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Lush is here, a fresh handmade cosmetics that believe in the natural goodness of mother earth without hurting any animals as the ingredients or as a tester.

I’ve been using Sex Bomb for years and reviewing it now. My friend Stephanie gave me these and finally got a chance to take pictures before plunging in. One of them is actually my favorite ballistic for the wonderful lovely scent.

Details from
Grab one of these for a wonderful sensual bath Grabbing a pair is even better!
This ballistic is packed full of every sensual, relaxing oil we could find. Clary sage, jasmine and ylang ylang, blended into a classic musk base. We then packed it full of soya milk, so you can step out of the bath feeling like Cleopatra.

The Bubble Bars also very good, you can toss any toiletries with lavender and I’ll definitely be a fan.

A French Kiss from

Perfumes from Provence: inspiration from a Parisian patisserie. A French Kiss gives you a relaxed but alert feeling that lasts all day. We’re talking about our Bubble Bar, so keep your minds clean! The Lush French Kiss is a calming and reviving lavender, rosemary and thyme bath, with essential oils from sun-soaked Provence. It’s even topped with a sprig of lavender flowers. Relax in its purple waters and soak up all its benefits.

Which is which?

The Sex Bomb Bath Bomb is the one looks like a ball with rose tucked in there happily. The Bubble Bars A french Kiss is shaped like Hersey’s Chocolate Kisses, but in pink. Is it supposed to be purple? Mine is pink but still in the smell of a wonderful Lavender.

In appearance, the Sex Bomb doesn’t create bubbles, only the Bubble Bars does that and A French Kiss is a bubble bars. The Sex Bomb turn the water into pinkish hue with the floral aroma. Both gives a unique bath experience, turning an ordinary bath time for a special moment, either alone or with your special one (if your tub is enough for more than one).

Here’s a video of A French Kiss being diluted into the water:

As seen, mine doesn’t turn the water into purple, pink, or any color. Just plain …. clear.

Overall, both of the products is wonderful for creating that ambiance especially when your so tired and want to be pampered in the simplest way possible.

Use it accordingly and don’t forget to rinse after soaking, moisturize your skin after a long bath as especially warm baths tends to gives skin a drying effect.

Special thanks to
Ascott Raffles Place Singapore
for the beautiful bathroom where this video and pictures were made.

Lush BIG Shampoo

First of all, so sorry for the mini images, they are not mine, I got them from Google Search. The thing is Lush has been discontinued in Indonesia, and the last time I use Lush is actually last year when I went to Japan and get some. But I didn’t buy BIG the last time.

I used BIG back in 2000 and really love the products. It gives volume, incredible shine and love to my hair and scalp. I feel like my hair (and the whole head in fact) at it’s best during BIG days.

Here is some details from

Sea Salt

Sea Salt
Cleansing the skin with soaps containing salt is an excellent way to benefit from this mineral content. The formula de-greases the skin, removing dead skin cells and dirt. It does this without stripping too much natural oil and leaves the skin soft and co
It is softening for the skin and hydrates it.
Salt is full of minerals. Minerals maintain the water balance essential for healthy life processes. They stabilize the pH levels of the blood and lymphatic system stable. Minerals neutralize wastes and prepare them for elimination.
Salt is part of our palm-free soap base. Manufacturers of soap are required by legislation to declare the ingredients of their product, which we illustrate as part of our list.
Salt is stimulating and cleansing.
Sodium chloride can be found in our range of soaps from Bohemian to Honey I Washed the Kids, 13 Soap Unlucky For Dirt and Noubar.
Sodium Chloride is simply salt.

Yes, the main ingredient is actually sea salt. Added citrus for shine and super fresh scents that I really love. I’m glad that now Lush back in Singapore, so it’s not far from Indonesia, but I’m still getting my next stock from Tokyo since there will be a trip there.

I also fond of the unique texture which is sticky sea salts, like small rocks but the minute it touches the water they dissolve (hellooo it’s salt), but I don’t really know what it did to my hair, but I love the super clean feeling and refreshed the whole scalp yet, my hair ain’t suffering the dry effect. They are also singing happily with the shine, volume, and moisture.

BIG is so suitable for us living in tropical land where’s humid bring hair flat and limp. For me, you haven’t experience life until you met BIG.