Lovers of Mango, here is another reason for all of you to love ’em even more.
I’m invited to the event by CLEO, arrived at 7 PM sharp the event was inside the Central Park Mall.

Every guess can take a pic here, it’s like the wall of fame ^__^, so why are we here?

We are here to celebrate women whose being on top. Here’s a glimpse of the press release:

Women on Top Award:
Recognizing women who shape and inspire our lives.
Mango and Mazda join hands to search for inspiring female role models

Mango receives more than 2000 entries. After filtering process, Mango with Mazda selected 30 entries as the nominees. Femina Magazine is appointed as independent judge to select the winner of Women On Top Award.

The criteria in choosing the winner are:
1. The story must be inspiring to the community
2. Participant is able to be a good role model for the environment and their surrounding

3. Achievement of these inspirational figures can be applied in everyday life
4. These inspirational figure can give a huge contribution to social community and make a difference not only in a small scale but also nationwide.

And they have chosen a winner plus 5 finalists for the Women on Top Award.

The stage is ready, but there’s been a slight delay instead of 7 PM sharp.

Guess are start to filled up the room.

Around 7.30 PM it’s officially started
Representative from Mango
And Mazda are giving their welcoming speech.

Then the dance!

Fashions are deliberated from Mango, hard to be missed too.

And the women are given their awards:

1st Winner: Ms. Tanjung Niasari, founder of POKAT, Homeschooling Kingdom Academy, Contributor of SAYA Magazine, composers, and pioneer in developing programs for children suffering from autism.

The 5 finalists are: Nilamsari, Dr. I.G.A. Diah Werdhi Srikandi, Frisca Hutagalung, Felicia, and Jacqueline Karina. I’m sure you can read more about them in Cleo or Grazia.

Congratulations to the winner who won Mazda2 for being the ultimate Woman on Top.

Guess are allowed to take a pic sponsored by Mazda2 and jackets + accessories by Mango.

Tote bag and umbrella from Mango to bring home.

That’s all gals and thank you CLEO (Femina Group) for the invitation, Mango for having Women on Top Award and Mazda2 for sponsoring too, hope to see more of this coming in the future.