Hi girls!

This is the first time I try Holika Holika, I have mine from Priscilla, we are doing a beauty swap nowadays heehee, since I am curious about Korean products and she interested in the products I have. It’s a win win situation for us, maybe you should do that with your besties as well.

From the official website of Holika Holika all the details are in Korean, basically, here are some info:

It’s a facial soap made and inspired by egg to make the skin looks as smooth as egg (I guess like peeled boiled eggs) and this product have been raved by those with oily skin as it tightens the skin’s pore. Help clean up the blackheads as well after several usage (like maybe 2 weeks). Use a facial cleanser daily and this cute egg-shaped will easily lather up for a smooth looking skin. Massage the lather on the skin and wait 15 minutes before rinsing off (yes, I read it on Sasa.com) and after rinsing the skin will feel tighter. So it’s like a cleanser and mask in one.


My say:

The lather is somewhat like a glycerin soap clear at first and not much, then somewhat like shampoo, light and abundant. I applied those lather on my skin and massage it a bit. When I waited during the 15 minutes the foam feels tighter and tighter as it dries up. Literally like egg white after being foamed it will stiffed up. Really stiff. Then I rinsed it with room temperature water, and massage it again and it will lather again and appears this squeaky tight skin and hmm, where’s my blackheads? Is it just me, my blackheads are away? My skin looks fairer in an instant too.

I try the soap on my dad as well, he have aging skin with oily type too. According to my dad on some part he feels sting, probably because the skin is dehydrated and irritation (from past irritation). But afterward he feels the skin tighter and help dries up a few acne he have (grown up acne).

Overall I think the product is unique, can be used as normal cleanser or cleanser and a mask (2 in 1), not suitable for those who have allergy to egg white, oily skin will cherish it as the product helps clears the skin from sebum and do a deep cleanse as well. May be used for all skin type.

The packaging alone is a winner. Egg carton and next to it is Sweet Cake Fragrance from Etude. Also adorable. It’s like a lollipop.

Inside is a swirl of pink stripe smells like candy, literally like candy, or a sweet cake. This is way too sweet and girlie for me and the fragrance also last for 1 hour (max) so I gave it to my girl, she loves it 🙂 the solid perfume is like her new toy. Smells sweet and delightful without being overwhelming. The mirror also handy, any gal would love a mirror, but it doesn’t relate to the concept of solid perfume, I don’t think I ever need a mirror to apply perfume . . . or do I? Perhaps the product have other function? I’m clueless as all the details are in Korean. But I’m amazed, it’s like most Korean products are in this brilliant packaging, super duper cute and fun to look at.