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Helloooo ^_____^

I’m just happy I can sit in front of my laptop and write again. Thank you so much for everyone, I’m much better now and can sit properly again … but not too long heehee, gradually I will regain my health. Surgery is not a thing we should take lightly and always consider it as the last option, I know I do, since it is super painful X__x

Now, back to the topic of health thingy, skin is one of the organ we need to protect every single day. By keeping them clean, moist and away from the bad side effect of the sun. Is it possible? Yes, if we live in a cave and only goes out 15 minutes during the morning and hide for the rest of the day. So? It is impossible to hide from the sun? Solution? Get a sun protection.

There are a rack full of sun protection in every drug store, cosmetics, and even supermarkets. From the one that waterproof, tinted, spray, gel, cream, lotion, to tanned formula. It’s like a jungle out there. But I need one that I can use daily with my makeup on without ruining it and easy for a quick touch up anytime I want to.

I’m glad to say this, “I found one!”. Belif Awesome Sun Powder SPF 50+ PA+++.


I met this products months and months ago (I think it’s almost a year now) and still loving it as if it was my first love. The attractive packaging and bright yellow color is something hard to be missed.


Sold for Rp 240.000 in Indonesia.


Here’s inside the packaging. A pot of compact powder, mirror and a puff. Hmm, where’s the sun protection? It’s the powder!


Perfect for those who hates sticky sun protection, glossy sunblocks, white cast caused by lotion of sun screen, and those who can’t find the exact same tone of sun lotion for their skin where it might be in BB Cream or tinted moisturizer.

The powder has a light texture and transparent after setting. So it doesn’t even visible to the naked eye. Since it is not a lotion/gel/cream/water it doesn’t have the side effect of products with those kinds of texture.

We need to use sun protection daily and for me this powder is a wonderful addition to my daily routine since it can be done after the makeup is set and retouch anytime.

How to use:
Carefully use the puff and puff away everywhere on the skin where’s needed, facial and/or body, and make sure all the parts are covered. Use it anytime I feel like it and since it is SPF 50+ it does stay all day long. I do touch up after sweating or getting wet (ex: by rain).

Who do I recommend the product for:
Anyone. Men, women, boys, and girls.


Thank you Belif Indonesia.

Hello sunshine,
like seriously, don’t you think the sun shines brightly these days? I feel the sun has been glaring at me everyday and the heat is just too much.

I like to use sun protection but let’s face it, some are just too sticky and not an all in one, face and body product. Most of the good stuff are for the face, either tinted or in a form of a BB Cream or CC Cream. They are great alright, but the skin on my body need some attention too.


Look what come knocking at my door yesterday? Yes, Biore Singapore has sent me these goodies. A bowl, a love letter, lemon and their newest item from the BIORE UV family. Aqua Rich, a watery essence water based SPF 50+ PA+++

I wonder why there’s a lemon in the set? Oh, the freshness of Aqua Rich and there’s lemon extract in the ingredients as well. But the bowl? I guess when life gives me lemon, I made lemonade? Or Lemon squash salad ^__^


This is the product. Long before this one come, I’m already a fan of Biore’s sunblock as they have this amazing lightness in every drop and water-based too. Say bye bye to white cast during photo shoot and hello to the sun without being afraid.

The packaging is neat (like most Japanese product), simple and all the details are written on the paper card attached to the tube.


Let me jotted down the fine prints:

Forget about the heavy, sticky feel of regular sunscreens! This water-rich UV Essence feels surprisingly light and cool, like water on your skin, absorbing instantly for an invisible, weightless finish.

With Biore’s breakthrough technology, the UV block ingredients are contained within the Aqua Micro Capsule to provide SPF 50+/ PA+++ protection while keeping your skin cool and refreshed.

And some other details ^__^

Double UV Block from the UVA (skin aging) and UVB (skin burning).

With Hyaluronic acid & Citrus extract to keep skin hydrated and healthy. Extract of orange, grapefruit and lemon is there.

Unique Aqua Micro Capsules releases moisture upon application, leaving skin with a cool, light feeling with a mild fresh fruity (zesty) fragrance.

Usage: Apply evenly on face after moisturizer and before makeup. Re-apply after excessive perspiration. As with all sunscreens, cleanse thoroughly with a makeup remover.


This tube is around 50g, I’m already getting ahead of myself feeling so sure it will be a very wonderful product.


There it is, a light yellowish creamy super light gel, it almost feels like a dense mousse. So soft to the touch and watery too. Moist in a hydrating way where the skin feels supple instantly with no oil or greasy effect whatsoever.


I place the Aqua Rich in several different places on a cleaned moisturized face.

I love the refreshing scent, indeed unlike most sun protection where I noticed that distinctive sun block scent. Aqua Rich different, different is good. 


I’ve noticed these tiny white spots when the Essence is spread, then by a simple massaging movement they are all gone. Without a trace. Like the skin just consume all of it. The feeling and sensation it gives is refreshing, hydrating and light, so light it was like wearing nothing.


This is the zoom-ed photo after 4 seconds massaging the essence into the skin. No pressure is needed, just gently rubs them on the skin. This is amazing. No residue, no greasiness, no oily, no white cast, no sticky feeling, no stickiness to the touch, just a soft hydrated skin.


Above is me after using the Aqua Rich, I love it so much and will definitely recommend the product to be used on daily basis, face and body, any gender and on almost any age (I have to check whether it is suitable for babies ^__–)


While other sunblock will usually ‘bothers’ the usage of makeup afterward, Aqua Rich wont.


love love love.

Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence SPF50+/PA+++ is available all around the world including Japan and Singapore.

Minna-san, konnichiwa.

After a series period of time trying this adorable mousse from Shu Uemura, it will be jotted down here. Mousse is not a strange item in the Shu’s family, in fact since 1990, the first mousse is made. By keep innovating and recreating POREraser is presented. A UV Under Base Mousse that not just protecting the skin with SPF 35 PA+++, but it perfecting the pore so the look become finer and less problems.

Problem? Such as oiliness.


The luscious mousse I have is in beige, please read the previous post regarding the event of PORErase (HERE). Once pump it is enough for the whole face and neck. I like to apply some until decollete as well when using a low cut dress/shirt.

It is better to shake the bottle for a while before pressing the pump.


Usually, I’ll put the foam on the back of my hand. The mousse may be used with a brush or a wet sponge. This time, I’ll use my fingers as tools.

Put the mousse on a cleaned, toned, serumed and moisturized skin.


The oh-so-familiar smell of the mousse, like a milky powdery foam. There’s a faint sound of the tiny bubbles popping, burrssssssstttttttttttt.


Before all the small bubbles pop out, hurry, blend them well on the skin so the texture and formula remains airy light, like how it meant to be made.


After the mousse is distributed well, wait for a while for them to sets in. Normal liquid base will take around 3-5 minutes (and some also up to 10 minutes), UV Under Base Mousse is up to 1 minute only.


In 5 minutes, I notice a visible difference as the skin looks more luminous, and the skin tone looks even-er, it helps retain the oiliness without being dull as well. I can see the skin remains ‘charming’. Of course since it is a base, foundation may be added afterwards for a more desired effect. But just using the UV Under Base Mouse POREraser the skin already looks ‘clean-er’.


This is me using PORErase alone after 1 hour, without adding foundation, powder, or even loose powder. Apparently the mousse will keep adjusting and blending into the skin. Giving me an even complexion with a natural healthy look, far less visible pores, radiant without being greasy nor oily.

Definitely one of my favorite items for being so unique in texture (mousse), so light (as if using nothing). easy to apply, and gives great result (finer pores and even complexion). I just wish it comes in higher SPF =^__^=

Dear all,

today let me share with you some of leading products out there which provide sun protection to the skin and in the same time beautifying.

Most BB Cream on the market is plain makeup, which doesn’t have skincare properties beneficial for the skin. Kiehl’s Dermatologist Solutions Actively Correcting & Beautifying BB cream have benefits just like skincare does.


Just like their Ultra Light Daily UV Defense the BB Cream is packed with SPF 50 PA +++ but now, even better.

These details are from


Instant perfection with lasting correction, I love their tag line. And what’s in it that ade the BB Cream becomes a lasting correction?

Yes, the vit C inside the product that gives the lasting correction effect of improving discolorations and imperfection, minimizes the appearances of pores and the sun screen gives SPF 50/PA +++ UV Protection which inhibit the future discoloration and uneven skin tone.


These are both of the items, the white cream is Ultra Light Daily UV Defense and the tinted one is BB Cream. Both looks glossy and the feeling is soft to the touch.


I use it on a cleansed skin with toner, serum and moisturizer too. I use both just to show the colors, but both works well together or just alone. I prefer the BB Cream since it was tinted and provide vitamin C for caring the skin even better.


This is the instant effect of the BB cream, an even skin tone and glowing radiant skin. It hides some imperfection in a natural way without looking like makeup. After the BB Cream makeup may be added like foundation, concealers, powders, etc.

I love how I can use the BB Cream daily as it will help the skin to get better complexion, less lines, and finer pores as well.


This is my look after full makeup. The BB Cream does help so I don’t have to use much makeup than before. A simple BB Cream with loose powder also will do for that natural daily look.

Still curious about Kiehl’s BB Cream?

Join me in a beauty class, register HERE.

Hello everyone!

Kiehl’s Dermatologist Solutions presents you An Actively Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream or in short, BB Cream by Kiehl’s.

In Indonesia I’ve seen 3 of their shades and mine is in Light.

Details from the packaging.

This dual-action, instantly perfecting tinted formula visibly unifies skin tone, while actively correcting existing skin tone irregularities and preventing the formation of new ones. Formulated with high level of Vitamin C, known for its powerful instant beautification. This all-in-one treatment also helps reduce the appearance of pores and fine lines, provides all-day hydration, and broad spectrum SPF 50 PA+++ protection. The lightweight, build-able coverage instantly conceals imperfections and blemishes, while significantly improving tone and texture for long-lasting luminosity. Paraben Free. Fragrance Free.

May be used alone or under foundation.

I’ve been having the product for more than a month now and use it as well. The tone Light is somewhat my skin tone but I hope Kiehl’s Indonesia to bring the whole shades to Indonesia ^__^ so we have more options. I’m not really a fan of the shine effect, it reminds me of their original sun protection, also in SPF 50 PA +++. The BB Cream is not as shiny as the original sun protection, the tinted does help tone down the shine, but still, there are some mild shines visible. Good news if you’re looking for a BB Cream that enhance radiance.

I need a loose powder or compact powder to help mattefies the skin. But again, if you love looking radiant, powders wont be necessary.

I love the high SPF in it especially during traveling and touch up is minimum.

I like the smell, even thou’ it’s not scented, the smell is pleasing and kinda herbal-ly. The BB Cream also not sticky on the skin, the feeling is velvety and smooth. Gives my skin a light coverage and brighten my look as well. Hide some large pores and gives the skin a better complexion. The Vit C in the long run will help clearing those dark spots and add vitality on the skin too.

The light coverage can be increased by keep adding the BB Cream to the skin gradually but I think medium coverage is max. For full coverage? A dose of foundation afterwards and some concealers is needed.

Overall? Another great product from Kiehl’s that protect the skin from the sun, large pores and other imperfections. Suitable for daily use, but remember to clean the skin thoroughly after use with double cleansing method.

The BB Cream can be used with or without makeup. Smooth and velvety effect on the skin with a mild shine. Suitable for long wear and outdoor in the sun.

Hi gorgeous!

I’ve got some awesome products from Luxola which I’m not familiar or event heard of, so I’ve been studying, learning, trying and using it since I get back from Singapore, which is 3 weeks ago. So pretty much there’s been test drives of these samples and they were awesome!

Please do click on and learn about them, they are organic, real products that carry no parabens, preservatives, synthetic fragrances and many many other ingredients that proven bad or suspiciously bad for your skin in a short term or long run.

And after trying them one by one I was completely in to them as they proven to be so effective and good to the skin as well and unconventional. Let’s start one by one.

Pure Cleansing Gelee

Re-Balancing, Deep-Cleansing & Decongesting Soap-Free Gel Cleanser

This pure and refreshing, oil-free, sulfate-free cleanser removes surface impurities without stripping, drying or irritating. Gentle enough for delicate skin, yet dissolves every trace of makeup and dirt. For all skin types, especially normal, combination, or oily. Also great for sensitive or acne-prone skin. FORMULATED WITHOUT: – Preservatives – Parabens – Sulfates – Propylene Glycol – Synthetic Fragrances – Synthetic Dyes – Petro-Chemicals – Phthalates

Key Benefits:

benefit Offers both foam and gentle cleansing in one product

benefit Removes bad surface oil while protecting good lipids to keep skin hydrated but not oily

benefit Gentle enough to remove eye makeup. Makeup can be applied immediately after use

Key Ingredients:

key ingredient White Willow Bark Extract- Helps remove dead surface cells and acts as a natural anti-bacterial agent

key ingredient Squalane- Strengthens skin’s protective moisture barrier

key ingredient Aloe Vera and Cucumber Extract- Cools, refreshes and tones

Application: Use in the morning and evening. Squeeze a nickel size amount of cleanser into your hand and apply to damp skin. Using your fingertips, massage in an upward and outward motion. Rinse or remove with a wash cloth and pat face dry. Gentle enough to be used for extensive facial cleansing. Remove stubborn cosmetic pigment around eyes and lips. Removes makeup, debris, and dirt thoroughly.

I didn’t expect much, well for sure, I didn’t expect anything from it, yes, it’s from Swiss, one of my favorite country in the world, yes, the product look sophisticated and high tech too, seems like made with precisions, and so on, and when I looked at the gel, it was clear, no scent and doesn’t foam much. I thought it was just a bummer, since usually the one that doesn’t foam doesn’t made the skin ‘feels’ clean. This one just does it. It cleans my skin, even thou’ I’m not that brave in using it as a makeup remover all at once I did trust it as a second wash after my waterproof makeup remover, which usually I use the one that foams, like abundant of foam. This one gives me minimum foam.

The gel clean the skin like non other, it’s unique, refreshing and still kept the moist but the feeling is still clean. There are some product that claimed to clean without striping the moisture but actually just doesn’t clean well. This one actually cleanses the skin while keeping them soft and supple. My husband have an oily, angry and easily irritated skin with high sensitivity and his skin looks relaxed and calm when usually red and angry (especially during traveling). Planes causes his skin to dry and now he just got back from a business trip and his skin looks well. I’m impressed!


Stem Cell + Advanced Peptide Triple-Action Wrinkle Eraser

Now eliminate wrinkles without toxins, lasers or injections. This triple performance treatment penetrates deeply to encourage intensive cellular repair and diminish signs of imperfection. Swiss apple stem cells, pure amino-peptides and Bio-Swiss organic Alpine extracts virtually lift away surface lines and wrinkles.

Key Benefits:

benefit Promotes firmness and elasticity around the eyes

benefit Hydrates and smooths fine lines

benefit Promotes healthy cellular renewal

benefit Cools and soothes inflammation to reduce puffiness

Key Ingredients:

key ingredient Swiss Apple Stem Cell Technology protects skin stem cells to preserve the youthfulness and vitality of your skin

key ingredient SNAP-8 + Argireline are cutting-edge peptide alternatives to popular injectables that topically target the same wrinkle formation mechanism

key ingredient Advanced Collagen Boosting Peptides firm skin by boosting the synthesis of collagen type I, III and IV

Application: Squeeze 3-5 drops into palm of hand and apply to cleansed skin AM and PM. Follow with another anti-aging/repair Serum Absolut if desired, and then with your moisturizer. If irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately.

This one definitely does it! Careful thou’ not to use it too much. I know for sure the ingredients are active or at least activates something inside our skin, I uses too much for the first 3 days and redness appears on my forehead. No, not acne, like red bump that disappears immediately 24 hours after I stopped the serum. I think next time I stick to 2 drops only or maximum 3 drops. It was really really effective. It stimulate the skin for visible hydration, smoothness and healthier skin. Again, just don’t use it too much. If you want to check whether your skin can take it or not, try bit by bit for a while, like 1-2 drops twice daily on a cleaned skin, this is a pre-serum, which used before the serum. And after around 3 days if you think your skin can take it use as suggested 2-3 drops twice daily.

I’ll keep using it as the clear thick water is just lovely and even thou’ the laughing lines are still visible, the finer one like near the eyes and on forehead are actually gets finer and finer week after week.

Since I only have the sample size, that’s all the review I can give right now for using it around 2 weeks.

La Defense SPF 30

FIVE STAR UVA Protection + MMP Inhibitors

Shield your skin from UV-light, pollution and free radicals with 100% micronized, microdispersed mineral filters. Our powerful new peptide technology prevents the sun-induced breakdown of the collagen matrix – known as matrix metalloprotease (MMP) – one of the primary causes in the development of lines and wrinkles. This lightweight, transparent formula minimizes signs of premature aging and the formation of dark spots. Suitable for even the most delicate skin. So gentle it can be used to protect the delicate eye area and skin after aesthetic/clinical procedures. FORMULATED WITHOUT: – Preservatives – Parabens – Sulfates – Propylene Glycol – Synthetic Fragrances – Synthetic Dyes – Petro-Chemicals – Phthalates

Key Benefits:

benefit Anti-UVA/UVB protection helps delay early skin aging such as wrinkle formation, reduced elasticity, skin dryness and age spots

benefit 5 STAR UVA Rated – to block the #1 cause of wrinkles: UVA light

benefit Anti-MMP (sun-induced collagen damage)

benefit Potent antioxidant, anti-pollution and strong anti-inflammatory

benefit For all skin types, including sensitive or rosacea-prone skin.

Key Ingredients:

key ingredient Zinc Oxide provides broad spectrum UVA/UVB/UVC protection

key ingredient Advanced Rice Peptides prevent MMP (UV-light breakdown of the collagen matrix), one of the primary causes in the development of lines and wrinkles

key ingredient Alpha-Lipoic Acid, Green Tea and Beta-Carotene neutralize pollution & ozone generated free radicals

Application: Apply to face, neck, and the area around the eyes evenly before sun exposure, and as needed. Do not rub excessively. Allow 20 seconds to dry before applying other products.

At first the white lotion need to be shaken inside the tube since the first thing coming out is like waters, white spots and after shaking it for a while a smooth white lotion coming out. Feels light and again with no expectation, I was in awe. The white lotion at first look, feel and seems so white on the face after application. I expect some shines and glow like conventional sun protection, this one does not. The whitish look turn into clear in a matter of minutes and looks so natural. No shines, no greasy look, it’s just so clear, yes, it is transparent. I love this product so much as it can really be use daily without the need to cover the shines (like made by other sunblocks) .

Overall, Luzern Laboratories items shown here are amazing and highly recommended to try them. And hmm, Luxola really meant it when they say all the products/brands carries in their online shops are really the one that they love and may I said kudos to them for actually proved to be searching products that’s really really good. I know for sure there’s gazillions of products out there and they seems to scoop out best things that haven’t been around in Asia yet. Wow!

All products details are from:

Hi everyone ^0^

Snails products are everywhere nowadays and it seems to be a hit in the town. Snails are known to have a regenerating effect on their ehm, slime.

Details from the packaging:

This BB Cream contains 50% snail secretion filtrate (mucin) that keeps the skin moist and firm by forming a protective film over the skin. It makes the skin healthy and radiant. The massage function of an all in one puff improves your skin’s complexion and makes your skin look radiant. Its excellent adherence and coverage function keep your makeup for long hours.

How To Use:

1) To create natural, radiant skin: Open by pulling the cap off, and hold the puff facing downward. Gently press the middle of the container, and dispnece a small amount onto the puff. Apply evently to your face in a massaging motion.

2) To create flawless, transparent skin: Turn the cap until the pointed part appears. Gently press the middle of the container, and dispense a small amount and apply evenly on your face.

On the packaging there’s two puff provided, one attached and the other one still in the plastic shown above. Clean the puff after each use with lukewarm water.

I like the packaging, the large tube is big alright, but I don’t have to bring it everywhere since the staying power is moderately long, I use it for 5-6 hours and it stays on. I think it can stay on longer too. The multifunction cream that gives coverage and sun protection in the same time is always welcome in my makeup box. I use it daily (daytime). I didn’t feel it being oily and let’s just say the BB Cream pampers my skin while giving it a nice look too ^__^

Remember that this not that raw material secretive from the snail, so do not jump into your garden and apply the liquid coming out from a snail when you see one. The mucin in the product are already going through some process for hygienic reason and efficacy. So only the important ingredients in the mucin are used.

Below is me using the Snail Therapy 50 BB Cream SPF30 PA+++ with the puff (as I think the attached puff is a unique and wonderful idea)

The BB Cream is light, covers and feels really good. I was pretty afraid at first and heehee it’s a secretive from a snail, I’m thinking some gooey….slimy…. errr, just not pretty. Let’s just say I’m hesitated at first but the minute it touches my skin, all the hesitation and doubtfulness just melt away. The after image is just me the BB Cream, it felt velvety smooth and any powder haven’t been added. Definitely gives me an even skin tone, redness and fine lines are gone and dryness? Unlike other BB cream, the Snail Therapy gives the skin a comfort without drying the skin.

Below is my step by step usage.

The puff started as a light cream colored, then when the BB Cream is out a deeper beige lotion cum cream comes out, I dabbed it on and the puff works so well, the spreading, applying, blending process becomes so easy and for a clean-freak-enthusiast like me, it’s the perfect tool to minimize fingers intervention. there are some parts that need small brush or sponge with edges for areas hidden by the sides of the nose and delicates like eye’s area.

Overall, it’s a must try snail-inspired-contained product where safety and effectiveness shown ^0^ Love it!

Tips: For daily use or a natural look, just add some loose powder on top, no need adding more foundation. Always use a moisturizer before BB Cream (any BB Cream) and if you want some concealer may be added on some part before the BB Cream, it is also possible.

Thank you Nature Republic Indonesia.

Hello 🙂

Last week I was invited to SKIN AQUA Beauty Talk

They want to introduce the products that have been here for months and officially greet us as bloggers for Skin Aqua.

Skin Aqua comes in 4 types:

UV Mild Milk
UV Moisture Milk
UV Whitening Milk and below on the video is
UV Moisture Gel, for normal-oily skin.

The brand that carries by Rohto, mainly focus on the sun protection for the skin with the love from Aqua.

Wanna see the how Skin Aqua works?

Very cute isn’t it?

And now I’m here to find out more. and test the products.

The event at Tartine, will soon begin, in anticipation the whole room is filled with beauty bloggers.

None of us completely clueless about Skin Aqua, but we want to hear more. There is also a machine that can check our aging process due to the sun, it was so crowded, I didn’t get a chance to try it.
Some bloggers are afraid since the result is scary heehee.

But sun does gives us ‘scary’ skin if we didn’t protect our skin from the bad rays. Not all rays are bad, only some. Skin Aqua protects us from some bad rays from the sun.

Ms Ditta (Skin Aqua) , Fukura Akiyoshi (PT.Rohto) , and Arinda Christ. They are the hosts, they are sharing product details from Skin Aqua, the background of the company and current trends.

These are the main attraction in the event. Skin Aqua products. We were able to try them on the spot and some other brand from PT. Rohto such as Lip on Lip.


This is me and Priscil, after the event we manage to take some picture together.

Unfortunately the event have to end and I have to go back home, below is my review for the Aqua Skin ^__^ but first a bit glimpse of Lip On Lip


A review for Lip on Lip will soon comes up too heehee.

Now, let’s enjoy the review for Aqua Skin.

Since my skin is dry, I get mine in UV Mild Milk. And actually, this is not my first time using Aqua Skin, in Singapore and Japan the product is widely used and available in almost all beauty store, I’ve try them when I still lived in Singapore years ago and amazed by how light Aqua Skin is.


What makes Skin Aqua different from sun block? The ingredients! Skin Aqua mainly focused on hydration, that’s why it is called Skin Aqua . . . Aqua, as in H2O. Skin Aqua also contains Vit E and Collagen that beneficial to our skin. We’ve heard a lot about Hyaluronic Acid as it brings hydration, in Skin Aqua the Hyaluronic Acid has been modified to absorb better  and stays longer on the skin. Skin Aqua can be used daily and not just ‘can be used’, they are beneficial to our skin. Protects from the bad rays of the sun, moist and hydrated the skin, and with the Vit E, an antioxidant to the skin too.


I get 4 samples sizes as well, but 2 are the same, so 3 of them are UV Moisture Milk, UV Whitening Milk and UV Mild Milk. Take note only the UV Moisture Milk contains SPF 50 PA+++ while the others are SPF 25 PA ++ and SPF 20 PA ++, so the UV Moisture Milk is the highest SPF in all three (four if including Moisture Gel SPF 30 PA ++)


Here’s what’s amazing, in terms of texture, UV Moisture Milk is the lightest while UV Mild Milk turns to be the creamiest, perfect for dry skin.

But all three are comfortable and delightful to be used daily. Take note that they are not sun blocks ya, so if you stays in the beach for hours when the sun is up there, or other kind of outdoor sports, please use sun blocks instead of Skin Aqua. Skin Aqua is perfect to be used daily, indoors and normal exposure of outdoor without being too much.

Say good bye to sticky sun block, say hello to Skin Aqua for daily use, comfortable, smooth, soft skin protected from the sun.

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Thank you so much.

Hello ladies,

Lancome L’Absolu Rouge in 365 is Absolute Rouge or Absolu Rose.

This is not a new item in Lancome’s family, but more like an old time favorite.

Details from

Wrap your lips in rich, satiny color with this deeply replenishing lipstick. Infused with moisture-boosting Pro-Xylane™, lips stay moist, soft and comfortable for up to 8 hours. Antioxidant-rich Vitamin E and SPF 12 help keep lips safe from environmental aggressors, so they’ll look and feel healthier day after day. The stay true color won’t feather, flake or fade, so your pout will always look picture-perfect.


  • Deeply replenishes, softens and moisturizes lips for up to 8 hours
  • Lips feel comfortable and smooth for hours
  • Intense color glides on evenly and looks satiny
  • Help protect delicate lips against environmental damage, UVA and UVB rays
  • The sleek black case features an innovative magnet closure system and looks undecidedly luxurious


  • Patented Pro-Xylane™ and Ceramide V help restore moisture and strengthen the moisture barrier
  • Contains the unique Moisture Locker Complex
  • The Satin Color™ Complex ensures even dispersion of color; High Fidelity Pigments give rich, intense color
  • SPF 12 sunscreen and Vitamin E safeguard lips against environmental damage

Below is my before after images


The rich and soft feeling during application is wonderful. The lips instantly hydrated and feels like using a lip balm instead of lipstick. Wait, the feeling is even better than using a lip balm. The color is not as intense as I thought, it’s not sheer either, so it’s somewhere in between, not as red as the it looks like as it is sitting inside the packaging, on the lips it glides so beautifully, buttery and glossy. Not as glossy as a lip gloss, but still… oh I think I’ll use a chart.

Packaging? Luxuriously black with golden rose imprinted.
Color Boldness? 3,5 out of 5
Shine/Gloss? 3,5 out of 5
Smooth and soft feeling? 4,5 out of 5
Long lasting? 3-4 hours if untouched
Non waterproof, non smudge-proof,  but after wiping the moisture on the lips still felt for around an hour.
Love the SPF 12 in it for the sun protection and against the UVA UVB but dislike the fact that the lipstick sometimes get’s in the teeth and leaves red marks.
The choices are abundances, from beige, rosy pinks, coral, berries, browns to even white (for base), I have my eyes on many of them, but they doesn’t have purple shade thou’.

Overall? A great combination between lipstick, lip balm and sunscreen in a tube.

Let’s move on to makeup, y’all!

As usual, tons of products need to be reviewed and I’m so excited as many of them are very very good, just like this one, from Clinique.

The Even Better Makeup with SPF 15/PA++ Evens and Corrects. Evens means it help the complexion to soften and the tone seems unified. Corrects in terms of diminishing age spots, lines and some sorts.

Details from

Wear oil-free, dermatologist-developed Even Better Makeup SPF 15 and something amazing happens: Without any makeup, see improved clarity, a more even skin tone, visibly diminished age spots. For all ethnicities. In just 4 to 6 weeks. For continued benefits-even after you take it off-partner with Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector.

  • Skin Types: 2 – Dry Combination, 3 – Combination Oily
  • Formula: Liquid
  • Coverage: Moderate
  • Benefits: Visibly brightens, restores even tone, protects
  • Concern: Uneven Skin Tone

I got mine in 2,3 (Dry combination to combination oily)

In total Clinique have 30 shades (WOW) and no.1 in terms of foundation being sought after. Amazing isn’t it?!

I use Even Better after cleansing, toning, and moisturizing.

Haha! The video was impromptu, mind my few words, okay?!

And here’s some images of me in multiple lights and angles.

Even better somewhat like a BB Cream, it is light, gives the skin a smoother look, finer pores and less lines in a go without being too dramatic. Soft, natural and suitable for daily use. As mentioned in the video, I’ll use my SPF before Even Better and put on loose powder afterwards to set the base.

Remember to clean the Even Better thoroughly with a makeup remover after use and routine scrubbing (like once a week) promote better glow and radiance, plus no flaky skin or dead skin that usually crumbles when foundation is put on.

This medium coverage base also good for night time and/or day time, just use a mattefying loose powder if I want to look matter and normal loose powder for radiance and moist finish.

Overall, Even Better Makeup SPF 15/PA++ Evens and Corrects the skin so they’ll look flawless, healthy and less problematic.

Thank you Clinique Indonesia, I love it!