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Oh la la! This one item is a must have in every gal’s dressing table. First, let’s check the details from


Vitamin Enriched Face Base

A Bobbi Brown Best-Seller. Bobbi recommends this as the first step to prepare skin for the smoothest makeup application. Rich in feel, but never greasy, this advanced oil-free, face formula, with Shea Butter, instantly hydrates, softens, and cushions skin. Carrot Extract and Vitamin A Complex help minimize the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamins C and E help protect against environmental damage. Grapefruit and Geranium fragrances leave a light, uplifting scent on skin. With daily use, skin looks and feels its best. Dermatologist-tested.

I can be more ecstatic about the scent, it was refreshingly juicy and delightful. It’s a mix between something citrus and remarkably addictive. The light yellow slightly milky creamy form of gooey jelly base is also another winning strike. I use it on a cleaned moisturized skin and it just glide on the skin guilt-free. Somehow the skin looks more alive and healthier, like literally just take a dose of vitamins and prep the way for makeup.

Say good bye to a dull looking skin and hello radiance. Use it alone when you just want to enjoy a good natural looking skin or top it off with a light foundation or maybe bb cream with SPF. Add some loose powder, and good to go! No need adding piles of heavy makeup since it will block the gorgeous looking skin within.

Hi gurls,

I’m back with Bobbi Brown, now with their creamy creamy lipstick.

Please read the details from

Creamy Lip Color
Creamy Lip Color combines rich color with comfortable, long-lasting wear and a soft, creamy shine. With emollient shea butter and plant-derived skin conditioners, this amazing formula glides on smooth, wears all day, and leaves lips soft and moisturized.

Thanks to Ms. Myrna, mine is Soft Blush 42.

The color is somewhat like my natural lip’s color. Hmm, better try it out.

A bit swatches here, so delicate and a lot of moisture in it.

Here it is, the before and after look. The color is almost like my natural’s indeed. The creamy sensation is just lovely, not overly done, still feels light to the lips yet moisturizing just perfect. Suitable for daily use and applying it brings me a lot of comfort, no more chapped lips and it stays on almost the whole day. It does depends on your ‘naughtiness’ in licking your lips, eating, drinking, etc, for me? It stays on for hours un-touched (maximum 4 hours), but need to re-apply after being touched.

No complain at all against this product ^__^

See anyone in common? Yes, Bobbi Brown in every frame with many different celebrities. Another book of Bobbi Brown:

Beauty Rules, Fabulous Looks, Beauty Essentials, and Life Lessons For Loving Your Teens and Twenties.

Basically it’s a book for a girl growing up and many more.

As always, Bobbi emphasize on differences. She acknowledges, cherries and liberated the word ‘Beauty’. It’s never a form, instead beauty comes in many forms.

She have a lot of tricks on her sleeve ^__^ but one thing thou’ I really can’t not washing my hair every day, I’ll go bananas for sure. It’s too hot and humid here in our southeast Asia climate.

Nevertheless, who am I to confront an international renowned makeup artist -__-‘

More about hair is deliberated in this book, ehm, there’s also some reasons I let the picture dark and a bit blurry, I don’t thing is appropriate to show all, it’s the copywrite thingy okay. I just want you to have a glimpse on inside the book without crossing any lines 🙂

But this one is like on the back of the cover, so I think I can be quite straightforward. As you can read above is all you will get in this book.

I have many favorite parts in it, but one that caught me is always those in different shapes and sizes wink wink. Bobbi’s Basic Life Rules. It’s beyond beauty itself, it’s more like how you can make the best out of your life and surprisingly a lot of it is not about how you pampered yourself in front of a mirror, but what you presented yourself in front of others in terms of attitude and behavior.

Words of encouragements and building self esteem is easily found here. It seems like she gets that! She know how when girls gone through puberty and every psychologically changes that she have to go through, which actually not just about her biological changes, but her mind and her perspective.

We are bombarded with commercials and the idea of beautiful in the society, this book actually helps young girls to understand and see themselves in a more realistic and forgiving ways, but in the same time teaches them to: Yup! Dream BIG.

On another page I find this entertaining too, her bag! I know many beauty bloggers would love to see it \^0^/ She is a true professional make up artist! Wowza!

Back to kinda serious stuff, she discuss about hair removal, hair coloring and braces too. Best parts: Why Delay.

And about buying your beauty stuff, funny thing thou’ she bought some in an art supply store. I guess Monalisa is made by the same brush haha!

And yes, Beauty From The Inside Out. This is one classic section that you usually read in human development books, you know the one that says no matter what is your outside look like. But Bobbi speaks above that, yes be grateful from what you have and still you can work something up to enhance your natural beauty.

Like shaping your eyebrow when clearly the brow have ‘ruin’ (take note on the ‘ ‘ okay) the entire look by being too messy. A simple tweezers can help out. It’s not changing your face, it’s just ‘tidying’ up ^__^ I hope you get it.

Like this super gorgeous lips, imagine it dry, chapped, and a bit bleeding due to being too dry, would it look this good? It’s the same lips but which do you prefer. It’s like that.

Her beauty is in her smile and her soft eyes, Bobbi’s added by tidying her brows, evened the skin tone, lip balm, a bit of reds on the cheeks and lips, some mascara and pencil action and there she is. It’s still her, only more polished.

 And step by step guide for teens too. Always op for natural look. Never go over the top.
 Last but not least, here’s my most favorite part, HAVE FUN with it. Have fun growing up and all the changes and experimenting.

A must have book for any mom whose daughter is just about to bloom. Legacy.

Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual

I’m a big fan of Bobbi’s art work, her signature ‘look’ is a natural enhance beauty. Soft healthy glow on a luminous skin. Lightly trimmed brow and perky cheeks. Lips with pink or red which show happiness and represent her view on how every woman is beautiful.
Here’s a glimpse of what inside the book.
Bobbi’s classic natural look with a whole lots of healthy glowing skin. Pretty! Bobbi believes in being comfortable in our own skin, no matter what color and shape we’re in.

She teaches how to shape brow without the need of over plucking. Please do click on any image for better view.
The instruction is detailed and that’s also the reason I found this book perfect for beginner. But don’t get me wrong this book also suitable for any level you’re in.
Her materials are based on decades of her experience being a makeup artist

Wow! Four bestselling books on beauty, I only found 2, hmm, better keep on searching, her books are collectibles item and I can pass on to my girlfriends and daughters.

It’s like her book is crucial for anyone who want to do anything related to beauty.

Best of all, I love how she see the importance of acknowledging one’s skin. How to take care your skin properly and in a correct manner.

So when you do the basic it wont be just slathering plenty of concealer and foundation to cover everything up. When you got a healthy glowing skin, you won’t need all those heavy piles. 

Then after the reader understood all the basic we can now play with color.

See the words in bold? Practice is the key, if an expert says so, it most probably right ^___^

Stuffs you might see, know, and learn to master


And all those brushes, yes, she deliberate those woody things that you normally seen carried or used by a pro makeup artist, now you can learn and be one.

One more thing that I found very interesting and not many mua (makeup artist) or beauty books ever discuss and make it seem unrelated, Bobbi Brown took care of it and say it here. Makeup during pregnancy!

Bobbi Brown in action, love her already, I hope someday I can meet her in person.

Gals, anywhere and everywhere in this world, this is one of the beauty book that I highly recommend. Go and get one yourself ^__^

2 days without new post does feels like neglecting, with tons of stuffs on my dresser legitimate it. Sorry, been quite busy with my life ^___^ I want to travel again, soon! Can I be the next Samantha Brown?

The thing I’m gonna review now have similarities with traveling, it brings comfort in me. Bobbi Brown has it! The Lip Balm with SPF 15 has a very smooth feeling, I can say it out loud, ultra smooth feeling than any other balm I’ve tried. It’s not oily or as watery and slippery as other brand. It’s balmy, and all in a good way.

Perfect in creating a luscious lips that’s protected and looks so gorgeous with a light glow in maximum comfort feeling. I give this product a 5 star! Must try and must have. A little tips from me, if you’re anywhere like me, clean-freak, you can get a retractable lip brush to use it with ^__^

The balm can last like more than 4 hours keep your lips looking and feeling good, of course it depends on your licking, eating and drinking (kissing too) habit as well.

 On 18th of January 2012 in Plaza Indonesia, Bakerzin to be precised, ladies are gathered for a wonderful workshop held by Bobbi Brown

On the entrance of Bakerzin we can see and took pictured of Bobbi Brown, oh and Joy magazine is here as well. I went home with 3 editions, thanks Joy!

Without further a due the workshop is start on time. One guest willingly become the model for today. Everyone can come just by Rp.500.000 for a free workshop where refreshment, light snack, hands on guide, and that Rp.500.000 that you paid can be redeemed to the products of your choice.

Everyone can also try the wonderful skincare regime by Bobbi Brown.

And now I’m ready for the makeup, btw have you try their lip balm? Love it to the max, super glossy and moist, too bad the application is on a pot, I wish they have one in a tube for better (hygienic) application.

Today’s star is the mineral makeup, do you see the one on top of the color (on the pic above)? Yes, that one, the mineral powder, with just a sprinkle of that using a big rounded brush, your face is ready for the day. It covers everything lightly from foundation till loose powder. The feeling is comfortable and like using nothing at all.

Then I add some color, eye liner, mascara, plus . . .

their famous eye shadow

everyone learn to use on their own, guided but still they have to be able to do everything by them self, a workshop like these is perfect for beginners who want to learn about makeup perfect for daily use, working or special occasion.

Bobbi Brown also shared many tips along the workshop including how to achieve light makeup and how to use your brush properly.

This shimmer lip gloss is a winner as well. Glossy and not sticky. It comes in many color.

The brush also unique. Now, let’s see my final look.

Ta da! A soft makeup that’s suitable for my daily look without looking heavy whatsoever.

Next time they’ll have more workshop, btw, I’m curious, are you more interested for a workshop held in weekdays or weekends?

Been waiting for that Mineral Skin Foundation? Wait no more, Bobbi Brown’s famous Mineral Skin Foundation is here and you can try them on first hand and let the team prep you well to make sure you use it correctly and enhance your natural beauty as well.

Here is some more details regarding the workshop:

Event : Bobbi Brown beauty workshop & Introducing Mineral skin foundation
Date  : Wednesday, 18 January 2012
Time  : 14.30 – 16.30
Venue : Bakerz Inn Restaurant – Plaza Indonesia
Mechanism : Fee to join beauty workshop is Rp.500.000/Person but fully redeemable for Bobbi Brown products (Redeemable on event day).
Please do click on the image above for RSVP the number is 021-392 82 32

Hi gorgeous people!
Weekend is coming and holidays is just around the corner, aren’t you egg-cited?! It’s like the season is here to be jolly, sniffed it, yet? You will, the minute you step in Glow Living Beauty, comfortable located in Plaza Indonesia.
Yesterday is the anniversary party, be prepared for the excitement I’m goin’ to show you all, a lot of a day only promo and yes, you’ll bite your self for missing in action
Read it and yes, 11th is the last day. So you do have time ^___^ to catch up! Btw, so sorry for the late blogging, I’m been really busy, like seriously! But hey, no worries, you got 2 days now heehee.
with BNI, enjoy 10% discount on everything. Now, start from below I’ll give you a grand tour inside Glow Living Beauty and all they have to offer. Please do kindly be reminded that they have lotsa beautiful and gorgeous stuffs and it is impossible to portray them each one by one. So, here’s the glimpse.
Let’s start with Elizabeth Arden and they have that special package for you. And for Rp.700.000 minimum purchase you’ll get a free facial service with massage too, plus it will be in Elizabeth Arden’s treatment room in the Glow (wow!)
Don’t forget that Beauty Awards Winner from them.
Does it call your name?
Next it.s Bobbi Brown, what do they have? A pretty eye shadow in cream texture for every purchase of 1 million Rupiah, the price of the gift itself is around Rp.250.000, hurry! While stock last 🙂
Purchase minimum Rp.750.000 ( Body Wash not included) -> Free exclusive Pouch. Ooh, but if you still really want the famous Body Wash as part of the pack, you can get one with the purchase of body lotion and shower gel and get a shower gel for free. I know their shower gel/body wash is a massive hit, I’ve smell them yesterday and LOVE IT! Ask the friendly staff, some promo ended tomorrow, while some for the whole month of December (woohoo!).
Now, let’s go to Shu Uemura’s, this is the lovely Ms.Dwi with her Shu’s look. Be a member of Shu Uemura by speding Rp1,2 million and there are no expired points. But do take note to spend 2 million within every year to keep being a member = Shu Uemura Fanatic. 1 point equals to Rp.100.000.

This is a closed up look, want to get this look? Come to the counter and the makeup artist will help you to have a makeover on your own with min purchase of Rp.1,5 million.

Next store is Kiehl’s. With BNI you get the 10% and Kiehl’s will give 3 deluxe sample for you. Each deluxe sample can be use for around a week. Oh and do you see the lovely red box? Ask the staff for how much a minimum purchase is to get a free wrapping in a box like this ^___^ Neat! My advice try the Midnight Recovery, I have mine and will do the review ASAP, I’m craving for more now.
Anna Sui and their super pretty, adorable and Ooh, their makeup box. I want one! The package is worth 1,3 million rupiah but you only need to pay for 1 million, and for a purchase of 2 million you get a full size product . . .come and be surprise ^___^
Anna Sui’s lovely perfume also have promotion and get a free lip gloss.
In the counter I’ve tried one of their mascara, will do a review soon and let me tell you one thing, no wonder  they won a Beauty Awards 🙂
The best seller right now according to them is Moisture Rich Fluid Foundation.
Let’s take a break right now and make sure you can absorbed all these wonderful news, I know! I’m excited too to share all with you, but just look at their decoration, so serene.
Continue ^__^ it’s Biotherm time and the box, bag and one more bag which is a limited, only 2 of them, the bag itself worth million, you just have to see it to believe it. Don’t forget to get their vouchers and lovely Christmas package.
For every purchase of the perfume (Ralph Lauren) you’ll also get lucky dip by Biotherm.

These are all prize, gifts, to be won ^__^

Shiseido also around and for every 2,5 million Rupiah you’ll get free cosmetics ^__^

On the 8th also the first time for CoSTUME National presented. Unfortunately the 20% discount only available on the 8th at 3-6 PM, this will give you a very good reminder to never missed Glow Living Beauty event ever again!

Max Factor also conveniently around, check them out!
This is Ms.Nina from Glow Living Beauty, she is the one that help me with the grand tour and look what she is holding, a free bag from every purchase of Escada, ask the staff for this promotion. I will take a deep breath and explain some of the promo they are having for the perfume:
Gucci: Get a free body lotion and shower gel plus vial samples and candles too
D&G: for the numbers collection, buy 2 get 1 free.
Hugo Boss: Free 30 ml
Some of the promo only until Sunday.
Another glimpse of all the prizes \^o^/

Promotion from Glow Living Beauty, along with every 1,5 million of purchase get a free lucky dip.

You’ll find this promotion at the cashier and you wouldn’t missed the delightful candles just right next to the cashier.

There are still many promotion like from Lancome, for 1,5 million of purchase get a package. For Tresor in Love a Rp.750.000 coffret become Rp.500.000 while stock last.

For the Guerlain every 20 million purchase, the 10 million would be 30% product, now, you really need the staff to explain them for you ^___^

Naked santa as promised, he is really famous with the ladies and it’s not difficult to find the reason why =^___^=
Besides all the things above there are still SO MANY stuffs in Glow Living Beauty that you’ll definitely wants to check out.
Accessories for yourself and for your sophisticated home. You can find more than 100s of varieties here and there. I don’t think I can finished with a single blog post.
And these are the perfumes available here, and yes, like ALL the famous perfume from Katy’s newest that smell sweet yet unique and warm too, to the gorgeousness of Banana Republic that I really L.O.V.E, you find your match here and have a happy ending.

That’s all for now and I know it’s a lot, so what are you waiting for, headed down to Glow Living Beauty to get some goodies for you or for your loved one ^__^

Oohh yes, it’s that time of the year again, where holiday is coming, Christmas, New Years Party, you want that look, the look that’s adored by many, yes, the gorgeous holiday look specially by Bobbi Brown. Expect luminous and that Crystal glow. Expect Bobbi Brown!

MORE INFO and RSVP CALL: (021) 70726011

Limited seat available, so don’t wait  \^0^/

Join Bobbi Brown Indonesia Facebook Page plus Twitter and see you there!

I just got back from Plaza Indonesia for a makeup session with Bobbi Brown, Oohh! I’m so excited, finally I get a chance to be Bobbi Brown-ed ^___^

The atmosphere is just perfect, makeup? Here I come!

Endless variety of nudes, remember in Bobbi, it’s all about natural, you are beautiful, using makeup only enhance what you have. This motto is hold dear by women all over the world.

The New Classics

See the apple cheeks? Love it! It’s so Glee!

Whaaaaat?! Yes, that’s me as the before makeup . . . some days are just so hard on me, exhaustion, sickness, and fever has take its toll on my face. Puffy, bloated and sleepy looking face. Bobbi Brown, you got your challenge alright.

Within a jiffy Ms. Henny transformed my tired looking skin into smooth finish using liquid foundation that feels so light. Oh yes, she did prep my skin with the skincare line from Bobbi that smell so fragrant. Love the gel texture that absorb in a flash.

After the liquid is brushed on, compact and loose powder is used. All Bobbi’s stuff is light yet give adequate coverage, perfect for daily use to night time for a natural beauty that still all yours.

Then the cheek has its turn. Sorry, the yellow light is so unkind today. Can’t hardly see the blush. But you can definitely see the shading and fluffy cheek ^____^

Then it’s eyes turn. Ms. Henny put an emphasis which is her signature, so my look today is Bobbi Brown in Ms.Henny adaptation.

Ms. Henny while doing my cheeks. Isn’t she pretty?

Taking her pose on doing the eyes. My eyes are pop-ed using the famous liner, mascara, and shadows . . . never forget to put the base for the eyes first okay. Find out more on the products in
This is me with Ms. Henny, it took her around 45 minutes to finished the look which is based on Bobbi Brown’s signature look.
All the products used for my makeover by Bobbi Brown. Gorgeous! And btw, I do pay attention on the non-stop customers that kept on coming. Bobbi is really loved here.

This is my final look by Ms.Henny of Bobbi Brown. I love how my skin feels smooth, light, yet in every angle is enhance without being too much and far from heavy.