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 Hello lovelies,

an event with FLOWERBOMB by VIKTOR&ROLF has been held last week and I’m one of the guest speaker invited ^__^


This is the first time I went to Kota Kasablanca and love to see the big space there. The venue has been set in front of C&F Perfumery, the store that sell the perfume in Indonesia.

The design of VIKTOR&ROLF perfumes is set to be unique, pay a visit and see what I meant.


Now, back to the place where it all gonna start, a pinkish hue and delicacies.


In a matter of minutes the seats are filled with media.


The highlight is FLOWERBOMB and SPICEBOMB. One for the ladies and the other for the men. I’ve share a review about FLOWERBOMB before, and at the event I sniffed the SPICEBOMB, it was surprisingly fresh and like a zest to the zing. Unlike most men’s perfume which is heavy and woody or musky. SPICEBOMB is delightful and add a twist to the men’s world.


But mainly, I’m here for FLOWERBOMB ^__^


I love the flowers theme and even went in with a peachy pink blouse.


Everyone can take pictures at the backdrop.


Soon the event began with the MC greeted the guest.


He wore a tight tux like Viktor and Rolf themselves.


Before filling the seats up in front, Ms. Novi share the idea of the perfume with us and how L’Oreal embraced the collaboration with them and C&F too.


Near the set is the C&F Perfumery ^__^


Then, a contemporary dancer coming out with their freedom of abstract movements, unorthodox, no rules applied.


Dressed in grey and pink, the two dancers comes with a face painted in squares.


After that is our turn to share about the perfume. A representative from L’Oreal (Ms.Novi), beauty blogger (me), and fashion stylist (Kesia).


In front we share how FLOWERBOMB inspires us. Ms. Kesia shares on the signatures of V&R in the fashion and it flows to the perfume as well. I share on how to use it with confident and their seals does means approval from V&R. Bottom line, it’s a scent that anyone can use, suitable for Indonesian and easily loved.


FLOWERBOMB and SPICEBOMB now ready in C&F Perfumery near you.


And all the guests invited has a chance to win 8 prizes woohoo!!! Super easy questions are shared and it was after all a giveaway meant for just raising their hands 😀


Thank you so much everyone!!! 

See you soonnnn.

Hello ladies,

most of us know Jimmy Choo and probably own a pair. Since couple years ago, the brand start developing fragrance. And the newest one? FLASH is on the market now.


The event is held in Moovina, a photo booth has been prepared and a conference room with a touch of a club’s light.


Here’s the product, the one that call us all here and graced by her presence.

Without further ado, let’s welcome, the press release:




Inside we are presented with the ingredients, how they stand alone or when beautifully mixed together in a bottle called FLASH. You’ve read the 5W above and let me share with you the experience of me with FLASH.


I think the box and the bottle pretty much represent the scent inside it. Young, fresh, vibrant, and alive. Not just living in a dimmed light, but spotlight and glamors. Destined for the young or young at heart the scent itself is not too heavy, but embrace the glams of flashlights.


Bling bling anyone ^___^

I’ve tried the body lotion at the event and it is a much more calmer nuance and softer as well. But the team assured me, layered all three (shower gel, lotion and perfume) and you’ll get a dimension of FLASH EDP all over. Experience the freshness and softness in one, and end it with an extravaganza burst of romantic flowers, a touch of heat from the pepper, and whole lotta coolness from the woods. I’m having an euphoria of strength and softness all at the same time. Feminine yet not girlie, evoking yet delicate, it’s a mixed of both in harmony.


Thanks to all the blue inside the event I can’t hardly see the original color of the fragrance, it was actually blue. I thought the idea of a clear perfume would be nice since on the box and everywhere (invitation, press release, etc) are like in diamond or crystal-like form.


Final words:

An EDP perfume that deserve attention on their own, I imagine someone whose using it is a young lady, perhaps 23 or 25. In full confident make her way into the hottest club in the town dressed like a disco ball, very attractive and full of confident. Not in a snob way, but as in she is in the time of her life and embracing it. Everyone is looking at her for she is gorgeous.

The scent last 4-6 hours and I’m getting more and more comfortable using it, I love it!
The bottle is so cute and impressive at the same time, attractive and fun to look at and definitely deserves some goggling eyes every time I let it out from my bag. The scent shows confident, youth, femininity and intensity of a passionate fabulous aura.

Hello ladies,

who loves fragrance? Raise your hand! Meeeeeeeee \-^0^-/ I raise both of my hands for that. It’s like the scent is the completion of thew whole look, I feel completely different when I’m with and when without fragrance. They’re like creating an aura surrounding me, either a mystical one, romantic, sweetness or just about anything I want it to be according to the scent as well.


Come knocking on my door is FLOWERBOMB by VIKTOR&ROLF and alongside are all the necessary details.


The seal can be found on the box (image above). It’s like those back in the old old days where they used to seal everything with candles.


And beside the FLOWERBOMB they also made one for the men called SPICEBOMB (which I’m not going to discuss).


 Inspiring isn’t it? The concept, background and ideas behind the fragrance which made the perfume as it is today. Here’s mine and how it embroiled my life with an eau de parfum bomb-full of flowers.


Ready, set and burst it into the air, allowing the fragrance to fly and touches my skin, clothes, hair and gives me a presence of sweetness, delicateness and a whole lotta flowers. Like I’m bathing in nectar of the flowers, the core the essence and it feels so alive. The scent continually teasing the senses, the one that stays long after the first spritz is the sleek cotton candy smell.

High alert to the girly girl and everyone who embrace femininity in the most lovelies way possible. Careful, the ants might thing your so sugary.


Here’s my interpretation of the scent, don’t I look super sweet?!

Curious? Interested to find out more about the scent? Look below, an invitation for anyone to come and be among the firsts to get the goody bags =^__^= (psst, maybe win prizes too!).


See you soon!

Hi everyone,

after series of makeup and facial care, let’s move on to the body series. This one is among my favorite range from The Body Shop, Moringa. A sweet floral scent with lovely aroma of a spa. Moringa Body scrub is here.


Details from

A gentle exfoliating scrub for radiant looking skin, subtly scented with a delicate, floral fragrance. Stimulates the skin and removes dead skin cells when massaged into the skin. Leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth and better prepared to absorb the next layer of moisture.

The particles are tiny and I can see a colorful tiny beads are here . . . what are those? On the packaging it was said moringa fruit powder, walnut shell, and ground rice are there, maybe that’s them. While Cherry scrub is bigger in terms of scrub particle, this one is smaller, way smaller, and I like them both. There are days where I prefer larger scrub beads and there are days where smaller size scrub is needed. The Body Shop got it all covered for any moods.


I use Moringa Body Scrub anytime I want to be pampered like royalty, oh, like a princess.

The scrub used on damp skin, massage in circular motion and let it glide all over the place. Put special attention on areas such as knees and elbows where the skin are thickening, so the scrub may help to loosen up and soft radiant skin appeared from within. After rinsing the skin get this glistening effect, like there’s some fragrant oil which gives scent to the skin and moist looking too.

Now on when to use it, I found them may be used before body wash and after, either way for me it’s depends on the mood. I know for sure it was recommended to be used before body wash, but I like the scent to last longer on the skin, so sometime I use body wash first then the body scrub.

I use the scrub around 1-2 times a week. Suitable to be used with the whole range of Moringa’s, body lotion, butter, etc for a more in-depth lingering scent of moringa and elastic younger appearance of the skin.

Au Revoir Magnifique

Bonjour dames!

This item is called Magnifique, a perfume by Lancome. The red eau de parfum is … magnifique in terms of color, aura and the bottle too. Now does it have au revoir in front of the name? Nope, I put it there since it is discontinuing.

I’ve been having it for months and starting to really enjoy being magnifique \^0^/  and now, they are disappearing. Bummer!

The perfume I must admit, it’s not a scent that easily fall in love too, at least by me. The first spritz reminds me of something woody and oriental at the same time. Almost like one brand of pesticide, in fact. But when it’s soften, after more than 30 minutes (or so) the flowers will start emerging and blossoming. Very aromatic and fragrant.

I love the crisp and strength yet fully understood it’s the fragrance you either love it or hate it, there’s no middle way.

After the scent settling down the gorgeousness will commence blooming like roses during summer to fall and create this lovely ambiance in the air. The sandalwood gives a sense of depth and many many ingredients create an atmosphere suitable enough to be called magnifique!

On me the scent last for hours and hours.

Close the curtain, Magnifique is leaving, the show is over.

(Audience applauding)

Energizing Fragrance by Shiseido is a Floral fragrance for women. Energizing Fragrance was launched in 1999. The nose behind this fragrance is Claudette Belnavis. Top notes are carnation and pepper; middle notes are iris, jasmine, heliotrope, lily-of-the-valley, anise and rose; base notes are woodsy notes and white musk.

My review:

The very cute packaging in an energizing color is definitely an eye candy. This fresh floral scent reminds me of spring and a bit of summer where the freshly cut flowers on the table or perhaps a bouquet is presented. It’s not in a romantic kinda way, more to the free spirited aroma where we embrace the new season, open field and run free in the flowery meadow. The scent turn milder on the skin, while on the clothes smells fresher and a bit sharp as well. Almost like the scent of a scented tissue ^__^

(When I was a kid there’s this one brand of tissue that smells really good, it have flowers printed on each sheets and they were very very thin and super soft.)

Energizing Fragrance is an EDP, so it stays for more than 4 hours and hmm the scent also reminds me of Japan … for me Japan in spring smells like this. Flowery, in fact, very flowery and fresh. I like it. I think this is a perfect everyday fragrance and feels the lightness of musk and abundant of floral to follow me all day long.

However I’m not 100% agree with the word energizing, for me energizing always means citrus, this is more like invigorating and inspiring.


Boss Nuit Pour Femme

Hello everyone,
especially all the ladies out there. A very exciting perfume has landed in Jakarta and making the night irresistible.

Boss Nuit Pour Femme.

“This will be your night.” With a timeless little black dress you can look forward to the evening ahead with the confidence of being ‘perfectly put together’. BOSS NUIT Pour Femme provides the ideal complement, putting the final, uplifting finishing touch to your effortlessly perfect evening ensemble. Reinforcing the duality of strength and sensuality that defines the successful modern woman, BOSS NUIT Pour Femme delivers a boost of confidence and femininity that keeps you feeling at your best.

BOSS NUIT Pour Femme is a perfectly balanced scent that complements your individuality, embracing you with a self-assured excitement as you prepare to enjoy your night to the fullest. The scent is designed to put the essential finishing touch to your perfectly put together evening look, wrapping you in an aura of feminine elegance before you embark on your big night out. Featuring a modern composition of feminine florals blended with sparkling top notes, the new BOSS fragrance is the ideal companion to the little black dress.

Top note:

White peach, Wet aldehydes

Heart note:

White violet, Jasmine

Base note:

Crystal moss, While warm woods, Creamy sandalwood


And everyone know, the face of Boss Nuit Pour Femme, the lovely, Gwyneth Paltrow.

Somehow I imagine the perfume and she’s wearing it. Represent the classiness, sophisticated, beautiful and powerful yet still so gentle and having the time of her life.


All the media and bloggers invited are enchanted by the gallery, it’s a woman’s room, she is getting ready for a night out. With Boss Nuit Pour Femme as the finishing touch, elegant, beautiful and ready for anything.

 This is me, Nisa and Carryn 🙂 Boss team made sure we have a wonderful night, and we did.

She is ready, with her black dress, she is going to have her night as perfect as possible.

In fact, all of us have a perfect night with Boss Nuit Pour Femme in our little black dress as well.

Center of attention? I think so.

In my opinion,

the packaging looks very high class, black in majority with gold linings is always beautiful, somehow reminds me of that black cat from Cleopatra’s era.

the bottle is gorgeous as well, shiny black with gold accent on the stopper. Clear cap, like diamond, a precious gem.

the EDP, at first spritz the scent is a bit sharp but immediately turn soft and gentle. Like a bit of musk or powdery, very flowery, like a mixture between white flower and one unique blend of violet. I love the EDP on the skin more than on the cloths. Somehow on the skin the smell is fresher and stays on the top and middle note longer than on clothes.

The scent itself for me is highly addictive, like I want to keep sniffing it, so gorgeous and perfect for a night out or on a very romantic dinner with your loved ones.

The EDP last around 4-6 hours depends on the activity.

Boss kindly give me one with my name on it. It’s mine and mine only!

Thank you Hugo Boss Indonesia, I’m ready for the night now ^__^

Hello everyone!!

I’m back with SilkyGirl and they also carries some fragrances. I have two, one for men and one for me.

Both fragrance are light and last for around 2 hours max.

A ‘man’ scent 😀 fresh, a bit citrus, woody and musk. I like the Ice better than Sugar. It add more freshness to the body. Reminds me a bit of Eternity (for men) and the consistency of the scent is quite okay. But both offer a ‘common’ scents.

The packaging are cute (both Ice and Sugar), simple but a bit unfocused heehee. I think an Ice should be in blue or white and Sugar should shape more like … sugar or candy. 

Smells really sweet, like a candy, pink candy ^__^ but after around 10-15 minutes it will lose it’s characteristic and smells like any other cologne or ‘cheap’ body splash out there. So I’m really not a fan of this one.


both products are fun, easy on the nose and brings out that familiar scent. Last for 1-2 hours and not heavy (at all). Suitable for those looking for a light fragrance which they can carry in their bag. Friendly on the wallet and suitable for the young.
Hello everyone,

Yesterday, I was invited by Anna Sui Indonesia to attend a very lovely event welcoming the new fragrance called Fairy Dance Secret Wish.

The event held at Taman Menteng, they have successfully transform the venue into a home for fairies.

Walk into the leaves of pink flowers, where through it, we will meet fairies.

There she is, a beautiful fairy dressed in pink with pink flowers on top of her head. Wings and beautiful aroma of a fairy with a secret wish.

Sheets colorful pastels in peach, pink and creams, this is not just a glass house anymore. Details become real and so lovely.

Oh look even the glass are touched by fairy.


Soon the event began with a pretty ballerina.

dancing around followed by 2 of her friends.

Then they freeze and Ms. Melissa opened by greet the whole guess with her perky voice.

Followed by the Marketing Manager from Anna Sui Indonesia and representative of Anna Sui Singapore. They look so pretty too. Oh look! The ballerinas are still frozen, we need a touch from fairy to wake them up.

Here come three little fairies, waking the ballerinas and all of us before welcoming all of us inside her home.

Where fruits and flowers are dangling from the tree.

Anna Sui Fairy Dance Secret Wish is here and ready to dazzle you and give wishful hopes.

With mango, rose, sandalwood and many other beautiful concoction, the fragrance become very interesting, a bit seductive and lovely.

But wait, there’s something more, it can grant your wish.

So I opened the box, heehee, cute isn’t it?! Two fairies dancing on top of a rose.

On the cap, there’s a fairy sitting, waiting to be called and be free.

The 3 sided bottle is unique and by rubbing each side and dance a fairy dance, the wish made may come true. The scent also liberating, ageless, both me and my daughter really enjoy using it. The EDT last around 3-4 hours, I love the top and middle note, and as for the bottom note, I love how they keep the sandalwood in tame mode as I’m not a fan of sandalwood.

Overall, it’s a comely fragrance to be used day time and suitable for those with free spirit in mind.

The series comes in lotion as well. I haven’t try it, I wish someday I can try it ^__^

Make my wish come true, please.

Oh well, at least one of my wish has come true, I won the best wish, as I wrote down ” I wish I have all Anna Sui’s perfume and be the happiest girl on the planet & smell good too”

And given a pouch from Mystical Masquerade Holiday Beauty Collection 2011, the Magical Princess.

Inside there’s a lip gloss and eye shadow palette. 

Adorable!! All Anna Sui’s products are so attentive in all the little nibble on the side, flowers on the cap, the tea rose scent and everything in between, just like the perfume bottle, everything is so dainty.

The product is from 2011 o2, the scent is a bit off then the new ones, but it seems like it can be used for 3 years unopened and 12 months after being opened.

Here’s the swatches of the eye shadow. I’ll be using it soon for another look, maybe a princess look ^0^

Thank you Anna Sui Indonesia.

Hi Gorgeous!

I’ve been a fan of the whole collection of White Musk from The Body Shop, they did have some twist and turn, including Libertine.

Details from

A bold new twist on musk, this sensual eau de toilette features a heady blend of cruelty-free musks at its top, heart and base, with sweet notes of Turkish delight, baby orchid and Chantilly cream.

I can still sense the original white musk in it with added some sweetness on the top where gradually will dissolve into something creamy and delicious. It could be too sweet for some people, so please use it when you’re head over heels in love and everything will become sweeter.

On me the scent last around 3-4 hours max, and somehow in the middle of the day turn tissue-ey fragrant. I’ve used like Tessa tissue (perhaps, or other brand maybe) in the past that smell just like this. I definitely feel the attitude in Libertine, braver and bolder than White Musk alone, it’s a scent that either you’ll love it or hate it. For me? I’d say both! There are moments where I love it and use it all day long and times where I feel it’s just too sweet.

It’s a perfect gift ones should get themselves or if it’s for someone else just make sure the person actually request it ^__^ in doubts just get a fresh fruity scent available in The Body Shop, they have tons of it that easily can be a universal preference.