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Lancome Le Vernis No.26

Hi lovelies,

not so long ago this particular item come knocking on my door from Lancome official twitter page, thank you Lancome Indonesia ^__^


I won a nail polish from Le Vernis collection in shade 26. When I first look at it, I thought it would be too dark for me, I was wrong, it was the color of love for me.

The tiny bottle carry adorable color of milky shade of roses. The thin liquid made it easier to be used, I need around 2 coats to achieve a solid color. The drying time also quite fast, 30 minutes setting in and 1 hour – 1,5 hour hardening.


Above is the colored nails in dim lighting and below with the sun glaring. Pardon my unsteady hands =^__^= but fret not, as I take a shower after that the parts where it touches my skin can easily be chipped off.


Aren’t they pretty?

I think it’s the shade that’s easily underestimate yet look so good on any gal’s nails.

PS: in using this nail lacquer, I didn’t use any base nor top coat.

Hi all!

Last week, I went all the way to Kemang, it was wet, rain are pouring, crowded, jammed and I even arrived 2 hours after the event started, and I’m there to meet Luxola for the first time.

I’m walking down the street to find the venue on my flip flops and my camera is left inside the car, so sorry, I only have this pictures with me, but I’ll make it up to you later on with more images of goodies I’ve got from Luxola ^0^

On the table the team from Luxola has prepared a lot, lot, lot of goodies that’s been the center of attention of all the bloggers that day. Oh wait, what is Luxola? Luxola is an online shop that sells tons of cool beauty products.

Here’s a screen shot. Luxola is based in Singapore but ship all across south east asia including Indonesia. They will open their office here, so stay tune ya ^__^

Meanwhile I was playing with the stuffs there, Sara Happ Lip Scrub in Creme Brulee

Indulge and pamper your lips with this delectable lip scrub from Sara Happ which gently yet expertly exfoliates lips, leaving them super soft and supple. After selling out in record time, there was no choice but to make Creme Brulee part of the Sara Happ permanent line up. This scrumptious dessert has never worked so hard for you….the added bonus, great on your lips, but zero on your hips!
The Good Stuff
Decadent, elegant, rich, and, if you’re like us, irresistible on any menu. Hints of warm, burnt vanilla, the lightest creamy caramel, pastry-worthy sugar… Beautifully packaged, the lip scrub eliminates dry, flaky skin with a mixture of sugar, Jojoba and Grape Seed oil. Gluten Free, No Animal Testing, Nonacnegenic, Noncomedogenic, Paraben Free, Sulfate Free, Vegan.
   Massage a generous amount onto lips using a firm, circular motion. Wipe away with a tissue and wonder how you ever lived without it.

The texture is rough like sugar, well it is sugar, and smells amazingly just like creme brulee does. Result? A smooth, bouncy, supple lips and love the softness afterwards.

Luxola loves this lip scrub so much and I can see why, they are not just selling stuffs online, they sell things that means something for them, beauty products that are proven to be good and deserves spotlights.

And a couple of lipstick also grab my attention there, Julie Hewett’s lippies.

We are cuckoo for these Noir lipsticks! The rich creamy colours are easy to apply and last for hours without drying your lips. Plus, the super cool 40’s era throwback tubes look oh-so-chic being pulled out in the powder room. 
Belle Noir is a true movie-star red…dare to wear ladies, dare to wear!
Coco Noir is a daring yet demure, sultry 30’s brick red which works well on almost any skin tone.
Rouge Noir is a true movie-star red…dare to wear ladies, dare to wear!
Femme Noir is a classic blue-based scarlet red
Gem Noir is a  versatile and sheer, bright and festive rosy red for a pop of colour
Nude Noir is a  sheer mauve-pink/red with gold shimmer
The Good Stuff: Double-pigmented formula for extra long wear. Contains camellia oil to help heal and moisturise lips with essence of rose bud for a fantastic smell.
Application: Apply directly from tube, with your finger or a brush. We recommend lining lips first to get that movie star glam!

Scarlett and Thandie are certainly two of the most gorgeous modern day celebrities and their namesake lipsticks are no less appealing. Get their perfect pouts with these luscious colours from Julie Hewett. The Scarlett is a bright rosy fuchsia while the Thandie is a unique sheer red with gold highlights.
The Good Stuff
Double-pigmented formula for extra long wear. Contains camellia oil to help heal and moisturise lips and essence of rose bud for a fantastic smell.
Apply directly from tube, with your finer or a brush. We recommend lining lips first to get that movie star glam!

Luxurious and highly pigmented. Like butter to the lips yet in the most intense color.

And I’ve tried some of the products at home now and the first is, Candy Shop from Deborah Lippmann

The nail polish so cute! i love it, it was merry, fun, pink and come on, who doesn’t love a Candy Shop, a real one or the one on the nails ^__^

Thank you Luxola for inviting me and see you all real soon with more post of the goodies from Luxola.

Anna Sui Nail Color N in 210

Hi pretty ladies!

You’ve read my post of my recent encounter with Anna Sui: HERE, now I’ll give you the nail color in 210 review.

Please take a look at Anna Sui website to found out more.

There are 32 colors and which one I’ve tried? The classic Anna Sui’s color, yes, deep purple.

The scent is ah-may-zingg I meant it. There’s tea rose everywhere and it stays on the nails up to 3 days. I kept sniffing my nails \^0^/

I really love the depth of color, it was intense. Now, I’ve used it for 5 days and they are still so pretty. It doesn’t chipped easily.

When it was applied the lacquer felt a bit runny and has to be applied 3 times to achieve the perfect color for me. It dries quite fast, not 60 seconds but still in minutes.

The bottle is awesome. Like every items from Anna Sui, they are collectibles.

I love it!

Thank you Anna Sui Indonesia

Hello everyone!

Miss Candy is here and she is from L’Oreal Paris, giving you a sweet world of cosmetics.

Here I am, sitting down on a fully decorated room, all in delicacies of pastels.

Sweets, candies, cotton candies, cupcakes and many more, it was any child dream come true, sugar rush! But we’re not here for the sweets delight.

In front of me is a full collection of makeup, ready to transform anyone into Miss Candy.

Miss Candy?

There it is a girl with lips as sweet as candy and colored in pastels. Sugary and lovable.

L’Oreal Paris has invited us to enjoy these beautiful collection.

Mr. Adi the Official MUA for L’Oreal Paris is here, ready to share his tips and knowledge.

While waiting for other guess to arrived, I’m trying their nail colors, oh yes, all the details about the product can be found HERE, their official press release.

I’m using 3 Color Riche Le Vernis

I love their shine and tone. Without the need of using top coat the glaze are already glossing. It dries up around 10-15 minutes.

Then the event started with a lovely coral dress MC greeting everyone here.

Followed by the lovely Ms. Lia, her blouse is so cute, everything and everyone is in the mood for pastel She shares with us the video, enjoy!

Aren’t they irresistible?

Now, let see the make up in real life.

Ready to give us a demo ^^

Ms. Didi, a girl who rarely use makeup become the model and look at her face after the makeover! She looks happier ^^ A sweet makeup can do that to people.

And all of us can try the products as well. I start with Glam Shine, I found these two tones swirls to be sumptuous and tempting.

Smooth, soft and ultra glamorous with the shine and gloss.

Try it yourself!

Then I have my chance trying on Color Riche Nutri Shine. 5 choices of colors ready to spoiled the lips.

The adorable names.

The swatches, not satisfy with swatches? Me too!

I’ve try them on, one by one.

507 Miss Raspberry

506 Miss Orange

505 Miss Strawberry

504 Miss Caramel

503 Miss Marshmallow
Which one do you like? I like Miss Strawberry and Miss Raspberry ^^ but each one of them are all so moist and delicate to the lips.

Thank you so much L’Oreal Paris Indonesia for having me, see you all soon!

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Sebagai brand kecantikan no.1 di dunia, L’Oreal Paris selalu berusaha untuk memberikan yang terbaik pada produk-produknya. Kali ini L’Oreal Paris mengajak Anda untuk berpetualang ke dalam dunia permen yang manis dan dengan menghadirkan koleksi terbarunya, Miss Candy, yang terinspirasi dari keceriaan dan warna-warni kehidupan. Sebuah persembahan manis untuk para wanita Indonesia yang akan membuat orang-orang di sekitar Anda terhipnotis dalam kilau kecantikan Anda.
“Rangkaian Miss Candy menghadirkan nuansa permen yang manis dan menggoda untuk penampilan wanita Indonesia. Sesuai dengan namanya, koleksi Miss Candy ini juga dilengkapi dengan wangi permen yang menggiurkan dan akan membuat bibir Anda tampak semakin irresistible. Koleksi Miss Candy memiliki warna-warna pastel yang lembut dalam tiga rangkaian produk cantik yang terdiri dari Lipstick, Gloss dan Nail Polish,jelas Lia Kurtz, Group Product Manager Skin Care & Make Up L’Oreal Paris Indonesia.
1.      Color Riche NutrishineMiss Candy Limited Edition
Color Riche Nutrishine menghadirkan koleksi warna baru dengan aroma permen yang akan membuat bibirmu tampil manis dan menggoda.  Dengan kandungan Royal Jelly dan Shea Butter yang akan memberikan nutrisi dan kelembaban alami pada bibir agar selalu tampak lembut, Color Riche NutrishineMiss Candy Limited Edition terdiri dari 5 (lima) pilihan warnauntuk mempercantik penampilan sehari-hari Anda:

#503 Miss Marshmallow
#504 Miss Caramel
#505 Miss Strawberry
#506 Miss Orange
#507 Miss Raspberry
2.      Glam Shine Miss Candy Limited Edition
Produk gloss terbaik dari L’Oreal Paris, Glam Shine, hadir dengan tampilan yang semakin menggoda melalui kombinasi dua warna spiral yang menggiurkan. Glam Shine Miss Candy Limited Edition akan memancarkan kilau permen yang membuat bibirmu tampak segar dan natural. Dilengkapi dengan aplikator yang didesain khusus untuk memulas bibir agar selalu tampak berkilau, Glam Shine Miss Candy Limited Edition hadir dalam 4 (empat) pilihan warna:

#703 Miss Marshmallow
#708 Miss Apricot
#706 Miss Orange
#507 Miss Raspberry
3.      Color Riche Le Vernis Miss Candy
Untuk melengkapi kilau permen yang manis dan menggoda pada penampilan Anda, rangkaian Miss Candy juga dilengkapi dengan rangkaian Color Riche Le Vernis Miss Candy nail polishyang dilengkapi dengan Integrated Gel Technology dan kuas yang didesain khusus untuk menjangkau seluruh bagian kuku, sehingga mudah diaplikasikan dan menghasilkan warna yang tahan lama. Color Riche Le Vernis Miss Candy nail polish terdiri dari15 (lima belas) pilihan warna cantik untuk kuku Anda:

#101 Opera Ballerina                                   #402 Rouge Cancan
#104 Beige Countess                                   #406 Burgundy Diva
#202 Marie Antoinette                                  #504 Insolent Magenta
#204 Boudoir Rose                                       #602 Perle de Jade
#207 Baby Doll                                              #611 Sky Fits Heaven
#211 Opulet Pink                                          #702 Black Swan
#302 Exotic Canaries
#303 Lush Tangerine
#305 Dating Coral
Dengan Miss Candy, tidak ada manis yang berlebihan untuk Anda. Rangkaian L’Oreal Paris Miss Candy di peroleh di Sogo, Centro, Seibu, Matahari, Debenhams, Metro, Watsons & Guardian.
Tentang L’Oreal Paris

L’Oréal Paris, merupakan salah satu brand dari L’Oréal Group yang memfokuskan diri pada produk-produk perawatan mulai dari perawatan kulit, rambut hingga make-up. Rangakaian produk L’Oreal Paris berbasis kualitas tinggi melalui berbagai teknologi advance dari serapan ilmu pengetahuan sehingga tercipta keindahan yang di dukung teknologi sempurna.

Hi all!

Have you ever experience a bad insomnia and somehow just can’t sleep, well I did, and it was last night. Somehow I just thought of an idea making this rose petals pattern from my shocking pink nail color. I guess rose petals brings me comfort and I wish I have them on my bed 🙂

Now how do I get this soft pink rose petals motives from a shocking bright pink nail color?

By layering a shocking pink nails with the nudes I have. And if you’re normal like me XD for not having steady hands like a pro manicurist, you will be messy especially when not using your favorite hand. I say leave it alone, wait until a day and soak in a bath or showering. When the skin is wet you can easily peel off the messiness and you got a lovely tidy job done.

First I did apply a shocking pink color and wait until all of them are applied (all the nails) and when they are still a bit soft (not completely dry) put the nudes and they will look blotchy and wont mixed nicely, that’s good and that’s what I’m looking for, at first the stripes seems obvious and unnatural but since It apply the nudes before the pink dries, they will coagulate and become beautiful like soft pink rose petals.

This is my final look with the soft pink rose petals. After that I sleep happily with the rose petals on my nails ^__^