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Hi sexy laydeeeh!

Sexy Look is back with more masks, and this time it’s not just about a brighter look but lifted up too.

A purple hue and seems so plain too, hmm, the box design’s doesn’t impress me at all. I wish it was fancier like the Moisturizing Black Cotton Mask.

Behind is the product details and on the side there’s the instruction with images too.

Gently pull out from the packaging and put on both of your ears and feel the mask being pulled to each sides, leaving less wrinkle and then put the lower mask all the way so the double chin are all tucked in heehee, and securely put the holes on the ears again and voila!
A mask that can be used with a secure fastened sides and give that lifting boost as well.

These are the details from the press release and below are my pictures using it.

The most unique thing about the mask is how tight it can be by pulling the loop holes, so it provide better smoothness and less lines after the mask, however, the upper lips are covered with the mask while the area below the lower lips are exposed. So, if you happen to have a face structured as the mask, you might find it easy to fit in, while others? Don’t.

Now the effect of the mask,

from the good quality of the mask my skin feel hydrated and does have a lifting effect, especially from the lower part that hooked on the ears. There is a brightening effect too, although not visible during photo shoots. I like the fact that the mask is gentle enough for my sensitive cheeks and the tight fittings gives me freedom to move around unlike other conventional facial paper mask. Will I use it again? Definitely! I like a mask that unique in terms of shape, gentle to the skin, and give less lines (from the after mask effect), hydrating and help pulled up my double chins ^__–

I’m here with these masks from Singapore. No, they are not that usual face paper mask, they are made with cottons and one made with a soft mask.

Lovemore French Caviar Anti-Wrinkle & Firming Mask


Sexylook Intensive Moisturizing Black Cotton Mask

The LoveMore is within a box with 5pc of mask inside ($8.90) while the SexyLook I have is sold per piece for $3.50 and right now they have a promo for $2 only. Check out okay ^^
I really like the packaging of both items. While one is so inspired by love letters, the SexyLook really defines sexiness ^^
These are the product details and the ingredients of each products made from many different places accordingly, so cute isn’t it?!
Beside pomegranate, black caviar and gold pearl there’s still so many other interesting ingredients at LoveMore. You’ll be sure to find one you like.
And I’m going to try on the Black Caviar first. Here are some detail regarding Beluga Caviar, apparently beside being so good to be eaten and known as high class meal ^0^ ohohohohoho Bealuga Caviar also good for our skin, now Love More gives us the extract (minus the smell of course) and just those important ingredients for our skin to be pampered and feel all the love.

❤ ❥ ♡ ♥ ღ ɞ
❤ ❥ ♡ ♥ ღ ɞ
I always looking for a moisturizing mask and usually other brand, especially those paper mask, even thou’ it claims to moisturize the skin, it exfoliate 😦 but this one seems different and promising heehee
This is me holding the item, as seen on the darker puff under my eyes, I’ve been having lack of sleeps lately, I need some relaxation a s a p.
I use it after cleansing and tap it dry. I open the packaging and the soft mask is protected by the plastic.
I decided to put it on and then open the plastic after pressing the soft mask that feels really moist and a bit gooey.
After peeling the plastic the mask seems transparent and feels so good on the skin. They are super soft, gentle and lovely to the touch, like a whole lot of moisture is in there.
The best fitting is really fits me ^__^ and the featherly soft mask is proven alright. SYN HYCAN, gives me those moisturizing effect than ever before, your skin feels thirsty? Try this mask and let it drink all the way.
Here’s a clip of me taking of the mask and you can see the texture of the skin, they are still moist and my skin becomes moist as well. The left over liquid can be distributed by massaging the skin and tapping motion too.
After? A glowing skin thanks to the moisture and my skin feels comfortable again while before I feel some stretch on the cheeks.
Then, few days later, I try the other mask from SexyLook, the one that gets the raves from Taiwan.

This is a black cotton mask. The mask is really black in color and the cotton is really lovable to the touch.

Use after cleansing your face and use it for 15-20 minutes also, simple and easy to use just like other mask but the effect is just superb.

I don’t know, maybe it is just me, my face turn instantly whiter/brighter. I guess this is the detox effect and cleansing the pores as well. Usually after using a mask the skin feels moist but this time, there’s something extra, for the whole day and days ahead, my skin is ‘cleaner’, in terms of less sebum and the skin feels lighter and easy to breathe ^__^ You really have to try this one to understand how I feel. I’m a big fan of carbon and it was well known to be detoxifying and beneficial to be used on regular basis.
Thank you so much Secretive for the products and don’t forget to join their Facebook and Twitter page: