This is the first Nu Skin product that I’ve used and reviewed 🙂 At first I kinda doubt when a certain magazine handed me these (yup, not just one product but several) it’s just I never heard of the brand before but apparently after googling about Nu Skin it seems like they’ve been around for 27 years. And as seen on the picture above, I’ve been using the product for a while (half bottle down now), so here’s the review:

Nu Skin Skin pH Balance Mattefying Toner are made for combination to oily skin, and yup, it’s not really my skin type, so I don’t blame on the product when it’s kinda drying for me. The good news is that if you have an combination to oily skin you’ll find this product help mattefying your skin as it does to my sometime oily t-zone. Another good news is that they are still gentle to my dry cheeks. Gentle, but not needed as they are so dry already. So normally I just use moisturizer that is really hydrating for my skin after this toner.

The product is a kinda light blue in color with white powdery thingy on the bottom that you need to shake before use. Then the result is a cloudy milky light blue liquid like shown above. The scent is mild and faintly, I don’t think anyone would ever mind since it is far from annoying but I can’t figure it out between fresh or fruity, it is somewhere in between. The white mineral powder is oil absorbing alright, it gives me a light matte effect too.

Please do read the details I found on

pH Balance Mattefying Toner Combination to Oily Skin

Mengurangi kilap pada kulit dan penampilan pori –pori. Mengandung ekstrak strawberry untuk membantu mengurangi tampilan pori –pori  yang terlihat nyata serta membuat kulit. Bubuk mineral penyerap minyak memberikan hasil bebas kilap dengan segera. 150ml


Will I keep using the product? Nope, my skin don’t need it. But I do recommend it for those suffering from combination (normal and oily) to oily skin. I gave this toner to my husband now, which he have oily skin and they’ll have a great relationship ^__^

Will I keep trying other Nu Skin products? Yes, and next it will be something that suitable for my skin type.