Hello girls,

Recently since I’m home a lot for the holiday and love to pamper myself =^__^= I’m trying thing item which I haven’t try before, after using it for a month comes a thought to make a review.

Details from cakradaya.com:

Perawatan yang kaya akan conditioner dengan Collagen untuk memberikan perlindungan pada rambut berwarna dari akar hingga ujung rambut. Menjaga keindahan warna rambut agar tetap berkilau.
Mengatasi rambut bercabang dan kusut setelah treatment. Rambut lebih terawat, indah, elastis, lembut, halus dan mudah diatur.

.Details from the packaging:

Shampoo hair and towel dry. Apply evenly to hair, gently working through to ends. Leave for 10-15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and style.

The hair mask texture is somewhat gooey, like a mixture of lotion, cream and soft jellies. The white cream smells a bit like white musk, a flowery and like powdery too, definitely not overwhelming. I use it after deep cleansing the hair strands and put the mask onto the hair (avoiding the scalp). Massage gently and comb the hair using fingers. Cover the masked hair using shower caps for 10-15 minutes. Then rinse everything off with clean water (warm/hot water is not needed). When rinsing the hair does feel silkier and smoother with less tangled. The scent last for 2-3 hours but the hair does feel softer until the next wash. However, the product won’t be suitable enough for the hair that chemically over-processed. Dry, slightly damaged, and colored will find it useful for the less tangles and soft feeling but wont fixed the hair structure and filled in the coarse hair strands. But hey, for around Rp. 60.000 the product does what it cost.