Hi all!

From my last trip to Tokyo, I bought this nail remover as I was waiting alone in the Airport and thinking of doing a solo manicure. Liquid is limited in the aircraft, so this thing comes to me as a very handy nail polish remover.

The acetone free nail color remover comes in 10 individual sheets. All the details is in Japanese, since it’s an easy instruction, it’s can be done easily. But I’ve found some details from my favorite Japan Online Shop http://www.jshoppers.com:

Nail polish remover sheets in a handy small size. With just one you can remove layered enamel and even stubborn sparkling polishes. A large size you can use on both hands! Contains German chamomile and other ingredients that keep your nails strong. Its faint scent comes from the natural aroma of the orange oil. ●Contains propylene carbonate,​ ethanol,​ orange oil,​ chamomile extract,​ BG,​ others
●Instructions: Wipe nail with a gentle pushing motion.
●Use 1 pack each time.
●Contains oil to aid in the removal of enamel. If bothered by this,​ wipe leftover oil with a tissue,​ etc.
10 Uses (2.7ml x 10)
●Made in Japan

This is the sachet of one sheet per piece.

A lavender colored packaging, cute isn’t it?!

This is it, the white sheet that cleans my nail colors. It was so moist, well, wet to be precise and oily.

For me one sheet is enough for 10 fingers, no more. I have to use 2 sheets for the hand and feet. After 10 nails usually the sheets already so full of nail colors, leaving a greasy after effect. The scent compared to the ones with acetone is definitely milder. Regular nail color remover (with acetone) also drying and evaporate pretty fast, this one is the contrary. Sometime I need another sheet of clean cotton since there’s still some liquid left on the nails.

The nail polish is easily clean with the liquid alone but I think I like it more if the sheet is thicker, the wide and length is enough, just wishing it was thicker since it feels so thin on the nails and if it is thicker it would be able to ‘get’ more nail colors all at once.

Overall, I like the simplicity to be able to clean my nail polish anywhere anytime without the need of separate cotton and a bottle of acetone, the scent is way milder than acetone and doesn’t make the nail nor fingers dry. But I dislike the ‘oiliness’ (which actually later can be cleaned with soap and water) and the sheet is too thin.

Score? 7,5 out of 10, so it’s still a wonderful product for me ^__^