On the 14th of January I went to Amsterdam from Singapore via Kuala Lumpur with Malaysia Airlines. This is the first time I took Malaysia Airlines for a 13 hours flight. I’ve been taking long flights with Garuda Airlines and Singapore Airlines before and yep….I know which one I should avoid now.

I say SQ is my top airlines in terms of service, space, and quality from the aircraft to entertainment. Garuda new flight is also very good, comparable to SQ (woo hoo). Malaysia Airlines for me is the ‘budget’ flight to Amsterdam. Tight space, some broken handles, so-so food, no extra care such as long flight ‘goody-bag’, it’s just basic, like C- or at-least-you-pass-your-exam-kind -a-thing. I don’t even bother to take a pic which I regret it now…at least I got some evidence.

Despite all of it surprisingly, one of the flight attendance was very pleased knowing that me and my sis (who was on the plane) are from Indonesia and the only Indonesian there on that flight. She started to ‘warm up’ and become so friendly. Before, she was so cold and seems reluctant to seeks passenger needs, I can see most (like all) of them do. They never smile, they always answer passengers request like they are forced to and it seems like they are tired…exhausted to be exact.

Most of the passenger are asleep, like I am. Since the flight start at night and arrived at Schipol around 6 am. So we only wake up during meals. The snack in between is poor, like a pack of nuts, kit kat, crackers, etc. It was dry and seriously boring. The meals choice seems appetizing, but no matter what we choose (me and my sis, we always choose different meal so we can compare) the result is the same, disappointing. Overcooked, too dry, too bland, small portion, or the taste ain’t right. We just eat to survive from hunger, we miss Singapore Airlines or Garuda Indonesia at meals time the most.

We glad when it landed, finally we can eat real food! Oh did you know that after taking a very long flight my hair that usually a bit wavy become flat like a flat iron have been on them for hours….really ^0^.