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Hi all ^__^
I’ve been using this make up remover that really is a saver for me. The wipes are soft and delicate even for my eyes. I’ve done a bit of review regarding the product —> HERE! But this is my update after using Biore Make Up Remover, Cleansing Oil Sheet for months and months I’m still in love of how the wipes really act like an eraser and wipe all the makeup off in the simplest way possible. I also use a fake lashes occasionally and the glue sometime just difficult to be cleaned with cleansing oil, foam,etc, but this wipes does it!

I also use infallible eye liner and the wipes just clean the waterproof liner in a jiffy. No more going to bed with my eyes piling on makeups, all clean and I’m off to bed. Eyes are always my trickiest part when cleansing oils may cause some blur if I use them to close on the eyes, but this wipe is the answer.

Perfect for any type of makeup, water proof or not, sensitive areas or just about anything. I give the product 5 out of 5 star for being budget friendly and highly effective yet gentle.

Hi pretty girls,

To those who live in Singapore or happen to visit Singapore might get a chance to meet Makiyo in person. Please read the following press release details accordingly.
Celebrated actress and variety show host Makiyo,
known for her great skin and life-changing make-up, will be in Singapore to promote
cosmetic label, Sophie Monk. As spokesperson for Sophie Monk, Makiyo will share her
ideas about beauty, her beauty regime and how Sophie Monk works so beautifully for
Makiyo will make a personal appearance to meet her fans as well as fans of Sophie
Monk at the following venue:
Guardian Pharmacy
Ngee Ann City
Date & Time: 4th November 2011, 7pm.
Sophie Monk’s revolutionary formula with natural botanical extracts intercept amped
up melanin production and acts like a cluster-buster to remove coloration and restore
clarity that the skin deserves
Strawberry is a very central ingredient to the products. There is a beautiful, natural scent
to it; add to the fact that facial masks and products containing strawberry extracts
impart such an amazing glow when applied to the skin.
Retailing in Singapore now are the following ranges:
1. Whitening range
2. Hydrating range
3. Anti –Acne range
4. Strawberry Facial Masks & Little Twin Stars Masks
a. Green Mask Pore Minimizing Double Lifting Mask (contacts ear hooks and
extra sheet for neck)
b. Purple – Whitening Double Lifting
c. Yellow – V-Shaped Double Lifting Mask
d. Blue – Hydrating Double Lifting Mask
The label is currently loved by models and celebrities in Taiwan and Japan in need of
whitening solutions is now here, sold at Guardian!
To receive Makiyo’s autograph, simply spend more than $50 on Sophie Monk products
and get a chance to stand in line for Makiyo’s autograph.
Guests who spend more than $100 will have the privileged opportunity of being
photographed with Makiyo.
About Sophie Monk
Sophie Monk celebrates beauty in women and is fronted by Japanese/Taiwanese
celebrity, Makiyo. Its R&D and cute packaging puts it at the forefront of beauty
solutions for young ladies wanting beauty, offering solutions for dry skin, acne through a
comprehensive and tightly-edited selection of whitening, hydrating, anti acne products
as well as hydrating masks. Sophie Monk retails at all Guardian pharmacies in Singapore.
For more info, please log on to:
or you can find out more in Sophiemonk Singapore Facebook Page

Last but not least for those who unfamiliar with her this is Makiyo’s Bio:
Singer, Actress and TV Personality
Full Name: Kawashima Makiyo
Birthday: 12 June 1984
Ethnicity: Japanese and Taiwanese
Born in Japan, Makiyo moved to Taiwan at the
age of 10 where she is now based. She first
broke into the entertainment scene at the age
of 16 with her appearance in a cellphone commercial, where she was discovered by a
talent spotter and subsequently released her first Chinese album “Makiyo”.
Taking a break from singing in 2004, the multi-talented Makiyo continued establishing
herself in the Taiwanese entertainment industry through appearances in various drama
series and variety shows, publishing several photo books and even hosting. Most
recently, Makiyo returned to producing good music with the release of “Girls Power” in
August 2011.
Makiyo has established a niche for herself as a beauty and fashion guru with her
frequent appearances in variety programmes to speak about such topics as skincare
and cosmetics. She has been a favourite amongst various fashion and beauty brands.

So, don’t miss this wonderful and rare opportunity to be there and witness Makiyo shares her beautiful life with Sophie Monk.

Details from

depsea hydrability

“miracle” active
For centuries, Japanese women have enjoyed the pleasure of bathing in mineral-rich hot spring waters believed to have the power to heal illness and beautify the skin with naturally infused miracle ingredients. inspired by this treasured custom, shu uemura scientists returned to the deep sea, emerging with powerful moisturizing actives, Vitasea FermentTM, sourced originally from volcanic hot springs 2,000m below the sea surface to offer the ultimate purity.
depsea hydrability
shu uemura’s 1st moisturizing program with 3-actions approach designed to go beyond intense moisture delivery by improving skin’s self-moisturizing ability with the power of the deep sea and ultimately locking-in moisture. skin is moisturized for 24 hours, feeling significantly soft, smooth and plumped with enhanced skin translucency.

As always Shu Uemura always pays attention on details, he won’t go without research and field test. I’m really fond of his art works in beauty. Below you can see real result in real women:

And the reason behind the results are these ingredients:

1. Improve skin’s hydration ability by boosting*1 NMF
Depsea waterTM
Vitasea FermentTM
2. intense moisture delivery by breakthrough technology
Hyaluronic Acid Microspheres
3. lock-in moisture by strengthening*1 skin barrier function
Mineral Algae MgCa

Interested to know what they are? I suggest opening and find out more. Click —> HERE!

The cream have a mild scents and I really love the deep blue calming color in the luxurious packaging. The cream feels light in texture but rich on the skin. Providing much more than moisture. Like I swim into the ocean and the whole ocean are extracted into essence and it was presently here inside the cream. Feel so precious.

This is me with the cream already spread on my face, as you can see the glow, my skin looks radiating, like I’m back in my 20’s. Or maybe better.

I know, in this hot and humid weather we live on, moisturizing feels heavy sometime and most people run to find matte-fying cream/powder,  but still, our skin need to be hydrated to stay plump (aka younger). You can just use it as little as needed.

I use like 2 corn sized and spread the soft cream easily on my facial skin and neck. If you think the cream is heavy as a day cream you can simply us it as a night cream and be happy that it provide moisture for 24 hours. I can honestly say that this is another high quality product by Shu Uemura that will benefit those suffering from dry skin or any skin who needs moisture and rich minerals.  

Description found on Cosme Land:

Shiseido Hadasui Skin&Body Toner – Suppliment In 14+a is a jelly type liquid that contains rich natural water and ingredients to provide moist and elasticity to your skin.
This toner contains Japan’s Fuji Mountain Natural Mineral Water, and 5 different types of Amino Acids, Collagen and other rich ingredients, total of 14 ingredients.
This jelly type toner can be used as
1. facial toner,
2. body lotion,
3. cool down product from sunburn,
4. care product for after shave,
5. and much more.
100% Natural Mineral Water
Low Acidity, Color free, Oil free, Grapefruit scent.
13.6 fl oz. (400mL)
Use this product as….
1. Facial Toner,
. Dry your face after washing your face with cleanser.
. Use a clean, fresh cotton ball or pad, and apply toner to it.
. Apply the toner in downward strokes on the cheeks, nose, and chin; sideways then downward strokes on the forehead.

2. Body Lotion,
. Apply an adequate amount on your palms and massage gently into pre-cleansed body.

3. cool down product from sunburn,
. Apply an adequate amount on your palms and massage gently to the inflammed area.

4. care product for after shave, 

. Apply an adequate amount on your palms and massage gently to the area. 
Do not apply to damaged, broke, or inflamed areas of the skin.
Not eatable, and drinkable
Discontinue using if itching, redness, or sensitivity occurs.
If the product contacts the eyes, do not rub; rinse with clean water immediately.
The product should be handled with clean hands.
Avoid direct sunlight, high temperature, and high humidity, and keep out of the reach of children.

Details and image from Shiseido.

14 amino acids and other ingredients in natural water and collagen Fuji ●, is feeling jelly supplements provide a sense of firmness and moisture to the skin.
● 100% natural water use
● Non-Oily unpigmented weakly acidic
● refreshing scent of grapefruit
Should changes to mist and blast people with a thickened jelly ●.

My review:

Hmm, first I hardly smell the refreshing scent of grapefruits, it more like a sharp scent of something acidic. But the feeling on the skin is really comfortable. It can be use as a replacement for your toner, perfect for a skin that is drying and screaming for comfort and moisture. I also like that how handy this lotion is, hair, face, body, all can have a benefit from it. Too bad so far not many places (and country) sell it. I got it in Tokyo. 

Suitable to be use when you stay in air conditioning room all day long and drying your skin/hair. The sprayer help the application by far, smaller particles and feels smoother without the need of cotton. The lotion is easy to absorb and gives the moisture my skin need and not oiliness. I can simply use it several time in a day, I wish they have one in smaller bottle.

Will I keep using it? Yes! Love love love the instant juicy moist plump effect.

Details was found in and

Okay it’s rambling time ^__^

Today is Bloggers National Day, where bloggers are celebrated -___-‘ who celebrating who? I know compared to those abroad bloggers in Indonesia have a long way to go. We need to take action and be more real in creativity and activity.

Unlike other nation where bloggers have their own organization/community where the T&C are clear and easy to move around which the system is running, in Indonesia we are still knocking on doors or have to struggle on our own. But hey, don’t let this stop us, I say keep on moving. As long we stay persistently good, artsy (in our own unique way) I say go for it!

Each of us have a way in communicating or see things differently. That’s Great! Why bother? The neighbor’s grass aren’t always greener, so just pay attention to your own field and be damn good about it. For me being the same is pure boredom, be your own unique self is awesome!

Not good with words? Use a pic, not good with pic? Use your words. Not good at both use art or paint yourself out of it. I know a girl who instead of taking a pic with HDRLSR (what ever! I don’t have one it’s too ex for me) she drew the pic of a product on her review….brilliant!

In the end blogging is about you expressing things that you want to express. We know there’s a famous travel blogger since she love traveling, that gorgeous girl in fashion world, or beauty blogger vlogger which is so talented in tutorial, but stop looking at the sun and stay on your planet. What is YOUR passion, you’re into and deepest desire, DO THAT!

You can find more about the details here: CLICK!

On that link it have explain my first experience with Skin Vivo (almost the whole package in the range) including this night cream.

The rich white cream is not think nor fluid, it was something in the middle. I really like how it really defines the word rich. The scent is mild and a bit musky which is pleasant and doesn’t bothers me as a night cream (overwhelming scent on night cream is a nightmare). But the best part doesn’t lies on the scent, is on the cream. Usually other cream provide moisture, full stop. Skin Vivo Night provide rejuvenation and vitality overnight, waking up with a less lines and better skin condition are possible.

This is the first time I’m liking a night cream for being rich yet not clogging my skin, absorbed well and working out as an anti aging cream.

This is me after more than a week using Skin Vivo Night, the whole look become younger, less complexion, rejuvenate, supple and plump.

Take note that I’m using the serum, milky lotion, and eye cream from Skin Vivo range too. During picture taking I do use light makeup, but I can’t hide the fact that my skin looks a lot better since using Skin Vivo.

Details from

Visibly Replenishing and Reshaping Cream Gloss Pro-Xylane™ Concentrated

Details from
50% caring active ingredients in a replenishing cream gloss.
50% of caring actives in a replenishing cream gloss The first cream Sheen enriched with caring actives : Pro-Xylane™ (10 times more concentrated than L’Absolu Rouge); Hyaluronic acid, Glycerin and Moisture Fix Complex

Caring formula with emblematic colours of L’Absolu Rouge: 9 luminous shades for a homogenous and satiny make up result and intensely smoothed and replenished lips

The combination of care and the make up in a creamy texture.
Pro-Xylane™ and hyaluronic acid for visibly plumped and replenished lips.
Glycerin and Moisture Fix Complex for nourished and smoothed lips, with 10 hours hydration.*

(* instrumental test on 24 women) Apply L’Absolu Crème de Brillance directly to the lips with the applicator and start application from the middle of the upper lip to the outer corner and from the outer corner of the lower lip to the centre.
Apply by dabbing the lips with the fingers for a more natural result.

My review:
This is truly a very moist lipstick, why do I say lipstick? For the coverage and vivid color just like using a lipstick but a fluid one. Very moist and I love the feeling when using it. My lips feels smooth, protected, moist, sexy and fully blushed. I really like how I can simply changed the tone from light pink to dark red with their choices of color.
You can read and see more for the color choices and price —> HERE!
Will I use the product again? MOST definitely yes! Would you love it? Can’t see why not ^___^ The color (and moisture) stay vivid for long wear (more than 8 hours) no, they are not a stay on, so if you swipe them, eating, drinking, or just about anything that touch the surface of the lips it will wear off. But if you stay clear of your lips, L’Absolu Creme De Brillance will not leave you.

Great as a top coat (lipstick then L’Absolu Creme De Brillance) or use it alone. 

Just used the Pure Smile in Rose Essence Mask which is a delight for the scent, but I can only feel and use it as a cooling mask to be used in a hot day like these. Yes, this is my thing, I like staying at home all day long and reviewing products.
In term of function, I think it need to go along the way, completely not a one time effective mask that will give you a completely different look, again budget wise? It’s a win-win situation ^___^ the good news, even thou’ the product is not pricey (at all) the quality is still skin friendly (I’ve tried those which is budget-friendly but cause sensitivity, allergy, etc).

Score in terms of function equal money = happy number 8

Weeks and weeks go Lip Ice sent me a lip balm where the coolness was ahead of any other lip balm. I like the fresh strawberry scent and the light ‘balm’ing effect. The sample is super cute and you can redeem it free here —> CLICK!

On my lips it last like 3 hours max, but budget wise? It is a suitable product for anyone and almost any age can enjoy ^__^

Details from L’

A super-smoothing–and best-selling–synergy of 20% Shea Butter, honey and sweet almond extract, blended with the light and alluring aromas of jasmine and ylang-ylang essences. Texturally pleasing balm glides on and absorbs to help heal and protect dry or dehydrated skin. Anti-oxidizing vitamin E helps nourish. Invites even the most hard-working hands to a fresh beginning.

Of thick texture, it penetrates easily and quickly and it does not leave a greasy film. At night apply a generous layer and massage the hands. It can be used anytime of the day.

My review:

The thick cream have a pleasant musky-shea-butter scent and for me it’s not really comfortable to be used on day time in Jakarta where it is hot and humid. I think it would be perfect for long haul plane, they do have travel size hand cream. It’s not quickly absorbed, I can still feel it when it’s already spread like 15 minutes ago. I remember the staff at L’Occitane reminds me to use it with a glove at night then waking up with a smooth hands in the morning. What I like about the cream? The healing property that gives a skin an instant healthy glow, supple and moist.