Bonjour à tous!
On Saturday afternoon I was at Pacific Place to attend an event held by Hermes. Silk, enamel and colors are everywhere. It’s a Carnival here.

Hermes originated from France, where their silks are known for many different ways of using it. That day I’m using it as my scarf.

Everyone come with the silk they’ve got. Colorful and sophisticated.

The place also decorated with bangles, giant bangles.
Guess can take  picture and print it up, have some snacks, drinks, games and join lucky draws! Dewi magazine and Fimela are here too. Merci Fimela, without you, I wont be here ^___-

It’s a day for celebration, the event last until night.

Here’s another iconic way to use the silk. And some also use it as a bag with a twilly.
Love the colors, it brings out anything you wear. Many celebrities also so keen in Hermes, many are spotted here.
Here are some inspirations for you:

J’espère que vous apprécierez mon post.
Et, à bientôt.