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Hello ladies,

thank you so much, since 2009 I’ve been blogging about beauty products and finally after saving some time I’m able to start videos session of Skincare 101.

There will be a bunch of videos with different topic every time, I’m planning to discuss per products range, type, needs and well anything I can separate them into.

You may contribute by commenting in which beauty products you want me to share in the next video and I’ll do my best to do so ^__^

Again, thank you so much, it won’t be happening without you, my lovely readers!!

Hello ^__^

From the recent event with Clinique, I get myself a nice juicy serum heehee. I’ve been eying on this item for months (since I saw their appearance on Singapore Women’s Weekly) and dreaming about having it. At last, it’s mine \^0^/ 


Details from

  • Skin Types: All
Potent serum gives every skin a second chance against lines, wrinkles, sun damage. In 4 weeks, see obvious reduction in lines, wrinkles, improved texture. At 12 weeks, the visible wrinkle-reducing power is remarkably close to a dermatological laser procedure. 63%, to be exact. Different commitment, different results. And yet impressive results guaranteed.

  • Apply 3 to 4 drops twice a day to face and around eyes. For all Skin Types. Partner with any of Clinique’s de-aging solutions
  • For increased prevention against the effects of stress, sun and pollution, add Superdefense SPF 25 and Super Rescue.
  • For intense visible repair, add Youth Surge SPF 15 and Youth Surge Night.

I don’t know about most people, but I always make a wishlist on things I want to to have, most of them are beauty products haha! I found them very interesting and appealing. Clinique’s ad is always sleek and clean. Minimize in design yet able to strikingly provoke curiosity and clearly describe the results of using the products being advertized.

Laser Focus ad is cool and looks high tech, like it was made with the latest machine in the universe. The clear slightly milky serum is said to be as close as dermatological laser procedure, I’ve done one of that laser before and hmm, let’s see the result shall we?


The serum used after cleansing and toner. The serum may be use all over the face and areas near the eyes too, neat! I love beauty products, each and everyone of them (that works) but I’m still longing for an item that can be used all over, fuss free products and actually really effective. I know we need 4, 5, or even 6 steps, but still, don’t we all just longed for the easiest, quickest, fastest, and simplest product out there?!

The fact that this serum provide several benefits to fight aging from wrinkles and the sun is cool too. Some products provide anti-lines and wrinkle, some helps clears up the spots, this serum provide both and it actually add some ‘power’ of hydrating as well. The slightly sticky texture holds the moisturizer which added right after the serum, promote better moisture barrier for the skin. I use it mostly on night time and waking up with this plump and dewy skin. The finer lines are far more easier to be erased, in a number of 1-2 weeks the very fine lines disappearing.

I do have several dark spots on my cheeks, so far they are still there . . . hmm, I know that spots are tougher, but I’m keen on keep using it until the whole bottle is finished ^__^ So far I can see the whole face seems brighter, softer and happier. Maybe the tinier and thinner spots are gone by now like the skin been through a regenerating process.


Overall, this serum with a fancy packaging not just looks cool from the outside but inside too. First time user might feel the serum to be sticky, use a hydrating moisturizer after the serum and see how the serum helps hold the moisturizer to stay intact to the skin. I think it is best for those around 30 years old or when the signs of aging such as lines, wrinkles and spots are appearing. May be used with products from other brand and type according to one’s need.

Laser procedure also took several treatment to start showing result, for now I choose Clinique RepairWear Laser Focus for showing results almost like laser treatment with a very small fraction of the price.

Also another event last Saturday,

a very busy day to me, invitation from Clinique Indonesia come for me to share testimonial in using RepairWear Laser Focus Eye Cream (HERE) and Chubby Sticks (HERE).


All who came received minis from Clinique which can be used during travelings.


The event held in front of SOGO dept. store at Plaza Senayan.


Before the event, I have a quick touch up using Clinique makeup ^__^


The white and simple design of Clinique has been their signature for decades. Over the years Clinique not just rooting in skincare but makeup too.


Here are the chubby sticks \^0^/ highlights for the day. I love all their colors and wished I have all of them heehee, they are like grown up ‘coloring crayons’.


Ms. Tia, the MC has started. I better join her in the stage. She asked about my experience in using Repair Wear Laser Focus Eye Cream and the Chubby Sticks. Two sensitive area on our face which require special attention. Both get a wonderful feed back from me. The eye cream feels smooth on the skin and able to reduce fine lines in a matter of weeks and the lip balm with colors aka Chubby Sticks is a delightful balm for the lips. Cheerful colors and hydrating effect unlike other balms which in the long run will actually cause chapped skin.


Then, we take a spin around the counter and I give a final tips for everyone, please do a skin check up or consultation before purchasing any beauty products so the beauty adviser may advice you the correct product for your skin and how to treat it, care for it and enhance the beauty of the skin.


A demonstration of how the process goes, anyone may come to the counter and ask for a free skin consultation. Then, like my sister on the above image, the beauty adviser will ask her several question regarding her skin’s condition, habit, etc.


With that famous chart from Clinique, the type can be determined. But, it doesn’t stop there.


Get ready to be magnified ^0^


A thorough skin check including putting the skin under the spot lights, touched by the staff and make the skin looks bigger so the pores looks obvious.


A series of products will be suggested just for her skin type, you can have yours too and don’t forget to check your skin on yearly basis, since sometime the skin does evolve.

Thank you Clinique Indoensia.

Hello ladies,

recently Clinique launch their Laser Focus series for the eyes, called Repairwear Laser Focus, the ads in the mag is really interesting, I remember those laser beam in the most futuristic way possible.

Look at this:


Like a very nifty fancy products isn’t it?! I’m definitely saying yes, I would love to give my eyes second chance in looking younger.


Smile. Now eyes get a second chance to look young. See your entire eye area visibly improved starting in 4 weeks. Then, we went beyond our usual clinical testing and invented a unique test to prove ‘smile lines’ around eyes disappear by 54% in 12 weeks.

  • Apply twice daily.
  • Use a gentle touch to smooth this silky cream all around your eyes.
  • Wear alone or under makeup.
  • Ideal with Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle & UV Damage Corrector serum.


The white cream looks dense isn’t it?! It’s not. I thought it would be so thick, creamy and sticky, but I found it to be light, easily used, and not sticky. The product is not as rich as I thought it would be so in term of texture, I’m quite fond of. For some reasons I always avoid eye cream with a thick texture as it will be sticky and rumor has it, they may starts milia seeds to grow.

I use the eye cream after cleaning the face + toner + pre serum and before facial serum.


By the ring finger and ring finger alone gently dab the eye cream with the lightest swipe possible so I wont add lines instead of removing them.

The cream will easily melt (almost like a gel) and absorbed by the skin. Curious? Come and meet me on March 23, 2013 at 2 PM at Clinique SOGO Plaza Senayan.


RSVP directly and print this invitation to get some Clinique Minis ^__^

See you there!

Hello lovelies,

these cuties need no introduction as I believe it was among the products that create a lot of buzz and so famous. And yes, all for the right reasons as well. They are superbly well, adorable, and just irresistible.


(Those jellies in the ads are so spot on, they got my attention alright)

Details from

Super-nourishing balm is loaded with mango and shea butters. Just what dry, delicate lips need to feel comfortably soft and smooth. Sixteen natural-looking lip tints in all, each with a subtle sheen.

  • Apply directly to lips. For subtle definition outline lips first, then fill in with natural-looking colour. Never needs sharpening: simply swivel up to reveal more lip colour balm.

I got mine in Oversized Orange, Curvy Candy and Pudgy Peony. Thank you so much Clinique Indonesia \^0^/

And I’ll review all three of them.


Let’s start with Pudgy Peony, a color which I always want to have but never have the courage to actually get one and use it until now. I love it. It was like shouting for attention in the sweetest way possible. The balm fills in the fine lines on the lips, moisturized and comfortable. I expect a thicker feeling on the lips, but there’s none. The sensation it gives still pretty light. I wish it comes in various scent as well, heehee.

The shine it gives is just right, not greasy, but enough to be use daily or just about anytime.


The tint will last on the lips even after eating and several wiping action. So it’s a lip balm with attitude.

The next one will be Curvy Candy.


Heehee somehow it match a bit like my nail polish. The Chubby Stick is chubby alright and I like how easy it is to use them, like normal lipstick, spin them to get the inside come out. The lid is secured, I rarely experience a fall out and the balm is quite sturdy too, it wont easily break even though it has properties like a lip balm.


Between these three shades I have, Curvy Candy is the ‘safest’ choice of them all. As the color is light pink, suitable for daily usage, office life and even going to the mall or dates. 


Then, the not so easy choice which I found to be my favorite shade, the Oversized Orange. Above is the look with a night light and below with a bright sunlight.

See the difference?


Imagine using a bright orange shade in the day time and looks energized, perky, and fresh. The shade gives me option in a way that enlighten the whole look, actually all their shades presented here giving me a younger look. And the title ‘lip balm’ also does it’s way around too heehee. Beside keeping the lips moist the product is definitely not overwhelming.

They are not exactly light but not heavy either, they are somewhat in the middle. Perfect for anyone who are looking for color, hydration, simplicity, and 16 choices of shades too (plus they are adding 8 more). I can see clearly why some are addicted to the products, me too! 

Details from

No need to be subtle when it’s now so easy to move into the deepest, most dramatic range. Find all the intensity of a liquid liner in one simple stroke. Silky formula glides on. Stays on all day. Never needs sharpening. “Smoke” with the smudge tip on the opposite end. Ophthalmologist Tested.

Swivel up only 1/8-inch (pencil does not retract to avoid exposing formula to air, which is drying). Line eyes. Use the tool on the opposite end to gently smudge colour to desired effect. Allow colour to set for 60 seconds to ensure transfer-resistance. Recap securely after using to protect the silky formula. Can be used alone or over eye shadow. Remove with your favourite Clinique eye makeup remover.

The black line it create is intense and smooth. The line is small enough but not super fine. Enough to create a line for the eyes or smoky eyes. The rubber at the other end helps blend the eyeliner, I need to do it fast since it dries up pretty fast, I think less than 60 seconds to set. A firm small brush will help as well if I want to create a softer look and gradually adding the intensity.

I need to practice on blending the eyeliner, clearly seen that the eyeliner is darkly intense and a gentle stroke will be suffice.

Above are my before after images and after the eyeliner sets it was really set well. Smudge proof and really long lasting. A little bit sticky, like 1 out of 10. Resist water and I need my waterproof makeup remover to clean it since normal facial wash wont do.

When I use a thick eye cream it will smudge, but when I use an eye gel or cream that’s light and non greasy, it will not smudge.

I love the fact that I don’t need to sharpen it but at first when it was quite ‘sharp’ it’s wonderful, later on, will become dull and rounded edge which means . . . yes, thicker lines.

Overall, will I keep using it? Definitely, it’s easier than cream/gel/liquid eyeliner. Softer and smoother than pencils. Long lasting, intense black and convenient.

Ah-may-zing level? A for Ah-may-zing!!!

Let’s move on to makeup, y’all!

As usual, tons of products need to be reviewed and I’m so excited as many of them are very very good, just like this one, from Clinique.

The Even Better Makeup with SPF 15/PA++ Evens and Corrects. Evens means it help the complexion to soften and the tone seems unified. Corrects in terms of diminishing age spots, lines and some sorts.

Details from

Wear oil-free, dermatologist-developed Even Better Makeup SPF 15 and something amazing happens: Without any makeup, see improved clarity, a more even skin tone, visibly diminished age spots. For all ethnicities. In just 4 to 6 weeks. For continued benefits-even after you take it off-partner with Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector.

  • Skin Types: 2 – Dry Combination, 3 – Combination Oily
  • Formula: Liquid
  • Coverage: Moderate
  • Benefits: Visibly brightens, restores even tone, protects
  • Concern: Uneven Skin Tone

I got mine in 2,3 (Dry combination to combination oily)

In total Clinique have 30 shades (WOW) and no.1 in terms of foundation being sought after. Amazing isn’t it?!

I use Even Better after cleansing, toning, and moisturizing.

Haha! The video was impromptu, mind my few words, okay?!

And here’s some images of me in multiple lights and angles.

Even better somewhat like a BB Cream, it is light, gives the skin a smoother look, finer pores and less lines in a go without being too dramatic. Soft, natural and suitable for daily use. As mentioned in the video, I’ll use my SPF before Even Better and put on loose powder afterwards to set the base.

Remember to clean the Even Better thoroughly with a makeup remover after use and routine scrubbing (like once a week) promote better glow and radiance, plus no flaky skin or dead skin that usually crumbles when foundation is put on.

This medium coverage base also good for night time and/or day time, just use a mattefying loose powder if I want to look matter and normal loose powder for radiance and moist finish.

Overall, Even Better Makeup SPF 15/PA++ Evens and Corrects the skin so they’ll look flawless, healthy and less problematic.

Thank you Clinique Indonesia, I love it!

It’s moisture time!!!

Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief (long name, huh?!). I’ve been wanting and craving for moisturizer, for me it’s a must have, must use and an obligation to our skin. Hydration plays important roles in keeping the skin well, behave and healthy. 8 glasses of water drink daily for hydration from within and this cream from outside. 

Light, comfortable cream/gel plumps skin with hydration for a full 24 hours. Fine lines, flakiness and tightness are washed away. In their place—a sense of supple, firm, vibrant well-being, even through shifts in humidity. One ‘drink’ and skin looks and feels happier, healthier. Oil-free.

I just want to plunge myself in and soak my self in it, pinkish, gel, beautiful and a solid promise of a well-maintained skin, hydrated and supple. Still in their 100% Fragrance Free, Allergy Tested commitment to all of us.

Anyone should at least try this cream once, careful, you might get hooked. Soft, moist, happy and hydrated, that’s what I want my skin to always be. Not sticky, glows with radiance and healthy too. It is great that the gel can be used as a mask as well, just in case I want some boost of hydration.

Thank you Clinique Indonesia \^0^/

2 days ago I was invited by Clinique Indonesia to meet Mr. Rick Felecia, he is the Regional Education Manager, Clinique Asia Pacific.

It was a private lunch where the team from Clinique Indonesia only invited 5 beauty bloggers and we really enjoy our times there.

This is me arriving 🙂

I’m really excited, as Clinique is not a new brand, in fact they have been around for decades. Trusted and always been a safe choice for many. To tell you the truth, I recommend Clinique for my friends who has sensitive skin every time they ask my input, why?

Noticed the tag: Allergy Tested, 100% Fragrance Free? That’s been my safety bet all this time, most of the skincare causes irritation due to the fragrances in it. And I’m astonish to know their effort in doing the allergy test, it involved a lot of effort and work, but that’s their commitment to the brand, customers, public, like you and me.

There they are, some of the current products that are considered ‘new’ in the family of Clinique. I bet you already knew some of them ^__^ as they are famous alright.

While we are having our lunch, Mr. Rick are open for any questions and discussion regarding Clinique. I asked him about skin sensitivity, damaged skin due to acne and other aggressors, dark spots, and many other things. It was a real pleasure meeting him as he is a skincare lover like I am. We have the same passion on taking care of the skin and beauty products surrounds us.

I noticed one thing in the Clinique Indonesia’s team, almost all of them have great skin and the rest still quite good. I met many other teams from different brand of beauty products, doesn’t mean everyone in the beauty business have great skin, but in Clinique, clearly the percentage is higher.

Then, on that corner, I saw the one that started it all, that famous 3-Step Skincare. I’ve tried mine years ago, they are impressive and my one and only tips: Get that perfect one for you. Take the consultation and do the charts accordingly. So you’ll get that suitable match for your skin.

These are the Chubby Sticks
Mega melon, Super Strawberry, Whole Lotta Honey and Whoppin’ Watermelon

Open the lid and spin/twist the bottom and the fat ‘pencil’ shaped gloss will come out.

Aren’t they adorable!

Rumor has it that they add more colors to the collection, I want some please!! The glossy effect is lovely and those sheer colors are perfect as a lip gloss or adding color dimension for the lips. The Brand Manager of Clinique Indonesia shares how she always use 2 chubby stick all at once and create a different shade that’s uniquely hers.

Here it is, the famous chart. But right now, in the counter, they’ll give you more insight for your skin and Clinique’s product using the newest technology. Curious? Visit Clinique’s counter near you.

After finishing the lunch, we took pictures together before going to the Clinique’s counter at SOGO Plaza Senayan.

doctor is in, a dermatologist. Unlike some of other brand where you can’t to be in sync with dermatologist, Clinique works hand in hand with dermatologist.

Some pictures of their new lay out and settings of the counter and that’s a wrap!

Thank you so much Clinique Indonesia and all of you reading my post, I’ll be back with reviews of products from Clinique.

Clinique Turnaround Concentrate

Details: Unique exfoliating formula prompts a continuous skin-renewal process. Speeds fresh cells to the surface. Visible Skin Renewer.

My review: the white cloudy gel is so easy to absorb, I’m talking counts of seconds here, hurry up and spread them so they’ll be even. Unlike other skin renewal serum which can be quite strong, Clinique Turnaround Concentrate feels mild and comfortable even for my cheeks where usually sensitive. Unfortunately this product is discontinued in many countries, so if you want to try ’em in Jakarta (or Indonesia) you still have your chance. My verdict is this product suits those with high sensitivity condition while some who wants more action and renewal in one go would not be satisfied.