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Hi gurls,

I’m back with Bobbi Brown, now with their creamy creamy lipstick.

Please read the details from

Creamy Lip Color
Creamy Lip Color combines rich color with comfortable, long-lasting wear and a soft, creamy shine. With emollient shea butter and plant-derived skin conditioners, this amazing formula glides on smooth, wears all day, and leaves lips soft and moisturized.

Thanks to Ms. Myrna, mine is Soft Blush 42.

The color is somewhat like my natural lip’s color. Hmm, better try it out.

A bit swatches here, so delicate and a lot of moisture in it.

Here it is, the before and after look. The color is almost like my natural’s indeed. The creamy sensation is just lovely, not overly done, still feels light to the lips yet moisturizing just perfect. Suitable for daily use and applying it brings me a lot of comfort, no more chapped lips and it stays on almost the whole day. It does depends on your ‘naughtiness’ in licking your lips, eating, drinking, etc, for me? It stays on for hours un-touched (maximum 4 hours), but need to re-apply after being touched.

No complain at all against this product ^__^

Please do read my previous post on Skin.Ergetic by Biotherm: HERE.
Now, as promised, let me share with you my first time using it and a quick review, another review will come after a month or so using the serum
The first thing that I realize is in the texture and here’s why:
Please do take a lot on these 3 images when I drop the serum from the pipette, it looks kinda thick right? More like slimy to be precise ^__^
And when I put them upright position, the serum goes down slowly, unlike watery. And noooo it’s not a problem, I just want to share with you the unique texture.
One more thing is when the serum is spread the scents is just amazing, like tiny bubbles filled with vitamins are popped into the air. Their ability to be absorb? Very good. Like our skin has become so thirsty and drank every juicy vitamins it could. You would definitely love it and the picture above on the left is when the serum just put on top and the right one where my skin become brighter in an instant is after spreading the serum well. Yes, instant rejuvenating effect too.

Overall conclusion right now: Get it! You must try this serum, even the Brand Manager of Biotherm loves this serum so much, and highly recommend the product for anyone.

You might say, it’s common for a brand manager to promote their product, I can clearly say, not all of them really uses their brand. So believe me when I said Biotherm really got a high quality, effective, and wonderful products. It’s irresistible.

Biotherm Skin.Ergetic Serum

First of all, reaaaaally sorry for the delays, this product IS hot stuff of the month March 2012, but due to the hectic schedule, long overdue posts, events and stacks of homeworks (beauty products) at my dressers, Skin.Ergetic can only be done. . . .now ^__^

Thank you so much Biotherm Indonesia for the serum, you all seems to read my heart desire out loud heehee. I love it!!!

Let’s read some info from the website:

Signs of Fatigue Repairing Concentrate
With Energy Up Complex
INNOVATION | Fresh Cosmetics
To fight the most visible signs of fatigue, give your skin a new energy source – a powerful boost of moisture and radiance. Biotherm anti-fatigue revolution: Last-minute cosmetic activation to protect its natural quality and high efficacy. Biotherm creates SKIN.ERGETIC, its first signs of fatigue repairing concentrate, to reduce visible signs of fatigue and fight against their appearance., all day long.
The demands of a modern life can lead to an unbalanced lifestyle; stress, unbalanced diet, smoking, polltuion, etc. The skin is also under attack from these aggressors, exhausting its moisture and vitality reserves and accumulating impurities on the surface. The skin’s natural defenses become weakened and signs of fatigue begin to set in; drawn features, dullness, more visible pores, less refined skin texture and dryness.
To fight visible signs of fatigue, give your skin a new energy source: visibly boost the skin with a energy.
– Facial features appear smoother
– Complexion boasts strengthened radiance
Liquid: Fresh, fluid and sumptuous
Apply every morning and evening under your usual moisturizer for a genuine 8hr radiance boost. Use SKIN.ERGETIC Anti-Ox Complex and SKIN.ERGETIC D-Tox Complex every day for best results.
Preserved Fraction- 10 x More concentrated than the day care
Broccoli [sulforaphane]
Apple [botanical cell]
Soy [protein
Lemon [AHA]
Sugar cane [AHA]
99% Ingredients of Natural Origin
100% Natural-Origin Fragrance
Mineral Oil-Free
Synthetic Colorant-Free
Tested on sensitive skin
*As this formula is 97.5% of natural origin, its color, fragrance and texture may change with time. This in no way affects the product’s quality or efficacy.

There’s a lot of info, isn’t it? All for your convenience and assurance for a high quality product.

Open the packaging and there it is, the instruction, ooh! Seems complicated? Not really, all in the name of fresh cosmetics. Superb!

Inside the box, you should find the serum in the bottle, instructions and info in a leaflet, and a foil with something inside.

Like instructed, I took the pipette and wow! The smells of the serum is just like a children vitamin syrup, slurp!

And that stuff inside the foil. Here it is. The ingredients that need to be added when you about to use the product. To assure the freshness ^__^

Put it on top of the bottle, secured, and push it downwards like shown in the picture.

When it’s opened you can see there’s a green thingy, yup, broccoli! Then put the pipette back on.

Give it a good shake and like mention on the leaflet, for up to 3 uses you need to shake it before use. The serum must be used within 3 months and then toss the leftover (oh noooooooooo) they need to do that in terms of ‘freshness’ so please trust them and obey \^o^/ okay!

Write your opening date on the bottle (they do give you a place to write it on) so you’ll know when it’s 3 months alright. Use it 2x a day (day and night) and enjoy the bursting result.

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Thank you xoxoxo

Before we start, here’s some info.
Both picture, above and below belongs to La Senza Indonesia, while other are mine 🙂

Now, for years and years in Indonesia, we only know cup A and B, only after La Senza arrived everywhere, we can easily find cup AA to DD. Rumor has it that they are having more ^__^

And in La Senza, don’t be shy and ask for a measurement by the staff, those who are shy can do it with their clothes on, while some who want a perfect measurement can do it bare naked. But take note, some designs are a bit different from the other, so you still need to try before buying ^___– In La Senza the dressing room is big and comforting, you can ask your mom, girlfriend or hubby to went along and get their opinion. No need to go out wearing only inner wear here 🙂

Perfect for a first timer when they need their mom’s help. Or, you can just go alone and find a friendly staff to help you. But still, trust yourself, comfort is the key!

Now, as they are having a promotion, we can get a very sexy bras in just Rp.199.000 (regular price around +/-Rp.250.000)

I bought 3 pairs, one in black pink, purple and one when I have a jungle instinct on.

Actually there’s one more that I really like, the pink, like the one shows in Go Ahead have a fit gal. But the size I am, is sold out >.< boo hoo.

Beside their gorgeous colors and perfect fit, the line also can be detach but not from right above the cup, it is in between.

So you can create a several version with one single bra. X for a cross lines and halterneck like shown in the picture above.

One minor flaw I found is the detachable part near the hook is easily detach, too easy perhaps, so when I’m about to use it, it kept falling off. My advice, take your time, don’t rush in and try to pull it a bit upward direction so the hook stays hooking up (hope you understand my language here haha!)

Overall, I will keep using La Senza now and for the future I will get some more of their products since they have the most colors, designs and style. I give them scores for the gorgeousness, colors, style, designs and being available almost every mall 5/5.

Hi readers!!! So good to see you today XD hope the heat doesn’t get you, drink plenty of water and juices, they are good, refreshing and most fruits contain cooling aids for our body, neat!

This is my look for Crocs, just a pair can be used daily, you might want to read the previous post and don’t forget to join the super duper contest ya, click —> HERE.

Without further ado let’s see my look in a week taken using a pair of Crocs:

This is my look when bringing these babies home. A simple mall chic on a happy Saturday after attending an event. I remember being astonish by this blackie, I thought I would be so typical and indifferent, but when used they look so good.

Then on the first day of actually using them, feels like a walk in the park. Crocs as their motto, does deliver comfort and style in a go.

Then I offer the pair for a challenge, I’m not doing a marathon or some sort, just a quick walk and well goes around, up and downs and many more. The pair do assist me doing all those stuff, the waterproof part also wonderful and adding another point. Jakarta hot and temperamental weather making Leigh Wedge Woman a must have items.

Perk up and use my make up, a simple look with a dress does match the Crocs I’m using. Pair it up with a branded bags and voila! I officially up do my style for a beauty event. Looking good now goes well with smooth comfort.

Last but definitely not the least (and wont be the last time either heehee) another look can be created with a dark black hose, I found this look totally matchy matchy but adding some colors from the bag and did you see that tiny pinky Crocs key chain, ultra cute!!

So these are the look I have for a week with one single pair, imagine what I’ll have with more than one Crocs, oh wait! I do have more than a pair, I’ll wrap things up and in about a month there will be more looks taken with my Crocs ^__^

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Okay, more on Shiseido, it’s like they have everything, shopping in Tokyo means be prepared for anything you touch is actually from Shiseido, a brand that so loved in Japan.

I’ve been using the conditioner for quite some time, read —> HERE.

Now, I’m using the shampoo, why do I separate it? I don’t know, it just happen haha XD. I have like tons of shampoo to use and well, sometime thanks to my combination hair, I like to use heavy conditioner with a light shampoo, if not the scalp will become too oily and me no likey.

A bit info from

Glossy shine to the hair from the core is filled with moisture, the hair with Pas.

     camellia leaf essence blended ingredients: wet hair leads to high coercivity and prepare the cuticle, praised the depth of gloss.
     The smell of (or camellia honey) honey, fruit glamorous tailored camellia flowers, fruits.
     Camellia oil carefully blended (gloss, hair protection)

essence camellia leaf: leaf extract, camellia, DPG, hydroxyethyl urea

My review:

First of all the texture a rich pearly white cream that feels luxurious and you need to make your hair wet first before lathering the shampoo on your hair. The foam is abundant and smells really good. The scent stays way longer than the conditioner. I love how delicate the fragrance is. Floral and like a white musk mixed together in one harmonious concoction.

Suitable for anyone with dry hair. But oily scalp beware, you might limp in the mid of your day (so pretty much last 5-6 hours) while those with normal to dry scalp will find they hair stays fresh longer (8-12 hours perhaps).

Shining wise, I found it medium, well my hair is already shining, but I guess it added more ^__^ Overall: A good quality product from a reputable brand that anyone can easily falls in love with. Suitable for daily use.
Best for normal, dry, to dull hair while those with oily scalp (like me) would have to wash their hair more often.

Hi all,

Lately it’s been so dreadfully hot in Jakarta, like REAL hot! I hope you all take care your health and stay gorgeous okay ^__^

Hot always means sweats a lot and as girls, we need to keep smelling good no matter what XD and it happens that not too long ago, thanks to Shiseido, I met ZEN.

Details from


A breath of floral freshness layered with amber and wood, conveying sweetness and femininity in a new, modern language.
ZEN is an eau de parfum (means higher concentration compared to edt) so it last longer, and made you smells nicer longer.

I imagine it would be something heavy, but it’s not. ZEN is delicate yet still have a vivid presence which is so delightful and perfect for anyone whose graceful and sophisticated.

The floral is mild, the kiss of amber and wood also a treat to the senses, and apparently not too sweet. I like how they portray the perfume as something modern, it’s indeed ^___–

Details from
Moisturizing instant anti-fatigue fluide
Moisturizing instant anti-fatigue fluide
The 1st energy shot designed to shoot down skin fatigue instantly !
A 125ml easy-open shot for a fast, easy, ultra-energizing splash!
An instant energizing moisturization (82%) *
7 energizing active ingredients [Mg +Cu + Zn + Vitamin B5 + Vitamin E + ginseng + PTP**)
A new-generation ultra-fluid texture that penetrates in a flash for an instant skin boost
The results also are explosive:
*Auto Evaluaton Test-53 persons % of satisfaction
** Mg=Magnesium PCA /Cu=Cuivre PCA / Zn= Ainc PCA/GSG=Ginseng/PTP=Plancton Thermal Pur
Apply on the face every morning for a moisture recharge.
Avoid eye contour.
– Ginseng
– Vitamin B5
– Vitamin E
– Magnésium
– Cuivre
– Zinc
– Pure Thermal plankton

<!–[if !mso]>st1\:*{behavior:url(#ieooui) } <![endif]–>
Especially selected active ingredients stimulate the skin to restore the energy it needs to fight fatigue and its visible consequences.
Apply High Recharge fluid gel every morning and every evening for continuous, non-stop effectiveness against fatigue.
-Aspartic acid
-White willow extract
-Pure ginseng extract
-Trace elements and mineral salts
-Vitamins B5 and C

A short review:

I’m just going to share about texture and scent. Texture wise the High Recharge Energy Shot is so light and the scent is fresh, well, they both smell fresh and perfect for guys with no fuss. The different is only in the texture. One is lighter, easier to absorb and feels energized in an instant, while. . .

High Recharge fluid gel is more moisturizing and a whiter plus a bit thicker too, like a lotion. As you can see on the pic above. Both of the fluid is there, the clearer one is the shot.

Now, for men, I think they surely will like these stuffs for:
1. The ‘man’ fresh scent, a bit citrus and mild musk.
2. So quick to penetrate
3. Gives energy to the skin and rejuvenate all in the same time.
4. Oily skin can have the shot and dry skin with the fluid gel. Normal skin, you will love them both.

This product seriously made me want to use it as well, it looks and feels so refreshing, may I?

Hi Lippie girls,

It’s time to do a review for a lipstick. Now it’s NYX Chloe. A very strong dark pink with a bit of deep purple/bluish hue. Shy girls beware! It might not be the one for you.

Yes, it is used, for quite some time in fact.

The oh-so-creamy texture can be felt immediately during swatches, crazy creamy!

Left: No blot.       Right: After tissue blot

These are my lips, naked, and colored. You can get as vivid as you want or milder when you blot a tissue or gently used a lip brush. The color stays strong for 3 hours or so, depends on your habit. The creamy effect didn’t last that long. But for a 4 bucks a piece, I ain’t complaining anything.

Hi all!
It seems like these 3 days will be all about TALIKA, yes indeed ^__^ Celebrating the relaunch of TALIKA in Indonesia (Read: HERE), let me share you more of my reviews on TALIKA products.
TALIKA Lash Conditioning Cleanser, let’s read the details given by
Lash conditioning cleanser
100 ml / 3.4 oz | Ref. : 5100
A soft, refreshing OIL FREE eye make-up remover capable of removing all traces of make-up, including waterproof mascara.
Who should use it ?
– anyone who wear waterproof mascara and do not want to remove it with an oil-based solution
– anyone with sensitive eyes
– anyone who want to help treat and strengthen their lashes
Results :
A dual performance :
– cleansing action
– lash conditioning action
The Talika + :
1 – The Lash Conditioning Cleanser is the first non-oily eye make-up remover that is capable of removing waterproof mascaras
2 – Its dual performance is also unique, combining high cleansing power with lash treatment and conditioning.
High performance presentation:
– Easy to use
– Product remains fresh and clean
– Excellent hygienic properties
Ingredients :
 Cornflower extract           Softening, astringent
 Silk proteins                  In-depth treatment to improve lashes structure
 Natural cleansing                     
Seems so impressive, let’s prove it!
The packaging is cyan blue as always and I really like any pump device for beauty product since it is a lot more hygienic than pot, tube or normal bottle. I took like 2 pumps on a cotton sheet, sorry for the mess haha! The color is delightful and the texture is a bit gooey.
The Before pic (left)
I use a waterproof and stay on eyeliner, mascara on my brows and even thou’ I’ve taken off the fake lashes, the glues are still there (I really don’t like these glue, they are tricky alright). Some foundation and powder are there in the eye zone as well.
So I took the cotton that already moisten by TALIKA Lash Conditioning Cleanser, put in on top of my closed eye lids and let them sit for a while. Some of the gooey cleanser did get into my eyes, I feel a bit sting and thinking it would be a problem. So NOT! In less than a minute my eyes are comfortable again, unlike other makeup remover that really uncomfortable for the eyes. TALIKA Lash Conditioning Lash Cleanser is made for the eye’s zone.
Then I gently swipe them and voila! It’s cleaned everything it touches. Those nasty glue are taken off without a fuss, so does mascara, waterproof and stay on eye liners.
See the cotton sheet, it;s all there.

Will I keep using it?

With the result this good and not irritating my eyes, definitely will!

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