Before we start, here’s some info.
Both picture, above and below belongs to La Senza Indonesia, while other are mine 🙂

Now, for years and years in Indonesia, we only know cup A and B, only after La Senza arrived everywhere, we can easily find cup AA to DD. Rumor has it that they are having more ^__^

And in La Senza, don’t be shy and ask for a measurement by the staff, those who are shy can do it with their clothes on, while some who want a perfect measurement can do it bare naked. But take note, some designs are a bit different from the other, so you still need to try before buying ^___– In La Senza the dressing room is big and comforting, you can ask your mom, girlfriend or hubby to went along and get their opinion. No need to go out wearing only inner wear here 🙂

Perfect for a first timer when they need their mom’s help. Or, you can just go alone and find a friendly staff to help you. But still, trust yourself, comfort is the key!

Now, as they are having a promotion, we can get a very sexy bras in just Rp.199.000 (regular price around +/-Rp.250.000)

I bought 3 pairs, one in black pink, purple and one when I have a jungle instinct on.

Actually there’s one more that I really like, the pink, like the one shows in Go Ahead have a fit gal. But the size I am, is sold out >.< boo hoo.

Beside their gorgeous colors and perfect fit, the line also can be detach but not from right above the cup, it is in between.

So you can create a several version with one single bra. X for a cross lines and halterneck like shown in the picture above.

One minor flaw I found is the detachable part near the hook is easily detach, too easy perhaps, so when I’m about to use it, it kept falling off. My advice, take your time, don’t rush in and try to pull it a bit upward direction so the hook stays hooking up (hope you understand my language here haha!)

Overall, I will keep using La Senza now and for the future I will get some more of their products since they have the most colors, designs and style. I give them scores for the gorgeousness, colors, style, designs and being available almost every mall 5/5.