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Hi everyone,

in this post I would like to share about beauty from within.

Everyday as we uses skincare and maintaining well balanced diet, supplement is often needed as sometime we don’t get wide varieties of choices available. Such as Vita Green Lingzhi

Haven’t heard about Lingzhi?

Read some of the info here:

And there are many different functions and benefits like shown below:

And Vita Green Lingzhi has all 6 colors of Lingzhi, which is beneficial for:

This is the product, a bottle contained 72 capsules, which is taken daily 1-2 capsules.

In Guardian right now, they are having a promotion where normal price is SGD 129, now become SGD 109.

For me the capsules are smaller than regular capsule and easy to drink everyday. I take it right after a meal, once daily. And since the product are made for all ages, I give one for my daughter per day.

I feel it is important to take Lingzhi daily as antioxidant and increase immune system as we live in a big city where the air is polluted. I wish for greener Jakarta but meanwhile I have to keep myself healthy since my wish takes time to become a reality (which means I still hope it become a reality where Jakarta become a green city with clean air).

Lingzhi has been well known for generations in my family and we used to take it in a much more inconvenient way, this capsules definitely make it easier to be consumed daily and in a practically measured single dose.

As the Chinese believes in yin and yang please do consume Vita Green Lingzhi accordingly and drinks plenty of water, have more than 1 portions of fruits and veggies too.

Hello everyone!

I’m here with one of my utmost favorite beauty brands in the world, which is Skin Inc. I know them since 2 years ago and I’ve tried their Okinawa DeepSea Hydra Mask (HERE) which I found to be the best hydrating mask and so wonderful as a sleeping mask as well. Their superb CC Cream, yes not BB cream but CC, Ceramide Collagen which gives the skin a moisture and flexibility that was lack from most BB Cream (HERE), their Cleansing Oil (HERE) which have 3 in 1 layers of function and benefits, enjoyed in their spa (HERE), and get an instant transparent clear skin, 7 days with the Optimiser+ AIO (HERE) and now I actually own the tool ^0^ so happy!! And of course, the one that started it all their customized serum (HERE) where else in the world you can get a personalized serum? Wonderful isn’t it and they still have so many products as well, I’ve tried the Collagen Mask and Pure Revival Peel as well. All of them are made it to my Best of The Best product list in each of their category, impressive isn’t it?!

And now, the first edible skincare made possible by Skin Inc

Details from the press release:
Awaken unresponsive skin with a nutritious concoction of anti-ageing,
brightening and hydrating ingredients. Experience My Daily Dose “Skin Loves It” Jelly – the
first edible skincare to hit local shores.

Small in size, big on benefits
Pop it, love it – think of “Skin Loves It” Jelly as a do-it-all fix for skin! This is a delectable jelly
that feeds skin with a menu of nourishing ingredients, from hyaluronic acid and vitamin C to
fish collagen and horse placenta. A holistic antidote to your beauty woes, it works not just on
anti-ageing but also whitening, firming, toning and hydration, so your skin gets exactly what it
needs to become healthy, rejuvenated and younger-looking. In addition, it’s great for your
body’s overall health too, as Vitamin C fends off infections, and hyaluronic acid protects joints,
eyes, and skin from degeneration.

“Skin Loves It” Jelly contains one of the highest infusions of different nourishing ingredients
amounting to 30,000mg.
What you’ll also love is the jelly’s delicious mango flavor, which makes this edible skincare
such a tasty indulgence at any time of the day!

Perfect for time-starved women, this is a convenient eat-as-you-go supplement that can be
easily packed into a handbag or briefcase, even a purse! Unlike powders and capsules, you
won’t even need to store it in a pill box or add water, and being in lightweight jelly form, it’s far
easier to carry around than liquid supplements. Just tear the sample and enjoy the jelly. A dose
of “Skin Loves It” Jelly for an intensive 14-day supplement is a fuss-free formulation to achieve
revitalised and glowing skin.

Low-fat, high-fibre
This yummy snack contains only low-calorie and natural sweeteners such as Acesulfame K (a
zero-calorie sweetener), Sucralose (a low-calorie sweeter) and Erthyritol (a natural sweetener
that doubles up as an anti-oxidant) – so you don’t have to worry about your waistline every time
you indulge.
In fact, because it’s packed with dietary fibre that lowers blood cholesterol levels and treats
constipation, it will even help the body eliminate toxic waste faster.
Apple vinegar, another ingredient in this wonder jelly, also helps in breaking down fat to
facilitate natural weight reduction. Finally, a guilt-free pleasure!

The ingredients encapsulated in one nifty jelly sachet includes:

For anti-ageing
Fish collagen: Collagen makes up 30 per cent of the proteins in the human body, and 70 per
cent of the proteins in the skin, keeping skin firm, taut and supple. From the age of 25, the
body steadily loses its ability to create new collagen. Fish collagen replenishes the body’s
collagen levels to reduce signs of ageing. A non-toxic alternative derived from fish skin and
scales, it is also more readily absorbed than animal collagen. At the same time, fish collagen
contains larger amounts of two amino acids – glycine and proline – which are crucial for
healthy tissue growth of hair, skin and nails.

Vitamin C: The key to the production of collagen, Vitamin C aids in the growth of cells and
blood vessels, and gives the skin its firmness and strength. This powerful antioxidant not only
neutralises free radicals but also reverses DNA damage that causes dryness, fine lines and
wrinkles. A healthy dose of Vitamin C also protects our bodies from infection and maintains
healthy bones and teeth, while speeding up wound healing. The gamut of health benefits also
includes the lowering of blood pressure and blood lead levels, the proper dilation of blood
vessels and protection against oxidative stress which may lead to severe medical conditions
such as heart disease.

For brightening
Horse placenta: Containing more than 300 amino acids, horse placenta is a licensed,
certified and clinically proven safe and effective ingredient for whitening. As the body cannot
produce certain amino acids, these must be ingested via supplements and vitamins. A rich
source of nutrition, horse placenta improves skin tone, texture, elasticity and moisture levels. It
not only actively hampers melanin production, but also stimulates skin cell renewal for
beautiful, translucent skin, and visibly fights signs of ageing such as wrinkles and fine lines.
Citric acid: Both an anti-oxidant and a whitening ingredient, it brightens skin, corrects dark
spots and fine lines, and also treats mild acne. Citric acid also helps slough off dead cells and
speed cell turnover, promoting the growth of new skin cells to improve the appearance of age
spots, acne scars and uneven tone and texture.

For hydration
Hyaluronic acid: Your skin’s moisture magnet, hyaluronic acid holds up to 1000 times its
weight in water. It also aids in tissue repair, holds together the skin’s structural components
collagen and elastin and creates a protective barrier against micro-organisms. Hyaluronic acid
also keeps joints in good health by coating each cartilage cell for better mobility and flexibility.

For general health
Apple vinegar: Ensuring a rich supply of vitamins, beta-carotene, and minerals such as
calcium, potassium, sodium, and magnesium, apple vinegar treats a variety of ailments,
including hair loss, weak nails, brittle teeth, sinusitis and a permanent running nose. Betacarotene
in apple vinegar also counters free radical damage to promote a youthful
appearance. In addition, apple vinegar fights fungal and bacterial infections, helps to dissolve
uric acid deposits that form around joints, and breaks down fat for natural weight reduction.
Black vinegar: Used in natural cardiovascular treatments, black vinegar reduces glucose
levels, thus slaying off an array of heart problems. It boosts the body’s energy production, and
digestive, immune, and cognitive systems. At the same time, it contains many essential amino
acids which help to balance the body’s pH levels and heal everyday ailments ranging from
congestion to constipation.

My Daily Dose “Skin Loves It” Jelly retails at $58 for a pack of 14 sachets from
1st May 2012 at all Skin Inc Concept and Specialty Stores.

Yes, there’s so much benefits isn’t it?! And just one sachet per day for all of those. The cute pink packaging is appealing, but I wish it comes in colors like shown on the box ^__^

I’ve been consuming the Jelly for 7 days now and I just love it!

Here it is my daily dose ^__^ props are courtesy from Ascott Raffles Place Singapore. I’m imagining how this small dose, could make a difference, do I need to treat it like a supplement which the effect start after continuous daily intake or it’s like a miracle drug that show instant improvements.

Anyhow, I have to start with Day 1

The sachet is easily open with a gentle tear. A light dark orange color jelly is sliding out from the packaging.

The entire sachet is just a spoonful, smells fruity and refreshing. It was sweet, light and taste like mango, a marriage between mango and something from the citrus family. Definitely pleasing. The jelly need a bit biting action, I’m talking 9 months baby chewing ability ^0^ so it’s nothing hard. Like a snack, snack time that I’m looking forward too.

When I’m in Japan, I’ve tried many drinks and snacks where collagen is one of the ingredients, but none taste this good. In terms of texture, simplicity and taste.

I’m trying it with a spoon and directly as well, no fuss no frills. I’ve tried them before meal, after meal and even in the middle of a meal, so far they doesn’t bother my sensitive tummy. Nice!

After 7 days of consuming the first thing I’ve noticed is my skin’s moisture level is increasing. Not just on the face, but overall. I do the dishes daily and usually there are some white lines of cracks on the palm due to dryness. I couldn’t find them anymore. The whole skin on hands feel moist and looks healthier. Beside the hands, the whole skin as well. They don’t easily dried as before. My cheeks are sensitive and usually quite dry (and it causes the sensitiveness as well), now it gets better, like it has been normalized or at least getting there.

Hmm, for the overall well being I can’t say I’m completely aware of it, my usually chapped lips also looks softer and plumper.

Does it means that I do not need anymore moisturizer, body lotion, lip balm, etc? Of course I’m still using them all. I think by taking the daily dose jelly and use a proper skincare regularly will work hand in hand creating a wholesomeness.

I’ll keep you posted with after 2 weeks result (which is next week) and meanwhile I’m enjoying my ride here =^__^= yums, lovely jelly!

Wanna try some? Currently Skin Inc is available in Singapore (ION Orchard, Orchard Central, Marina Bay Link Mall, nex @ Serangoon Central, Robinsons at Marina Bay Sands Changi Airport Terminal 2, and Resorts World vie Beaute) and Spain (HERE)