This is one of Shu’s item that I’ve been using on and off for the past couple of months. I don’t like it at first then later found out I’m using it wrong. The thing is not all beauty products works hand in hand with other brand.

So when I switch my toner to Kiehl’s, they just clicked! Yep, Shu Uemura’s product can be used not just with Shu’s own clan, but Kiehl’s as well.

The puRENovate intense pore perfecting solution (just like it’s name) it’s a solution for pores. What kind of pores? Well, let’s just read from


free yourself from oily-prone skin stresses
clear, tighten and matify with the mystic power of water lily
inspired by the mystic blooming power of water lily and its long-time appreciated medical use, shu uemura introduces its first purifying program to answer combination and oily skin concerns. it is designed to help fight against not only the outer skin stresses such as UV and pollution, but the inner skin stress generated by hormonal fluctuation to help limit excess oily-causing-sebum* secretion and vicious oily cycle. the skin looks clean and mat with less visible appearance of pores.

Do click on the image for larger view.

Okay back to my review,
The white lotion is kinda like a fine sugars that melts, but not in the sticky way, more like in color (which is white) and consistency that a bit (very bit) thick. Definitely not thick like a cream, more like a liquidy lotion with a bit of transparency. The lotion works really well on a clean toned skin. Make sure they are not so wet, so some softener may not work best if it’s not Shu’s. The smell is like a mild flowery which is nice for me and I don’t think anyone would complain about it.

Then apply bit by bit to the area needed, I don’t see the point using it all over the face, simply pay attention to the area where the pores seems large. In my case, nose, upper cheek near the nose and from the nose almost to the forehead. Light massage and the product absorb really well, giving me a more subtle and refine pores. After they are absorbed then you can apply your moisturizer or for me, serum for my cheeks, then my moisturizer.

In the long terms beside instant visible result I see my skin having less sebum on the area applied. Well, in my case since I only use it on the area needed, puRENovate help me get an overall even look, so no more shiny t-zone.

For makeup, since the pores become finer I can achieve an even complexion as well.
Conclusion: It’s all good ^__^ I can see this product being the love of their life for those with oily skin and large pores.