Hi everyone ^0^

Snails products are everywhere nowadays and it seems to be a hit in the town. Snails are known to have a regenerating effect on their ehm, slime.

Details from the packaging:

This BB Cream contains 50% snail secretion filtrate (mucin) that keeps the skin moist and firm by forming a protective film over the skin. It makes the skin healthy and radiant. The massage function of an all in one puff improves your skin’s complexion and makes your skin look radiant. Its excellent adherence and coverage function keep your makeup for long hours.

How To Use:

1) To create natural, radiant skin: Open by pulling the cap off, and hold the puff facing downward. Gently press the middle of the container, and dispnece a small amount onto the puff. Apply evently to your face in a massaging motion.

2) To create flawless, transparent skin: Turn the cap until the pointed part appears. Gently press the middle of the container, and dispense a small amount and apply evenly on your face.

On the packaging there’s two puff provided, one attached and the other one still in the plastic shown above. Clean the puff after each use with lukewarm water.

I like the packaging, the large tube is big alright, but I don’t have to bring it everywhere since the staying power is moderately long, I use it for 5-6 hours and it stays on. I think it can stay on longer too. The multifunction cream that gives coverage and sun protection in the same time is always welcome in my makeup box. I use it daily (daytime). I didn’t feel it being oily and let’s just say the BB Cream pampers my skin while giving it a nice look too ^__^

Remember that this not that raw material secretive from the snail, so do not jump into your garden and apply the liquid coming out from a snail when you see one. The mucin in the product are already going through some process for hygienic reason and efficacy. So only the important ingredients in the mucin are used.

Below is me using the Snail Therapy 50 BB Cream SPF30 PA+++ with the puff (as I think the attached puff is a unique and wonderful idea)

The BB Cream is light, covers and feels really good. I was pretty afraid at first and heehee it’s a secretive from a snail, I’m thinking some gooey….slimy…. errr, just not pretty. Let’s just say I’m hesitated at first but the minute it touches my skin, all the hesitation and doubtfulness just melt away. The after image is just me the BB Cream, it felt velvety smooth and any powder haven’t been added. Definitely gives me an even skin tone, redness and fine lines are gone and dryness? Unlike other BB cream, the Snail Therapy gives the skin a comfort without drying the skin.

Below is my step by step usage.

The puff started as a light cream colored, then when the BB Cream is out a deeper beige lotion cum cream comes out, I dabbed it on and the puff works so well, the spreading, applying, blending process becomes so easy and for a clean-freak-enthusiast like me, it’s the perfect tool to minimize fingers intervention. there are some parts that need small brush or sponge with edges for areas hidden by the sides of the nose and delicates like eye’s area.

Overall, it’s a must try snail-inspired-contained product where safety and effectiveness shown ^0^ Love it!

Tips: For daily use or a natural look, just add some loose powder on top, no need adding more foundation. Always use a moisturizer before BB Cream (any BB Cream) and if you want some concealer may be added on some part before the BB Cream, it is also possible.

Thank you Nature Republic Indonesia.