access can help women with education, yes, read books, Indonesian love to read book, therefor access to books need to be lifted up.

Ms. Ollie, a young women who helps opens up the world of writings and reading in the most accessible way possible, yes, with internet in Indonesia. You will see her through and

After the Q&A the gathering has met their ends, but I know that the inspirations will keep flaming in our hearts and minds.

Thank you for and Congratulations for adding another year. I wish you a great success in the future and for the FIMELA Fest too.

Me and Ms. Okky, I met her 12-13 years ago during a seminar in Atma Jaya University and she still look stunningly beautiful.

Me with Ms.Shahnaz, a fiery women that have her passion for the community.

Don’t forget to join FIMELA Fest and be inspired!