Time to visit Hong Kong again (or now, if you haven’t been there), Hong Kong Tourism Board want to promote their exiting event a Dragon Boat Festival by……….giving us free game for iPhone/iPod. The purpose of this game is for everyone who want to know more about the event, there’s a short video too. But the one that really lure me in is the game gave me a feeling what it’s like to actually be involved in it. The application need about 4 minute to downloaded on my iPhone, when I click on it there’s a picture of Festive Hong Kong 2010 followed by a loud sounds/music, so please turn the volume down before you play them except you want to get extra attention from those surround you.

There’s for icon to be click, Start Game, How To Play, Ranking, Learn More.
In the Learn More:
1. Dragon Boat Festival
There’s an explanation about the history, background and details about the festival, this year festival is on 23-25 July 2010 at the Harbour near Tsim Sha Tsui East.
2. Video For the Festival
The video itself is very colorful and attractive, not just showing the boat race, but the happiness and joy everyone involved. It also showed the food that usually available during the festival (rice dumpling and the making of it).
3. Disclaimer

How To Play
In here they taught you how to play, you can choose 3 music and 2 set of difficulties….I’m getting excited already.

Still empty now and divided into 3 music and 2 set of difficulty, so I guess each music bring their own rhythm and speed.

Start Game
The Easy stage with music 1 is easy, I won (that definitely show that it is easy).

Overall after playing it for more than 30 minutes, I like this game, why?
1. Good Chinese music background
2. Very easy to play, I don’t say I’ve conquered the game, but it is easy to play
3. It attract children just by the sound and animation
4. Those fiery eyes. You know you got it right when you see your players got those fiery eyes
5. Try the difficult stage, it is much more exciting 🙂

and if you see ‘beebob’ on the ranking page….that’s me. I’m already so glimmering happy just by playing the game, I’m really curious how is the actual feeling on the spot….