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>Teppanyaki @Sakae Sushi

>3 main things I’m going to review here:
1. The service:
It is bad, really bad. We went on Thursday night, so it’s not weekend nor weekend night, the next day also not a public holiday not that day. But they are so busy that day. Many chairs are empty on the Teppanyaki side but somehow the staff focus on the sushi area. None seems to care that some customer only prefer the Teppanyaki until we ask several staff and finally got a seat (that clearly have been empty since 30 minutes ago. We are also ignored numerous time when we want to order, the staff forget our drinks, my child’s utensils set, and our our bills.

2. The food:
Au contraire to the bad service we did enjoy our meal there. The Kimchi pot is so good, warm and deliecious to the tummy too. I love how the beef are so soft and tender, the veggies absorb all the flavors and the soup is just yumms. My sis order also ended up enjoyed by all of us, the oyster is just so good, soft, flavorful and it is a true delicacy for us. My husband’s seafood was enjoyable but not as delicious as the other 2 menus. We also noticed they have a new menu now, and it is indeed shown their creativity and improving Singapore pallet.

3. The hygiene:
3 out of 5 star is given since a few of the utensils have marks of previous meal. Fly also flying around inside the restaurant and please, don’t let me speak about the floor.

>Ballet Under The Stars

Thanks to L’Officiel Magazine I can enjoy this beautiful show.

Copy paste from the Facebook wall:

The much-anticipated Ballet Under the Stars is back for the 16th year in a row and we’re giving you an opportunity to win tickets to this spellbinding ballet event of the year! Prepare to be awed by the premier of Evening at the Ritz – a mesmerising piece set in the 1920s and inspired by legendary movie stars Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. (Yippie)

For a chance to win one of 25 pairs of tickets worth S$50, tell us who would you like to bring along to watch Ballet Under The Stars and why.

My answer is: preffered date 16 July, I will bring my daughter who’s being inspired by ballet lately and it’s been my lifelong dream to become one but since time did not persist perhaps my dream can be real by her. at least i’ve given her a chance to see how beautiful ballet can be.

Date: 16th or 18th July (Please indicate preferred date)

Venue: Fort Canning Green

Time: 7.30pm (Pre-performances at 6.30pm onwards)

Closing Date: 14th July (0000 hrs)

And yes, I won a pair, so we happily went but since kids below 6 are free I can bring my sister along. We took a lot of pics there but the camera broke down and refuse to give us any of the wonderful pictures.

They also gave each of us samples from Himalaya (skincare products), fan, and booklets about the Ballet and organization behind it.

Beside the wonderful performance I think they also gather some donation for the organization, there are some stands open for glitter tattoo, face painting, selling some drinks and other stuff.

Now back to the performance, I must say it was the best ballet (live) I watched, I think back around 15 years ago I watch a Swan Princess but it was horrible, no male performance beside that uncle, and here blessed by guys who are willing to embrace their art and the love for ballet itself can step forward and let the audience enjoy the beauty of ballet.

I know that to be able to dance like them it took a lot of practice, self discipline and talent too. The result is magnificent, I didn’t watch the show until the end since my child refuse to just sit and do not bother others surround us, so we left early before the show ended. We left around 9PM.

For those who are going here next year here are some tips from me:
1. Bring your picnic basket and blanket (big one perhaps, so you can sit with your leg stretching out, a 2 hours performance can be leg numbing).
2. No worries about toilet, the organizer is kind enough to provide some cubicle for it, don’t forget some sanitizer wipes.
3. For those who are loved by bugs bring along bug repellent, it is outdoor and night time too.
4. Bring plastic bag with you and put your litter there.
5. Bring some night light or those sticks that can glow in the dark.
6. Raincoat, umbrella, or any form of rain proof tools for you.
7. Ladies, wear flats!
8. Please refrain yourself from wearing anything mini, from mini skirt, mini pants, remember the soil is where the ants live.
9. Come early to get that best ‘place’.
10. Just enjoy the show and let nature takes it course.

>Universal Studio

I recommend all of you, especially come from abroad to read their site and get as much info as you need. From map, how to get there, pricing (since differ from day to age of visitor), condition, food menus, weather, first aid location and many more (depends on your needs). Things you don’t have to worry about is toilet since they have it on each section and each restroom got plenty of cubicles (like really a lot) so no queuing necessary to clear your bladder or that other one (or 2).

Buy tickets in advance since they have maximum visitor each day, so when the tickets are sold out whether you are flying from other part of the world you still can’t get in.
May I say that even thou’ from the space point of view Universal Studio in Singapore considered small but from the aspect of decorations and details is really beautiful. I love how they make each theme (Far Far Away, Madagascar, Hollywood, Ancient Egypt, Sci-Fi City, and New York) so real and wonderfully made. They put so much effort to make Universal Studio Singapore a world class theme park.

Not all the rides are suitable for children, you have to be above 122 cm to be able to enjoy ALL the ride. Some kids above 92 cm can still enjoy Canopy Flyer and Enchanted Airways. Don’t get me wrong most of the rides is suitable for person with any heights, but I can not deny that the cool and exciting rides are the one that need minimum rides. The best rides for me is Revenge of The Mummy, it so thrilling because I never can guess what will happen next. Too bad the rides ended so fast (another space limit perhaps).

Don’t forget if you bring a child that unable to join you on the ride ask the staff for a child swap, so one parent will be with the child and they can enjoy fast lane when the other parent’s chance to go.

Many of the rides are a ‘sightseeing’ ride, suitable to soothe a child. Just sit down and enjoy the ride. Don’t forget to bring or buy a lot of drinks before joining any queue. 1 queue can be as long as 1 hour, many kids are cranky since Singapore itself is very hot and humid. Some queuing lines doesn’t have shelters so bring umbrella, hats/caps and sunblock, if you have a portable mini air conditioner that would be lovely.

Besides rides they also have many shows, merchandise shops and attractions. The shows are fun but do check out the timings since they are not having shows every time and change seasonally. The shops are…..bad…really bad. Not many choice available, but if you are looking for the best shop there I think is Fairy Godmother’s Potion Shops. They have shirts that collectible and worth wearing. The candies are a real disappointment, I don’t think they are originally made and don’t have Universal Studio brand on them, no different than any mall in Singapore. Sorry to compare but in Disneyland all products sold are Disney’s. A box of cookie with Mickey’s face is a real treat for Disney lover, Universal Studio Singapore should make like Shrek cookies or Donkey chocolate.

Here are some collectibles that I don’t mind at all spend my money on them. The fan with cold water sprayed is the best thing on a hot day. The Lost World Dino drinks (filled with cola), and that cute potion bottle. Suggestion: Made more stuff like this. This is a genuine theme park lover talking to you. More variation and more of them. This is what theme park is all about. For you who are tired, look at this gal, she just sleep there doesn’t care that other people pay 66$ (weekdays) and want to take pictures here, I guess this place is really comfortable for here, so she can brag to everyone that she did sleep on Hollywood before.

Most of the food here is fast food. We bought this fried chicken at Goldilocks. They are yummy. Too bad we didn’t get a chance to eat at Friar’s, they have potato chips you can “season it yourself”. They also have Asian food at Madagascar that sells South East Asian food like Thai’s. Discovery Food Court sell Singapore ‘must try’ food. In New York, there’s a place that sells steak and pizza. We have our dinner at Mel’s Drive In, it was okay but I wish we try Oasis Spice Cafe where they sell buffet of Mediterranean, Turkish, Lebanese and Indian food.

Another big bummer when we went there Battlestar are closed :(. So maybe next time I can take the rides and go weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!


Finally after using them for more than a month I’m making the review. L’Oreal Infallible Never Fail Lipstick for 16 hours of using without the need of retouch since the color will still be vivid. Comes in 12 shades in USA but in Singapore at Watson’s I usually found less than 10, and some come in Gold edition with gold shimmer.

I give them 4,5 stars out of 5 stars.

I like them since:
1. Very easy to use. Just apply No.1 (the color) leave it for a minute or so, no crunching, wiping, licking or anything that can disrupt the ‘setting’ process. Then use No.2 for moisture seal. Re-apply the moisture anytime you like or feel need to (usually for me every 2 hours).
2. I love how the ‘gadget’ look so slim, cool, and very handy (2 in 1 plus mirror).
3. The color really stay for a very long time like more than half day.
4. The moisture balm can work with or without the lipstick.
5. It got the colors I want.
6. Doesn’t give me any allergic reaction.
7. No weird scent.

o,5 star was taken out because when I’m forget or lazy to reapply the moisture it will crack and the cracks can stay at straws, spoon, or anything touches the lips. Also for the too-hard-too-clean if you only use regular cleanser, this one need a real makeup remover for lips/waterproof mascara.

And during application you need to swipe the color all in one go, if you repeating the result wont be so good since it will show an overlaps, but if you use the product often, you’ll be able to do it and mastered it well. It worth the effort.


A night stay in Grand Hyatt can rejuvenate, relive, and even rejoice anyone whose not in the mood for anything. Being able to stay in Grand Hyatt Hong Kong at 1 Harbour Road is as lovely as it can get.

A beautiful room, clean, spotless, classy and elegant. The sweet smell of Lavender is in the air, I see the burning oil right near the table. The feeling of comfort and ‘you are welcomed here’ is really in the air. I love it. Big white fluffy bed, many pillows, perfect light (not dark and not too bright), big flat TV, it’s really wonderful to be able to stay here forever. The check in was a breeze and everything went well so fast.

We did ask for a view room (to the Harbour), too bad they run out of it. So here we are on our first night in Hong Kong looking at the playground beneath us.

This is what was shown on our booking reservation:

Room(s) Booked:
Room Description:
Garden and Pool view. 38 sqM. Oversize Desk Separate Shower. Egyptian Cotton Linen. Duvet

Wow! Even the linen was ‘prescribed’, is just superb! Most hotel we went to we’re just happy that the sheets are change daily.

Next to playground is a big pool, looking grand and luscious, too bad none of us bring our swimsuit nor have the mood to splash in. Adventure in the city is what we’re looking for. The neighborhood area is so hot and mostly office. Nearby there’s a Mark & Spencer’s food store, sell mainly organic food I see many Caucasians do their groceries or take out dinner here.

For me nothing will ever beat their bathroom. Look at those golden handle, shower head and on the knobs too. And this is the first time I feel in love with June Jacobs since all of the toiletries here is hers. The shampoo, soap bars, conditioner, bath gels, all in the grapefruit range that smell so good with the compliment of the body lotion too. I love how the scent linger so long and refresh my mind too. I find out after a visit to Hyatt in Singapore that it seems like every Hyatt have a thing with June Jacobs 🙂 and I’m glad they did.

Grand Hyatt definitely on the class of their own, even the bathroom are equipped with the loofah, not those cheap disposable loofah with the real one that you can still use a month after staying here if you took them home. And room service come twice here. So they make sure after each bath/shower time you still get a fresh new towel each time.

This picture below also the view from our room if we look to the right side. And no worries in this hotel wherever you are (at the sauna, bar, cafe, restaurant or spa) the view is always the Harbour. Too bad I don’t have the time ti explore everything in this hotel. Perhaps, someday I will.

>Original Source

>Natural ingredients is something that you can definitely bet on inside all these wonderful products from Original Source. Thanks to Expat Living I am able to try more of Original Source products. I got Lavender, Lime, Lemon and Mint Shower Gels, Mint shampoo and conditioner too. All in one beautiful package. I’ve tried their Lime first and really loving it. I really can’t get enough of that juicy feeling and all the senses in me are open. It’s a great way to rejuvenate and for a while I’m thinking I must be in one of those Caribbean island having my getaway from those things that stress me out. The gels are so thick and slippery, many foams come up and each time I the bubble burst the fresh lime just pop up in my mind and filled the air with their juiciness. It’s really a wonderful experience for taking a shower.

Next is their Lemon shower gel, I though it will be somehow the same as their Lime but surprisingly this citrus offer different experience to me. A more refreshed mind and that crisp smell that reminds me to be more active and feels so clean. It’s still in a wonderful way but in different dimension from the Lime. For me the Lemon shower gel is perfect to perk up any lazy day. The scent reminds me or squeaky clean.

The best thing about Original Source for me so far is really taking my time during shower time. these fresh juicy scent is perfect for shower anytime anywhere.

Different from their citrus friend but Lavender deliver a soothing sensation that calms every nerve and senses. A perfect way to end a day when you just want to get some peace of mind. Different gels too, Lavender shower gel is more liquid and the scents is building up gently and gradually while the citrus range scent just burst up the moment they are release from the bottle. And I found the Lavender scent linger longer on the skin after shower leaving me an inducing feeling to rest and unwind.

Last but not the least is their Mint and Tea tree shampoo and conditioner. A real concentration of mint are here alright. And they are getting intense by the minute, the longer I they are on my head the colder it get. Oh and the shower gel too (Mint), it’s just chilling. No hot days with these range, it will be subzero after 5 minutes spend with them. My pores are open wide and the days seems so cool again even thou you’re in a tropical island.

The shampoo clean the hair easily and the scalp too, the cool mint also wonderfully penetrate and creating a wonderful sensation that match the conditioner that are light but adequately moisturize my hairs. I can’t say I fall in love with the Mint range but they give me a nice cooling sensation that help me throughout those hot days.

>I’ve been using Rene Furterer since I was in University. So pretty much it’s almost 10 years now. Back then I still live in Jakarta, I don’t have any particular problem with my hair, but I slightly dislike the oiliness on my scalp due to tropical weather. After using Rene F for just a few weeks my hair getting more and more voluminous. My hair look thicker and more strands. I can feel the rapid growth and it is shown on their analyzer (a TV connected to a machine that can show the surface on the scalp).

Now in Singapore I am happy to find that they still have all the range I use daily. You can check them out through their website about their philosophy, products and anything related to Rene Furterer.My hair condition is pretty much dry due to hair coloring, constant hair dryer (like every time I wash my hair), oily scalp and sometime frizzy. So my main problem is dry edges. That’s why the first thing they recommend me is Karite range, just for the conditioner. They keep telling me to use it just a little bit since the product work really well….and it is true. But not as a small amount as they say, I add from a teaspoon to a tablespoon for my shoulder length hair.

After shampooing I use Karite conditioner and during application I didn’t feel immediate effect, but when I blow my hair dry, my hair frizzines are gone. The result are a more calm and relaxed hair.

Now this is my favorite product. A scalp mask, made from the clay that absorb the oiliness of my scalp. I use them after shampooing with Curbicia shampoo. I use it once a week and it works like wonder to me. I used to use dead sea mineral clay but the effect sometime can be too drying for my scalp and the hair that tangled with it, but with Curbicia Clay Mask the scalp are clean but the hair are still soft and smooth. I just love them so much.

Beside using Curbicia shampoo I also like using Myrrhea shampoo since it help soothe my hair. So I used Curbicia shampoo like 1-2 a week with Curbicia Clay Mask, and the rest of the days within that week with Myrrhea and Karite Conditioner.

I also use Complexe 5 about 1-2 times a week. This is a pre-shampoo treatment. Usually I just put them on directly to my scalp at the area needed and seems more oily and prone to thinning. Massage them for about 5 minutes. I really like the refreshing soothing natural scent of it. It is fresh but not too citrus-sy. A bottle for me can last about 3 months, it is better to buy the bottle than ampules. Complexe 5 help the scalp to absorb the nutrients (hair tonic) better.

A little advice from me is since Rene Furterer is a premium product, well the cost is above average, take your time and enjoy yourself while using it. Like when you massage the Complexe 5, just do it gently and massage it well so the scalp got enough stimulation it need. During shampooing I also recommend you to just gently massage them and smell that gorgeous kind-a-spa feeling of the products.

Last but definitely not least is RF80. It is used like a hair tonic (on the scalp surface). It contains plants extracts and essentials oils needed for hair re-growth and slowing down the hair loss process. This product once applied on the scalp is soothing and doesn’t leave a sting feeling like Complexe 5 if you leave them too long on the scalp. The scent is not as strong as Complexe 5 but more calm and subtle.

Besides all of these product I review above I still use their other shampoo (except for dandruff hair) and their leave-in products. Overall, Rene Furterer did bring the quality and assurance that I need to pamper my hair and scalp.

>It is the best movie so far for me. Entertaining, fun to watch and best of all I got them free and watched it in 3D. Not that unreal 3D but that experience that really bring all the goodness in 3D.

The Cathay theater that I’m in is very big and grand, I really like the ambiance. The toilet should provide more cubicle, it’s hardly enough for not even 1% of the whole community there.

Back to the movie, I really like how Gru change from a despicable man to a very loving dad. I guess Agnes made him change, since she the one that like him in the first place. I also like how the girls hearts change, I guess they’ve been through a lot before in the orphanage because of the mean lady that took care of them. Too bad they didn’t let us know what happen to her next. Gru’s mom also suddenly have a change of heart in an instant.

Maybe the moral of the story is how parents treat their kids will affect how will they grow and in this movie is so significantly obvious. So parents, wise up okie 🙂

>Going to Plaza Singapura yesterday with my sis, thinking of having a comfort food at Hot Tomato and got completely disappoint.

I order a beef stew for 8.90 and my sis order half chicken roasted with rosemary. My sis did enjoyed her food completely, with all the abundance of the meal. We also have the meal on set (add another 2.90$ for drink, soup with a garlic bread).

The beef stew was really bad for me. Old Chang Kee beef stew is a lot better, thicker, juicier. Yes, Hot Tomato gave more chunk of beef but they really hard to chew and I choose the order to come with a rice. Sadly, I forgot to mention a warm steam rice, because they serve me a cold hard rice that really difficult to chew nonetheless swallow. Rice is basic lah, a restaurant should have know how to properly cook and or serve one.

Well anyway, after try to hold on to the unforgiving smoke from another stall stand quite near to our seat, finally we finished the meal and went out and the air is unbelievably so fresh au contraire with the air in the Hot Tomato area….this must be a feeling of a tomato being smoked…HOT!

>Going to Tokyo for a first time and really don’t know where to stay and on a budget? I suggest this wonderful place at Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku Hotel. I stayed there for 3 nights and really enjoy the whole experience. I don’t even know where to start. First of all the location couldn’t be better. From Narita I took a Narita Express to JR Shinjuku Station, get out from South Terrance Exit. Well actually there’s another entrance/exit (Toei Oedo Line) using the elevator that really just next to the hotel, but for first timer it will be hard for me to explain. Since in Shinjuku Station all major line crossing here and just really close to each other.

Going around from here also so easy and I almost doesn’t have any reason to stay away from here since it’s like the center or everything I want in Tokyo (except Disneyland and Puroland). The bus station is near and I can almost anywhere from there. There’s Takashimaya, a huge shopping mall that got every store that famous around the world and originally Japanese, there’s Keio that at the basement floor sell all those wonderful Japanese snacks and sushi and bento’s oh I just can’t stop!

Just walk towards the right side there’s am/pm (a convenience store that really convenient), it sell all yummy food and snack that was so cheap and taste so good. I love this sandwiches filled with chicken yakitori and mayo, I can’t get enough, I bought it everyday. They also sell fruits, parfaits, coffee, drinks, mangas, magazines, daily needs, to hot warm food. Also in the same area they have Yoshinoya, and other Japanese restaurant (ramen, bars, and many more). Lumine I and II also just around the corner, right the opposite of Takashimaya. The opposite direction is Isetan and other Japanese malls. I just love this location so much since they got every mall I wanted to be, and the food is so easy to access. I don’t complement my booking with a breakfast or any meals but that’s really not a problem at all. We came here during rainy season (tsuyu) and everywhere we can find shelter easily.

This is the building. It’s not that difficult to find it since surrounding there’s no other building in this color. The lobby is superb, I thought it was a 5 star hotel. All the staff speak English fluently and can help you with almost anything. I ask them to write in kanji when I want to purchase a bus ticket to Disneyland in advance, gladly I did since the guy at the bus station can not speak English at all. But no worries most young adult in Tokyo are able to speak English very well and not so shy in showing it, and I’m thankful for them.

At the lobby the checking in was really a breeze and fast, coming in the middle of the night is not a problem at all, I never see them off guard or lack of staff. They also inform us to get all the amenities (shower cap, sponge, shaver, cotton buds, and yes, many more) at the lobby, near to the lift. When we got to the room, it was just like I imagine, spotlessly clean and no smoke or traces of them anywhere. We did request for the non smoking room, but some hotels still have that awful smell. The room is lovely, all white and they provide all we need. From sleeping robe, perfect bed, slippers, TV with ALL HD shows (seriously Japan makes any TV look really bad) I never see a cooking show look so pretty and REAL. Even though the size is compact (small is not appropriate since everything is measure correctly) we feel comfortable. The toilet is equipped with a high technology potty (heehee), got all the button to make the seat warm, got a button for women (?), to do the big one, small one.

Also in the bathroom they have bathtub (yup, mini but complete), shower, curtains, foaming soap for hand and face, towels, shampoo, shower gel and conditioner. I need to mention this the toiletries inside is not those cheap products that bad for everyone that use them BUT they got POLA. The product was so good, the shampoo is gentle but clean effectively without striping the moisture from my hair, so does the shower gel to my skin, the conditioner is light but protect each strand where it needed. The hair dryer also functioning really well and so does everything in the room. They cleaned the room daily around 10 pm and make sure each room got a pair (or more) sleeping robe fresh cleaned daily.

Lesson learn from my stay in Tokyo/Japan is that no need to bring so many toiletries, extra clothes for sleep, or any other daily needs, they provide everything from toothbrush to even a sponge. A disposable sponge that come in each vacuumed pack packaging. I’m really in love with all the details they put in this hotel. I will definitely come here again