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Hi everyone ^__^

Especially those makeup-addicts. IBB is back with makeup challenge and as always as staff we will provide some looks for you to copy. We gladly do that as well.

After trying to figure it out a unique topic for the members, one of the staff (start with letter H) really want a Valentine with no pink with it. Say whattt?? Valentine is all about pink, so now, try to twist your mind into something romantic without the signature color.

Register here: CLICK ME.

And thank you Make Over for the prizes so the girls (or boys) can win some of these wonderful goodies. For a look using products from Make Over, you all may visit Carryna’s blog.

Now, here’s mine

Here are all the products I’ve used for the look, variety from Anna Sui, Laneige, Palgantong, Estee Lauder, The Body Shop, Dasoda and Lash Grip. You may search their individual review at my blog on the labels or search through the search tab.
Using Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion SPF 50+ PA +++ as a base. This is the first time I’m using the product and it was quite easy to be used and lovely. Later I’ll provide the review on another post.
Below is the image of me after using Laneige.
Mine is No.21 Natural Beige. The shade is very natural as most BB Cream will gives skin a greyish tone or whitish, so it is not really natural. Really natural? Yup, they are ‘mild’ on the skin, like light-medium coverage and look somewhat natural compared to ‘old days’ foundation. But nowadays, foundation already gives us so many choices to look like we are on our ‘born-with’ skin.

So back to Laneige, the Snow BB Soothing Cushion is able to make an evenness, covers most of the problems and ready for some colors.

Add Palgantong powder so there base are set finely. This product is still my best loose powder for being so good in not melting. It kept the makeup sets for 12 hours or so. I’ve used it during my trip to Osaka in summer and touching up is a privilege. This powder is able to stand through sweats and sebum for more than 12 hours. Just remember when sweating to dab on the tissue and don’t swipe. Dab is the best thing for a settled makeup.

The thing I do next is adding some blush on from The Body Shop, it’s an old product which I still love thanks to the shimmering effect of a rosy glow. Not pinky ya, rosy.

Make eyebrows using Anna Sui’s brow set, and eye shadows as well and make it all about sophisticated purple. A strong yet still romantic tones to be used in Valentine.

And adding some purple lashes. Using Lash Grip is wonderful as it is black in color and sticks for the whole day as long as during usage, it is waited until dry and no sweat has touched the unset glue. Removing the glue is tricky as it will not come off altogether. Or perhaps I use too much? In my defense if I’m using less, it will be gone in a few hours.

An eyeliner is added, DASODA is used and a stay on waterproof eyeliner also help to masquerade the gap between the fake lashes and the real one attached to my eyes.

Last, after seeing the whole look, I think my eyes should be the center of attention, I use a peachy gloss on the lips from Estee Lauder.

And the makeup is done, but Valentine wont be suffice with this look, I need a wardrobe to make them complete.


In a magenta colored dress.
I’m ready! Submit yours soon ya ^__–

Hello lovelies!

Yes, Indonesian Beauty Blogger has started giving you all a makeup challenge each month start from November 2012. And the theme these month is Enchanting Fairy, triiinggggg.

The prize is for 2 person, where each get a Rp.500.000 hampers from Too Cool For School (Total prize is Rp.1.000.000) cool isn’t it?!

Read the details HERE

Better hurry, the competition ends on the 20th of Nov 2012.

Now here’s mine, noooooooo I’m not joining the competition, I’m just giving you mine and hope you get inspired by it ^0^

A huge thanks to my little sister, once again she has become my model heehee. Above is her before face.

Start with a mineral foundation by bareMineral in light. I don’t need a thick layer of coverage since her skin doesn’t have much problem to be covered. Yes, we both have great genes ^^ btw none of these photos are edited, I dislike edited photos, well, minor is okay, but is the changes are major like jawline, nose shape, and bumpy red skin become flawlessly smooth without a trace, it would be just wrong. We should be proud of our-self, it’s funny how you met someone on their photo and in actual real live to be the complete opposite. Okay, enough chit chat ^__^

I added some Maybelline Clear Smooth in Natural for those anti sebum protection. Both the powder and the mineral foundation applied using brush. Perfect for a young lady like my sister where she wants the lightness of a makeup without being heavy.

Then I tidied the brow (no plucking, she dislike plucking the eye brows) using Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes for the brows and the lashes are using Too Cool For School Super Glam Volume Up Mascara (blue).

Anna Sui Eye Color Duo 04 used as a based for the liners and lid.

Topped it off with Revlon Colorstay 540 and for the liners? Revlon Colorstay 002 Brown. Easily blend the look where the green takes part as a star. Blend it with light green and creamy yellow base.

The Body Shop Cheek Color 04 with golden sparkles for that fairy dust.

Now the theme starts now, using the brown eye liners as the main twig, heehee, my sis didn’t allowed me to give her a branch, so twigs it is.

 Gradually draw leaves one by one with Revlon and Anna Sui. Anna Sui Eyebrow Color Compact in 03 also used as the main lines of the leaves, where the eyeshadows becomes the fillings. 

To add another sparks on the forest theme, Palgantong Brilliant Jelly Shadow in Blue Topaz (BS 45) is added using a lip brush.

Carefully turning the eye lid on the left side as a leave as well. Decorate the hair ehm, she is not a tree, accessorize her hair and put on a costume for that forest fairy overall look.

The lips are smeared with Ceramide Ultra Lipstick from Elizabeth Arden in Honeysuckle.

 Adding some green shadows in the middle part for a touch of green.

And below for a more mysterious look of a forest fairy where all the lips covered in green shadows.

It’s easy isn’t it? So? Join the competition and let your imagination run wild.

All the products used and thank you sister =^0^=

Hi everyone!!

I’m back with Palgantong!!! It’s one of my ultra favorite brand in cosmetics, why? They deliver result!

Now, I’m so happy and honored that Plus One Asia keep sending me these wonderful goodies, after completely satisfy with the Theatrical Powder (Read it HERE), I’m reviewing the Glow Skin Base in Gold Rush and Brilliant Jelly Shadow in Blue Topaz. Jelly? Oh, it’s gotta be good!

The Glow Skin Base also comes in Aurora Pearl, which now I really want to try, who doesn’t longed for a glow like a beautiful (princess) Aurora. In pearls.

I’ve published a press release (click HERE) for the whole Jelly Collection and more. There are so many interesting products there.

Now, here it is the Glow Skin Base in Gold Rush.

This is the product I have. Yes, it’s a makeup base which to be used after or before the foundation, depends on the effect wanted. For overall glow, apply it all over the face before BB Cream/foundation. For enhancing a particular part or some parts, apply it on the area needed after BB Cream/Foundation.

Here’s a swatch of the product after usage on my hand.

It looks sparkly, like gold dust has been sprinkled on my hand. The texture is so soft and away from stickiness. The creamy gold easily glide on the skin and I can easily spread all over or in particular area.

This is my sister, she is going to a fancy party, yes, I use my Palgantong on special occasion only and my sister deserves this ^__^

These are her ‘after’ shots (at the end of the post you’ll find the overall ‘before after’ photo-shoots):

Thank you sis ^^

I use a foundation brush (but using fingers alone would be great as well) and spread the Gold Rush all over her face. I want to add that glow to her skin without being heavy since the makeup base is so light.

Then followed by foundation. I think the Gold Rush when used all over the face would be suitable whenever I want to enhance the overall radiance on the face and under a foundation/BB Cream. I like it for night usage or when I want to have that lovely sunset glow.

After the foundation, Theatrical Powder is applied. The long lasting loose powder is a must have in every household.

Then I move to the eyes, start with the eyebrow and then the jelly for the eye lids.

It’s gooey and wonderful. Intense in color with added sparkles.

I’m head over heels in love with the texture, like a jell-o. Sparkling topaz jello. Here’s a swatch on my hand.

Even the sparkles are in Blue Topaz as well, almost to the green.

I use it as a base for her lids and it lit up the whole eyes.

Below is the ‘before after’ overall look. Before with nothing but moist cleaned skin and after, the whole process including Gold Rush, Blue Topaz, Theatrical Powder, foundation, fake lashes, blushes, eyeliner, mascara, and lippie (not in particular order).

Overall, the Gold Rush will add the skin more glow in an instant if used beneath base (just like my sister), and if use above the base makeup it will enhance to a theatrical level or if use on some parts only, will added that part a different look, kinda like bronzing/highlighting.  The Blue Topaz Brilliant Jelly Shadow is a true definition of brilliant in terms of colors, it pops! I use it as a base for other eye shadows or alone all over the eyes for that glitz and flirty look.

Hi everyone!

This post probably familiar with anyone who loves makeup and heard a lot regarding Palgantong. Yes, the famous makeup for theatrical used, loved and adore by Japanese and Korean is here.
Thank you so much PlusOne Asia for giving me this product!

The design of the packaging is simple and not much fuss on the details.

The one that caught my eyes is the masks, hmm theatrical indeed ^^

Please do read more details from their official site. Where later you will be allocated to and found this item sold for 1,890 Yen.

The powder comes in two shades, Original Beige and Light Beige. Please do click on any image to see it in larger view.
The booklet provide me so much information and I really appreciate it since the website is in Japanese language and some details even thou’ I used Google Translate, it is still unable to read more than meets the eyes.

Pangantong Beauty Secret
Back in 1878, Ludwig Leichner of Germany started a business producing stage make-up and soon established a strong reputation for vivid colours and reliable products for make-up professionals.

Now in the 21st century, Palgantong with inherited methods and skills has successfully reestablished and reintroduced Leichner’s famous products by creating a formulation specifically suited for Asian skin.

Slimming, long-lasting, super hydrating and many more.

The powder is delicate yet gives so many benefits for our skin, hmm, to good to be true?

What am I looking for in a powder?

Stays on in a time I want, sometime all day long, sometime an hour or two, depends on the needs.
Comfortable without being too dry or too cakey, or worst doesn’t have any effect, I don’t want that.

Suitable for any needs from dramatic makeup to daily.

And this powder does that. It helps me sets the makeup and make sure they stay there. Puff it everywhere when everything is done, it can be used before colors (after base makeup is done) or after all the colors is done. The powders help when you’re feeling lazy, like BB cream + this powder and off you go for a natural look, or when you have this Gala thingy and wants the makeup to stays there and true without touch up for the whole night.

I can easily see why it is famous, the powder is ultra fine and to the touch it is very dry, so I can feel at east when they were in the T-zone but at the same time, it is gentle to my dry cheeks. It’s like a wonder powder ^^

Tips, instead of the puff, a wide big brush would be better.

Final words: Try it to believe it!

Updated review:

I just got back from a summer holiday in Osaka for more than a week there and it was super hot and humid as well, the temp shows 36 degree Celsius and the humidity above 80% . I need a powder that claims to be super duper effective, so I use my Palgantong Theatrical Powder

The picture above is me using Palgantong Theatrical Powder in Original Beige, using Shu Uemura UV Under Base BB Mousse beneath, they work together just fine. I didn’t do any touch up at all, I went from 9 AM and get back to the hotel usually around 10 PM. The base stays on super long and the credits goes to the powder (well, most of it since the UV BB Mousse also helps in terms of coverage)

I’ve used Shu’s BB Mousse with other powder and it didn’t last this long. The humidity and heat makes me drench in sweats but the makeup still looks really good. The photo was taken at Nishiki Market (Kyoto) around 2 PM after a long walk from the subway and again, no touch up whatsoever. It was almost unbelievable!

Tips from me is to pat the face in gentle tapping motion when sweating instead of wiping, the powder will stays set and no patches of blotchy nor breaking apart. Highly recommended for heavy duty usage and for those with normal to oily skin. Dry skin? Hmm, it does make my cheeks drier than usual after 3 days continually using the product, so after cleaning the makeup at night I use extra moisturizer on the cheeks with more hydrating effect and it would be just fine.

Oh yes, one more thing I found Palgantong Theatrical Powder to be very famous in Kansai (and prob anywhere in Japan as well) and it really is, every cosmetics store are selling these products and says it was No.1 in Best Seller or in Best Product Category, wow, amazing! I guess it’s not just me that have proven to love this powder.