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Hi \^0^/

I’m back with Make Up For Ever and their famous Chrome shine Lip Gloss that provides so  much gloss and shine, you’ll blink out of it. First, let’s see the products.

Details from

Lab Shine

Sparkling – Pearly – Chrome Shine Lip Gloss

LAB SHINE Lip Gloss offers a spectacular and intense shiny effect.
Especially designed to achieve an ultra-bright effect, its silky brush ensures an optimal and dazzling coverage.

LAB SHINE is available in 3 collections, in a wide range of 35 creative colors and effects:
– The Diamond Collection offers a sheer coverage, natural effect and a sparkling shine.
– The Star Collection offers a medium coverage with a pearly shine.
– The Metal Collection offers a high coverage with a chrome shine.

And mine is S8- Ruby Red

The ultra smooth feeling is just addictive and love the scent of fruiticilicous muach muach ^0^

The shine last for hours and you can easily put it on again whenever you need to pump it up since they are small and slip to your bra for anytime you need a boost of confident. My tips: Try to mix and match with any colors for that different tone. Must try: their onyx, grey pearl and diamond!!
First of all, I would like to thank TALIKA Indonesia for giving me this wonderful product which I’ve been dreaming about ^__^
Yes, it is Vital Oils Anti Wrinkles by TALIKA. An oil made from essential oils that smells super good and do wonders as well.
See the product details at
Pure essential oils made with 100% natural plant concentrates.

Benefits :
100% natural plant concentrate brings an intensive care to dehydrated skin. Suitable for all skin types.
Revitalizes and firms the skin. Softens the epidermis and helps prevent line formation. It also regulates sebum production.
Huiles vitales is non-comedogenic, without colorant or preservative.

Application :
Vital oil can be applied on the whole body including the face.
As a regular treatment:
– Every evening, after cleansing, apply three to four drops to lightly moistened skin and massage gently until absorbed.
Ingredients :
 Plant oils                       Natural moisturizer without clogging pores
 Jasmine essence                       Softening
 Lavender                       Cleansing & detoxyfying
 Rose                 Softening & stimulating
And read the product details on the backside as well. It is so simple and easy yet, so wonderful
The oil feels like a dry oil. Easily absorbed and not heavy at all.
As seen on No. 1 and 2, fluid and light. No.3 after spreading it a bit, No.4 fully absorbed and delightful. It made the skin glisten and you can continue to enjoy the scent of lavender.
I use it as a serum, after cleansing and toner. Then put the oils on my palm and inhale the scent before gently massage my face with the oils. The skin become glisten thanks to the oil and enjoying pampering moment. Use a hydrating moisturizer on top and let sealed it all in. In the morning, your skin will feel so moist, supple and rejuvenated. Suitable to be use with the Cream Booster (Read: HERE) since the oils help the tools to keep gliding for a minute.
Will I keep using it? Definitely!
Do I recommend the products? Yes. Why? For the essential oils so pure inside that have been known for generations to moisturized, soften and detoxifying the skin. Natural and suits all skin types.
Hi everyone!

Today let’s talk about caring your hands and feet ^_^

Everyday and almost every posts here is about face, face and face haha! It is time to discuss other part of our body that need attention as well in looking gorgeous. Summer is here, it’s time for flip flop and the trends of open shoes and colors are here too, so the attention is on the other part of our body. You want those hands and feet looking well-groomed as well.

Staying in Jakarta means summer all year long and open toes slippers is always in. Imagine wearing a pair of Jimmy Choo and ehm, those nasty chapped dry heels are visible or the unmanageable toes, they are in need of pampering as well.

There are so many ways of making them look good. From the simplest way at home and daily maintenance to the high end treatments done in a salon or spa.

For me the key start with Cleanliness. As long as they are clean, point no.1  is taken ^^

From washing your hands and feet when they are dirty to scrubbing them well. The skin on our hands and feet are ‘tougher’ in terms of we use our feet for walking daily, so it need to be tough, if not we feel so much pain every single step. And Our hands as well. We touch and hold so many thing daily and it need layers that protect from the heat (cooking mama), roughness (working papa), and other jobs. Some parts can be visible thicker due to constant friction. Like parts where you hold your pen, it create some bumps as a natural cushion. It doesn’t always look good but our body have the tendency to adjust to any situation we’re in.

Nevertheless, due to the adjust mentioned above some part can be quite ‘damage’, seen with roughness, chapped and overly dry. So after scrubbing it, we are using moisturizer for hands and/or feet.

But since those area are used a lot ^0^ some products do cause the hands and feet to be slippery thanks to the oils contained. I experienced it a lot on my feet. To overcome this I put some lotion at night before bed, giving the feet enough time to recover or moisturized over the night. But it need to be done several time and not an instant result. The skin on the are does soften, but easily dries again.

With the hands? Same thing. I wash my hands a lot, from doing laundry, dishes and daily habit as well. So usually the moisture doesn’t last long, I need something instantly making them look good ^^

While pampering is the key, I’m thinking of spa and soaking them real good. There are so many items out there that can be used as a bath soak or some sort. Where I’m letting the natural ingredients soften the skin and nourish it. But again, too much soaking can leave the skin drier, especially when it’s done with warm or hot water.

My resort? Spa and beauty salon! They can pampered my hands and feet alright ^__^ but (haha, I’m really sounds like a complainer) I can’t do this all the time and spend my time at the salon/spa daily. The service depends on the staff and well, humans are also known for being moody and does errors from time to time. I hate when they over clipped the skin, it is painful and sanitizing is a standard not every salon can achieve.

They do have bonus thou’, pretty nails afterwards,

From the most unnatural,

 To the most natural look.

From hands,

To toes.

But I wish I can do these at home all by myself with the easiest way. How?

Yes, try TALIKA ^^ I do tried their Instant Manicure –> HERE

And I see an instant result 🙂

So nails-wise, they are covered. I still want the rough part on the book of my hands and heels be securely lovable as well. Right now all my choices is in the daily treatment. From cleanliness, scrub/peeling, and oh, one more thing, for the feet, we need them smells real good as well. I do found many ideas on removing the odors –> HERE. Aren’t there an all in one solutions? The one that gives smoothness, smells good, pampering, moisturizing, and for the nails too?

Before we go there, daily diet also important for a healthy nails and skin, including the skin on our hands and feet. Nails in particular have these details:

Nail problems    Possible nutrient deficiency
Brittle, weak and dry      Calcium, Vitamin A
White spots       Iron, Zinc
Cracking and breaking    Protein, Iron
White lines        Zinc, Protein
Curved nail end and darkening     Vitamin B12
Reddish-brown spots      Folic acid, Protein and Vitamin C

And one more that often asked, yellowish? Is due to color pigment, who often colored their nails without using base coat to protect the nails, the pigment goes into the nails. Other problem such as fungus, etc, can be solved with anti-fungus cream.

Euuhhhhhhh!!!! I know, I know, we are all here to discuss how can hands and feet become gorgeously beautiful ^__^ take note that beautiful hands and feet (incl nail) start from a healthy condition. After that then you can enhance the condition by pampering pampering and pampering ^^

So remember, healthy diet, cleaning, soaking, scrubbing, and moisturizing is the key to a beautiful hands and feet. Let’s wait if there’s a product that can give us a result of all that in one, until then let’s do the conventional way.

See you!


I know that Biotherm Pure-Fect moisturizer has getting a high hits lately, so many of you are looking for the information, review and eager to find out more. So, Biotherm Indonesia kindly allows me to have the rest of the products within the range and you’ll be so happy knowing how effective they are used altogether.

First, let’s read about the ingredients and product details. 

Details from for Pure-Fect:

Did you know that 70% of women aged 20 and older suffer from shiny skin, enlarged pores and imperfections? Help your skin look perfect and pure with the triple-action power Pure.Fect Skin. Featuring L.Digitata, a powerful marine alga that produces a powerful purifying anti-bacterial protection, this complete range helps to matify your skin while keeping it hydrated, balanced, and clear of imperfections.

Control shine for up to 8H. Pores and imperfections are visibly reduced. Skin is left feeling smooth, matte and hydrated. Skin reveals crystal-clear purity.
L. Digitata: A marine algae of the Atlantic coasts produces a powerful purifying antibacterial protection. On the skin, L.Digitata extract, associated with Zinc, is highly effective in targeting the bacteria present at 90% in the most visible imperfections.
Perlite: Micro-particles of Volcanic Rock that absorb water and oil on skin’s surface.
Aquatoril™and Pure Thermal Plankton keep skin hydrated, balanced and prevents inflammations.

 And let’s review one by one shall we ^__^


Anti-shine Purifying Cleansing Gel



A purifying cleansing gel with a fine and delicate foam. A new fragrance to Biotherm: citrus floral and pure and fresh textures for a clean skin sensation.

Use morning and evening. Lather up with lukewarm water in the palm of the hand, before applying to the face using gentle massage movements, avoiding the eye area. Rinse thoroughly.

The clear gel is a delight, wonderful and smells so good. It cleanse the skin very well from daily sebum, dirt and anything (but for makeup user, especially waterproof makeup, do use a makeup remover first before this cleansing gel). You’ll love the fresh feeling afterwards.


Micro-exfoliating Purifying Toner


A micro-exfoliating purifying toner. A new fragrance to Biotherm: citrus floral and pure and fresh textures for a clean skin sensation.
Apply daily to perfectly cleansed face and neck. Use a cotton pad and concentrate on the T zone.


Followed by the toner which is can be a total match for those having oily skin, the drying effect is instant and like removing the sebum even more for the next level. Psst! Use it as an instant mask for those who have very oily skin. Just wet the cotton and split it into some area and let it sit for 4-5 minutes on the area needed. You’ll enjoy the refreshing sensation and your skin feel they can breathe again.


Targeted Solution. Anti-Imperfection



Light transparent gel that is easily absorbed


 PUREFECT SKIN Targeted solution is a formulated drying concentrate to target irregularities in the complexion of skin. Enriched with two bio-acids naturally present in Willow and Liquorice extract, pure extract of Thermal Plankton and Salicylic Acid. Apply morning and evening after cleansing.

For those with very active gland and feel need more ‘drying’ you can apply this wonderful fluid directly to the area needed. It can also be used for clearing acne/pimple. I try it on my T zone and now after 7 hour has passed the T zone remain sebum free and smooth ^^ makeup can last longer in those area now ^0^ super happy!


Purifying Hydrating Gel


A hydrating gel with the freshness and hydration of a moisturizer and the finish of a mattifying powder. A new fragrance to Biotherm: citrus floral and pure and fresh textures for a clean skin sensation.


Apply daily to perfectly cleansed face and neck. Use 2 drops of gel.Review:

Last but definitely not least, and which I think a product that can be used for anyone (my skin is combination to dry) I also use for day time, is the moisturizer.I’ve done the review for the moisturizer –> HERE.
And for those who doesn’t really like reading ^^ here’s a video for you to enjoy:

Still, I give you a before after picture and overall review after using all 4. The skin which previously a bit oily on T zone area become no longer oily. The cheek which is dry are happy with the hydration. Like mentioned above I use Aquasource for dry skin at night time and only use Pure.Fect for day time. I still have to admit this product is really meant for those with combination to oily skin. They’ll love and get the most benefit from Pure.Fect for being (far) less oily, contained antibacterial ingredients for less acne and breakouts, and yet gives hydration on the skin. It’s like a complete set.

For those who doesn’t have oily skin, but occasionally have acne/pimple can use Targeted Solution only on the acne/pimple and it will help dries up the problematic area and again, the antibacterial agents helps kill the germs too.

Moisturizing wise? On some days (when I’m not lazy) I use the hydrating gel for my T zone and gives my U zone Aquasource ^^ both of the area are happy and get what they need (want).

Conclusion? Finally, a skincare for oily skin that gives more love than striping it dry.


Hi, gorgeous babes!

I’m here with Shu Uemura’s Rouge Unlimited. The 50 colors may not be all here in Indonesia but most of them are! Hooray!

You can read my visit to the store –> HERE and see the galore of product arrays.

A preview and yes, there is one black lipstick there ^^ And I’m adore the purple shade, unlike other which faded or not vivid enough, Rouge Unlimited is true in colors without compromising the comfort and moisture for our lips.

Thanks to Shu Uemura Indonesia, I have the chance to review 2 of their products. The new casing is a delight to the eyes and showing you that what’s inside is exactly portrays the colors and hue. A see right through product for your delight.

They got nothing to hide ^^ let’s try them. I’ve got one in Beige (931) warm undertone and one in Pink (340) cool undertone.

Let’s see the one in Pink first. I have to admit, I’m not a big fan of pink, it made me look childish haha ^0^ but, 340 still shout classy in it’s way. Natural and freshen up the look with a perk. One thing that amaze me is the luxurious moisturizing effect. Usually vivid color comes with dry lipstick, so I need balm afterwards, but Rouge Unlimited is smooth sailing with the colors so true it stays there.

Mind my dry lips as I’ve been unwell these past few days but hey, I guess I can review how moist it is when clearly, it made my dry chapped lips happy ^^ Pink lover will go goo goo ga ga over this shade.

Now, let’s see the 931.

Is it just me or I found 931 more moisturizing than 340 haha, the lipstick felt more creamy and yummy as well, my lips are being pampered in the same time and the colors, Ooh! It’s all there! You can see the dramatic changes. On top lips I give 2 swipes while on the bottom 4 swipes, yes, the more layer you give the more colors come as well as the moisture. I really like them, it’s like so comfortable and I understand all the fuss about. Fuss? Yes, Rouge Unlimited have got a lot of rave review and I’m here to prove it ^^

Here are some more pictures for 931.

Overall: For me it’s like lipstick and balm in one, plus the shine too. The colors do stays on long (4-6 hours max, without licking or any touch done) but if you accidentally wipe it after a meal or so, the moisturizing effect is still there ^0^ great news isn’t it. A suitable products for any lipstick lover with choices of selection that anyone can related to, from the one that matches your lips exactly to the one that transforms you.

Additional info:

Every shade comes with Warm and Cool Shades for your undertone. And some for Neutral undertone like 955 (reddish tauped-brown) and 315 (soft baby pink) which means, a match for any undertone. Triggered to know more? Come to any Shu Uemura’s counter near you and bring them home!

My First Facial by Orlane

Hi all!

How are you? It’s been so long since my last post (yes, 4 days is like a gazillion years XD) I’ve been really busy lately and I will be even more busy next week. I have tons of postponed posts and really sorry for the delays, I’ll start with my first review courtesy of Her World Indonesia and Orlane.

The facial was done on the 16th of June in Central Park. Orlane have a small yet adequate room for a person having a relaxation facial in the middle of their hectic schedule.

I read frame by frame and let the therapist explain the products to me while at the same time doing a consultation to figure it out the correct treatment for my skin which is dry and a bit sensitive from time to time.

Apparently Orlane focus is on hydrating the skin. Seems like my kind of skincare ^^

From face care, body and specific needs.
These are all the products that used for me. The Cleansing Milk is a delight, it cleanse without striping the skin dry, so does the Cleansing Foam which is used right after Cleansing Milk. Then the mask is applied and my skin absorbed it like desert gulping on any fluid at the surface. Continued by a small massage for my arms which felt moisturizing as well. Next after cleaning the leftover from the mask, serum and moisturizer is applied. My skin become so relax and cool (literally). Anyone can enjoy a facial by Orlane after some purchases made and it’s free ^__^

For the service I give 3,5 out of 5 star
why? When the suction cause redness on my skin (removing blackheads) the therapist ‘blame’ me. Which is funny since I never put her on that spot -.-.

For the products I give it 4,5 out of 5 star for being so good and comforting. My skin can be cranky and picky from time to time and Orlane calms it down ^^

Overall it is a very good experience and you can learn more on the products here: or just stop by at the counter.

See you!

Click on FIMELA to see me there with other beauty bloggers ^^

And the 4 items featured are from YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis à Lèvres Glossy Stain, Anna Sui Rose Cheek Color, Shu Uemura UV Under Base BB Mousse, and Bare Escentuals bareMinerals SPF 15 Matte.

Why do I choose them? The Base from Shu Uemura is ultra light and so comfortable under this crazy weather of heat and sun rays, it protects the skin from the damage of UV and in the same time gives coverage while letting the skin breathe. It is an all in one solution.

Then use the loose powder for extra coverage and help the mattefying effect of the skin. Plus additional SPF (mild but better than none), they also have this wide variety of colors that anyone can relate and found that super perfect match for their skin tone. It is actually a foundation too and the best thing about this product is you only need a small amount and using foundation brush, it can go along the way ^^

After the based we need colors of course, summer for me always means fun and being super duper cute with colors. NO need using the pinkish of the pinkest cheek and red red lips all in the same time, use YSL Glossy Stain in 09 when your cheek is mild. The lustrous gloss is super comfortable and smooth. It’s the feeling that only YSL Rouge Pur Couture Vernis a Levres can gives, sensational, stays on and vivid color.

While Anna Sui Rose Cheek Color can be used when you want something in the air and it goes by the name of romance. The cream pressed colors are beautiful and enhance with tea rose scent that you just have to use it to believe it and end it with pastel all over your face for a complete dolled look.

Hi all!

I’ve got this wonderful product from Talika, yes, a brand that kept giving us options and answer to various needs that can’t be obtain by conventional ways.

Details from

NEW! Triple-action Cream Booster device combines proven LED phototherapy with micro-vibration technology and ionotherapy to stimulate cell function and increase cellular exchange.

Active ingredients in your daily skincare regimen go directly to the targeted zone deep within the cell where they can perform to their maximum potential and help you look your best.

Comes with a one-year international warranty.

This wonderful device is easily used and handy for traveling as well. Put it inside a glasses case or small long pencil case and use it when you need it. Always on a cleaned face with moisturizer on top (plus serum as well) and see the amazing result where the products actually works better with Cream Booster.

Use it by yourself and found out how unique it is. Others can’t help you, the touch of your own hand will activate the product.

See the video for more details and enjoy!

Thank you so much TALIKA Indonesia, I’ll keep using the products and find out if there’s more that meet the eyes ^^

Hi, couple days ago as I was walking in Plaza Senayan, I have a few minutes to kill and I decided to look around at the beauty department ^^ I like to keep myself updated and I know Shu Uemura have something new in the counter.
Seen it in the counter? You’re definitely have! It’s the new collection of Rouge Unlimited by Shu Uemura. Details from

rouge unlimited

shu uemura’s rouge unlimited range breaks all boundaries in color creation, formulated with revolutionary hybrid pigments for pure color pay-off. wide range of color, coverage, and textures allow unlimited lip creation.
new rouge unlimited
“a blast of true colors, supreme moisture, unlimited beauty”
lip color inspires unlimited beauty creations…
with incredible new technology,
all new rouge unlimited is available in an array of 50 inspiring colors with unprecedented pureness*. formulated for long lasting supreme moisture & comfort
rouge unlimited supreme shine
rich dewy shine, breathtaking colors for desired full lips.a fusion of breakthrough watery dewy shine.smooth rich glide with comfort and moisture feeling.
vinyl unlimited
vinyl-like expression lip gloss with unprecedented brilliance. shades range from vivid colors with an extreme lacquer-sheen finish, to transparent top-coat shades.
And here they are:
catena of the hues from black to pink frost, chocolate to daring red. For less price (- 10%) than the previous packaging, luscious lips has become more within reach.
And while I was there, I met Hendrix ^^ As usual as perfectionist as he is, seeing me a bit messy (from close up) he fixes the brows and eyes as well. Surprise, surprise, he also done my hair. Apparently he is so used to do photo shoots in magazine and manage to do the hair and makeup for the models as well. He did a makeover for me months ago, click HERE to find out more.
He really have a passion for beauty! In 30 minutes he manage to turn messy me, into a more polished look ^^ suitable for attending an event. My before look? I even too embarrassed to show you.
Here it is:
As seen, I did use make up, but in the hands of Hendrix, the exact same makeup can look so different ^^ I guess that’s why he is the one accredited by Shu Uemura and I’m clearly not.

And these are the process, he tidied up the hair into braided with styled decoration inspired by his last trip to Taiwan. He made the eyes more defined with shaped brows and fixed some liners using all the products by Shu Uemura which is also known for being so advantageous and meticulous.
Not to forget the cheek are blushed over and the lips are decorated with the new Rouge Unlimited (more reviews will come).
Okay this is my final look, I have to go to another event and I will share with you more makeover of me with Hendrix, and I hope it will be as soon as possible and I’m thinking of a video as well, so you can see the transformation with all the motion and movement involved ^^
That’s it for mow ^^ Don’t forget to visit Hendrix, he is currently in Shu Uemura Plaza Senayan and get that look from an accredited makeup artist of Shu Uemura Indonesia.
Thank you Mr. Hendrix and Shu Uemura Indonesia.

A few days ago I was invited by The Body Shop Indonesia to attend their event for a new cause. Look Good Feel Good Do Good. For the “Beauty with Heart”.

I look at the store and have you noticed something different? Look at closely. Click on any image you wish to see.

The display plays arrays of wonderful signature products of The Body Shop, from the nature, the fruits of the earth, comes products for our skin, body, hair and home.

Here lies world’s favorite pack, see yours there?!

And these are my favorite things at the store, I would love to see a beauty shop with lot’s of greens and vegetation, I feel so alive!

Galore of package and gift packs, perfect for a gift to that special someone or for yourself.

But if the deal wasn’t your taste, fret not, choose a mix and match one of a kind that is perfect for you or as a gift, The Body Shop provide free wrapping ^^

And by buying products at The Body Shop you have supported their cause for our planet, community and special causes too.

And you can always share your thoughts here ^^ from your most favorites products to suggestions,

so you can make a difference too from the local to global community.

While staying pretty the whole time ^^

Remember that every pretty and beautiful creation have a gorgeous skin inside. Always use that perfect skincare range for you, and in The Body Shop, you are urge to try some and free consultation along the way. Tea Tree Oil range is one of the range that have been in my family for decades. The Oil itself are good to be used for any antibacterial properties, from acne, bug bites to sanitizing. Yes, I use it for a whole lot more. I love the scent as well, tricky as it is as it’s the scent of a tea tree, but it’s my preference ^^

From the products that has been in The Body Shop for decades, new items are also presented. I’ll share my review soon, they are somewhat like the previous oil which can be used for hair, face and body. Only this time it comes in many different varieties.

After taking a look around, oh look! It’s Ms.Suzy, the CEO of The Body Shop Indonesia. She is dress in green and I hope that means her passion to the ‘greener’ earth.

Then I moved to the lounge where guests, members and media are having their time of being pampered. If you followed my twitter c13v3rgirl, you’ll definitely read some of the tweets live by The Body Shop shared all over the lounge and one on the store.

It was a beautiful day in the garden of The Body Shop.

This is me with Hanna at the event, she look so pretty! I need to learn about makeup from her ^^

The show goes on and member of The Body Shop Indonesia, you are indeed pampered here, ask the wonderful staff on how to be a member here. It’s very easy, I’m a member myself and they do gives us a rewarding experiences.

Check out their new comers as well and…

See you at the store!

Thank you The Body Shop Indonesia!