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Baby Bo by belif

Ooohhh these are super duper cute.

I went to belif’s counter today and found these cuties ^__^

The belif’s Baby Bo collection has arrived. Still in their passion on creating products fuss free and purely effective plus safe too, the team from belif assured me Baby Bo can be used for newborns as well.

A total of 4 products are now in the market and ready to be purchased by mommies for their beloved babies. Hair and body gentle wash, face and body emulsion, massage oil, to soothing cream. I’ve managed to try two out of 4 items there. 

Soothing Cream

Product Description

This cream is softly absorbed into baby skin and retains moisture for a long time. It is effective for calming itching dryness by providing moisture protection. An excellent moisturizing element Oriza peptide provides dry and sensitive skin with this rich-moisturizing protection.

No addition of

No mineral oil, no synthetic fragrances, no synthetic colors, no synthetic preservatives, no animal-origin ingredients , no alcohol and no TEA(no seven additives)

To Use

Apply a proper amount on the dry spot and softly massage into the skin whenever you feel dry after taking shower or washing your face.

When my daughter is still a baby, finding a great product for babies is not easy in Jakarta, most of them are simply basic and didn’t provide much choice for me. belif provide safe products with natural ingredients that fills in a lot of needs from babies. This Soothing Cream is one of them. Able to give a rash a calming effect and feels good on my skin too. Truth be said I haven’t try any of Baby Bo products on a baby before, but I’m hoping soon I can try on mine ^__^

Face and Body Emulsion

Product Description

This emulsion is effectively absorbed into baby’s weak face, skin and body and keeps them moisturized. Oat seed, which is known for retaining moisture, protects sensitive skin from dryness and moisture loss for 24 hours.

No addition of

No mineral oil, no synthetic fragrances, no synthetic colors, no synthetic preservatives, no animal-origin ingredients , no alcohol and no TEA(no seven additives)

To Use

Massage into baby’s face and body softly after taking a shower or bath.

It’s a light lotion that feels so cool and wonderful to be used. I’m not a baby but I want to use this one too. It feels light and hydrating, like so refreshing all at once.

I hope belif carry products for kids too, as now the choice is either adult or baby and my daughter is in between 😀

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Hi babies!
Yes kids and babies to be exact! I’m going to share with you a product by My Konjac Sponge which is suitable for the young.
Here is the details from
Excellent for all skin types even those with hypersensitive skin and safe for babies & children.
  • 100% Natural Sponge
  • 100% Coloring & Addictive Free
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Naturally Sustainable
  • Before use, soak the sponge into warm water until the sponge is fully soft.
  • Use with or without facial cleanser and gently massage the face and body in a circular motion.
  • After use, gently press the sponge by two hands and drain the sponge. DO NOT WRING!!!  Hang it in the well – ventilated place for air drying. Re – hydrate in water before use again.
  • To sterilize the sponge, after use, you may put it in the microwave for 1 minute and 30 seconds.
  • The sponge should last up to 6 months but once it starts to break down, please replace it.And who on earth suitable for making this review? A child of course!
She is so happy receiving the product, “Thank you, My Konjac Sponge!”. She is going to demonstrate how to use it in a very cute way.
Okay, you all heard her, now it’s time for me to give my review:

The sponge is so funny, yes, like she said, it’s like agar. The texture is so fun to played with (I guess this is the main reason to never leave your child unattended with the sponge, they might eat it or at least tried to give it a bite.

Use a clean water to rinse the agar sponge between each use. Gently squeeze it with your hand, don’t wring it.

The sponge is scentless and the feeling is actually clean after touching it. Make sure you do put it on warm water before use and always kept it damp. If you leave it too dry, it might cracked. Cleaning it is very easy, rinse it with clean water and hang it. Sanitizing? put it inside microwave. Don’t have microwave? Get those baby bottle liquid sanitizer and soak it for a while. And there you go. 

Final say: Love this sponge as finally I can give suitable cleanser for the kids without being afraid of chemicals. Suitable for daily use, anytime, anywhere.