Girls loves lippy, we just do. It’s either seems kissable to the fact that lot’s of these lippies smells real juicy.

Strolling in Guardian near the MRT station and our eyes caught on a pack of Coca Cola, Fanta, and Sprites, no, not the drinks, the lip balms. Haven’t try one, I decide to buy a piece. Which later I regret, I should’ve buy the whole pack.

I’ve known Lip Smacker or Bonne Bell back in my days in Australia 15 years ago. Always keen about them but I think now it’s all about flavor instead of color as well.

Yep, Fanta Strawberry is clear alright but bursting with Fanta Strawberry and a bit sweet too. Too bad they don’t carry the reddish stain look like when drinking Fanta Strawberry.

 Review: Love the juicy addictive Fanta Strawberry scent, hoping it would stain my lips but it doesn’t, no comment for the sweetness taste (I don’t think it’s important), and now I really want to try the Sprite and cokes, my hubby would have like it too. Give our puckers a moisturizing effect without the girly scent. Smooth and a bit shine is included.