I must say I am so blessed to be able to enjoy this wonderful relaxing and fun trip at Club Med Bintan. The place is so gorgeous plus it is surrounded by a beautiful beach. We went on an 11 o’clock ferry from Singapore and the boat is well let’s just say to those who easily sea-sick thank God the ride only took about 40 minutes. They do put on TV and a descent toilet on board so the ferry itself is not so bad. Arriving at the Terminal at Bintan we are picked up by a big bus and delivered comfortably to our resort.

Arriving in Club Med Bintan we are welcomed by the GOs and it is a new experience for me since no other hotel/resort does that and I feel awkward at first but later on Club Med won’t be the same without them.

The blue sky and the wonderful breeze of Bintan island also greeted us in a lovely way. Look at those blue sky, we brought our kites, but the wind is so strong we almost lost it, please do check out and ask around for the best time to visit Club Med Bintan since on monsoon some water activity is not advisably.

Soon is lunchtime and the menu is superb, Korean, Japanese, Indonesian, Chinese, Western menu and all it’s glory is served. I really love how much they put the care on the food. Everything is delicious and need I say more?! A 3 days holiday here I gain 2 Kg, bummer!

Beside 3 times meal they also provide open bar, snacks like 2 times a day and a restaurant in case you’re still not full, talk about pampered here 🙂

For health conscious people the veggies and fruits are all there. For parents baby and kids food are available. Oh and during meal time the GO will come and sit with you, so you can ask around and they can get your feedback, for me it is a perfect opportunity to maximize my trip and they can tell us which activity not to be missed.

The beach have a lovely white sand with the blue water, they provide us with kayaks and sail boats. On some season we can also enjoy snorkeling. If the sea is not your thing the resort still offer us with many indoor sport activity from tennis, badminton, table tennis, basketball, archery, and spa. Only for the spa guess need to top up according to the service.

At night bar and activities for adult also open, so I don’t see anyone being bored.

This is one of the hit activity on the resort, the circus 🙂 just climb there and swing your way. Many activity you have to check the timing. On the pool they also have water aerobic which is fun and you can get those extra energy sourced out.

After a day of many fun activities we went to our room which is wonderfully made, western style big bed for parents and my kid got her own bed, we love how they put extra care. Please do open their Facebook page for more pics of the resort and the rooms. It’s exactly like that, so pretty isn’t?!

Tips from me:
1. Check all the timings of each activity and don’t miss a thing.
2. No need carrying so many clothes, they do have coin laundry here and detergent are sold at their souvenir shop. So does sun block, sun care, clothes, etc.
3. For kids, you are welcomed here! Be involved and join the fun, my kid having a great time there and she always talking about going back there again.
4. Enjoy!