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Deep Cleansing Oil
Superstar. Try this amazing cleanser and you’ll see why it’s our most popular product worldwide. Dirt, excess oil, makeup—even waterproof mascara—and other pore-cloggers dissolve easily, leaving your face a grime-free zone that is soft to the touch. Its unique water-soluble formula rinses completely, so you’ll never see a greasy residue. Olive oil and vitamin E help ensure you won’t see dryness either.
Okay, I’ve been using the product sparingly for these past few months, and well, I’ve been reading some reviews too from other user and the comments are varied from love it to hate it, me? Somewhat in the middle.

The texture is richer than Shu Uemura and Skin Inc’s. Scents? None, pretty much like you are using an olive oil (for cooking or dressings), hmm, somehow it just give me an idea to try use a plain olive oil, will it work?  
Back to the product review, I use it for deep cleansing, usually for waterproof makeup and on every part of my face. Lips, eyes, cheeks, brows, neck and well, everything in between. Nose too. Wait, do I still need to explain to you how to use a cleansing oil? Dry hands, face, everything, put them on your palms that you think is enough for the whole face, mine took like 3/4 of a tablespoon, then massage your face with the oils, leave on or kept massaging for the next 30 seconds, put a bit of water and emulsify, massage again then rinse.
While other cleansing oils I know doesn’t need double cleansing, this one do. At least for me it does, and I think once the staff told me so. So, after rinsing I use any mild cleansing foam as per normal and rinse everything off.

Conclusions: The cleansing properties is good, DHC Deep Cleansing Oils manage to clean all the waterproof makeup in a go, but I still need to use a cleansing foam afterwards since I still feels there’s oil leftovers on my skin. No scent, no extra benefits for me (as far as other cleansing oils I know gives more benefit in one go), and DHC only have one Deep Cleansing Oils and it’s for all skin type. Hmm, 7 out of 10 perhaps?!