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Hand sanitizer is everywhere now, with so many brands and product you’ll definitely have a hard time choosing just one. My recommendation is trial and error which is suitable for your daily use and need. Many pros and cons regarding hand sanitizer too, the one that contain high alcohol can be dangerous, especially for kids, while the one that have other benefit such as vit E, moisturizing effect can sometime be ‘bogus’. So you really need to see quality behind the producer and manufacturer.

Me, personally, I use The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Hand Cleansing Gel. I hope soon in Indonesia the range of Satsuma, Strawberry, Grapefruit (etc) hand cleansing gel is available here. Why I use TBS Tea Tree Oil Hand Cleansing Gel first is for the assurance of using natural product for the anti bacterial effect called tea tree oil. I put them on my hands and my whole family, rub it until dry like anytime of the day. Especially handy in the car, so I just put it in my car for like, hellooooo, there’s no toilet there, and Jakarta is famous for having traffic jam, hygiene is highly needed for snack or just about anything.

I also use it for other use as in for toilet business. I just can’t imagine sitting down on a toilet that have been sat on by hundred to thousands other (I_I) I know, eye opener isn’t it?! And no guarantee anyone maintain a good personal hygiene. So I pour this gel and wipe it with tissue all over the area needed ( for my butt) hey, if you feel it’s a waste go get something cheaper for this one, with higher alcohol ^_^ Yes, I am a hygiene freak, try living with me and almost every hour I told you to wash your hands (not joking).

Well, hygiene is crucial for me, I don’t like touching my face with dirty hands too, that’s why I use hand sanitizer too. Indeed washing your hands with soap and clean water is better but they’re not always around.

Review regarding TBS Tea Tree Oil Cleansing Gel: The strong smell of tea tree oil, delicate on hands with a mild feeling of silkiness. If you have wet palms like I do you feel a bit slippery but it goes down quite soon. I also use it for a mild skin discomfort like bug bites or minor scratch. A bit sting to use it on wound (duh!).

>To Pee or Not To Pee

>Living here in Singapore I made a shocking discovery about toilet ‘business’. The government, cleaners, building management, and so on, have made a tremendous effort to make sure that toilets here in Singapore not just OK, but very well spotless clean and hygienic. Unfortunately the toilets user itself that I found ‘making a mess’ here and there.

Based on personal experience only 2 out of 10 toilet I found in the OK standard. My OK standard are:
1. The toilet was flushed by the previous user. Surprisingly 5 out of 5 toilet I’ve been through were not flush. Not just from the urine but from ‘poo’. For me it is a disgusting act and the person done that need to be fine or at least go on a basic human manner class or something like that.
2. No urine or ‘poo’ mesh at the seat or the floor. 4/10 toilet I found to be like this. Come on ladies, it’s not that hard to just sit and aim right! Most of the toilet in Singapore are a ‘dry type’ so there’s no way the user that come after you can clean up your mess.
3. Adequate amount of tissue paper. Most toilet in hawker center doesn’t equipped with tissue paper, and usually inside of the toilet itself was very messy and dirty. Found in 8/10 hawker center I’ve been to.
4. Adequate amount of soaps in the soap dispenser. 4/10 toilet in the mall run out of soaps. 8/10 toilet in the hawker center doesn’t even have a soap dispenser. So let’s imagine the cook, the waitress, aunties and uncles that prepare, cook and served our food after doing their ‘business’ in the toilet can not wash their hand properly due to no soap.
5. No shoe/sandal mark on the seat of the toilet. 4/5 toilet in Singapore are ‘marked’ by these. Perhaps this also explain why no 2 rule of the OK toilet is violated.
6. Adequate amount of toilet. Some mall like Plaza Singapura only have 4 cubicle, so that’s explain the long queue during weekend and public holiday. To tell you the truth this matter refrain me from going there, especially bringing my kids along.

If you see from the above, most of the ‘mess’ was made by the user itself. I remember a few years ago the government was planning to fine anyone that found didn’t flush. I wish the make that rule come true now.

Still in the toilet issue, I see many malls have a very wonderful effort to make families love going there by making family toilets equipped with children’s toilet. Sadly many teenagers though them self as little kids and like to occupy these toilets with their friends for a very long time. Usually just for chatting. I think they are being too creative, I know there’s a restaurant in abroad that served food in toilet bowl, so maybe they try to create that environment by using family toilet despite of blocking other people needs. You can find a lot of these teens at Lot 1 or other mall that have family toilet. You can hear the sound of their giggles from outside, perhaps they thinking how cool they are to be able to ‘hijack’ little kids toilet.