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Dove Whitening Deodorant Original sekarang hadir dalam bentuk spray. Kandungan ¼ moisturizing cream-nya yang dilengkapi vitamin E & F memberikan triple action moisturizer pada setiap penggunaan yang merawat sel-sel kulit dari dalam dan mengembalikan kelembaban alami untuk kulit ketiak lebih cerah dan halus dalam 7 hari*. Dove Deodorant juga mengandung ekstrak biji bunga matahari dan licorice yang membantu mencerahkan kulit ketiak dari dalam. Dove Whitening Deodorant, perlindungan optimal 24 jam, kulit ketiak lebih indah.

Heehee, a sensitive subject is here, deodorant vs body odor. As someone who do have body odor, I become very conscious about my scent. I always have perfumes on my bag and occasionally check certain areas for being smelly or not. Yes, the underarm. The roots of some people social problems =^_^=

Some just getting a hang of it after going through puberty and boo ya! Went home as stink as a stink bug. It happens, it just happens. Hormones, bacteria, sweats, it all takes part. I’m just glaring at some people who doesn’t have body odor in full glance of either envy or awe.

I have many deodorants at home, tried various brands, type, texture and prices too. Expensive products doesn’t always works! I’ve bought a 30$ organic deo that hmm, too friendly, not just to the environment but for the bacteria on the area as well. It doesn’t work.

Does this aerosol deodorant powder from Dove works? It does!

I use it daily for the past few weeks now, and it never fails. I dislike the powdery effect on the air (when sprayed) but love it on the underarm. Careful not to inhale it, watch out not to spray it near food, kids, babies, animals, etc. The wonderful soothing scent of Dove is there ^_^ it brings back the whole memory of Dove, I think I like it better than the roll on, since the aerosol deo powder is not sticky at all, no need to wait for it to dry as it dries instantly and smells better too, fragrant of the signature scent of Original Dove.

Does it have a whitening effect? It definitely doesn’t have a darkening effect for sure since my underarm stays the same color as usual, not dark.

Does it really stays 24 hours? No. But it stays with me for 12 hours on normal activity. Vigorous sports and exercise with a lot of sweats will decrease the number hours of effectiveness.

Moisturizing effect? Hmm, can’t tell the difference from other deo I’ve used heehee. But definitely doesn’t make the area feels too dry.

Do I keep using it? Yes! For the scent, the immediate dry effect unlike roll on and the staying power (for me 12 hours is very very good).

Hi all,
I’ve been using Glad Pits for a couple of months now, on and off. Before getting to my review, let’s see the details given on the packaging:

Glad Pits 24 hour
Fantastically-fragrant & with soothing aloe extract

Low-whitening formula helps prevent t-shirt streaks
with odour-armour built-in for fresher underarms

Dew or Dry?
Shake can well. Hold can 15-20cm away from body and spray Glad Pits under your arms after bathing or showering. (And in the summer may we also suggest on the soles of your feet?) Re-apply whenever you feel need it. Do not apply to irritated or damaged skin. Avoid contact with eyes. If product gets into eyes rinse well with water immediately, and perhaps consider some training to improve your aim

 Now this is my review:

When I bought them it was a true adventure, I’ve been hunting this item since 2 years ago. I went to Sephora in ION and the staffs said it was sold out so I went to the one in Ngee Ann City only to be told they run out as well. New stocks will come soon. So I went again after a month or so, still not available and again and again and again.

It seriously build up my curiosity about the product. The staff also mention that the product is so good every time they stock up it would be finished so fast. Like seriously?

Finally after years of searching (a bit of exaggeration but it’s true thou’) I get mine in January 2012. I hold it like something so dear for me. And I’ve tried it.

The pink packaging is so cute, love every words they put there. So after a shower I shake the bottle and spray it directly to my armpits. Cough cough cough, wow, warning! The kinda like powdery talcy-thingy is just bursting too in the air, a bit sharp to the nose. Glad Pits has seriously drop some expectation here.

The scent is mild and there’s a cooling sensation to the armpits but do not inhale any of it, trust me on this, hold your breath and leave the zone affected, then breath normally.

After that, the deo effect is actually quite good and you can spray it again after like 4 hours in sweat, like going to the gym sweat, but if you are working behind table, sitting comfortably in an air conditioner room, you can be happy since it would stay like 8-12 hours or so. I do take a shower after 8 hours, so I never tested the product more than 8 hours, but so far so good.

Btw, It does depends on your stink level too haha! Some do sweats a lot and maybe eat a lot of ingredients that ‘helps’ boosting up stink level, while other is blessed with naturally fragrant sweat (envy!!!!) .

Will I keep using the product? Yes, but only in a well ventilated area as in open all the windows and doors or spray them and immediately leave that room.

More details on the product, don’t be shy click on


Details from the official website:

Our unique preparation is an unscented, extremely gentle, yet efficient anti-perspirant and deodorant cream offering unique skin care benefits. Leaves skin feeling soft, soothed and conditioned with 24-hour protection against sweat and odor. Reduces underarm perspiration utilizing advanced micro-sized drying molecules for sheer absorption with no residue. Through our truly unique blend of ingredients, underarm hair will feel softer, resulting in a smoother shave experience.

My say: I bough the product like Rp.112.000 during 30% disc after the seminar, it’s the only thing I need at the moment, well not really I just want to keep trying their top 10 items ^o^ I am indeed very picky in terms of deodorant because it will lead to either embarrassment or lovely fresher time. 

About 8 out of 10 deodorant that I bought is a complete failure, I’ve tried many brands, formula, texture, ingredients (from the most chemical to am all organic natural ingredients, from cheapo to the most expensive one I have, baking powders to perfume, I’ve tried them all.

Yes, I have a unique armpits and I’m proud of it. I hate body odors, it put me in the walk of shame, but most of the people surrounds me doesn’t even know I have one. Some who happens to know are mistakes made by bad deodorants. Now I always made sure I’ve got them protected by effective ones. So when I’m about to make this review I made sure KCR’s that I met really assured me the efficacy of the product since I will be brutally honest.

I kept asking again, again and again will it be effective and they say, yes (they = more than 1 person). I went home feeling so doubtful but I give it a go. The next day is Sunday, it was my busiest day, from church in the morning to my in law’s place to Jakarta’s Fair (PRJ) where it is super hot and humid, jam packed by gazillions of humans to night shopping in a huge supermarket (all in a day without any change to go home for a quick shower or even a change of clothing) and I proudly say, this product works!

Yes, I use Superbly Efficient Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant in the morning, just a small amount in the size of a pea/corn and spread it well in my underarms (after shower and on dry skin), wait a bit until it was dry (using a small fan) and that’s it. My armpits stay odor-free for more than 12 hours. The armpits area also remain soft and smooth. This white cream is indeed effective.