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Hi everyone!!!

I’m coloring my hair again, this time it’s at home. I’ve tried coloring my hair by myself since I’m in high school and so far enjoying the process. Hair colorant business has been going up with more and more products that’s so easy, anyone can do it by themselves. Like Liese Bubble Hair Color, a lovely foam which make coloring easier and help the colors to distribute better and faster.


I know a lot of colorants, from the creamy texture, liquid, and thicker liquid. So far I like the foam/bubble type since it is definitely a winner when used at home without anyone’s help. Zero dripping, zero mess, and 100% coverage. The Jewel Pink is one of the colors carries by Liese, thank you for sending me some ^^


This is my before hair condition, multiple colors, and a lot of fading. The roots also need a touch up and an event with shu uemura is coming soon heehee, I want to be the princess with pink hair.


Here are the items inside the packaging and oh a hair treatment sachet is hiding under the white board thingy (gloves home).


Found the details here:

There’s a video as well to show how easy it is using the product.


The first thing is to do an allergy test. Remember that a colorant can cause SEVERE allergy reaction to those with high sensitivity. DO it accordingly, especially with those who have allergy to any kind of colorant, from makeup to other chemical substance.

After it was done, wait 24 hours to see the reaction, sadly if you have allergy, you may not use it T_T.

If not, you can ^^

Use it when you haven’t wash your hair that day, 2-3 days also okay, dirty, but okay. Natural oils actually protect your scalp from the harsh chemical, don’t be surprise as I say hair colorant is a harsh chemical just smell it.

Then, open the window far and wide, let the air circulate so you won’t suffocate, use your ugliest clothes and prepare the mixture for a coloring process.


Mix it by moving it up and down, gently, don’t shake it like you’re making a dirty martini.


Make sure there’s no bubbles inside the bottle, the foam should be made by the pump, not by shaking it vigorously.


Put the pump and press the bottle gently to dispense the lovely foam. Comb your hair before to help remove the tangles for a smooth coloring action.


Don’t forget to use the gloves ya and massage the foam so they’ll able to reach every nook and corner of your hair. The pump is very good as it was able to get the last drop of the liquid. The foam does smells like chemicals, so never forget to open the airways at your home or wherever you’re using it at.


Then, after all the foam needed are distributed, wait 20-30 minutes. I wait for 30 minutes where some drippings suddenly start appearing, so for me 30 minutes is definitely maximum time. And I can feel the scalp getting a bit itch as well. Mild, but I can feel it. My hair is not thick so I think 30 minutes is suitable for my condition, and I was right.


I rinse everything off with plenty of water, making sure the water runs clear and I know all of the ‘leftovers’ are removed from the hair. Grab the conditioner and use it abundantly so all the hair (not scalp) get the nutrients.

Do a treatment 1-2 times weekly and use the correct type of products for your colored hair. Use a hat or umbrella when under the sun.


Here’s the result after the hair being 90% dried ^__^ the coverage is well done, the color is exactly like shown at the packaging, the hair still smell like the chemical (can’t help but notice) and even-toned.

Would I do it again? Definitely! I’ll try different color next time, I’m looking for ash or deep red, or perhaps blue-black ^^.

Thank you Liese Singapore.

Hi all,

heehee, I love changing my hair color, if I can do it daily, surely I will. Here’s one of the reason hair color changing is so easy and simple to do, Liese Bubble Hair Color comes in a bubble form for easy usage, fast and even result.


Details from

Liese Bubble Hair Color makes hair coloring fun and easy! It is a new type of permanent hair color that uses foam. Just dispense the foam, apply on hair and massage. No more troublesome sectioning of hair! Foam reaches all over the head and you can achieve beautiful, evenly colored hair easily.


A simple how to and precautions are given without fail.


Just follow the steps accordingly.


I love that cute white bubble ^__^


Tips and after care also given to make sure customers get the proper info.


And here is the products sent to my home. Two hair colorant in an exact same color “Jewel Pink”.


Everything provided including gloves and hair lotions beside the hair colorants, tool and applicator.


After wearing the gloves, pour the liquid into the pump bottle, shake gently just to mixed everything well. Prepare the hair by combing it, so there aren’t any tangles. Dressed in the most ugliest dress or shirt possible as they may touch and stain. And put a bit of petroleum jelly on the hair lines, ears, and neck, so when the hair colorant accidentally reach them, can easily be cleaned afterwards.


Since I’ve just recently been colored, I ask my sister to do the job for me, heehee, thank you sis. And here she is, doing it all alone and here are the images of before after.


Christina in

Jewel Pink – a shiny brown with a touch of pink

In an instant her hair turn light brown with a touch of pink. The image is taken under an uneven lights, therefor the colors seems to appears uneven.


A super duper easy hair colorant that deliver an even result with many many info provided making sure a 100% customer satisfaction. Take note that any hair changing process involved chemicals that for some people may cause some allergy reaction which need precaution and skin test.

The hair after hair coloring may become dry and brittle, so please do take care the hair with the correct products to keep the color bright and vibrant. The proper hair care also help the hair to shines with healthy radiant and strength.

Stay tune for my hair coloring process in a few months ^__^ heehee. Please be patient.

Hi everyone,

It’s been a roller coaster days for me, last week I have a blast with all the events and opportunities, and few days ago I have to went through a surgery to remove an embryo stuck in the right fallopian tube. It was a really painful process of recovery for me. But I believe God has a plan for me and will help me get through it all 🙂

And I want to raise a glass for every women who went through a surgery like me (kinda like a c-section) and has walk through it (literally and in quotes), kudos!

Now, let me share one of the fun parts of an event right before the surgery. The makeover with Makarizo!!!

These are my images of before the makeover haha! I’m in desperate need of makeover.


The colors has faded, lost their charms and wits, I’m bored ^0^ I need a pro touch. Makarizo hair makeover come in a right time. They called me for a makeover and I immediately said yes! Then they arrange an event for 12 beauty bloggers, which I must say, they carefully prepared everything well, so all of us who came that day, get the right attention, without any single second wasted.


Without further ado, below is my after look ^___^ My hair looks so much healthier, stylist and no more boring colors.


And here are the process from before to after.

I came around 10 AM. 10 trainers are ready to give us a look we are looking for. So to make sure it happens before a makeover is done, we have to consult our desire to the team. What kind of hair style do we want or look for? What colors looks best on us? What happen to the colors on a hair like mine, where it was bleached, perms, etc? Will it last? Etc?


Due to the condition of my hair which is weaken to the core. perming is highly avoidable. Colors such as blue, orange and green are avoided as well, by me hehehe! I don’t think I look good in any of those colors. Fret not! The staff and trainers from Makarizo also carries the same value as me and focus on my personalities and style that works for me (and each of us who came that day). The trainer who assist me also help me understand my hair condition and why colors wont last that long on my hair, so she gave me tips on which colors may last longer, we came to a conclusion that an ombre of deep purple and daring red will be the right combination for me.


Pretty isn’t it?! Heehee, and the best thing is, the process only took one cycle. No need bleaching, color the red first, followed with purple all over the hair and rinse well.


Ms. Nurma carefully making sure I get what I want, 2/3 of deep purple from root to almost the end and 1/3 of daring red at the ends. Look at how dry and brittle my hair was, you’ll see at the after photos, my hair doesn’t look dry anymore. Say hello to radiant full colored hair.


It was a very fast and rewarding experience for me. Oh and I don’t feel any sting, pain, or other discomfort throughout the whole process.


This is my image after the wash. But during the rinsing process, Ms. Nurma added some color protector (kinda like a mask) so the colors stays ON longer and better. The hair also become glossier and less tangled after the treatment given by her.


Then she dried the hair using a blow drier, I see the silkiness, moist and a radiant glow from the hair. I love it!


I took a lot of images after the makeover is done haha! I’m so happy with the result. The whole process is around 3 hours: 30 minutes for consultation, 1 hour for applying the colors, 20 minutes of leaving the colors to penetrate into the hair, 15 minutes of rinsing and treatment, the rest will be for drying, styling and taking pictures for Makarizo ^__^ quite fast right?!


But the team of Makarizo doesn’t want me to go home empty handed. They gave me a bunch of products for the newly colored hair. A series from MK3. Shampoo, Gel Conditioner and a Cream.


A beautiful light white cream in a pot (oh, how I wish it’s in a tube), that smells good and as a leave-in protection for the hair to stay silky, less tangled and protects the colors too.

The cream is used after the shampooing is done, the conditioner are given and rinsed out. So on a towel dried hair apply a small amount of cream (around walnut size for medium-long hair) especially from the middle part all the way to the ends. Avoiding the roots.


These are the texture of the shampoo and conditioner. Ms. Nurma already warned me about the 3 days rule of not washing the hair so the colors may stay longer on the hair and really sets in. But on day 2 I can’t help myself and rinse it anyway due to the oiliness. But The second wash was done 4 days later (since I went into a surgery and unable to take a shower). She also reminds me about the first few washes where there colors will stain the water and anything it touches when wet, such as towels.

So far I’ve done 3 washes and the colors are keep coming out whenever I wash the hair. But my hair is still almost the same as when they are colored last week. So, everything that Ms. Nurma said turn out to be true and I thank her for that ^__^ so there’s no ‘surprises’ afterwards. She prepares me for process and what happen next.

Okay, back to the review . . .
The shampoo is light and easy to lather on. Giving the hair and scalp a cleanliness without striping them dry. The gel conditioner is a unique light conditioner that helps the hair to stay soft and smooth. They smells quite strong and stays for hours after the wash. My husband compliment on the scent as well when he’s around me, so it was really a noticeable scent.


Thank you so much Makarizo for my hair makeover and the products that help support the colors to stay vibrant and healthy. You have a wonderful team that help me with the transformation and I can feel all of you are passionate in what you do and put a lot of efforts making sure all the beauty bloggers get the style/colors/hair design that matches them. It was an honor for me to experience the makeover and hope to see you guys again soon!

Hi everyone,

after changing the hair color last week (HERE), I’m back in the studio for a hair texturizing, so the color gradation pops out better.

These are my after images ^__^

They look good heehee ❤__❤ now I’m thinking how to top it off on my next hair style.

View from the side and below is Ms.Citi, the trainer that responsible in texturizing and curling. 

Alfa Hair Lounge also give me 2 products to take care the color, shampoo and conditioner of Semi Di Lino Diamante series.

Product details from


Salt and Sulfate free Shampoo, it gently cleans while maintaining the cosmetic color. Its special formula provides the hair with softness and shine.


Conditioning cream brings perfect moisture to hair lengths. Its innovative formula guarantees maximum color protection. Provide the hair with an incredible shine effect. 

how to use 

after shampoo, distribute the conditioner onto wet hair and leave in for 3 minutes. Comb the hair and rinse carefully.

It turns out that salt and sulphate causes the hair ‘pores’ to open up and the color wont last long. So these goodies are made to keep the hair maintaining it’s cosmetic colors. The scent is flowery, mild, and like a perfume. Plus, the soft feeling after each wash is just wonderful.

The conditioner may be used on scalp but need a thorough rinsing so there’s no leftover on the scalp. Leave a bit conditioner on the hair ends to keep them protected from dryness.

The trainer also reminds me not to wash my hair every day, once every two days is enough or the scalp will get ‘used-to’ being washed daily and the sebum will kept being activate. But I don’t think I can get used to it now ^__^ I love washing my hair everyday.

Hi there!

Last week, on Friday to be exact, I went to Alfa Hair Lounge for a hair coloring process including bleaching. I thought it’s going to be a simple root touch up, but Mr. Eddy has something else prepared for me, a Fashion Color transformation. Ooohhh!!!

I am aware Alfa Hair Lounge have this bleaching creme that made organically and said to be better for the hair. Nourished with Argan Oil, Olive Butter and minus the ammonia fumes.

Below is my hair transformation from before, after bleaching process and after coloring. It took me 3 hours and it was quite fast, since usually I will have to stay almost the whole day. The colors comes out great too. Deeper and vibrant. But it all comes in a price. A painful one.

The bleaching is quite painful and since the scalp already irritated from the bleaching process, coloring become a very difficult procedure I have to bear. It was really painful, I give it 10 out of 10 in terms of pain. The scalp feels burning hot and when I get back at night it seems all over the scalp have bumps and blisters. Around 10 bumps and blisters (yes, I counted them). And since this is not the first time bleaching my hair and coloring, it seems like this unfortunate event can be avoided, by:

Ladies, don’t bleach and color the hair when you’re in PMS or during menstrual period …. like I did. I discussed this matter with a doctor, trainer at Alfa Hair Lounge, hair stylist, and googled too. It seems like during those times the scalp (and all over the body) is far more sensitive, easily irritated (not just mood swings) and can’t hardly take pain as normal person in a normal body condition.

If you happen to have a sensitive scalp, don’t bleach and colored the hair until the sensitivity is cured.

Separate the day of bleaching and coloring at least 2 days or 48 hours so the scalp have time to ‘rest’ and regain strength.

Do not wash your hair prior to bleaching and/or coloring at least 2 days before. The natural oils (and dirt too) will actually protect your scalp from irritation.

Don’t bleach and colored your hair when you’re not feeling well. Some bleach may ‘attack’ you physically, causing headache, nausea, and so on. So you need your body to be in tip top condition. And never on empty stomach too. The process can take a while and you need your strength.

Last but not least, consult the stylish on the exact color you want to appear on the hair, and ask numerous question including how long it takes, how to take care the hair, how to maintain the hair, and so on.

Details from


Evolution of the Color inspires every hairstylist’s creativity:

  • Superior, 100% gray coverage
  • Extra luminous, shiny hair
  • Intense color
  • Long-lasting results, minimum color fadeage

Above is the cream used as the colorant on my hair after bleaching. It have a minty feeling that on irritated scalp will feels like burning. Again, all of these can be avoided with those tips (1-5).

After the painful procedure I love the result, haha! I really really do, it’s literally after the storm comes a rainbow. The trainer on Alfa Hair Lounge also so kind and they did remind me to never do these again when I’m in my period, it’s not recommended by them (they knew I was in my period after the bleaching is done, so it’s kinda my bad not to mentioned it …. I don’t know it would affect me….so bad). They keep fanning my scalp so the burning feels … less burning. I even shivered. It was really really painful.

They also the one who told me, next time we need to put bleaching on one day and coloring in another day, so the scalp have time to recover.

Now I’m on day 4 after the bleach and coloring. The scalp is indeed recovering, some bumps are still there but smaller in size and number, the blisters are all dried up, so I’m happy the damage wasn’t permanent ^0^ super relieved to be honest.

I’m taking care of my scalp by keeping them clean daily and washes them with shampoo from Alfaparf (from the Keratin Treatment, HERE) followed by the conditioner too for the hair.

Mr. Eddy also gave me a bottle of Precious Oil for the hair.

The honey colored oil have a texture like honey too, so thick yet when touched by the palm it starts melting and become lighter.

Details from

Olio multifunzionale – hair

With outstanding detangling and conditioning properties, this oil guarantees instantly tangle-free and soft, glossy hair that is as light as silk.
It protects the hair shaft and reduces drying and styling times.

Ideal for all hair types.


Apply a small amount of product to wet hair, massaging thoroughly along the hair shaft.

I use it accordingly and the detangle the hair just fine. At first the oil feels so sticky but as the hair keep being massage gently and dried the oils can’t hardly felt again. Leaving the hair so soft, shines and no more tangles. Far away from dry, instead, the hair seems nourished.

Oh yes, I forgot to add, usually after bleaching and coloring the hair (especially on the ends) becomes really dry and breaks out. Mine is not. Yes the scalp is suffering perhaps due to the sensitivity but the hair strands is completely fine. I guess this shown that the products used for bleaching and coloring is really good for the hair. Next time, I’ll definitely stays clear from all the problems (not during PMS, period, bleach and coloring in separate days, etc) and will give you another review for the scalp experience using the exact same products (if the chance does come).

I wont have the exact some colors like now thou’ (orange, deep violet, and deep blue), maybe I’ll have pastels =^0^=

Thank you so much Alfa Hair Lounge for the wonderful hair colors, hope to see you again real soon!

Hi everybody!

Those who knows me and sees me frequently must have known that my hair need help. Constant coloring, previous perming and daily hair drying takes their tolls on my hair. They become dry, frizzy and tangled easily. So when a kind owner of Alfa Hair Lounge offers us to tame those hair in a friendlier way possible. I’m opt to it.

All these time I did take care my hair, used shampoo and conditioner for dry, damaged hair, masked my hair twice a week, use serum every day on the ends. But I guess, my hair need more help.

In a glance the before look has tell it all =^^= I’ve abused my hair and it’s time to make up the loss. Please read the treatments details here:

Progressive* straightening treatment with Keratin for all hair types

Its revolutionary straightening treatment containing Keratin! 100% safe, versatile and high-performance:
  • Smooth, velvety, glossy and tangle-free hair using an innovative Keratin-based technique.
  • 100% safe, conforms to European and international standards**.
  • Lasting result (up to 3 months).
  • Eliminates frizz.
  • Paraben-free.
Keratin combined with the properties of oils:
  • Kera-Collagen Complex
    Complex containing Hydrolysed Keratin and Quaternised Collagen. The complex that guarantees long-lasting smoothness (up to 3 months). With the aid of heat, it reshapes the arrangement of the hair’s keratin chains, straightening them to give the characteristic smooth result.
  • Babassu oil
    A precious oil with extraordinary emollient properties from the Amazon leaves hair soft, silky and shiny.

And the video of the process:

It was around 3 hours and since my hair need a bit touch up, they add some colors after the treatment which is like a mask, so far away from sting, pain and smell bad (the treatment smells like acid and I coughs numerous times but unlike other chemicals). Overall, it was wonderful.

Kudos to all the products, no allergy, irritated scalp and angry hair afterwards, it’s just that the trainer who did my hair was very powerful, combed my scalp (yes scalp, not hair), he yanked my hair numerous time even thou’ I repeatedly asked him to be gentler, and I screamed once when he accidentally leave the hair drier too long on one part, it was painfully hot. Beside those incidents with the trainer, the products are indeed highly appreciable. 

And below is me right after the treatment.

The hair seems flat due to the straightening iron, I was kinda worry but they assured me that it wont be this flat after a wash in … 48 hours. Yes, we are not allowed to wash hair immediately or the next day.

They gave me this Shampoo and Conditioner for after the treatment. I use them 48 hours after the treatment and everyday since.

Paraben, sulphate and salt-free shampoo

Gently cleanses the hair and helps maintain and prolong the cosmetic effects obtained with salon treatments.
The formula, enriched with Keratin and Babassu Oil leave the hair soft, tangle-free and glossy.


Apply to wet hair, massage to obtain a creamy foam and rinse. Repeat if necessary.

Paraben, sulphate and salt-free conditioning cream

Nourishes and moisturizes the hair and helps maintain and prolong the cosmetic effects obtained with salon treatments.
The formula, enriched with Keratin and Babassu Oil leave the hair soft, tangle-free and glossy.

how to use

After shampooing, apply the conditioner to wet hair and leave on for 3 minutes. Comb through hair and rinse thoroughly.

Both of them have a deep rich scent of oils. A hint of flower and musk too. Delicate, soft, kinda powdery and the effect is what I’m looking for. A soft and smooth hair. The Shampoo doesn’t lather much at first, so I repeat and the every time it’s like that, it has to be repeat to get an abundant foaming effect. Is it because my scalp is oily, or my hair is ‘that’ dirty?

I washes my hair every day and uses the conditioner every day too, they are lovely. I’m bored with the scent heehee but I love love love the effect so much.

Here’s my hair after a week, still softer and smoother but definitely not as flat as right after the treatment. I received many compliments as the hair looks healthier, shines and far less frizzy. Do I recommend the treatment? Yes, I do. Keratin Therapy is available in numerous salon, you may call 021-65838036 and ask them which salons are the nearest to you.

All details made available by

Hello girls!

Another makeover by Shinjuku Premium Salon last week.

A makeover not always major changes, it could be a simple look too. With the new promotion from Shinjuku Premium Salon the options are wide open.

Located at Kuningan City mal, 3rd floor, Shinjuku Premium is luxurious. They are the Salon Institute of L’Oreal Professionnel, all exclusive products and training directly from L’Oreal Professionnel.

On special weekends you can also meet the owner Mr. Audid and get a complete makeover that will amaze you.

Check out my before look below. The colors need retouch on the roots and some tidying up too.

And below is my after 🙂

Tidier and neat. Mr. Heru helps with the retouch and Mr. Yuji cut my hair. Below is the picture of me and Mr. Yuji. This is my first time being colored by Mr. Heru, hmm, I think he really need to be gentler, he pulled my hair several time and it is painful, especially after the hair being colored, the colorant already caused some sensitivity to the scalp, so a rush brush make the pain become worst.

On the other hand, Mr. Yuji is pleasant and exactly what I’m looking for, he is open for consultation and getting that hair cut I need and want. Friendly and handle my hair (and scalp) with care.

He specialized in cutting, down to earth and skilled too ^^ try his Korean style hair cut.

These are my new looks, fresh and lovely.

Thank you Shinjuku Premium Salon.

Hi all!

Perhaps you need to know about Shinjuku Premium Salon first,
read it —> HERE about the Grand Opening and HERE regarding my makeover and some winners from this blog. And maybe you should as well check out the PRICELIST of this lovely salon.

Now, after visiting the salon last Saturday (28th April 2012) and get this gorgeous finishing color and style

I spoke to the owner of Shinjuku Premium Salon and he kindly offer all of you my readers a 50% off of all treatment and service in the salon.


Just by mentioning my name: Janda Quirkygirl

and enjoy the 50% off.

Easy right ^__^

This offer is last until June 30th,2012.

Visit Shinjuku Premium Salon at Kuningan City Mall Lt.1 No 58
Phone: (021) 3048 0775

Get that effortless looking hair style, fuss free and be gorgeous!

Details by

Sunflower Color Preserving Shampoo

Formulated without parabens, our sulfate-free shampoo helps to effectively protect color-treated hair by gently cleansing hair without stripping its color. Infused with nutrient-enriched conditioning oils of Sunflower-known to contain powerful levels of Vitamin E and essential fatty acids – combined with Apricot, a fortifying blend of Vitamin B3, B5, and B6, and a UV-protective filter, our color-preserving shampoo conditions and moisturizes dry hair for long-lasting color in between salon visits. Utilizing a silicone-free formula which doesn’t weigh hair down, hair maintains its vibrancy with a smoother, more natural look and feel.


A-prih-kaht KUR-nuhl OY-il
Apricot Kernel Oil is extracted from apricot kernels and has a very high Vitamin E content (aiding fast absorption) and is a trygliceride composed of 75% oleic acid and 20% linoleic acid, and unsaturated fatty acids esterified with glycerin – similar to avocado oil and sesame oil. Found to be highly compatible with the skin. Apricot Kernel Oil moisturizes and softens skin while helping retain clarity and suppleness.
SUN-flah’-wur OY-il
Sunflower Oil contains beneficial amounts of Phospholipids as well as high concentrations of Ceramides. Its strengthening and protective agents help to further nurture and condition dry or damaged skin. The resilient Sunflower extract is also known to care for sun-exposed and aging skin as a result of environmental aggression.

My review:

The shampoo at first is not easily lathered on my palms, well on the hair as well, if you’re a fan of abundant foam this shampoo will not meet your expectation. The scent is amazingly wonderful and like a sweet apricot, oh yes, it does exist in the ingredients \^0^/

Unlike other shampoo I’ve used even thou there’s not much lathering (there ARE but not much) it is indeed a best friend for a color treated hair which are tend to be more fragile and easily angry due to the dryness and lack of softness. Especially if you’ve been bleaching your hair down right to it’s core. Final word: The shampoo made my hair go with the flow.

Sunflower Color Preserving Conditioner

Formulated without parabens, our lightweight, silicone-free conditioner helps to effectively protect color-treated hair from becoming dull and locks in moisture, while helping to repair hair weakened by chemical processing. Infused with nutrient-enriched conditioning oils of Sunflower – known to contain powerful levels of Vitamin E and essential fatty acids – combined with apricot, a fortifying blend of Vitamin B3, B5, and B6, and a UV-protective filter, our color-preserving conditioner seals and protects hair to maintain smooth, shiny hair for optimal manageability and styling without unnecessary breakage. Utilizing a silicone-free formula which doesn’t weigh hair down, our gently, yet protective conditioner helps extend color vibrancy and deeply moisturizes and detangles hair, leaving it silky-smooth and shiny

My review:

The conditioner is indeed would be more acceptable in any level for it’s softness and everything we expected in a conditioner. Smoother, softer and far less tangle. The smell also lovely and as sweet as the shampoo, pay attention on the direction to leave it on for 3 minutes before rinsing. Comb a bit it will help with even distribution and avoid the scalp at all cost. Unlike the shampoo which works well with cleaning the scalp, conditioner will blocked the ‘pores’ of the scalp.

Rinse like usual and enjoy the immediate softness.

My First Experience with INOA

Yesterday at Irwan Team Central Park, Jakarta, I was scheduled to do a hair coloring process using INOA. Thanks to ODS Technology (Oil Delivery System) in INOA, an oil based hair coloring that claimed to protect your hair during the process.

This branch is spacious and on level 2 you can experience the relaxing ritual by Kerastase
On level one is the rest of the services offered.

First is consultation with Mr.Bowie, the hair stylist at Irwan Team Central Park, he is checking my hair strands, scalp, skin tone, preference, etc, to get that color that suitable for me. So this time I leave everything on him . . . literally.

These are the choices, I’m thinking purple . . . red . . . something deep and vivid, but Mr.Bowie have something else in mind. Golden Mahogany. So INOA is all about mix match and you can ask for many different color as you can imagine. Neat, isn’t it?!

Then he do his magic and mixed those stuff, clearly, it’s professional use only.
Then start sectioning my hairs to start applying on a dry hair (I was my hair a day before).

Leave a cm behind, so on first stage application they do it a cm above the scalp. Oh yes, many stages here.

Then with the brush put the cream on the hair carefully.

Massage them in for better penetration and evenly spread.

I have to wait around 15 minutes now, oh and, have I mentioned? No scents whatsoever, completely zero scents, no ammonia, no stinks or any perfume.

Here come the second stage which is applying to the whole part including those 1cm of the scalp

Then tucked it all up for another 15 minutes

me and INOA ^___^ oh btw my scalp is highly sensitive due to all the scalp serum, if you read my previous posts you should have remember I’m in hair regrowth home treatment with aminexil that open the scalp so the hair can grow more and better. So I do feels the sting, it’s not as hot and sting as using another hair coloring chemicals thou’. Perhaps if you’re in scalp treatment program you might want to finish that program first before coloring or any other hair chemical process.

And during waiting, they clean the skin part that accidentally got colored with Revlon Color Clean, comfy, no scent, no irritation, and do the job nicely.

Then after 15 minutes are up they put a it of water and emulsify before rinsing.

Then shampoo time using INOA post Shampoo that only can be used after INOA hair coloring process. The scent is citrus-ey fresh!

It cleaned my hair nicely and love that special massaging technique.

Then awaits for me at the chair is vitamin for my hair, put it inside a sprayer and . . .

Spray it on section by section, love the juicy scent too.

Warm it up a bit and drying time. Pretty much almost 3 hours for the whole complete process from consultation ’till dry.

This is my Before and After pic. The color does not change on the rest of my hair strands but even up the whole hair from top to bottom, it lighten up my complexion and I need to sip it in for a while. The color do evolve , so wait a while before judging ^__^

me and Mr.Bowie

me and Ms. Muthia (PR of L’Oreal) , I really look like a school girl taking a school pic with that pose haha.

Now is officially sipping in and I love it! The color really does suits me, I know I can explore more, but that will be next time. And after the drying in the salon you’ll notice the hair strands looks dry, but when I went home the moist and lights are coming in. It does feel and look so different than those conventional we’ve been using so far where it feels and look glossy at first then really drying in the end of the day. INOA gives me more light, color and no drying effect. My say: Highly recommended!

I am told not to wash my hair for 3 days . . . will definitely fail on that (will wash it after 2 days ^___-)

Mini advices that will be good for you: Do not swim at least a week after hair coloring process, especially in a swimming pool that filled with chlorine which you need to remove the chlorine with special shampoo that will strip off your hair color. Do not forget to always maintain your hair health before and after process. DO hair mask according to your hair concerns every now and then and daily regime from shampoo – conditioner – scalp and or hair serum is important.

Addition made on 27th September 2011:
Almost 3 weeks has passed
and the INOA color are still vivid as ever, look at my pic below

This is me on Mango 24th Sept,2011. Love my hair color ^__^