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MUFE newest La Boheme is here! And it only stays until Feb 2012, so you need to be fast.

The collection is colorful and I love how they make the eyes seems far more intriguing. Here’s from  :

This Spring, the Bohemian attitude is back. Floral motifs, ethnic and gypsy influences, handmade embroidery, patchwork and prints… MAKE UP FOR EVER draws from this trend and creates a glam gypsy collection.


MAKE UP FOR EVER takes a Bohemian approach to life. An eyeshadow palette, two original Rouge Artist shades and an eye pencil in a limited edition. A collection inspired by nature, to let your beauty desires blossom and give new form to the Bohemian spirit.


For the first time, MAKE UP FOR EVER presents its eyeshadows in a new shape. Six new limited-edition shades in extremely pearly springtime pastel tones. The baked powder technology ensures fine, intense color particles for eyeshadows with 50% pearly particles and a paraben-free formula.

The result:
Incredibly fresh and luminous makeup and intense, Bohemian chic eyes. The eyeshadows of this palette glide on with fingertips or a brush for two different results: applied dry for a sheer, luminous and natural effect or wet for an intense look, filled with pearly particles.


This star product is a unique limited-edition palette dressed in an entirely homemade creation made of recyclable cardboard. A bold patchwork of Provençal or floral motifs, with arabesques and refined details. Historical pieces that Dany Sanz brought back from her travels and cleverly selected and coordinated. As if topstitched, the logo looks handmade. Inside this case, which opens with a silky ribbon, an iconic flower of the collection stands out against the black background.


The legendary Rouge Artist makes a comeback in a new melt-away formula with a delicious sheer result in two new limited-edition shades: Red Coral and Peach Beige. Sparkling with iridescent particles, they naturally embellish the lips with a romantic shimmer. As for the design, Rouge Artist gets customized like a Bohemian accessory: the imprint of leaves hides inside the tube and the MAKE UP FOR EVER logo reveals its many facets on the cap.


It’s one of our all time favorites. This time, Aqua Eyes comes in a new wood-inspired shade:
a gorgeous matte black-brown. Topped with a floral cap in the spirit of the La Bohème collection, it’s the ideal accessory to intensify the eyes and complete the perfect folk look.

And here some of the pics I have from the counter at Plaza Indonesia

The packaging is indeed worth as collectibles

There’s always a lot of choices for you


 One of the newest item in the house for a more flawless look.

Hi girls, Talika is back! Now as many other infamous brands that help growing your lashes, we ought to remember the one that kinda start it all and made by ophthalmologist. Talika’s Lipocils expert.
Now after keep developing their products, Talika keep adding more items that filled with innovation and technology. The Light Duo that gives two different lights to your skin (wherever it is) on the place needed. The green one for Anti-pigmentation (yup, those brown spots) and red one as Anti-wrinkle as a collagen booster.
As seen they have two different light device, the 660 and duo.

Another interesting item is for the eye brows. It helps adding more hairs to the brows, this gel filled with strands of fiber that will stays as the part of your brows, creating volume made kinda like your natural’s. It comes in 3 different colors.

Love your nails and wanna kept them pretty? This handy tools is for buffering, cleaning, and polishing.

Now Talika also make a skincare serum, this one smells lovely since it have all natural oils such as lavender. One of the must try item for me ^___^

The light therapy on the counter, oh yes, probably you’ve been wondering where am I? I’m in Talika’s counter in Metro, Plaza Senayan which just newly re-open on January 2012.
You can happily see them all again here with a more devices and items that may only available in Talika.

The heated eyelash curler.

All the range available now and will keep on adding more soon.
The stall that reminds me more of what Talika is all about.
Talika, from Paris, since 1948
The beauty and sophistication of Talika.

Don’t forget to come and visit their counter whenever you in Plaza Senayan and . . .

Try their products!
I’m trying the eye scrub which feels so gentle and really made for your eye’s zone.
Stroll around and read my reviews on more Talika’s product —> HERE
See ya!

I’ve been having MAQUI Miracle Compact for quite some time thanks to Lancome Indonesia, but due to numerous powder I have I’m thinking of using the one I have first for the sake of shell life and hygiene, but then again, when will I have the chance to try it? It would be a long due product by then.

So, I try it during my trip in Tokyo. Traveling is always my reason on trying new stuff ^___^ why? My skin usually more vulnerable, I’m more cranky and fussy, plus I need to go out everyday. That’s all gives me a very good reviewing points of view. I need to use the product on daily basis and it need to stand throughout my not-so-normal days.

The packaging is indeed luxurious and any gal feels like they want to show it in public. The wide mirror is a definite advantage and the dual sponge that softer on the other side perfect for the finishing touch. One minor issue, the BA gave me the wrong tone, it’s a bit (really a bit but I can notice it) too yellowishly dark for me. But other than that, it all went great.

The formula is wonderful, it is airy and the smooth, flawless look really stay long hours. During the winter in Tokyo it stays all day long, yes, 12 hour, from the moment I walk out my hotel room at 9 AM all the way until 9 PM, it really stays and helps everything on my face stays as well.

The SPF 35/PA+++ also handy during lazy days using sun protection. But, how does it in tropical city like Singapore? From Tokyo my flight arrived in Singapore, and I stayed there for 2 nights.

First of all, the powder does sweat-proof and sebum resist all throughout my days in Singapore. But, take note that during application your face need to be clean and dry. If you’re like me, easily sweats after taking a shower or a bath you need to turn on air conditioner or relax a bit while toner-serum-moisturizer works their way on your skin.

If you don’t let your face dry first, t will be blotchy, so take your time. Sometime in Jakarta, when I’m rushing, after putting all the skincare, I use the makeup in the car, why? Air conditioner ^___^

Details given:
Age Densiforce Masque
L’Oréal Professionnel Série Expert
Density enhancing masque
This helps to reinforce your hair structure for natural volume and shine. It has a light creamy texture with a delicate golden shimmer.
Directions/ How to use :
Apply to shampooed, towel-dried hair. Allow masque to work for 1 minute, then rinse. In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately.

The soft faintly floral scent is delicate and a bit musky too. Yet their strong point is definitely not in the scent, also not as their weakest point, which is the runny-ness. I wish it would be more creamy since it is on a pot after all. But the effect is lovely. I like how it gives my hair moisture yet the volume it deserve. It’s not exactly va va voom, but definitely lift something up there better than other mask that only provide moisture and protection.
Each hair feels thicker and healthier too with just a minute or so during application. I did use a shower cap to hold them while I cleanse my body and face. So I did leave ’em a bit longer than a minute.

This is my hair after using this mask. Like there’s a soft glow covering my hair. Definitely worth a try for a mask that shine and a bit of more volume ^___^

Advanced Night Repair and Me

Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair has been with me for these past 3 years. I can say it has stayed with me through the ups and downs of my skin’s condition. The formula is universal, I’ve used it for my self, my husband and even other family member and we all have different skin concerns.

So when Estee Lauder Singapore gave us a chance to share a testimonial regarding the product, I’m happily take part, here’s what I say:

“I have known about Estee Lauder’s famous ANR since more than 20 years ago but was only able to try it 3 years ago through some sampling. Now after 3 years and many bottles of ANR used, I must say i really regret not using it much earlier! ANR contains goodness in every drop that protect, cares, moisten, soften and heals my skin.”

Details of the page is —> HERE

After sending the testimonial, Estee Lauder Singapore give me a bottle of Advanced Night Repair, thank you so much ^___^

Before I can say anything else, let me say this, it smells REALLY good! Yums! Delicious! Citrusfully energizing! Lovely and I love it. The best thing doesn’t lies there, the amazing scent last almost throughout the day. The moisturizing effect is medium thou’ so don’t expect a high end conditioner that make your hair super silky and smooth.

Let’s just say it’s a delightful product to be used. Too bad if you buy it outside USA the price easily doubled.

Fancl Washing Powder

I’ve been loving Fancl since knowing the reason behind the making, yes, a devoted husband whose wife’s skin is highly sensitive and unable to tolerate any preservatives. It happens that he knows a lot regarding making a skincare, he then created Fancl, a preservative free skin care.

The washing powder is a delight for me. Especially during traveling nowadays where liquids are limited. The powder in a sachets also suitable to be used in Jakarta. The one in the bottle have more volume but due to preservatives free it can only last a month after opening the packaging. So sachets means open only when you use it. Why? I do have many different face cleanser according to my needs that particular time. The one that contains more of makeup remover, the one when I have an acne or two, the one when I feel delicate and sensitive, etc. That’s why I prefer the one that stays there ^___^ even when I’m not using it.

As always the white powder looks like detergent and easily lathered up. It cleans my daily debris, sweat and grim in a jiffy and highly effective without being too dry. If you have sensitive and really dry skin, they do have another type. This one I have is for normal skin.

Too bad Fancl is not available in Indonesia, but you can always shop Fancl in Singapore, one particular shop I know is in Takashimaya.

I always been a fan of a red lips yet the idea of something that toooo red can be a bit overwhelming nor the confident in walking in one. So by having thoughts like that, I’m making a glossy red lips instead by using Lancome and Nivea.

L’Absolu Creme De Brillance from Lancome is enough for moisture and hydration 10 hours straight but in terms or that wet look, Nivea does it. A layer of Lancome followed by Nivea would do this trick, deeper shade or red of Lancome and glossy wet lips by Nivea, suitable for daily look or on a got date ^____^

Why this two a perfect combination? Lancome was able to fill in all the gaps of the lips really well, so when I apply Nivea the surface already smooth, just need a bit more slippery heehee.

Staying in a friend’s house sometimes means using her products too heehee, thank you San San ^___^ and yup, different people use different product and what might be suitable for them, would not do the same to you.

In my own household my husband also uses Neutrogena and Oil-Free Acne Wash is one of his too. He like the product as it helps the oil on his face reduced, but me? My dry cheeks are screaming for moisture and dislike the product at all.

The lather is as lovely as the original Neutrogena, and so does how it feel during cleansing, smell, liquidity, color, well just about anything, until I rinse it up and dry my skin. Ow ow ow, I can feel it’s like a different sensation, a bit more drying, my nose is quite happy actually but my cheeks are suffering.

2 times using the product redness comes on my cheeks. That’s it, I think that’s the end of our relationship, it does what it does anyway, so my verdict? Suitable for acne prone and oily face, but a big no no to dry cheeks, dry skin and sensitive as well.

Here are the details, strictly CoPas from the info given:

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Topic: “Managing your dry and unmanageable hair”
·         Adina Tontey, Brand Manager Dove Shampoo
·         Maia Estyanti, Brand Ambassador Dove
·         Jerry Pravda, Professional Hair Sylist

About Dove Nourishing Oil Care:
·         Created for those who have dry, frizzy, and unmanageable hair
·        Benefit
o   Blend of sweet almond oil & coconut oil that penetrates hair to nourish better. It replaces hair natural lipids to reduce protein loss
o   Leaves a very thin surface film that prevents moisture loss BUT does not feel greasy
o   Almond oil contains very high levels of Omega 9 that re-build cellular structure of damaged hair to repair surface roughness
o   it gives deep nourishment of dry hair and turns an unmanageable mess into a supportive friend
·         Product Range:
o   Shampoo
o   Conditioner
o   Daily Treatment Conditioner
o   Treatment Mask
o   Nourishing Oil Care Serum