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Hello there!

About a month ago, I went through a procedure, kinda like a caesarian surgery and as most of any other surgery, it leaves mark on the skin. Yes, it is painful alright, to experience it and see the mark, yikes!

Looking down at the booboo, which of course I wont show it off here, I want the skin to be back as it used to. So the doctor gave me a product that said help remove or reduce the scar. Dermatix Ultra Scar Reduction Advanced Silicone Gel, hmm, scar reduction? So, it is definitely reducing and not completely erased the scar.


Details from

What is Dermatix® Ultra?

Dermatix® Ultra is an advanced scar formula that is proven effective in the management of scars. It has the innovative CPX (cyclopentasiloxane) technology for improved effects in flattening and softening scars and contains a unique ingredient of Vitamin C which gives the benefit of photoprotection and skin lightening.

Dermatix® Ultra’s high grade of skin conditioning agent heals your scar without the greasy tacky feel upon application. It leaves a soft, silky and clean feel when applied to the skin.

Dermatix® Ultra is available in 7g and 15g tubes.

The Benefits of Dermatix® Ultra:

* Proven efficacy in flattening, softening and lightening scars
* Innovative formula with CPX technology & unique Vitamin C
* Convenience with elegant, quick drying formulation
* Excellent cosmetic properties: smooth and silky feel, transparent & odourless
* Easy to apply
* Safe to use, even for children
* Recommended by plastic surgeons

And one more thing, it is not cheap.

15 gr of Dermatix Ultra cost about Rp.300k


The clear gel feels easy on the skin and so far I haven’t experience ANY discomfort while using it. I always put it on a clean skin and put a thin layer of it on top of the closed wound. It is not recommended to be put on top of open wound ya, so please do be careful on this and read the instruction given on the leaflet.

The gel easily create a thin film covering the scar on the skin and slowly but sure help the scar to diminish. At first when the scar is new, there’s a bit swollen and the skin appears darker, after a month the swelling reduced by far and the skin appears lighter too in terms of shade. I was advice to use the product as soon as the wound is dry and the scar is new. Old scar will take longer time to heal than the new one.

I’ve used the product for a month now and … it does help reducing and not 100% eliminating the scar. It’s still one month and I think there’s half of tube left which is enough for one more month.

Will I keep using it? Yes, since the product show a progressive result.

My tips: Consult your doctor when using it and help make sure the booboo are closed tightly before using Dermatix Ultra Scar Reduction Advanced Silicone Gel.

May be used on facial skin as well.

Hi ladies,

who loves spa? I do!!!

I raise both hands and feet (if I could) haha! It’s like pampering time is here! Unfortunately, not all of us has the luxury to spend time (and money) at the spa. So, I try to create the spa at my home, using scrubs, body butter, scented candles and so on.

One brand that is familiar with spa in Indonesia is called Dewi Sri Spa. On this opportunity I’m trying one of their collection called Peach Delima Body Foam.


Details from

Peach Delima Signature Series

Exotism of peach and delima has inspired various cultures from the ancient time. Delima (Punica granatum) represent eternity, lavish and fertility. Both are riched with vitamin C, vitamin A and poliferol as antioxidant and promote a fresh, smooth, healthy-looking complexion.

With a self foaming device the product burst out lovely foam with a rather sharp to the nose scent of peach delima. For the whole body I think it took around 10 pumps. I did try to enjoy the scent and benefit, which hmm, I can’t seem to experience. The cleansing properties is okay, I guess, but there’s no adequate freshness to it nor healthy looking complexion. In fact, I can easily replace the product with any other kind of body foam with a cost far less.


Sorry to say this item get more negative feedback from me. The Rp.100k ++ price is too much for a 2 weeks usage (2x a day). The scent is a bit sharp on the nose and the I don’t see any ‘real’ benefits to the skin.

Hello everyone!!

I hope you’re doin’ fine today ^^

As this month (May 2013) in Indonesian Beauty Blogger is about Dull to Doll, Estee Lauder present the staffs with a Primer to start it all. Where every women can be beautiful, a correct start is essential. From their series of skincare to makeup collection, Estee Lauder has been providing us with beauty products for decades.


I’ve done the Illuminating version some time ago (Click HERE) and now, the Matte has come ^^

Details from

Prime for perfection.

Discover the power of a primer with this targeted formula that controls oil and reduces shine so makeup looks smooth, even, flawless.

Soft-vision optics minimize the look of pores and flaws to create an even canvas.

Skin-calming Green Tea and Vitamin E rebalance and perfect. Oil-free.

Ideal for Normal/Combination and Oily Skin.


  • Moisturize first.
  • Then, smooth evenly over face and blend.
  • Apply makeup.

  • Oil-free
  • Dermatologist-tested
  • Ophthalmologist-tested
  • Fragrance-free

Above is the swatch done at my hand, and on the skin it was clearly seen the difference between using Illuminating and Matte. From the ingredients, texture, color, and function, the two primer definitely gives the skin a different effect. But both feel comfortable on the skin.

I know a swatch won’t be enough for you ^^ below is me using the products at my face.


Here’s illuminating.

Illuminating, when I want to boost radiance and ‘charming’ effect, hence that’s why there’s a sticker of princes(s) charming ^^ perfect for usage in an aircon room all day long or during traveling to dry climate. Where the skin need more moist effect. So the skin looks like there’s a luminous glow from within. A perfect light base before foundation, best to be used with the series that help the skin to look pearly glow, healthy glow, or natural glow, it’s your choice.

Pearly glow: pair it up with brightening products and makeup. Use makeup that contains glistening/sparkling powders.

Healthy glow: Use a CC Cream after the primer, a light moisturizing loose powder and a touch of colorful makeup for the spring.

Natural glow: Use a BB Cream after the primer, add compact powder and loose powder, earth colored makeup is suitable afterwards.

Or any kind of glow you want, imagination is the key ^^


Here’s matte.

Matte, when I want to stay active (hence the dancing me sticker ^^) without that oily/greasy look. The primer help my skin to stay matte longer and better. Hmm, it appears like my skin looks whiter/fairer too since I think the primer help reducing the redness from the calming properties. The powder stays on longer and the skin does feels fresher. Suitable to be used with other mattefying product but careful not to over-dry the skin.

Matte finish is sought after for those with oily skin type, but a primer alone wont be enough. Always drink plenty of water throughout the day so the skin stays hydrated hence no need to overcompensate with oils from within. A hydrating moisturizer and skincare with water-based ingredients also encourage to be used before the primer.

A matte look can be attained by adding foundation/BB Cream, compact and loose powder. Use an oil blotter no more than 1-2 times a day or only when necessary.

Don’t forget to clean the makeup thoroughly 2x day and always go to bed with a clean moisturized skin. An overused makeup will lead the skin dehydrated, clogged and dull.

Thank you Estee Lauder Indonesia.

Hello gorgeous ladies,

there’s a new serum in the Biotherm world and I’m going to share how awesome it is, be prepared ^^


Here some details from

The team from Biotherm has been so excited and exuberant when showing me the products and what it can do. I was in either try to grasp their enthusiasm or somehow in disbelief, can a product be THAT good?

They’ve shared with me the 9 visible result, the texture, the bottle and the details.


As usual the Biotherm is about pure thermal plankton and since a couple of years ago, they start exploring new resources to the waters from ocean, lakes, rivers and not just spa water. Now, the Blue Therapy Serum is extracted from 3 different water sources.


Please do watch the video.


What do you think? After viewing the video, reading about the ingredients and see the details above, where we can do something about aging and it will show an 80% differences. So from 100% aging, only 20% is inevitable, so if we use the correct product, we might avoid the 80%, resulting in a youthful skin, firm, less lines and wrinkles, and less dark spots too. Amazing!



80% of the signs of aging can be visibly reduced.


Wrinkles appear smoother, contours feel tighter as though uplifted and dark spots appear reduced for a visible transformation. For all skin types.


A golden elixir that melts into your skin.

Apply morning and/or evening to clean skin.
Apply either underneath your usual moisturiser or anti-age product, or apply alone.
Using both hands, smooth over the face in an outward pattern starting from the centre. Finish by the neck. Avoid eye contour.


And this is the product, please do mind my comical mood ^^ lately I need to express my self more, more than just words, after all an image worth thousands of words. A product this good do need thousands of words ^^

Yes, there are tiny sparkles on the smooth gel, like golden mixed with white gold is crushed and infused. The amazing smell of aquatic resources and a touch from Biotherm scent department. It’s like an elixir, an efficacious liquid for youth.

I’ve been using it for weeks and I’ll begin with how smooth and fast it is to penetrate into the skin, leaving the skin a bit glow before completely absorb. There are reaction from the skin, in my case, a positive reaction. Hydration, firmer, dewier, plumper skin with a more even toned complexion within 10 days. And I’m sure this is not yet the climax.

The product is used like other serum, on a cleaned face, after the toner and right before moisturizer. I use it with my Aquasource, a moisturizer from Biotherm family as well. You may use it with other brand and range but best to be used within the series of the same brand.


Will I keep using it? Definitely!

Will I recommend the product to my loved ones? Yes!

Thank you so much Biotherm Indonesia.

Hi everybody ^^

Finally, I see my self at Shu Uemura counters in Indonesia. A program which I’ve been involved this past month with Shu Uemura to help everyone finding their match in the varieties of cleansing oils. As everyone probably aware, those 6 cleansing oils has been a true testimony of products that actually work and loved by so many people in the world. From a skincare addict to a true makeup artist. The unique ingredients and individuality of each creates a one of a kind items for 6 different needs.

Please do read about other testimony as well at the counter.

Mine is Ultime8 Sublime Cleansing Oil.


From the beginning until now where I almost finished it, Ultime8 has giving me nothing but pleasure and satisfaction.

Does it means that I can’t use other variety from the cleansing oil family at Shu Uemura world? Nope, I still can use the one for all skin type or just about any type that suits my skin’s need and mood at the moment.


Thank you Shu Uemura Indonesia, the oils are almost up, time to get a new one now ^^

Hi everyone!!
I received a package from Bio Essence Singapore where they introduce a new series with Royal Jelly + ATP. ATP is Adenosine Triphospate, the source of energy (please google up on that one when more details are needed).
Here’s some opening from Bio-essence:
Bio-essence has innovatively blended Bio Energy Fluid, Bio Mineral Amino Acid Essence, and precious natural ingredients such as Ginseng, Aloe Vera and Angelica with the addition of Royal Jelly & ATP to create out latest V Face Series.
Queen bees feed exclusively on Royal Jelly, accounting for their incredible longevity. Their lifespan is 40x longer than the worker bee. This shows the advance anti-ageing effets on Royal Jelly.
ATP helps to supply and communicate energy to skin cells like a continuous current, improving micro-circulation effectively to renew and repair skin.

From the original 6 steps series, Bio-essence sends me 3 of them. Deep Exfoliating Gel, Radiant Youth Essence and Face Lifting Cream. All have their own uniqueness and specialty. The series comes in deep blue tone.


Inside the product’s box there’s other stuff than details. In the cream, a measuring tape is provided. It is a tool to help checking on the V shape on the cheeks, seriously? Yes, apparently the product also promoting firmer skin which result in :


Impressive isn’t it?! Upon usage I can feel the tightness and lifting effect. There is a slight tingling sensation, like cooling the skin. The cream feels easy on the skin, leaving the skin velvety smooth without greasy feeling.


I recommend for anyone to try on the cream and feel it. The white creamy texture is soft and feels smooth, however, as it comes in every box, there’s an allergy reaction that might comes on some people. Bio-essence are reassuring that their products are using safe ingredients and wont harm the skin, nevertheless, please do read it carefully before using it.


I’m only using it a few times now and haven’t do any measuring ^^ but when I do, I’ll share it here.


Next, it’s the Deep Exfoliating Gel, there are some other products like these in the market, some are safe to be used and proven friendly to the skin and while just don’t. Where is this product lies?

Here’s the details given:


In short, the product help to ‘clears up’ the skin and the whole look. I’m using it once a week, and beside for facial usage the product may be used for different areas, such as knees and elbows too heehee. For those bride to be, I do recommend to use the product all over the skin for that all over refining effect, and continue with moisturizer, the peeling gel helps removes everything that inhibit the nourishment to take place on the skin.

Result? A more even tone skin with radiant glow (after moisturizer).


Here’s a bit of demo on my hand.

The cloudy yellow-brown gel is light to the touch and easily distributed, like melting on the skin


Then, gently rub the skin, within seconds the dead skin cells will come up and rinse it with water after finish (when the skin feels dry). Use a regular facial cleanser afterwards and experience a clearer looking skin.


The last item is an essence that feels and looks like facial oil I’ve used before. The texture is light and even thou’ it’s really like oil, it does penetrate within a minute leaving the skin feeling soft and not oily.


The product can be used for an arms and legs too ^^ I know it is ideal to be used in the cold weather where the air is very dry, but the product also suits me who stays in air conditioned room almost 24/7.


I use the essence after cleaning the face and toner, right before moisturizer. So Bio-essence with these 3 products are gathering up to become the 3 Treasures of The V Face Series for that v shaped face and help reduce the double chin (yippieee!!) added bonus: softer skin with firming effect and away from dryness.

Now, readers in Singapore, do you want to try one by winning it?

  Play the UNLOCK YOUR FEMININE CHARM Facebook game & stand to win daily prizes at:

Hi everybody,

last week is the second event with Shu Uemura Indonesia for their OB collections.

Some of the products are already viewed through the previous post (HERE) while some sold out products are available at Shu Uemura Mal Kelapa Gading counter.

Please do watch the video below:

The products are so cute, right?!


While walking around at the counter, I also see familiar faces, hehehe, me and other fellow bloggers chosen for the cleansing oil varieties. Please do read why we love our cleansing oils and learn which one suits you best.


And since there are makeup and look competition for the princesses, I draw something at my sis’s face to commemorate the occasion ^^ she’s the forest princess.


During the event we have the chance to witness 2 artistes drawing the model from the live makeup demo. There are 4 artistes coming that day and we can see their creations.  It was quite a crowded event and happy to see the traffic from the ongoing lookers.


The live makeup demo is colorful and the live sketch done following the makeup is awesome. I love how the colors blends in together and how the artistes are using the shu uemura products as their tools. Yes, all the linings are made using eyebrow pencils, the blush on are using lipsticks, the colors are from eye shadows, and so on.


Ms. Regina, the Brand Manager of Shu Uemura Indonesia happily shares the new collection, the background and Ms.Sesa share the same sentiment. The princesses are unique and somehow reminds me of fairies ^^


Around 30 minutes the drawing and makeup demo is done. Look at the result? Neat!


Me with Ella, the lovely makeup artist from Shu Uemura.


Last but definitely not least, the products and congratulations to all the winners that day ^^ Enjoy the prizes and love love love to read your report soon ya!


Winners? Yes, all bloggers invited come dressed up like the princess they choose to be and 4 bloggers has been picked and won a pretty palette from Shu Uemura.


Thank you so much!!!

Hello ladies,

thank you so much, since 2009 I’ve been blogging about beauty products and finally after saving some time I’m able to start videos session of Skincare 101.

There will be a bunch of videos with different topic every time, I’m planning to discuss per products range, type, needs and well anything I can separate them into.

You may contribute by commenting in which beauty products you want me to share in the next video and I’ll do my best to do so ^__^

Again, thank you so much, it won’t be happening without you, my lovely readers!!

Hi dear,

Who have chapped soles? Dry, coarse ? Or at least in desperate need of exfoliation?

Me! And I’m not in the mood (or ever) to do that dry scrubbing thingy, or having pedicured every now and then. So I try this Bebe Foot Mask from Etude House.

I’ve tried this kind of product before, Baby Foot. And it work so well. Too bad I can’t find it here. But, Etude House is here with the Bebe Foot Mask ^0^ hopefully it works out well too.


I know how harsh can they be so I made sure I don’t use this kind of product too often, for me once every 2-3 years is enough.


It’s a simple product where all needed is inside the packaging and read it thoroughly. Clean the feet, dry them, open the plastic which shaped like feet and put them in. Tape it so they wont run.


Make sure the feet stay inside the plastic as long as needed but if ones happen to have allergy where the feet feels too hot, burning sensation, very itchy or other kind of discomfort, perhaps it is best to take it off and wash it away. There may be reactions that needed to be avoided and can’t use this product.

Me? I’m feeling a cool slippery gel, a bit itchy but very little and it happens during the last minutes. I wash it off and dislike the acidic smell of the gel.

And I just leave them dry after a good rinsing action.


1,2,3 days nothing, on the 4th day the skin start peeling from the heels, and this image down here is a week.

It will keep on peeling for 2 weeks max (on my case) and some may experience differences. There is itchiness on day 3-4 which for me was nerve wrecking since other brand doesn’t carry ‘itchy’ in their ingredients.

But now as remember my days back then ^^ it was quite okay and the result is a new skin for the feet, not as smooth as baby’s feet but better than before. During the journey from week 1 to week 2 where there’s a chunk amount of skin peeling of is quite disgusting and interesting at the same time haha. My feet feels dirty all the time as if I’m not cleaning the floor properly.

They look kinda ugly and I avoided going out for a while to their appearance. But hey, after the caterpillar stay in a cocoon, comes the beautiful butterfly ^^.

This product worth a try and suitable as a gift to any hard working mom.

Hi everyone!!!

I’m coloring my hair again, this time it’s at home. I’ve tried coloring my hair by myself since I’m in high school and so far enjoying the process. Hair colorant business has been going up with more and more products that’s so easy, anyone can do it by themselves. Like Liese Bubble Hair Color, a lovely foam which make coloring easier and help the colors to distribute better and faster.


I know a lot of colorants, from the creamy texture, liquid, and thicker liquid. So far I like the foam/bubble type since it is definitely a winner when used at home without anyone’s help. Zero dripping, zero mess, and 100% coverage. The Jewel Pink is one of the colors carries by Liese, thank you for sending me some ^^


This is my before hair condition, multiple colors, and a lot of fading. The roots also need a touch up and an event with shu uemura is coming soon heehee, I want to be the princess with pink hair.


Here are the items inside the packaging and oh a hair treatment sachet is hiding under the white board thingy (gloves home).


Found the details here:

There’s a video as well to show how easy it is using the product.


The first thing is to do an allergy test. Remember that a colorant can cause SEVERE allergy reaction to those with high sensitivity. DO it accordingly, especially with those who have allergy to any kind of colorant, from makeup to other chemical substance.

After it was done, wait 24 hours to see the reaction, sadly if you have allergy, you may not use it T_T.

If not, you can ^^

Use it when you haven’t wash your hair that day, 2-3 days also okay, dirty, but okay. Natural oils actually protect your scalp from the harsh chemical, don’t be surprise as I say hair colorant is a harsh chemical just smell it.

Then, open the window far and wide, let the air circulate so you won’t suffocate, use your ugliest clothes and prepare the mixture for a coloring process.


Mix it by moving it up and down, gently, don’t shake it like you’re making a dirty martini.


Make sure there’s no bubbles inside the bottle, the foam should be made by the pump, not by shaking it vigorously.


Put the pump and press the bottle gently to dispense the lovely foam. Comb your hair before to help remove the tangles for a smooth coloring action.


Don’t forget to use the gloves ya and massage the foam so they’ll able to reach every nook and corner of your hair. The pump is very good as it was able to get the last drop of the liquid. The foam does smells like chemicals, so never forget to open the airways at your home or wherever you’re using it at.


Then, after all the foam needed are distributed, wait 20-30 minutes. I wait for 30 minutes where some drippings suddenly start appearing, so for me 30 minutes is definitely maximum time. And I can feel the scalp getting a bit itch as well. Mild, but I can feel it. My hair is not thick so I think 30 minutes is suitable for my condition, and I was right.


I rinse everything off with plenty of water, making sure the water runs clear and I know all of the ‘leftovers’ are removed from the hair. Grab the conditioner and use it abundantly so all the hair (not scalp) get the nutrients.

Do a treatment 1-2 times weekly and use the correct type of products for your colored hair. Use a hat or umbrella when under the sun.


Here’s the result after the hair being 90% dried ^__^ the coverage is well done, the color is exactly like shown at the packaging, the hair still smell like the chemical (can’t help but notice) and even-toned.

Would I do it again? Definitely! I’ll try different color next time, I’m looking for ash or deep red, or perhaps blue-black ^^.

Thank you Liese Singapore.