Another review on the body care 🙂

It seems like there are a lot of body lotion lying around at my home, well it does heehee. I love body lotion and a good base to be used before perfume and add a bit more dimension of layered perfume. So when I used a fruity perfume, I try using a fruity scent body lotion, floral with floral, etc. Or mix and match for a more complex intriguing scent. 

now for the dreamy skin, it’s really just like the baby version which is sweet lavender and inducing sleep. I love how smooth it is, light and a bit rich to the skin. It helps moisturizing my skin while the scent is truly dreamy, lovely and a bit sexy for me.

All the details is in Japanese, yep, I get mine from Tokyo.

Overall, it’s a perfect body lotion for daily use and the scent for me is comforting enough for just about anytime of the day. Love it! Dry skin might need to touch up every 4 hours while normal skin around 6 hours and oily skin can be happy with 8 hours. But anytime you need the scent added, just use it as often as you like ^__^