As a continuation from my previous post —> HERE 
Now I’m doing the review on 02.
The cream feels rich and the texture is kinda funny, usually for make up base, they are either too thick or too light, too powdery nor not powdery at all, RMK Creamy Polished Base is somewhat in between and there’s a bit bouncy feeling, like a bit jelly-ish (not even a proper word but I’m out of it).

During application the cream is easily spread with fingers (that’s what I do) and a bit powdery than 00 but definitely lighter than other tinted make up base that I know.

What it does to my skin is:

It created a thin layer of a more even skin tone, light , non sticky — like using a gel form moisturizer (tinted), and from there you can either use a foundation for a thicker layer or just use your compact powder then loose powder for the finishing look. I’m using a compact powder, very gentle motions too, like tapping, so I don’t feel the need to put too much powder on top, since for me, the make up base already gives me the basic that I need. A more subtle, even-colored skin and moist-natural looking finish.

I’m not a fan of heavy make up and this product suits me, but I don’t see a problem if you keep piling makeup layers by layers, again it depends on your need.

Conclusion: Worth buying  ^_^