>Seeing the Singapore for the first time making me so happy for it’s cleanliness and it’s a FINE country. No littering, No smoking, No jaywalking (now, almost No-body care). What I remember about my first visit to Singapore is everyone is seems so friendly back on those days, I still remember a lady offer me a vitamin C after seeing my lips are chapping and if I often sneeze in the morning that means I need vitamin C so I bought it from her since she look so well in her product knowledge and her English (now where are they?).

I don’t recall any special dish on my trip to Singapore back then beside eating crocodile meat (yup, they have a lot here, you can found it at almost every supermarket), the meat are soft like Aloe Vera, so different than their skin. They say it’s good for people having a skin problem, like itching and rashes.

Then we went to Malaysia, their cuisine for me is more tasty than Singapore’s. But I like their friendliness and everything seems so relax back then. Kuala Lumpur I’ve know have changed.

We visited a very big Hindu temple and eat a very nice and sweet bird’s nest dessert. Bird’s Nest is a well-known dish that benefit for one’s health, and you can be very rich if you have those kind of birds dwelling in your home.

Must try dish: Nasi Lemak.