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>yummy grapes from Taiwan

I love grapes, like really lurrvesssss grapes, I think grapes are the best juicy sweet tasty fruit that just perfect for me. No need cutting, no mess, and hassle free. I’ve tried many different types, crimson, red grapes green, black, purple, deep purples and many many moreee so far this one is the tastiest one. It’s got chewiness, not as chewy as Korean grapes but chewy enough for me beside the skin is not as sour as Korean grapes.

Taiwan Ruby grapes are refreshing in a hot days like these and brings all the goodness of fruit, fibers, vitamins and natural anti-oxidant.But wait a second there, don’t just gulp them down yet, they do have seed, if it is seedless their score is 10/10 as in perfect 🙂

>Hmm to good and too sweet


But I like it, I really, really like it. All of the ingredients are not like I see in other soaps, it said on the box, Natural Balance Smoothie Body Wash that Soap Free. It got blend of natural ingredients like yogurt, honey and soft almond bits + hyssop.

They have 3 different type in their range, the green one with lemongrass and ginger (which I love and think it is really suitable for the morning use), the yellow one which is shown on the photo, and pink, berry that perks me up when I’m in the mood of l-o-v-e.

What I love about them is: Natural Ingredients, gentle to the skin (I think it’s yummy enough to be eaten), got herbs and minerals, nice decorations on their packaging like they really doing some effort to show the goodness inside and last but not least what it does to my skin. Smoooothhhh effect 🙂

the only things that’s…..right? Yup they are rightly suitable for me. The soothing lotion is the best lotion for me after waxing, it’s calming my skin perfectly and prevent ingrown. During shaving I often suffer ingrown that really bothers and irk me. But with this lotion, even shaving is fun now. It got all the natural ingredients including Tea Tree oil, a powerful yet gentle anti-bacterial agents.

And Kiehl’s my love for a body lotion come true, I love the refreshing scent, the long lasting moisturizing effect it just complement my skin condition in every way it can. One teeny tiny problem, maybe they should make it a tube version since the pump are now stuck with still half full ( yes, I’m a positive person, not half-empty). As it is shown in the picture the pump isn’t close by me, I have to open it up and bottom’s up for my daily use, troublesome and messy since the pump isn’t working.

I’m tired of people who’s been so inconsiderate, there’s only like 4 -6 seats every each train for people who really need it and yet you still steal their rights. Hello!!!! Is your leg are weaker than akongs and amas and those pregnant women or young children, come on! I’ve been a witness to monks try to steal seats from young children, young ladies steal seats from old people, steal?? YUP. what else then? They clearly know they are going to that seat and those people are in front of them yet you all upbeat them even pushed them to get to your seat, the only thing I haven’t see is tackle from their back or pulled their hair. Which is if I haven’t see, someone else probably did.

Am I going overboard?? I don’t think so. I’ve seen this kind of act daily at the nearest MRT station or Bus, and those lovely hugging couple, GIVE ME A BREAK!!!! Look around, aren’t you ashamed? what if your mommy and daddy see what u did? And the best thing is will you guys still doing that after you got married (or even last that long to the marriage status). Slow down a little you ain’t proving anything to anyone. Even when I’m in western country most of the people doing those hugging and kissing are MARRIED couple.

So please ohhh bee-have ladies and gentlemen. I know, I know your life are tough, aren’t we all are, if not we wont be taking public transportation. We will be taking private jet instead.

>Chrismas has come

>Just like the mall above me at Bt. Batok area, every mall in Singapore have dressed up for the season. With all the blings of glitter and lights and all those Santas. All those years of telling the kids there’s no such thing as Santa is really messed up from all of these decoration. Do they really out of ideas that the Santa need to be there, in most malls??

Well for me, if I have a mall (:) giggling already by my own words) I’ll definitely get new ideas. Christmas is still about hope, love, giving and caring. So gift boxes with numerous variations and of course make it more Singaporean style. Christmas does linger with western culture but the spirit we can all share as human being. Perhaps more giving, more love to the customer than just a cold heart-ed decoration that meant almost hmm nothing. Be real, be sincere and make it come true.

I know a decoration wouldn’t hurt, I do admit I do love all those pretty lights. But instead of those vaguely empty words how about slogan like, “Christmas is a time for giving, have you give a gift, yet?” or maybe Make a giant Christmas Tree where everyone who donated can put their card and write what have they done, yes givers should be appreciated and make ‘headlines’, everyday we read in the newspaper how criminals get a page or two, but this season let’s all the givers be acknowledge for their kindness and generosity. Or for the shy one can play secret guardian angels where you can donate to certain people without their knowing the identity of the givers.

So this Christmas try to give more than indulge 🙂

>I started to go to Q&M Bt. Gombak branch about 2 years ago before being transferred to the Bt. Batok branch since they have a surgeon there. Yup, my teeth need more professional help than I think it is.

It seems like nothing is good enough, keep filling in, keep brushing, flossing, and now the dentist wants me to to inter-dental cleaning daily with those tiny but somehow give me a jitter (in fear). How come those artist, famous people have brilliant white perfect teeth with their busy schedule? I brush 3 times a day and seems not good enough for my teeth, well I know I’m not the only one that’s perfectionist here, my teeth does it too.

>After doing the routine for the first time day and night I can feel my skin is already started to change. The texture is more soft, dewy and I can feel there’s less bump on my facial skin. I really like and enjoy my new range now. It does seems a lot for a complete set, I numbered them on the bottle so I now their sequence.

Some of the range need time so it can be fully absorbed like the essence, or maybe because the layering is getting thicker and thicker but surprisingly it is not heavy like all those layers are penetrate into my skin and the rest is keeping guard outside to make sure my skin stay protected.

Since the complexion is better my skin looks more radiant and whiter. I am now more eager to wait what will happen in the next 3-4 weeks when I completed the range.

>Renew Challenge

>The Renew Challenge is officially started for me. I just use it for the first time today. As I opened the lid of each bottle I get more and more excited. I love how these small blue bottles will change my looks in a matter of a month. I have my high expectation on them since Ms. Song He Gyo herself believe in. Look how gorgeous her skin is in the website and on all her movies (+ commercials).

Okay here I start: the first one is toner, which is the first time I use a gel like toner, it glide so smooth to my skin, I didn’t use cotton because as I notice in all Korean Drama they use their hand and tap all the nutrients ingredients in, they claim it’s the best way to use a toner. So I did. I like it, I find it amusing.

The second part is the emulsion, massage a little bit to make it more absorptive. And by doing so I notice my facial skin is far away from smooth. I feel a lot of bumpiness here and there.

The third part is essence, massage and tap is the key.

4th is for the eyes area, separate from day and night to keep the dark cirlce, wrinkle, and puffiness away.

Last but definitely not least is the moisturizer which is a cream like but feels like a gel that can easily penetrate to my skin, love it, I really do, feels cool and fresh at the same time gives moisture (after all it is a moisturizer) ;p

>I know I know it’s not what most people expected to see when I say the word it’s our trip to the Istana President Singapore. But that’s what impressed me the most. Luscious greens that are really really green wherever I see. Istana open every public holiday, it’s free for Singapore citizens and PRs but since I’m a foreigner I have to pay 2$ per person. But It worth-ed since the money goes to donation just remember to bring along your IC or passport.

There are some tips I wanna share here:
1. Ladies, leave those stilettos at home, walk, walk, and again walk through a lot of ‘nature’ pavement.
2. Bring those umbrellas, wear sunblock, sunglasses and hats if necessary (as if you most definitely go there when the sun is still up or rain).
3. Prepared yourself with lost of drinks, cold stuff, anti-bug patch (again as in nature=plants, trees, grass)
4. Camera need to be charged (fully charged) as in a lot of scenery for the garden to the Istana and the occasional meet and greet Mr. President himself.
5. Snacks in case you are hungry.
6. Pee before going in here as in this is not a mall (nearest mall is Plaza Singapura, visit them first)
7. Kids have playground here, it’s fun and it seems the coordinator really know how to entertain the young ones.

And one more thing, enjoy!!! It’s not like you gonna live there everyday 🙂

>Don’t be fooled by the words OK, as in service. I ate there 2 times this year and both of them ended up in disappointment, either the food taste bland or too hard or the rice are too dry. This time I didn’t have a happy memory either. After I order the lady told me to move my tray speaking in Chinese, I replied “Sorry?”, she answered me back in Mandarin, I said “what?”, again she speak in Chinese in louder voice as if I’m the one that was deaf. I said ” I don’t understand you” and take away my tray because she start to use her hand to shoos me away like I’m a fly or something.

Again, I’m thinking am I in somewhere near Nanjiang province or SINGAPORE???

After I sit down another auntie came and said something in Chinese like wanting my tray but there’s just so many stuff there, I asked her ” what?” she just wave her hand and leave me still confused on what just happen there.

Then there I am (finally) sitting quietly after my meal have arrived, when suddenly out of the blue the auntie roll away a big trash container just about 10 cm from my food. The place is really cramped and hello, it’s in lunch time where most people alive will get a bite, and the unlucky one ended up there at KOBAYASHI Hangul (CCK).

I imagine all the germs and all my agony of why do I have to go and eat there suddenly filled my head and leave that place as soon as I can.

Those people are just plain cruel, they must hate the customers and I guess now I know why they never have a lot of customer.