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Hi lovely eyes,

has anyone told you that? I had! The feeling is wonderful and made me feels like I have the prettiest eyes on the planet ^^

Unfortunately (sucks, there’s always unfortunately), these eyes need help to stay pretty for years and years to come. That’s why I’m really happy and keen on trying Lancome Genifique Yeux Light Pearl. The new item from Lancome specially made for the pretty eyes.


Details from

Eye luminosity, the new visible sign of youth.

The new 360° eye contour transformation.
Lancôme introduces its 1st eye-illuminating serum, engineered with a unique rotating and massaging applicator to reach even the most inaccessible eye areas.
Experience a 360° eye contour transformation above and below the eyes for visible results.

After 4 weeks of use, results show 78% of women thought that the eye contour was visibly improved.1

– First-of-its-kind 360° massaging Light-Pearl™ applicator.
– Perfectly adapts to the fragile eye area
– Offers a delicate and precise massaging action on the eye contour

More Luminous
See Deflated Eye Bags
After 4 weeks of use, results show 78% of women thought that the eye contour was visibly improved.1

1Self assessments – consumer test – 4 weeks.

Have you read it? 360 degree of massaging and eye contour transformation. Me waaaannnttttttt

Smoother skin near the eyes, deflated eye bags and luminous too? It’s really engineered for the eyes, sounds too good to be true? Look at the applicator and let me testify some for you as well.


The teardrop shaped metal ball feels cold on the skin, perfect for the eye bags, the one that usually need cooling action for compressing. The cloudy slightly gel liquid is like a dew touching the eyes area. Comfortable and gives somehow a delightful feeling, it’s either the massaging action or the texture of the metal tear drop pressed against the skin with a lovely serum, or just both.


Perfect for a lazy bum who rarely gives their eyes a daily massaging or even a great product to be put on. It’s two in one ^^


Will I keep using it? Yes!
Will I recommend the product? Yes! For everyone start from early 20’s or when the agings start to take control more than ever before.

Tips on using it?
On a clean face after toner and facial serum, before essence, moisturizer and sun protection.

The staff from Lancome told me the product can be used anytime, including after makeup, but I’ve tried using after makeup and it melts my makeup away plus the applicator become tainted, so, I stick to my how to on the Tips above, use it during skincare time for a younger, prettier and perkier looking eyes.

Hi pretty ladies,

last weekend was a very busy day for me, 3 events in a row and my strength is limited nowadays, so I made it to 2 of them ^^

One is for Lancome. The anticipated product with Betty Boop, the iconic star which own the spotlight with all her glam and glitters.


That’s me holding the product right next to Betty. I can’t compare her sparkly curves and she is stunning!! The product is also the same, glittery and like a star twinkling lights in the night.


Here are some of the collection brought within the Betty collection’s, I’ll share all 5 of them in the video below.


Here are the bloggers invited, the event start from 10 until around 15, some comes at their own timing since the event is for us to enjoy, thank you Lancome Indonesia, we did enjoy our times with the dazzling lady.


Then, I’m off for some me time. Free consultation, free makeover, 2 minute aura treatment and polaroid moment.


Miss Chica turn my ordinary eyeshadow into a smokey va va voom. Using one of the eyeshadow from Betty’s collection, the one with a dark blue and lots of sparkles. It’s truly is like a night sky, panoramic and breathtaking.


Then the 2 minute aura, the one that always ends with favorite aroma from the Lancome world. Mine is Miracle. A fragrance which open possibilities, dreams and love.

Don’t forget to do a skin check while visiting the Lancome counter, they have tools to check on hydration, lines, pores, sebum, etc. Ask them for a quick and accurate result to get to know the skin better. The staff will also help finding the right products accordingly.


The result is, my skin need a boost of hydration and it seems like sun, heat and pollutants also make the skin dry and dryer, so I need to keep myself protected by using hydrating skincare and keep myself away from the sun as well. Sun protection like high SPF lotion is needed, hat and umbrella also encouraged.


Don’t forget to check out the video to found out the 5 shades of eyeshadows and the dazzling mascara too.


Au revoir!

Hi all!!!

It’s pampering timeeeee. Last week was a very busy week and indulging in a mask can be a bit of luxury moment yet sometime time is not on my side. But with this mask, 5 minutes is enough.


Details from

If your skin looks dehydrated, this 5-minute moisture facial restores moisture balance.

Diminishes the appearance of dry lines.
Leaves skin looking smooth and perfectly hydrated.


Carefully examine the how to, use it on a pre-cleansed skin and add the toner. Apply a thick layer, make sure the gel reaches everywhere and leave it on. It does says 5 minutes but I can use it as long as I want, like 15 or even 30 minutes, depends on my availability on that day. The mask can be used daily as well to boost up the hydrating level on the skin until the desired level is achieved.

Do you know where to test your skin hydration level? Many beauty counters have a tool for that, anyone can get a free skin check up, including at Lancome’s. I’ve test mine for the before and after. The skin hydration level does increase after the usage of Hydra Intense Masque.


The aroma is just wonderful and refreshing, somehow it smells like aqua. The milky light blue gel is cooling on my skin, I use it to help my skin get a hydrating effect before starting the day. Yes, this kind of mask may be used just about anytime during the day . . . or night.

Remove the leftover with a tissue and continue with any moisturizer I have according to my skin’s need at that moment. The skin become so moist and plumped. But the result is not as velvety as mentioned, it’s more to the slippery than velvety. And of left too long and all the gel has lost it’s ‘water’, the skin will become a bit sticky.


Here are the ingredients:

Hmm, some may have allergic reactions . . . if you experience itchiness, redness, or other form of discomfort, that could be allergy. But so far, I haven’t experience any of that.


Thank you Lancome Indonesia, you’ve pampered my skin with hydration.


Lancome Le Vernis No.26

Hi lovelies,

not so long ago this particular item come knocking on my door from Lancome official twitter page, thank you Lancome Indonesia ^__^


I won a nail polish from Le Vernis collection in shade 26. When I first look at it, I thought it would be too dark for me, I was wrong, it was the color of love for me.

The tiny bottle carry adorable color of milky shade of roses. The thin liquid made it easier to be used, I need around 2 coats to achieve a solid color. The drying time also quite fast, 30 minutes setting in and 1 hour – 1,5 hour hardening.


Above is the colored nails in dim lighting and below with the sun glaring. Pardon my unsteady hands =^__^= but fret not, as I take a shower after that the parts where it touches my skin can easily be chipped off.


Aren’t they pretty?

I think it’s the shade that’s easily underestimate yet look so good on any gal’s nails.

PS: in using this nail lacquer, I didn’t use any base nor top coat.

Hi everyone,

I’ve been a fan with this particular loose powder for quite some time. The super fine dusting action, the luminous lovely glow it created and the gorgeous lightness effect.


Details from

By combining for the first time AuraInside™ technology in loose powder, Lancôme recreates the genuine natural light that gives perfect complexion its allure.

Translucent micro-mirrors combined with pink and blue bioptic pigments help to recreate skin’s inner light. The touch is luxuriously soft – indulging in all-day comfort for a truly translucent, sublimely bare and radiant complexion.

I found them to be irresistible and one of my make up must have. I know that now they are having the Teint Miracle Pressed Powder, I hope someday I get my hands on them ^__^ meanwhile, I just be satisfied with the Loose Powder.


The powder has these tiny sparkles and instant brightening effect on the skin, but the sparkles will subside and turns into natural glow on the skin.

I use the Loose Powder on my recent look (inspired by Marilyn Monroe) click HERE and I just love how the skin looks softer, radiant and luminous.

The Loose Powder may be used alone for daily effortless look, after BB Cream so the skin remains natural, after foundation to avoid stickiness or makeup failing by melting, after everything is set for that added touch of subtle glow and softer skin, or just anytime your heart desire for a light dusting effect to a softer smoother skin look.

Use it with brush or a large fluffy puff.

Hello lovelies,

Indonesian Beauty Blogger March 2013 is officially started today ^__^

Created a look like a dazzling Marilyn and win prizes from The Balm, a cosmetic brand from San Fransisco which recently landed in Indonesia.


Some of the products used in this tutorial are courtesy of The Balm and will help me creating a look that hopefully as mesmerizing as Ms. Monroe herself.


Here are the three items, Balms Away, the eye makeup remover, Shady lady, an eye shadow with a whole lotta attitude, and Mary Lou Manizer, a highlighter / luminizer that want to get all the attention she can get.

I’ll share Balms Away review on a next post and two makeups here ^__^


It’s gonna be an exciting next post ^__–


Let’s start the step to step guide of me trying to create a glimpse of Marilyn’s iconic look.

Start with a bare face.


Boi-ing, an industrial strength concealer from Benefit to cover large pores, under eye, fine lines and other imperfection.


Shiseido Lifting Foundation shade I 00, by fingers, dot a few spots on 5 parts and blend away. Covering all the uneven skin tone and creating a base for the skin. Wait for a good 5 minutes before the next step, so the foundation have time to sets in.


Followed by a compact powder by Estee Lauder.


I use a foundation brush for CyberWhite EX Extra Brightening Powder Makeup. Make sure the skin is completely dry and the foundation has set before this powder or it will make some blotchy effect.


Then a Loose Powder from Teint Miracle series from Lancome, a very beautiful light powder that gives the skin a luminous effect with a mild glistening aura.


On some part Touche Eclat from Yves Saint Laurent is added, then blend with fingers.


Anna Sui Eyebrow Color Compact is used for my brow in shade 03. Simple, so easy to use and looks natural.

Don’t forget to tidy up the brows first.


I use a base for eyeshadow using Kate eye shadow in PU-1 inspired by this look from Marilyn,


She looks stunningly beautiful.


Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner for that cat eye look or at least a winged, but I need something more, the lashes.


D’Eyeko is used, and just happen to be the only lashes I have that able to create a very sexy cat eyed lashes.

Tips of using D’Eyeko that I get from Lizzie, use from the outer side to the inner, and it works!


A subtle touch of a Cheeky Glow, for that light blushing touch from Maybelline.


I need a shadow that really perk up the eyes and increase the effect of the sexy lashes, Shady Lady is here.


Comes in 10 gorgeous shades that’s bold and brave.


There’s some tiny sparkles, I see they have some shades that’s not available in other cosmetic brands and unique too.
The selling price is Rp.150.000.


Same goes with Mary Lou Manizer, which I think a must added collection to any beauty pouch. Rp.280.000.

I love this highlighter as it draw attention right through it and exactly where you want the attention to be. Easily blend and watch out, you may in for a spotlight \^0^/


Then, it’s the lips, I tried making them thin but decided to make it bold and so red and seductive,
Maybelline Red Porcelain, I love this lipstick, like a red leather just landed and rule.


No Marilyn look would be complete without that famous black dot, right below her left cheek.


Using the Hyper Sharp Liner again and voila!

I want to go all out with a blonde wig, but try imagining Marilyn in a brunette.


Using my Philips are a curler, a wave that says, hello, I’m here.


Get a help from L’Oreal Professionnel Bounce Whip.


Divide the hair section by section and tongs on! Change my clothes into something with vintage tag label, and I’m ready!


How do I look?


Inspired? Please do join the makeup challenge and create your own version of Marilyn Monroe and win prizes.

Submit your creation here:



 “We are all of us stars, and we deserve to twinkle.”
Marilyn Monroe


Images of Ms. Monroe from Google Search and Quote from

Au Revoir Magnifique

Bonjour dames!

This item is called Magnifique, a perfume by Lancome. The red eau de parfum is … magnifique in terms of color, aura and the bottle too. Now does it have au revoir in front of the name? Nope, I put it there since it is discontinuing.

I’ve been having it for months and starting to really enjoy being magnifique \^0^/  and now, they are disappearing. Bummer!

The perfume I must admit, it’s not a scent that easily fall in love too, at least by me. The first spritz reminds me of something woody and oriental at the same time. Almost like one brand of pesticide, in fact. But when it’s soften, after more than 30 minutes (or so) the flowers will start emerging and blossoming. Very aromatic and fragrant.

I love the crisp and strength yet fully understood it’s the fragrance you either love it or hate it, there’s no middle way.

After the scent settling down the gorgeousness will commence blooming like roses during summer to fall and create this lovely ambiance in the air. The sandalwood gives a sense of depth and many many ingredients create an atmosphere suitable enough to be called magnifique!

On me the scent last for hours and hours.

Close the curtain, Magnifique is leaving, the show is over.

(Audience applauding)

Hi everyone!

Indonesian Beauty Blogger is back with a makeup challenge \^0^/ and this December (2012) the theme is End of Year Party Look

Prices for this month will be from NYX

These are some of the stuffs I used for transforming my sister heehee, yes, my sister will be my model once again.

Thank you my dear sister ^^

First, on a cleaned moisturized skin, I applied a concealer (Shiseido) on the area affected with acne marks, redness and uneven skin tone, including the bags under the eyes. Followed by foundation from Shiseido to even out all the skin tones and set the base with loose powder from Coverderm.

The concealer is a bit darker than her original skin tone so I applied as if it was shading as well to enhance her cheek bones.

As for Coverderm Finishing Powder, the fine particles easily blend and create a natural matte finish look. May be applied right after foundation or at the end of the overall makeup to ‘set’ everything’s up.

As usual after the base, I always more to the eye’s zone, start with the brows. As she like her natural brow, trimming with a tool from Panasonic is my answer. Then draw a bit lines using Revlon and brushes the brow with mascara from Lancome.

But I recommend a tidier brow for a more ‘Party Look’. For me the brow could make a big difference in one’s look.

Next, is the liner. I’m trying this stickers for eyeliner, just open the packaging and stick them on the lids. Of course it’s a bit tricky especially when ones doesn’t have an even eyelids, like my sister, her right eyes appears bigger than the left thanks to the uneven lids.

A scotch tape may be applied before the eyeliners stickers so the eyes become even, then after sticking the stickers, use a liquid eyeliner with the same color as the stickers.

I’ve used Shiseido, a creamy eyeliner to help even out the sticker, there’s a tiny bling on the edges of the stickers. Next time, I’ll choose a bigger one.

This time, I want the eyes to be sharp and let the eyeliners get a spotlight, so no eye shadows are used.

Followed by Benefit’s Duster as a highlighter only on the nose line.

A bronzer by The Body Shop and blush on by Anna Sui for her cheeks area, one for the cheek bone, and one to add a touch of rose so she wont look pale and dull.

Last? A lips sticker!

I’m so excited about this next item as it can create a difficult look which will be super duper tough using a normal lipstick and brush.

Hello! Noticed me?!

Get her hair done. attached a bling on her forehead, use a very sparkly outfit and my sister is ready for an End of Year Party!!!

Share me yours and join the Make Up Challenge by signing up: HERE. Deadline? 20th Dec 2012.

Hello lovelies!

Yes, Indonesian Beauty Blogger has started giving you all a makeup challenge each month start from November 2012. And the theme these month is Enchanting Fairy, triiinggggg.

The prize is for 2 person, where each get a Rp.500.000 hampers from Too Cool For School (Total prize is Rp.1.000.000) cool isn’t it?!

Read the details HERE

Better hurry, the competition ends on the 20th of Nov 2012.

Now here’s mine, noooooooo I’m not joining the competition, I’m just giving you mine and hope you get inspired by it ^0^

A huge thanks to my little sister, once again she has become my model heehee. Above is her before face.

Start with a mineral foundation by bareMineral in light. I don’t need a thick layer of coverage since her skin doesn’t have much problem to be covered. Yes, we both have great genes ^^ btw none of these photos are edited, I dislike edited photos, well, minor is okay, but is the changes are major like jawline, nose shape, and bumpy red skin become flawlessly smooth without a trace, it would be just wrong. We should be proud of our-self, it’s funny how you met someone on their photo and in actual real live to be the complete opposite. Okay, enough chit chat ^__^

I added some Maybelline Clear Smooth in Natural for those anti sebum protection. Both the powder and the mineral foundation applied using brush. Perfect for a young lady like my sister where she wants the lightness of a makeup without being heavy.

Then I tidied the brow (no plucking, she dislike plucking the eye brows) using Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes for the brows and the lashes are using Too Cool For School Super Glam Volume Up Mascara (blue).

Anna Sui Eye Color Duo 04 used as a based for the liners and lid.

Topped it off with Revlon Colorstay 540 and for the liners? Revlon Colorstay 002 Brown. Easily blend the look where the green takes part as a star. Blend it with light green and creamy yellow base.

The Body Shop Cheek Color 04 with golden sparkles for that fairy dust.

Now the theme starts now, using the brown eye liners as the main twig, heehee, my sis didn’t allowed me to give her a branch, so twigs it is.

 Gradually draw leaves one by one with Revlon and Anna Sui. Anna Sui Eyebrow Color Compact in 03 also used as the main lines of the leaves, where the eyeshadows becomes the fillings. 

To add another sparks on the forest theme, Palgantong Brilliant Jelly Shadow in Blue Topaz (BS 45) is added using a lip brush.

Carefully turning the eye lid on the left side as a leave as well. Decorate the hair ehm, she is not a tree, accessorize her hair and put on a costume for that forest fairy overall look.

The lips are smeared with Ceramide Ultra Lipstick from Elizabeth Arden in Honeysuckle.

 Adding some green shadows in the middle part for a touch of green.

And below for a more mysterious look of a forest fairy where all the lips covered in green shadows.

It’s easy isn’t it? So? Join the competition and let your imagination run wild.

All the products used and thank you sister =^0^=

Details from

A dual action Volumetric Lift:
Lifting Action: sagging eyelids recover a young, lifted look.
Contouring Action: natural firmness is visibly regained and the eye contour appears redefined.
Dark circles and puffiness seem to disappear. Youthful eye contours return: skin is visibly lifted, firmer, and reshaped.

– Sagging eyelids recover a young, lifted look.
– Natural firmness is visibly regained.
– The eye contour appears redefined.
– Ophthalmologist-tested. Dermatologist-tested for safety.

My review:

I’ve been using this light creamy lotion for the skin around the eyes for the past weeks and I enjoy the gentle and soft feeling. So far from being too thick, rich nor creamy. That means’ no grease, oiliness or discomfort. I’m a contact lens user and an eye cream that’s too creamy will eventually ‘spills’ into the eyes and blurred my vision. This one, doesn’t do that.

On the image above the lotion seems pearly white, but after spread-ed between two ring fingers somehow reflect a purplish pinkish hue. Interesting!

The lotion quickly absorbed and leave no traces on the skin, the area applied seems softer, less stress and calm.

I don’t have dark circles, so I can’t testify about that particular issue, but the area seems firmer against the puffiness. Fine lines does reduced and maintain the youthful look, but my best interest is on how soft it is and the comfort of using it everyday.