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Hi everyone,

on the previous post I’ve reviewed the series of Astaxanthin from the toner, essence, emulsion and cream (read: HERE). Now, as mentioned in that previous post, there’s one more item that I really want to try, the Moisture Fixer.

The Moisture Fixer is a


Somehow I’m not that confident in using it as a primer, but still I’ll do that ^__^ and share you some thoughts, however, the main attraction would be Moisture Fixer as a Sleeping Mask.


Look at that! Isn’t it beautiful? An amber gel form which resemble an almost set jell-o and all it’s glory. I do play with it for a while and until you actually look at it and personally scoop it out and yes, play with the product, where then you’ll see exactly what I meant.


When scoop out in a quick way, it will act like an agar, but when gently pour down, it will slowly melts and drips like honey.


It is the most interesting texture. I wonder how they made it like that and why and all the history behind the making. I hope someday all my questions are answered. For now, I’m just enjoying the product ^__^


I put it on a cleaned skin and let them do it’s magic. Again, when gently put on the gel will slowly melts and able to be distributed well on the skin. I think if it used as a primer after a cream, I have to melt them well at my palms before touching the facial skin.


This is me after 30 minutes using Moisture Fixer.

At first, the gel feels cool where then there’s this warm sensation. I let the whole family to try on this mask, my mom, dad, hubby and sister. We all experience the exact same thing when all our skin type is differ by far. The skin gets rejuvenating effect waking up in the morning. I don’t experience abundant moisture but perhaps when used with the whole series the moisture will stay intact inside the film it created.


By using the moisture fixer alone the skin get a warm feeling, the smell is light and a bit citrus zing at the end, the lovely texture is fun to put on the skin and application also easy once the gel is melted. I did massage it a bit before leaving it on around 30 minutes or so before bedtime so it wont stick anywhere else but my face.

The sleeping mask gives the skin a bouncy and firming effect (yes, all of us experience that as well), which means this is the perfect item for aging skin in terms of sagging. The rejuvenating effect also so lovely like the skin somehow become younger and healthier overnight.

In terms of being a primer, the honey golden gel helps a sticky foundation become looser blends everything before setting it finely. Wait for the skin become touch-ably dry before adding some powder.

Anneyong everyone,

I’m here with a series from Nature Republic called Astaxanthin, fiuh! That’s a hard name.

Astaxanthin, based on

Astaxanthin (/æstəˈzænθɨn/) is a carotenoid. It belongs to a larger class of phytochemicals known as terpenes, which are built from five carbon precursors; isopentenyl diphosphate (or IPP) and dimethylallyl diphosphate (or DMAPP). Astaxanthin is classified as a xanthophyll (originally derived from a word meaning “yellow leaves” since yellow plant leaf pigments were the first recognized of the xanthophyll family of carotenoids), but currently employed to describe carotenoid compounds that have oxygen-containing moities, hydroxyl (OH) or ketone (=0), such as zeaxanthin and canthaxanthin
Wow, tough to digest, isn’t it? Try these: 

(all details are provided by Nature Republic Indonesia)

Products given to me are Toner, Essence, Emulsion, Cream. Unfortunately, not the Moisture Fixer, I really want to try it ^__^

Anyway, in this post I will share a review of using the products I have from the Astaxanthin series. The product which is made for around 30’s and above.


I feel really tempted after reading the details about the products and how cool they are as they added the elasticity back to the skin and those anti-oxidant as I’m really concerned due to the high pollution in Jakarta. The coenzyme Q10, vitamin C and arbutin, the ingredients that a skin need to get fairer and younger is there. Let’s see how my skin goes after using the products for almost 2 weeks.


A heavy glass bottle with bright orange look, quite heavy, and I love the cap details, like a leave. Almost all Nature Republic items have that same design for the lid.

Start with the toner, a clear orange fluid, smells like orange too, fruity and fresh. The toner is a delight to the skin as well, Easy to use. I damped the cotton with it right after cleansing and feel the skin responding by getting softer and ready for the next step, the essence.


The Essence is delightful as well, gooey and orange. Smell like marmalade with the texture like simple syrup. Gentle on the skin and easy to be absorbed. The skin instantly grab the moisture and become hydrated. I love to use it day and night.


Next is the emulsion, a creamy texture in a heavy glass bottle, I wish they come in a pump shaped, since it is a bit tricky to jotted them out. Smells like a fresh peeled orange, not as light as the essence, but still feel easy on the skin. Help the skin to retain the moisture and stay plump longer.


Last on this series is the cream, a super duper rich cream which I think is my least favorite product here. Why? The texture is so creamy and feels thick on the skin. I use it on night time only since on day time feels sticky.

The smell of the cream is like a orange milk, pleasant and nice. On the damped skin the cream will easily glide, so I always make sure the skin is in their wettest possible heehee.


Here is the result after using Astaxanthin for around 2 weeks. The skin does become plump and hydrated but on a few areas such as under the nose (above the lips) some acne are spotted, not much, just 1-2, but I think that’s due to the rich formula. But overall the series does provide me some benefits such as:
More hydrated skin
Plumped skin which means less fine lines
Fairer skin
Healthy glow

Fresher look.

Thank you Nature Republic Indonesia.

Hi y’all!

I’m back with more love to the eyes ^0^

In finding an eye care, usually I become more selective and careful since it will be applied around the eyes and as a contact lenses user I avoided thick texture and those that easily glide into the eyes and cause blurry, or worse, irritation.

A lot of eye cream on the market are too oily and can cause some oily bumps under the eye that caused by eye cream. These bumps are known as milia. Please do avoid the eye cream that’s too dense, too rich, and hardly absorbed. The skin under the eye are different from the rest of the face, it is thinner, so it need special attention too and special care as well.

This is one of the product for the eye that I recently used which give the enough nutrition without being too heavy nor greasy.

Details from the packaging:

This eye cream contains 70% marine collagen and vitamin C to boost elasticity and whitening. This eye cream contains nano liposome, which is derived from marine collagen. It gets deep under your skin to enhance your skin’s elasticity. It also contains Vitamin C to give you a brighter and clearer skin tone. It improves the appearance of deep wrinkles that have been caused by aging, which appear around the sensitive areas of your eyes. It strengthens the elasticity and firmness of your skin. It brightens the dark circles under your eyes to give you a more youthful and radiant look.

How to use:
Before applying moisturizer, apply a small amount and pat gently around the eyes and allowing it to absorb to your skin.

The cream actually look like a gel when looked closely, a bit transparent, light and cooling too. Very delicate, soft and smells good. Soft flowery scent. I used around a rice size cream with my ring fingers and easily swipe them before tapping on the lower and upper area of my eyes. And sometimes uses it on my lips too when night times.

So far since I don’t have dark eye circles so I could not comment about the whitening effect but I like how it gently hydrate the skin around the eyes while giving them a firming touch. I use it regularly for better result (day and night).

Hi everyone ^0^

Snails products are everywhere nowadays and it seems to be a hit in the town. Snails are known to have a regenerating effect on their ehm, slime.

Details from the packaging:

This BB Cream contains 50% snail secretion filtrate (mucin) that keeps the skin moist and firm by forming a protective film over the skin. It makes the skin healthy and radiant. The massage function of an all in one puff improves your skin’s complexion and makes your skin look radiant. Its excellent adherence and coverage function keep your makeup for long hours.

How To Use:

1) To create natural, radiant skin: Open by pulling the cap off, and hold the puff facing downward. Gently press the middle of the container, and dispnece a small amount onto the puff. Apply evently to your face in a massaging motion.

2) To create flawless, transparent skin: Turn the cap until the pointed part appears. Gently press the middle of the container, and dispense a small amount and apply evenly on your face.

On the packaging there’s two puff provided, one attached and the other one still in the plastic shown above. Clean the puff after each use with lukewarm water.

I like the packaging, the large tube is big alright, but I don’t have to bring it everywhere since the staying power is moderately long, I use it for 5-6 hours and it stays on. I think it can stay on longer too. The multifunction cream that gives coverage and sun protection in the same time is always welcome in my makeup box. I use it daily (daytime). I didn’t feel it being oily and let’s just say the BB Cream pampers my skin while giving it a nice look too ^__^

Remember that this not that raw material secretive from the snail, so do not jump into your garden and apply the liquid coming out from a snail when you see one. The mucin in the product are already going through some process for hygienic reason and efficacy. So only the important ingredients in the mucin are used.

Below is me using the Snail Therapy 50 BB Cream SPF30 PA+++ with the puff (as I think the attached puff is a unique and wonderful idea)

The BB Cream is light, covers and feels really good. I was pretty afraid at first and heehee it’s a secretive from a snail, I’m thinking some gooey….slimy…. errr, just not pretty. Let’s just say I’m hesitated at first but the minute it touches my skin, all the hesitation and doubtfulness just melt away. The after image is just me the BB Cream, it felt velvety smooth and any powder haven’t been added. Definitely gives me an even skin tone, redness and fine lines are gone and dryness? Unlike other BB cream, the Snail Therapy gives the skin a comfort without drying the skin.

Below is my step by step usage.

The puff started as a light cream colored, then when the BB Cream is out a deeper beige lotion cum cream comes out, I dabbed it on and the puff works so well, the spreading, applying, blending process becomes so easy and for a clean-freak-enthusiast like me, it’s the perfect tool to minimize fingers intervention. there are some parts that need small brush or sponge with edges for areas hidden by the sides of the nose and delicates like eye’s area.

Overall, it’s a must try snail-inspired-contained product where safety and effectiveness shown ^0^ Love it!

Tips: For daily use or a natural look, just add some loose powder on top, no need adding more foundation. Always use a moisturizer before BB Cream (any BB Cream) and if you want some concealer may be added on some part before the BB Cream, it is also possible.

Thank you Nature Republic Indonesia.

Details from the packaging:

Moisturizing Nutritious Total Hand Care. How to use: After washing hands or when they feel dry, apply a small amount to hands and massage to enhance absorption.

Contain shea butter, beeswax, mango seed butter, honey extract, sea water, royal jelly extract, fragrance, and many more.

70 g.

My review:

The packaging is cute, spin to open the tin and I found this whirl of lovely white creamy butter that smells good. Delicious like mango, a whipped mango with milk to be precise. It melts to the touch and the warm of the skin, hmm, I think if it’s in tube, it would be better since Jakarta is hot and humid most of the time, I like to keep my tin in the fridge and it cools down a hot summer days on the palm of my hands.

At first the cream feels oily, and as I keep massaging the oiliness slowly disappears, leaving the hand moisturized and supple, away from dryness. Beside as a hand cream sometime I put it inside my purse and carry it as a moisturizer for my knee and elbow too. The feeling is comfortable as well. I dislike a darken knee and elbow, a constant moisturizing will keep them happy and soft all the time.

Suitable for those with normal to dry skin.

The title is correct alright,

these goodies I get from purchasing Cosmopolitan September, 2012 edition. Cool isn’t it?! The products itself have surpass the buying price of these magazines. In celebration customer get 2 mags in one and two products for Rp.98.000.

Here they are:

The one that caught my eyes is the Aloe from Nature Republic, looks so refreshing and I’m tempted alright ^0^

The details can be found from

Wow! 92% real aloe, aloe itself are well-known for being a skin saver, universal benefit and can be use by anyone. For health related issue and beauty at the same time. 

Look at how gooey and wonderful it is, I used it on my husband’s irritated skin and my daughter’s dry skin. They both love it. I do too. It provide hydration and soothing experience in the same time. Love it!!! It has become a family favorite and apparently there’s 8 way of using it according to Nature Republic, which is for hair, as a face mask, after shaving-for men-, relax swollen eyes, body care, nail essence, relaxing sun burn, and makeup base.

The scent is refreshingly green and lovely. Not overwhelming at all. Comfort and soothes all the way from the cooling texture and properties to the effect making skin moist and have a mild tightening effect like mentioned in the pamphlet given.

A must have! Use it after taking an afternoon shower or night bath as a face mask and it melts all your stress away. Love it!

Added words:

After reading that some girls using it as a moisturizer and causing their skin to dried up and peels off, take note that please do read the instruction carefully before using a (any) product. This is not a moisturizer. We may use it as face mask as written by Nature Republic but not as moisturizer (it is not the same).

Next is the Angle Hand by Too Cool For School and I get mine in Shea Butter, I never like the scent of shea butter, but this one is alright. The cream itself surprisingly wonderful, instead of slippery and greasy hands, it gives me a velvety smooth feeling. Softer hand and smooth skin is achieved without a fuss. The cream is white and not so thick, so even thou’ it is said to be a shea butter, it’s not as heavy as other brand (L’Oxxxxxx). Suitable for those who wants a hand cream on the lighter side.